Racist in High School

by Demi Weissmann

As a woman of German ancestry and racialist in ideology, I have experienced several situations in high school where this has become an issue. The first time, I was in grade ten in English class discussing quietly my politics with another student who wanted to understand where I was coming from. Another female, a non-white, who was listening in to our conversation interrupted us, and simply said, "You are German right?" so I replied yes and strangely enough this girl smiled and said "Oh itís alright that you are racist then," as if being German explained away my politics and made them socially acceptable. Most people, Whites and non-Whites, believe that all Germans are innately racist. Sadly enough, this is not true. This experience, however, was encouraging to me.

In grade eleven, I took a world history course where my teacher was socialist, and outspokenly so. She was so completely biased that she taught socialist ideology in everything she taught to us. As a matter of fact, she also taught the grade nine Canadian civics course. She asked these grade nines at the end of the course who they would vote for. The majority of her class voted NDP (A left-wing, socialist party in Canada), all because they were taught and had socialist views pounded into them by her. Once she found out I was a White Nationalist, and extreme right-winger, she was actually and quite surprisingly, helpful in helping me get active politically. She helped me get into a right-wing political party, and we debated often, which I believe helped me strengthen my views. However, when it came to classwork, she marked me harder then anyone else, and seemed to expect more from me than anyone else.

That year, she planned a trip to the Ďholocaust symposiumí where Jews speak of their so-called experiences in the holocaust. My friend and I both refused to go. The teacher asked me why, and I simply stated that I read about the "holocaust" in the newspaper see it covered on television, movies etcÖ I do not need to take part in more propaganda about something that may or may not have happened over 50 years ago. She did not seem happy about this, but she said I didnít have to go, but Iíd have to do an oral report on Swindlerís list for the class. She then asked my friend, who was not racially aware, why she did not want to go. She responded similarly to me. She just knew that she did not want to waste time and effort on having a subject that is pounded into our brains constantly, pounded into our heads more.

The day after this class trip, our teacher wanted the students to say what they learned or thought after watching a short anti-German, holocaust propaganda film. One by one, each student said something to the effect of "The Germans are evil, we must destroy them and help the Jews," or "The Germans were cruel and murderous, I am glad they were stopped," or "The Germans should have to pay more for what they did." This saddened me. My class was almost completely White. Here they believed this anti-German trash. The National Socialists were fighting for our race, their race and here my classmates were calling for present Germans to be held for the actions of a government from over 50 years earlier. More than that, they were calling all Germans Nazis. They seemed to think that all Germans were national socialists and still are national socialists. Once again, this is sadly not true, but one must wonder where they got such an impression!

In art class, I was doodling in my sketchbook one day. I was just drawing the German eagle. The art teacher saw it, said nothing. The next day I was called over to the guidance counselor, who asked me to show him my drawing. He told me that the art teacher knew I was German and was concerned that I was drawing Nazi and racist images in class and that perhaps I needed to be spoken to about my ideology. He asked me if the eagle was a nazi image. I said no, and told him that it was the traditional German eagle -- used to the present day. I told him that I considered what my art teacher had done to be racist and discriminatory against Germans and that I thought perhaps she should be counseled on her ideology. He didnít seem all that amused by my comments, but he offered to speak to her about it. That was the last time any of my art was questioned.

Racialist students must learn to speak up when anti-White ideology is brought up in class. If another student says something like "The Germans should be killed for what they did to the Jews," take it to your principal. Donít worry about being thought of as a rat. Itís not right for students and teachers to speak such things and get away with it. Stand up for your race in a rational way and see where you get.

I had one racially aware teacher in high school. I took every class that he taught because I really did enjoy learning under a teacher who was neither liberal nor socialist. I even handed in two essays and received high marks on them from him, when if I had of tried to hand them in to other teachers I would most likely have gotten a zero and/or suspended from school for them. One was on how White racialist groups should be given full freedom of expression, and the other was on how the Germanic tribes were the most influential peoples on the advancement of our world. On both essays he wrote comments like "Well written, as usual," and "great points," while the lefty students, for once, were given failing marks on their pro-communist essays. It was interesting to see the tables turned on them for once, and see how they reacted.

Throughout my high school career, we were taught about the holocaust over and over, but we were never taught about the holocaust of Germans at Dresden, nor about how after the so called holocaust that the Jews turned around and did what they claim was done to them to the Palestinian people. What is this insanity? Although the Jews and liberals run the school systems and curriculum, most White teachers seem to have a high tolerance for intelligent extreme-right-wing students.


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