People For the Ethical Treatment of Whites

by Douglas Wright

Upon the assassination of Dutch immigrant fighter Pim Fortuyn, many White nationalists' first thought was that he'd been picked off by a left-winger angry about the race issue. By the next news cycle, however, it was revealed that the assassin -- a White man -- was incensed by Fortuyn's support of the fur trade.

You read that right. Not race, not jews, not Arabs, not immigration, weapons, war, love or money. But furry little animals. Yes, ‘twas the threat to Thumper and Bambi that got this wayward White's blood up enough to pick up a gun and fire it repeatedly into the head and chest of another White (though pro-Israel and gay) man known the world over for his views on everything but forest critters. From the foreign wires:

A 32-year-old animal rights activist was remanded in custody by an Amsterdam court on suspicion of murdering Dutch far-right leader Pim Fortuyn... The court refused to confirm the identify of the suspect, who has been widely named as Volkert van der Graaf... According to press reports, Van der Graaf is a vegan animal rights activist who fights against fur and factory farming. He may have taken issue with Fortuyn's plans to lift an incoming ban on fur farming in the Netherlands. The daily De Volkskrant reported Wednesday that van der Graaf and his environmental organisation Milieu Offensief (Environmental Offensive) had been linked to the murder of a municipal environmental official in Nunspeet in the central Netherlands.

What to think of this 21st century White man, Volkert van der Graaf? On the one hand, the man's nuts. His delirious actions are symptomatic of worldwide racial dispossession. His extreme animal-rights activism is the absurdly logical extension of a people so psychologically contorted by jewish mind-conditioning that, like Winston Smith, they can't see the number of fingers held in their faces. Or the color of the skin stretched over their bones. In our multicultural, White-hating world, they've been duped into believing that cute cartoon characters are more important than White human beings – so much so, they're willing to kill over it. Positively insane.

Or is the man a hero? Maybe Volkert van der Graaf follows in the resolute ways of his proud White ancestors, who donned armor and slew muslim invaders, kept jews at bay and blacks on the back of the bus without a moment's hesitation. A brave man of high principle, he's a modern-day Charles Martel, unafraid to take up arms for a noble cause, without care for himself. The best of the White race.

The answer, I think, is both. I'd call Volkert van der Graaf, like Timothy McVeigh, a spirited but badly misguided White man who, with no worthy cause into which he can channel his passion, intensity and talents, ends up doing stupid things. Bold, but stupid.

Assassination, after all, is no faint-hearted deed. Quite unlike a nigger's liquor store holdup murder, the act of killing a human being for political reasons is inspired by dedication to an intensely-felt cause, deep thought and, dare it be said, concern for others. It's doubtful James Earl Ray thought the jew-backed Martin Luther King, Jr. was going to harm him personally. James Earl Ray was trying to keep future White women from being raped by niggers. Today, of course, White women eager for MTV approval gladly open their legs for buck niggers while Sumner Redstone looks on and smiles broadly.

Not that White women aren't willing to die for a cause. Twenty-two-year-old Beth O'Brien was. This White woman from the White liberal paradise of Portland, Oregon, fell to her death while defending trees. You read that one right, too. Not her children. Not her brother, sister, kinfolk, tribe or nation. But Joyce Kilmer's lovely poem. From the Associated Press:

A tree sitter in the Mount Hood National Forest fell 150 feet to the ground, was badly injured and died before rescue crews could reach the remote site. The timber sale she apparently was protesting had been canceled three days before her death, and the protesters expected to leave the area within a week. ...Beth O'Brien, 22, of Portland... had unhooked herself from one platform and was trying to reach another by a rope ladder when she fell.

Oh, sweet Beth. Bless your poor, lost White soul. Attuned to your racial interests, what a strong White woman you might have been! Impervious to jewish perversion, hooting niggers and Third-World squalor and determined to raise clean, decent White children, you would have stood proud before your God. You could have even spoken your mind about environmental issues, something I myself might consider an important issue if the White race didn't have more pressing concerns.

In his essay "Race and Nation," Ivy League racialist Jared Taylor notes how concern for wildlife and the environment is an "almost exclusively White preoccupation." The let's-not-harm-anything impulse that "makes Whites want to save the snail darter and the spotted owl" renders them mute on the topic of "their own legitimate group interests," Taylor said.

So it is for Beth and Volkert. Inspired to kill and die for nature, neither probably gave a second's thought to what was right in front of them all the while: the racial issue. We have jew media, jew schools, jew business and jew law to thank for that. Both, no doubt, would have been horrified by the idea of White nationalism. But why? Race, like trees and animals, is a part of nature. Like trees and yes, even animals, it's something to be respected. God -- or if you prefer, Nature -- made race. Notice how the beaver mates with other beavers, and pine trees grow in clusters? Notice how human importation of some kinds of ivy chokes off the native flora? And how crocodiles don't do well on the tundra? I regret to predict that they probably wouldn't be convinced.

Sad as their stories are, the fates of this White man and woman convince me of two things. One, that Whites are way off course. We all know that. But two, that they've still got the spirit of the Great Race, however farcically distorted in expression. Here's hoping Whites start aiming their guns in the right direction.


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