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'Psychoanalysis' - Jewish Political Weapon

Disagree with a Jew and you're crazy. Literally. They promote "diversity," but if you depart from their agenda it's proof you're 'mentally ill' - in itself a highly dubious concept. Being Jewish means never having to say you're sorry. That's why the only solution to our Jewish Problem is No Jews. Just Right.

NWO Terror Novel: "Bedford"

Sounds interesting, new novel by Ellen Williams. A Christian's NWO dystopia. Here it seems Chomsky is right; grammar is hard wired -- for all languages. Here on U.S. becoming a Third World nation. Writer only examines the economic angle, but that alone is awesome. We are quite literally tax slaves. In the new book of Hunter Thompson's letters we read of him renting a house in Big Sur back in 1961 for...$15 a month. And writing a single article for Rogue, his national breakthrough, for...$350. Think about that. Until we eliminate the Jews controlling our country, wages and living conditions will continue to slide until we achieve balance with the erect pieces of shit populating Bongonia - "citizens" as George W. Bush likes to call them.

Part II on Kikistocracy and 9/11

One day the truth will out, and a big yawn will escape the body public. Here Jew Poe (in camo, note) at FrontPage Mag celebrates conservative websites.

Media: Talk Over

And -- great news -- FDR/JFK apologist Doris Kearns Goodwin revealed as plagiarist. Here on media's simple badness. Here "Mark Crispin Miller" -- arguably one of the stupidest three-toed sloth names in the country -- decants or just cants on the media "cartel." This is the only lens through which the jew-left can critique the media: they're owned by big companies. That's it. Their analysis begins and ends there. As pitiful as the whiny-old-women male con media analysts who say: the media has a liberal bias. And end there. A pox on both your houses, morons. What anyone watching tv for 2-3 days can tell is what matters most about the media: Even if you don't understand who or why, you can tell they are pitching One Way, no deviation allowed. It is immediately apparent, if you have any kind of antennae at all, that there are certain things they will not say, and certain things they will not stop saying -- and no one who disagrees is allowed to participate. They remind me of corporate types, who love to talk about how hard they work. "Aren't we working hard?" they question/reassure one another. "Aren't we diverse, and free?" say the media. You're not. Here's the Nation's view of the "Big 10." Got a funny little story about "The Nation" I'll tell you some day. About a little online alternative news source trying to place an ad with it -- it being the self-vaunted avatar of free speech and all... Here on Charlie Daniels, CMT -- a Viacom company -- and 9/11.

Dr. Pierce: "The Culture of Lies"

I suspect that the media bosses, the politicians, and the Jewish businessmen who favor the multicultural statue will have their way, and groups of schoolchildren who are shown the statue will be told that it's an actual depiction of the flag-raising. I'm surprised they didn't include a female fireman and an Asian fireman helping to raise the flag and show a couple of gay firemen fondling each other in the background.

Diversity is Evil

Those promoting it are the devil's catamites. No Jews. Just Right.

Izzy Checks No Good in France

Crooks - Jews - can't be trusted.

Jew-Hating Pol Ilyukhin Has Good Chance in Russia

More supposed Jew-hate in Russia, collected by God's own paranoids. Here Jew Gottfried on Jew Peretz promoting Jew Goldhagen's Jewish attacks on Catholics. The Jew is your enemy, White man. Whether you're German or French, Catholic or Protestant. Here on extreme corruption in France. Here Jews attack George Washington, replacing him with nigger. It was a jew that re-did the Iwo Jima Fireman statue to exclude Whites, and it's a Jew who dumps a portrait of Washington. Jews hate Whites. Jews are engaged in a genocidal campaign to destroy the White race through open borders, the promotion of miscegenation via MTV and CMT, and the trashing of White history. The day the last Jew dies is the day the White man will be free.

Nazis, Helping Humanity

They studied cancer. However, their campaign against smoking was a tad asshole-ish for my taste. There is nothing wrong with smoking except its being unhealthy, and whining against it is obnoxious. Second-hand smoke is a complete non-danger. It is truly unfortunate for the human race that Jews won out over Hitler. But the war continues. The White man must triumph over the Jew in the end. There are innovations in the area of basic physics (nuclear fission, discovered by Otto Hahn and Lise Meitner in 1938), hormone and vitamin research, automotive engineering (the Volkswagen was supposed to be the "people's car"), pharmacology, and synthetic gasoline and rubber (I. G. Farben in 1942 controlled more than 90 percent of the world's synthetic rubber production). The nerve gas sarin and the chemical warfare agent tabun are both I. G. Farben inventions of Third Reich vintageas is the opiate methadone, synthesized in 1941, and Demerol, created about this time with the name "pethidine." Nazi scientists actually achieved results. Jewish scientists are usually the product of public relations campaigns. Germans and Aryans are healthier, happier and more moral than Jews, who are uglier, unhealthier and by several magnitudes more dishonest. Jews are something civilized people look down on, don't allow around. Jews are low. More here on Nazis' nazi-ish campaign against smoking. Hitler, while his racial ideas were sound, was a vegetarian, and that unsound diet probably helped lose the war. Meat is good for you and should be eaten, and you will lose strength and flexibility if you avoid it. Eat with your kids, teach them things, teach them to talk, and to not talk.


More photos... National slavery museum? Jared Taylor says no on BET. A dead Mexican is a good Mexican. Reese on Helms and stupid foreign policy.

Ron Paul on Argentina and IMF

One Congressman worth respect.

Pope Admits Jesus Wasn't Messiah, Jews Were Right

This is absolutely pitiful, and it demonstrates the Vatican is completely controlled by yids, the enemy of humanity as the Romans rightly named them.

Canadian Media Control

Jews control the media and immigration in Canada. Whites suffer. It's time to end the Jew, White man. That's the only way things will change. Last week, The Windsor Star was told to dump me, where my column has run for a few years -- not because of anything I've written in The Star but because I've questioned the Asper decree in The Sun newspapers. That alone escalates the Aspers editorial directive to an attack on freedom of expression. Voltaire expressed the ideal of free speech: "I disagree with what you say but will defend to the death your right to say it." The Aspers' view seems to be: "If you don't agree with what I say, I'll fight to the death to prevent you from saying it." Jews are not fit to live in White society. Here's where you can get Canadian news rounded up from our perspective.

Book on 'Extremists'

Interesting... Here Taki on niceness levels among rich and poor.

White Literature: More on Bierce

Praising confederates... What is a hero? It's not a faggot Catholic priest, that's for sure. The church needs to clean house on these faggots, quit passing them from parish to parish and keeping things hushed. Somebody in the Church needs to crack heads or start posting theses. The amount of disdain this sort of fag-priest story inspires in non-Catholics is incalculable. This guy molested over 130 kids over several decades! While you little Catholics were genuflecting and looking the other way. Imagine how many Catholics were aware of what was going on and did nothing. Except drive around with "God made Notre Dame #1" bumper stickers. Well, I'm convinced.

Jews Try to Evict Illinois Man

[Petras] Bernes, 79, helped remove condemned prisoners from jail so they could be taken to nearby killing sites, the Justice Departments Nazi-hunting Office of Special Investigations charged. During the summer of 1941, all the Jews about one-fourth of Kupiskis population allegedly were murdered by men under Loews command. Here Jews claim new info discovered regarding concentration camp death totals.

"Homegrown Terroists"

Salon interviews Mark Hamm on Aryan Republican Army: Somewhere in the background of many of these men, and certainly all of the men who were involved in the Aryan Republican Army, there's an incident that has led to profound shame or humiliation. In Langan's case, it was the prison rapes. That was a turning point. One way that they rise above that shame, which often has to do with an assault on their masculinity, is through militarized masculinity. They go overboard to compensate for that shame. Also stuff on hatecore. Is BNP funded by Jews?

Britain Didn't Do Enough to Save Jews

The usual cry, the usual suspects. Everybody, everthing is judged by what he did for the Jews. The gold-stein standard, it's. What did the Jews ever do for us, except steal, lie and cry? The Jew is your enemy, White man. Whether you live in Britain, Germany, France or the United States. Lies flourish where Jews control "education." Here it's claimed a "conservative tide" is sweeping Europe. With currency risks eliminated and productivity levels equalising rapidly across Europe (average productivity in France is actually higher than in Germany), it is hardly surprising that Germany's industrial heartland is turning into a rustbelt. No end is in sight to this imbalance, apart from the long grinding down of German wages through high unemployment. In the meantime, Germany is likely to remain the weakest economy in Europe for an entire generation, just as Britain was after the war. Here a couple Norwegian neos are convicted of nigslaughter, which civilized countries subsidize. Why are there nogs in Norway? Here on Mussolini and fascists in today's Italian government.

Australia: Hanson Quits

The leader of Australia's far-right One Nation Party has quit politics. Pauline Hanson, who is facing several legal actions, including electoral fraud, made the announcement in Melbourne this week. Established in 1997, the One Nation Party is seen by many as far-right and racist. But Hanson's charisma attracted substantial support from mainstream voters who identified with her xenophobic, anti-immigration stance. Quoth a Jew: "I don't think this is the last we'll see here of Miss Hanson," said Benseon Apple, director of Public Affairs of the B'nai B'rith Anti-Defamation Commission.

Straight-Pride T-shirt....Allowed!

Who says America ain't a free country! If you go to see a judge first, you can wear your pro-heterosexual clothing! Makes me proud, anyway.

WTC: What Did Izzy and U.S. Know Beforehand?

More than they're telling. The story will eventually come out.

Every Jew a Traitor

The Mossad calls 'em up, and they help out the home team - their only team. Americans? No. Jews are Jews. Always and only. And that's why Jews must be driven out of America.

Israel, Loyal Ally...of America's Most Dangerous Enemy

These jews take the cake, don't they. Nothing like their hutzpah in all history. Taking hundreds of billions from American tax slaves, selling technology to enemies bent on destroying same. Making a profit coming and going - it's the eternal Jew. Subsidies, Percentages & Swindles, Inc. The Jew is your enemy, White man.

Belmondo and the Bloggers

Cry "Oy!" and loose the neocon doogie mausers of war... Paunchy little tappers, free with real men's wallets and sons, despicable, you're. Imagine the kike keyboard brigade. On lead vocals there's the gnomish Safire; Poddys for soprano backup screeching; wheelchair-bound Dr. Strangelovitz on keyboards. These are the little men "behind that screen" waving the flags madly before dim Aaron Tippin fans. These are the kikes your boys die for, White man. Why not send you sons to kill them?

"Hate Groups Targeting Kids"

Latest tack from Jews and tools like T.J. Leyden.

Pravda on York

Another good Bill White piece: By the time the day was over, dozens would be in jail, at least four cars would be destroyed, a truck would prove that you can destroy the Black Block by hitting it with a truck, at least 13 innocent white citizens would be the victims of the racist ARA lynch mob, and confrontations between gun toting racialists and club wielding anarchists would leave one skinhead in jail, several ARA'ers in the hospital, and one teenage girl with a broken finger. Here an explication of "Third Position" and "National- Anarchism." Here York mayor wants task force against "hate" groups. Here White men grovel before the niggers they profiled.

New Devi Translation: Paul of Tarsus, Or Christianity and Judaism

By Irmin... Historical Christianity -- which is not at all a work above Time but well and truly a work in Time -- was the work of Saul called Paul, that is, the work of a Jew, just as Marxism would be two thousand years later. So let us examine the career of Paul of Tarsus. Original French here. White people know more than one language. White people admire genuine education. White people do not spit at those who are better and drag them down. They accord them respect and admiration, if they deserve it. The White elite do not pander to morons, they set examples. That's how a civilized society works. That's how our society would work if we hadn't been foolish enough to admit Jews. No Jews. Just Right. Whites NEVER whine. Whites are like Bill Parcels: Don't tell me about the labor pains - SHOW ME THE BABY! We go to the moon not because it is easy but because it is HARD. We try, we try - we overcome. We win.

Media: Heeb for Hebes

I would have called it "dirty kike digest," but hey, there's no accounting for taste. What is "Heeb"? the magazine asks itself, as though we're interested. It is the roiling product of so many drunken postmillennial nights on the mean streets of the Lower East Side. It is an ambitious antitrust investigation into the monopoly on God. It is a sweaty prizefight between hip-hop and sushi in this corner and klezmer and kugel in the other. It is the bastard love child of Emma Goldman and Lenny Bruce. Kike cretins celebrating kike creeps and kike crooks, say we.

Black Pledge

Black Raid is what we need. Here a laughable screw-up in plaque wording. Nice work, whoever you are! We hear you.

U.S. a Corrupt, Jew-Riddled Empire

Take a look at what "our boys" are up to in Eastern Europe. Makes you proud, eh? And as usual it's all done on your dime. Here O'Reilly bloviates on media bias, making all the safe points. Here Coulter on White males and demagogy, in which she's no small expert. The woman loves to froth hate on Semitically Incorrect Muslims, zips her lips when it comes to the Jew. Coulter and O'Reilly alike are herd animals. Here conservative John Fund celebrates MLK. Conservatives are liberals, have been for nearly 100 years. White racialism, nationalism is the only genuine option you have if you're unhappy with the government. "Dr. King is a national hero whose legacy belongs to us all" - yeah, you keep sayin' that big boy, maybe somebody will buy it. Powell will be appear on MTV.

More Jews Shuffle Coils

Buh-bye sheenies. Toodle-oo, kikes. We'll try hard to miss ya. Arafat says Izzy plans to kill all Pal leaders.

Privacy: Airports Scan Faces

Welcome to the wonderful world of biometrics. Of course, who's scanned for is determined by which data the Jews stuff into the database - David Irving, for example.

Monkeys in Charge in South Africa

Poor White man. When will you take control of the animals? Not until you dispatch the Jew.

White Flight? No. Jew-Facilitated Nigger Invasion

Blocks, 'hoods, cities, counties, states, nations, continents -- planets: they all fall apart when we allow Jews to control our government and destroy White civilization by injections of coloreds. No Jews. Just Right. Here Jew-encouraged vandals desecrate Southern flags.

Germany: "Anti-Terror" Laws Rushed Through

If you're not a kike-worshipping Stalinist, -- yep... The original and widely criticised stipulation in the bill to deport foreign nationals or prevent them from entering the country in the first place, on the mere basis of suspicion that they supported a terrorist organisation, was altered slightly with the insertion of the words when facts demonstrate. Under conditions where these facts are to be established by the appropriate police or immigration departments the new law grants the state arbitrary repressive powers. So it seems the one provision they wanted to do away with naturally was the one that might impinge on destructive immigration. Destroying Germany is a Jewish-racist goal, has been for a hundred years. Jews or Whites can exist on planet earth: not both. It's us or them. I choose us. Norwegian poofters exchange vows, microbes.

Kike Kunts Klassic: NOW Try to Tap 9/11 Funds

Jews think they have a right to live subsidized off the people they hate. Whether it's your taxes, your pensions, your "public" schools, your paycheck -- hell, the money you donate freely -- they want their greedy shlooking mosquito beaks in it, sucking lustily away, that they might live and reproduce. Yids -- you disgust me. Look in the mirror and be appalled. Lipshitz on the lip of a pit, toppling. Lipopitz! -- the solution, it's. Here Suckpoop Joe Farahwitz on the Jew-"tikkun'd" firemen statue.

Kikes' Own Joe Farah Attacks Islam Studies

All textbooks should tell the truth about Jews: that they only leave terrorist bombs in kids' schoolyards for sport, to provide themselves with a few stolen minutes of amusement in between valiantly defending the blooming sliver a hostile world has begrudged them. Sex-segregated schools promotes learning.

Jews Support NAMBLA

Bad for Whites? Then it's good for Jews. If you want your teen son attacked and AIDS-raped by the diseased faggots the jew-indoctrinated education majors at your "public school" tell him are harmless alternative lifestylers, then sit on your hands and do nothing to kill ZOG. Death to the Jews. They deserve it.

Life Imitates Art: Crazed Iguana Bites Off Boy's Finger

Iguanas don't grow in the U.S. This Iguana was brought here by a less prepossessing species. I smell Mexcrement.


Aryan Nations calls April rally. Here on Hale, ARA and AmRen conference in February. The NAACP was going to debate Matt Hale -- that would be amusing, wouldn't it? -- but has withdrawn upon realizing A) no free cheese; B) nobody in-house with IQ over 70; C) would lose and look like complete fools and provide a bloopers video nazis would laugh over for 100 years. You make the call.

Lawyers: Love 'Em or Shoot 'Em

Lots of people talk a good game. This guy means business. Let's hope Jews, not Whites, were killed. Maybe one of those Jews who encouraged law-as-personal-whim; or one of the kikes promoting America-bogus-tort-filer's-wet-dream. Ugh Jews. Ugh most lawyers. Jew-lawyers? I'm reaching into my lexical bag, reaching...reaching...nope. Words fail. Lower than Hay-Raldo? Well. That does come close.

How to Marry a High-Quality Woman: Chapter Five

The art of Elizabeth Bennett

Just Cuz vs. Just Cause: The Wisdom and Necessity of Profiling

The toll exacted by street 'groids far outweighs the WTC dead. Fact is, everybody profiles, all the time. Preventing the cops just means more misery for Victor Wolzek

York Rally Photos

National Alliance, World Church of the Creator, Hammerskins came together in York on January 12, 2002. Three pages of photos. Page two here. Page three here.

Face to Face in the Streets of York

Once more into the fray, this time in York, Penn., amid 200 compatriots. Pictures to Victor Gerhard

Kike Crooks Steal Switzerland for Over $1 Billion

Swiss banks proved the money in the dormant accounts did not belong to Jews. But Jews wind up with the money anyway. You won't see a better example all year than this one for why Jews are hated and despised as a group of lying, swindling parasitic crybabies. The day approaches, kikes, when you will find yourselves in a work camp, paying the White world back for your thieveries. Then, a few painful months thereafter, on the lip of a pit, toppling. Hmm, wouldn't that make a nice NEA project: This is my work. I call it: On the Lip of a Pit, Toppling. It's performance art. I think it deserves funding, don't you? I hear you have a billion-dollar fund set up to subsidize such. And you do, don't you? At times like this, I think my feelings are best expressed by David Byrne of the Talking Heads. "You may find yourself on the edge of a beautiful pit. You may say: 'This is not my beautiful life. How did I get here?'" You're crooks, kikes. You've always known it. Now, thanks to the little fren's at VNN - the rest of the world does too. Sucks, don't it?

Martin Luther King: "A Holiday for a Cheater"

Better to have a holiday for somebody picked out of the phone book at random than this miserable coon, whose life story is less a testament to his average-niggerly buffooneries, adulteries and felonies than to the rotten White race traitors and kikes who protected and promoted this piece of waste at every turn. Everything he ever said or wrote from his name down was plagiarized - and the Pet press knew it.

Le Monde on Berlin Memorial to "Holocaust,"
Whatever That Is (See Lead Story)

En fracais... It is popular to hate France in America. It's one of the few biases encouraged by semi-official sources - tv. But the France-haters are a more suitable target.

Jesus Returns - As a Shark!

We don't make these things up folks.

Shit Art

As our own Chuck Pearson has noted, shit is a major theme of "art" and tv these days. They are bold. They are shocking. They are the 'excrementalistas.' Flushing is OUT! Coprophagy is IN! - Dude! Where's my bolus!


Another local view... Anti-racist view (and pics) here. NA written up in Boston magazine. Posted at, run by the interviewee.

JDL in Decline?

So they say. JDL provides cover to ADL in the same way that tiresome Jews-for-2nd-Amendment group does: Oy! The Jewish community is divided! The Jewish community speaks as one: Non-Jews should be denied guns. Jews deserve government-subsidized Uzis. One standard for Jews, another standard for the rest of us.

Jews Coopt Greens

Jewish pressure in part or whole prevented Sierra Club, for one, from addressing the open borders that are allowing Mexicans to graze ever-greater expanses of land formerly reserved for humans. Communist, conservative, green -- it's all Jew in the middle. Follow the money, yes - but follow the Jew, too.

Jews in Argentina

Some rats are fleeing, some rats are hunkering.

Dead Wales Tell No Tales

The shooter left behind the first nationally known gun control leader killed by bullets in the last two decades of the handgun debate. Wales, 49, had spent more than 15 years with the gun control group Washington CeaseFire. He was preparing to raise funds for further legislation requiring background checks for buyers at gun shows in the state. Listen to this: "The murder of a federal prosecutor is unbelievably unique," Kerlikowske says. "We have to ensure that every prosecutor knows that we're going to do whatever it takes, everything possible, to solve this, and to protect them." Do you get the gushing quality? Geez, all them nigger killing whites, ya know, whatever...But killing a Federal Prosecutor. That's right up there with crossing Jesus. It sure gets their attention, doesn't it? I mean, the punks can pass unConstitutional laws for decades, and you can write 500 op-eds pointing out their crookedness, but it all pales beside one good shot. Really - read the guy's comments again: it's like something a ten-year-old girl would say about 'N Sync. Government workers see themselves as Jews do - a cut above the common. How often is there a $25,000 reward for finding the murderer of a standard-issue citizen? Here's a good example of how the cops work with informants.

Jews Crying at France - "Worst in West"

Jews - "Worst in World." This is, of course, a country with some of the most restrictive laws in the world when it comes to discussing, let alone criticizing Jews. To put it legally, it is illegal to criticize Jews in France. Illegal. That means against the law. Is it against the law to criticize you anywhere, White man? Heck no. Not only are you up for criticism, you're up for legal discrimination -- and supposed to "celebrate" it. The Jew is your enemy, White man. Bad for Jews, good for Whites.

White Sites

Between the Lines

Demagogue Horowitz does his best to defend the nasty, racist state of Israel. VNN doesn't let him get away with J.R. Colson

York 12/14

Aftermath, as recorded by York Daily Record. Photo page here. The attack on Whites brought a local negress to tears. Yes, you read that right. Notice where the reporter's sympathy lies - with the criminal ARA scum: She was walking down East Market Street around 9:30 a.m. when she saw anarchist protesters, dressed all in black and wearing masks, attack a truck with two white men inside. They bashed in the back window and driver's side window and tried pepper-spraying the driver. The truck took off, and no serious injury was reported. Randall, who is black, cried and yelled about what she saw. They had no right to do that, she said. They didn't know who those men were. Normal people, even normal niggers, hate ARA and see it for what it is - group-attacking cowards, furtive bashers-in of windows. Here some of the moneyshines put on by the library afraid of White people. Note how they play up the illegal alien and his two little Mexcrements. No nos gustamos los refritos. Here on Hale and WCOTC recruiting in the area. Here is a flash "riot map." Note that it is accessed through the main index page at YDR, may be moved at any time. Latest opinion from YDR, at least mentions that anti-racists were the lawless ones. Note on the right there are ways to send LTEs to the paper. Here on bail for one of the nigger Schaad defendents. Here reaction of local pols and generic SCs.

Wild Rally: Pro-Whites Stronger Than Ever in York

The Nazis came out stronger than I though they would, leaving over 150 people in the street even after 80 of them had filled up the library. It looked liked a Nazi march in Germany -- not a "neo-Nazi march", but one of those old Nazi marches with swastikas and everything -- except the uniforms. ... Approxaimtely 250 combined white supremacists, approximately 100 anti-racist anarchists, and approximately 300 mostly black York residents were involved in the incidents." Contrast with following bloodless reports before/after in York rag York Daily Record; day before rally, Friday. Third report here. Hundreds of people crowded Market, King and Queen streets at different times over the course of nearly three hours. City and state police maintained tight security, with police in riot gear some on horseback making sure that the protesters and racists remained separated. A state police helicopter hovered over downtown throughout the event, and police sharpshooters were stationed on the roofs of several downtown buildings. Here a clipped photo.

Click Here!

Sobran on 'The Abnormal Society'

Note that now you can email Sobran directly. I think that is worth doing. Most cons aren't worth a warm bucket of spit, Sobran is. The more encouragement he gets, the bolder he'll be. This is a guy with a conscience - unlike the zionocons, he actually feels bad when he pulls punches. So, the old carrot and stick will work with him. Work on his conscience and intellectual integrity. Remember - WE are the majority. The nig-lovin' yids are Masada-bound. They need to crawl back in their hole, we need to take center square in the sunlight - just as the Alte Kämpfer did in York. Here Cockburn on conspiracy thinking going " mainstream." BUTLER: The most explosive charge, Paula, is that the Bush administration -- the present one, just shortly after assuming office slowed down FBI investigations of al Qaeda and terrorism in Afghanistan in order to do a deal with the Taliban on oil -- an oil pipeline across Afghanistan. That's our Bushy... What if the nation were run in your interests, White man? It can happen. But you're going to have to take to the street to get it done. This is not spectator sport. Keyboard clicking is necessary but just a piece of the puzzle. Everything indoors stinks, as Celine noted.

Britain: New Statesman Purports to Debunk Theory of Zionist Control of Britain

That there is a Zionist lobby and that it is rich, potent and effective goes largely unquestioned on the left. Big Jewry, like big tobacco, is seen as one of life's givens. According to this view, Israel has the British media pretty well sewn up. Wealthy Jewish business leaders, acting in concert with establishment types and co-ordinated by the Israeli embassy, have supposedly nobbled newspaper editors and proprietors, and ensured that the pro-Palestinian position is marginalised both in news reporting and on the comment pages. As one well-known foreign affairs specialist puts it: "The sheer scale of the activity is awesome. It operates at every level. By comparison, the disparate, underfunded and shambolic pro-Palestinian organisations don't stand a chance."

Bombers Jew and Gentile

We must beware "hysteria" when it's Jews planting bombs, "lynch the bastards" when it's Palestinians. ONE STANDARD FOR JEWS, ANOTHER STANDARD FOR THE REST OF US.

Russia: Church Inciting Jew Hatred?

Do we ever see a charge against Jews for inciting hatred? Funny how that works... He cited article 282 of the Russian Criminal Code, a relatively new law outlawing "actions directed toward the instigation of nationalist, racial or religious animosity, humiliation of national pride or, similarly, propaganda of exclusiveness, superiority or inferiority of citizens on the principle of their affiliation to religion, nationality or race." Here the Jews cry about a German pub in Scotland. Yahweh gave the Pets the right to approve of anything that goes on the world. The Jew is your enemy, White man. No peace until the Jew is destroyed. Shitskins hate Semites too. Everybody hates Jews. So it's clear that everybody is the problem. Because Jews are perfect. Note the story link to the side: Mexicans falling in love with narcocorridos -- Spanish songs or raps about gangstas. Briggers? Miggers? No se. Note the way they carefully disparage "Voz" as a news service, putting it in quotes, because it's operated out of a house. A real news service operates out of an outhouse. Read ed-in-chief Cienfuegos' response here.

Nigger Jesse, Sire of Bastards, "Washed Up"

Shakedowns not as easy without Clinton cover...

"Diversity is Good" Says Consortium of Interested Liars

For whom is it good? Here Entartete Kunst for our times.

Military-Industrial Complex


Semitical Correctness Runs Amok in England

Old man hauled up in court for eight months for stray comment to mischnog. Like a groundhog, but less prepossessing.

Dr. William Pierce: What Is Moral?

Survival trumps fairness... Read Burke.

The Sourest Cherry

And now, ladies and gentlemen, settle back and enjoy the dark black comedy stylings of Mr. Ambrose Bierce.

Rubin, Gilligan Indicted

Yahweh be praised; Allah O Akbar - whatever it takes to get the jew hung.

German U.N. Employee Charged with "Hate" Crimes

The Middle Ages had witches, this is the kind of confused garbage we get. Jew lawyer, jew judge, jew-"hat"ing client, jew reporter, jew paper, jew-controlled UN -- Jesus! -- where do they stop? Even your hyphenated ejaculations are filled with them. The Jew is your enemy, White man. He makes everything worse. Confusing, complicated, costly? - Kike! Hymie created the climate of barratry and litigiousness that plagues the West. JEWS MAKE EVERYTHING WORSE. Have you ever noticed that? If you were in the produce section of your grocery store and saw a big display of jews, would you buy any? Whatever mad scientist sprouted those mini-corns and carrot-lets needs to build us the Shrimpstein. Just as annoying, but gratifyingly tiny. Eminently stompable. "Like little people, but littler" - 'Littlers!'" Say hello to my littler friends.

'Protocols' Publisher Memorialized

Nice to see a non-gassy memorial every once in a while...

Revealed! Nazi Plan to Destroy Whole Solar System

Jews to shock world by posting some fifty-year-old stuff they dug out of a box. "'When people think about the Holocaust, they think about the crimes against Jews, but here's a different perspective,' said Julie Seltzer Mandel...editor of the Nuremberg Project for the Rutgers Journal of Law and Religion. Mandel, whose 80-year-old grandmother is a survivor of the Auschwitz concentration camp, said that allowing the public access to such documentation is 'phenomenal.'" Can you say that word through a great big nose while you're tripping along the hall waving a handful of papers, acting astonished? "Phen-aaaaah-menal." In the year 3002, Sarah Seltzer Spritzer, great-great-great-great-great-great-granddaughter of a "Holocaust" survivor, will still be offering "different perspectives." We will never be rid of these people unless we do something.

Jews - Anything for a Shecky-Check

Don't believe all of this solemn, sacred "Holocaust" nonsense. You're supposed to tiptoe around whispering, lighting candles, as violins sob, oy, oy, oy -- while Jews themselves loudly, crassly exploit their own supposed "dead" any time they want some attention. Here, "art" exhibit to open in -- so where else? -- New York. One featured piece will be "'It's The Real Thing - Self Portrait at Buchenwald' by Alan Schechner -- the artist holding a Diet Coke inserted into the famous photo of emaciated Jews being liberated from the death camp." It's a living, right, Alan? Besides, it's only one calorie! But wait! Controversy! "Holocaust survivor Abe Foxman," -- so who else? -- "national director of the Anti-Defamation League, says 'the exhibit is premature!'" See what we mean? Jews set up, Jews knock down. Jews set up, Jews knock down. Foxman, Schechner, Kleeblatt, Cooper, Sachs agree, disagree -- then TV lights go off. They shake hands, slap backs, go to lunch! Hey! Paychecks all around! It's Good For Jews!

Lost Generations

Here, clothing for the latest cohort of raised-by-wolves children, the offspring of loud, brittle, stupid White mall trash with a little too much money to throw around. Daddy has a black Harley T-shirt and a gold earring just like a real pirate and a cannibal arm-tattoo. With a convict head-rag to cover his pro-wrestler-shaven skull, he shrieks "FUCK YOU!" as he bounces his too-big pickup truck over the curb in a blind rage. What did you think the kids would be like? The Repugnant Child, created almost single-handedly by MTV, is big business these days. Here, dairy marketing group coyly talks up new milk commercials. "[The] spots...feature teens making chocolate milk in unusual ways." That's to say, they show a disheveled kid leaning next to the front door of a convenience store, head back, loudly gargling a mixture of milk and chocolate syrup. One writer says, "The U.S. has no culture anymore -- rapid adoption of high-throughput, high-bandwidth signals channels, from cellular phones through MTV, have completely eroded what culture there was and replaced it with 'instant gratification,' 'pop culture,' and 'sound bites.' Culture is a statistical average of the signals..." Jews know this. That's why they control the media -- and that's why VNN is here to take control back. No Jews. Just Right.

Terrifying Bill "On Fast Track"

Under this proposed legislation, which places absolute, dictatorial power in the hands of state governors in a "health emergency," your door could be broken down and your guns seized in an "anthrax letter" scenario such as we just experienced. Hell, the winter flu go-round could bring troops into the streets. "For the first 60 days of a crisis, the governor of a state would hold unchecked and unfettered power. What is most astonishing is the triggering of this absolute authority is left entirely to the discretion of each governor," wrote one law professor. "The bill wouldn't allow the governor to be reversed just because his actions are unwarranted, oppressive or overreacting to the threat." What do guns have to do with disease? "The Model Act was created at the request of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention with taxpayer dollars." Busybody leftist docs, bureaucrats made sure to include their agenda, their insistence that gun ownership is a "public health problem." Now, think "out of the box" for a minute, White man. Do you see how valuable crime and terrorism are as excuses for governments who want to consolidate their power? Every dangerous nigger released onto the street serves to keep you inside your locked doors, away from your White neighbors, watching Televitz. So they think. Little do they know you're reading VNN instead.

Judicial Sanity

It's a rare moment in America's courts when a ray of light shines through. Here, Ohio judge decides that citizens have the right to carry concealed firearms for self-defense. Bravo!

Jewish Chop Shops

Are jews junking perfectly good Pals for parts? It is Jewish "religious" doctrine that goyim exist only to serve jewish needs, and ANYTHING done to them is 100% kosher-certified mmmm good. Being Jewish means never having to say you're sorry.

Niggers: The Best of 'Em Are Still Jungle Animals

It's an iron law: any nigger held up as a hero or "role model" will in time be revealed as just another...violent coon. Hey - don't get mad at your humble messenger, complain to the Author of the Universe. You can take the nigger out of the jungle,'re really gonna anger Miss Goodall.

How to Marry a High-Quality Woman: Chapter 4

On masculine body language, leadership and social Elizabeth Bennett

Basic Facts About Israel

Segregation, racism, and White slavery are kosher as animal torture in J.R. Colson

Trade Guilds and the Health and Wellness Guild

Repairing and fixing things is one of the quintessential White skills - the flip side of the questing that defines us. We seek to understand out of respect for the way things are, we don't inflict our hysterical racial hallucinations on the world like the Jews with their "tikkun olam," which is yewish for "ticking time bomb." They screw up the world while claiming to "fix" it. We fix small things and Andrei Kievsky

Jew War Madness

Another syncopated column, names changed to protect the Danglestein. But you know the code, eh?

The Philtrum at the Fulcrum: The Chimp with the Iron Grip

Dear Whitey, please send care package ASAP. Don't forget bananas.

Jews Must Be Destroyed

All over the world, people are reawakening to the truth about the Jew, and he's sweating bullets. Jews are the human form of tent caterpillars. You know what you do you with tent caterpillars, right? You put 'em on a grate over a trash barrel and watch 'em do the charleston. And you know what happens to your trees if you don't? So what's our policy. (Cupping hand to ear) That's right: No Jews. Just Right. The Jew's the fellow who leaves land mines in school yards then cries when someone cartoons him drinking a cup of blood. O, foul hypocrite, thy name is yahoodi. What's that I hear? Oh yeah. No Jews. Just Right. Has a ring to it, doesn't it? Hey, Mr. Yahoodi -- who let those "anti-Semitic" Arabs into France? U.S.? England? Why, bless my soul, it was you, sheeniekins. Why are jews hated? No. Why are jews HATABLE. Icktheos knows, I sure don't. And note how these pets get all prim and proper -- "that shi-ty little country." Now they're Lenny Bruce, now they're eek!-ifed by a simple cuss! What soft cherubic things, tent caterpillars are. "Great masters of the lie," our Schopenhauer called them. Great jews responded... - silly me: there aren't any great jews, at least outside of swindling. Dig the comments from Randy Andy Sillyglans: What he knows about Auschwitz wouldn't fit in a used condom. What he thinks he knows about Auschwitz wouldn't fit in a galaxy. Silly mouth-clogged blogger, dicks are for chicks (Ocean Beach t-shirt wisdom).

Pooftervision Headed to a Screen Near You

It just gets worse and worse. And a big pile of steaming jews is the only thing that will end it. Yes, the kike faggots and race-mixers at Rothstein Central -- Viacom -- the same hosers who brought you MTV are furiously tossing plans for some sort of fag-vision to be pumped all over the world. Fecalodeon anybody?

Will ADL Split into Rival Criminal Bands?

Shmuel steams at Hymie Foxman for firing a yid who was possibly acting on the noble words of ADL's charter, put there to fool stoopid paper-gulping goyim and give lazy journos free filler. The ADL is, was and always will be a Jewish criminal gang dedicated to using America in every way, shape and form to sustain Israel. The Jew sees America precisely the way John Kennedy saw an ingenue: fuck her three ways and dump her. The Jew by definition is not an American, nor a member of any nation but Israel. As Monsieur Hoffman said, Jews are a racial crime syndicate masquerading as a religion. "I'm tired of Abe. I'm tired of manipulation," said a she-jew. Even jews hate jews. And since jews are the smartest, cleverest, bestestest and most specialest people in the world, she must be right, right? This is a shonda [outrage], added Rabbi John Rosove of Temple Israel in Hollywood and a member of the local ADL board. I think Abe Foxman has done a great disservice to the Jewish community and the greater Los Angeles community as well by making this arbitrary decision. Have you ever noticed that jews are always, always, always "outraged"? The average jew would be mute without that word. They must teach that as lesson 1-20 in their miserable shuls. Can't you just see a fresh crop of baby 'pillars lashing the air with their puny feelers: One, two, three, class: "We are OUTraged!" "Outraged, are we!" Nasty little kike-monsters! PUPPET-MASTERS - THE FREEMEN ARE COMING TO KILL YOU!

Zimby Farmer vs. the Chimps

We have heard this broad's a lib, and anti-racist. If so, she's getting what she deserves. But her despatches are interesting. Imagine there's no niggers. It's easy if you try...

Suckpoop Joe in Fine Fettle

Last year it took Suckpoop Joe Farah most of January before he wrapped up our annual Coward of the Year Award. As of this column, he's on pace to win it before the 15th. Unbelievable. If Israel murdered every single Arab in the world he would write a column praising its restraint before the mushroom cloud dissipated. Keep in mind, folks, that when VNN's editor put the question to him directly, he did not deny it. He said: "I wish we were subsidized by anybody." What an odd response, given that he knows what I say about him. I ask again, openly: Are you paid by the Jews of Israel or their fifth column here in the states to spread their poison? Joe? The world wants to know, buttercup.


These swarthy sheilas provide security? Huh? For the terrorists, maybe. In Dallas, I also witnessed the efficient search of a Caucasian gentleman whose age I would estimate was between 114 and 117 years old and to be sure, extra care was taken to examine his wheelchair. I missed the interrogation. It was probably something like: "Has this wheelchair been with you at all times? ..." I doubt if he could have blown up a balloon, much less an airplane. Comments on film "Brazil," definitely worth seeing if you haven't.

Cons and Their Probs

Jew Rothbard hits a few of them. Not the ones that matter, though. Here Sobran on Walker. Good thoughts, although he ignores that it's the Jews coming on hard as "patriots," yipping about "treason," which really doesn't apply to Walker. Walker is a head case, and not un-admirable in that he actually believed something and acted on it, which is a good deal more than can be said for your average person. Walker chose to become a Muslim. We laugh, he salaams. Nothing wrong. He left the country, ended up in a place at war with us. That's not within a hundred miles of what Jew Pollard did - and the same Yid hypocrites calling for Walker's head are calling for his release. Ah, the sempiternal whine of the yahoodi -- "We're different." "Special standards apply to us." Your time is coming, kike. Here on Hoppe's new book on Democracy, "The God That Failed." Jared Taylor comments here. Like everything he writes, the why is missing. Achtung, baby -- Yidn bono. Here some interesting tidbits on Jew Marx and the lust for power. Here Guardian blasts Buchanan's immigration views as expressed in "Death of the West." Here comments on new film "Black Hawk Down" and its, uh, reimagination of what the U.S. actually did in Somalia. Thoughts about capitalism here, worth reading, by Locke who has written against immigration. He rightly writes against the "fetish" of GDP. Or, as I like to put it, name one thing in history that has improved by adding Mexicans? Throwing a cup of diarrhea into your chocolate pudding makes it more diverse, but it sure doesn't make it healthier or improve the taste. Mexicans are the human form of diarrhea. Actually, the classicist in me harkens the ancient Greek claim that Mexcrement spontaneously generates when you throw candy and pampers in a back aisle at Wal-Mart. Mexicans do indeed happen. But hey, in the words of the old negro spiritual: Urine only stinks if you don't clean it up! But you know, you keep reading through these articles, and it's the old story: the dog that didn't bark. Jewjewjewjew -- if it wasn't the real story, would they be so afraid to mention it? I don't think so. They never do. It's syncopated writing. Here Semitically Craig Roberts on Buchanan's new opus. But the most fearsome fact is that the demonization of white people in the universities today is more extreme than the demonization of the Jews that was a prominent feature of German university life for 60 years prior to the rise of National Socialism. But the main reason it's happening is the cowardly White elite like P.C. Roberts won't point out that it's Jews doing it to us! We are being murdered by Jews! And nobody will say anything. Here's all you need to know: The White West is dying from the disease 'Jew.' Destroying the Jews is the only way things will change. That's 200-proof objective analysis. But read the coward going on about "Cultural Marxism," whatever that is. It's the newly popular term for the eighties' "secular humanism." Say 'Jews' you miserable con cowards. YOU are killing the country -- YOU have the airwaves -- YOU have the columns. YOU are the malpractitioners, and YOU know what you are doing. I despise you for it.

Re-Defining the West, Be the Jew

Jew Gottfried, another syncopated columnist, better than most. His columns, like the others', are do-it-yourself projects: you have to fill in the missing jew. Preferably with lead. See, he talks about Punch Goldbug and National Review and "neocons" - all of which are synecdouches for 'Jews.' Do you get it? A Jew -- Gottfried -- is critting a Jew -- Goldberg -- for "re" (as always, "re") - defining the West as Jewagenda -- as embodied in NR and neocon-ism... -- without ever mentioning the term 'Jew.' It's that convuluted and simple. Public "debate" is eight jews squabbling around a feast YOU AND I paid for. We beg for scraps like the miserable dogs we are, since we are afraid to cashier these shit-yids. The death of the jews is the health of the White man. "Good for Jews" - bad for Whites. There is only one politics worth bothering with at this late date: No Jews. Just Right.

Jews Tells Catholic Church to End Celibacy

Why don't you stage a personal reenactment of Masada, kike Glazov? And take along the rest of the FrontPage sheenies.

Niggers = Death

Kike Rothstein & Co. lie, White girl. Read and learn what they won't tell you in school. "Agencies review how girl could have been saved" says the smarmy headline. Keeping her mom away from niggers would have been a good start. Eliminating the kikes who brainwash Whites into race-genocide is another hint from Heloise.

The Academy

Political bias, Jew Horowitz poll shows. Only 3% of Ivy League profs identify themselves as Reps. And since Reps are libs, that makes it a complete wash. No Jews. Just Right. That's the only political litmus test we need. The Jew is your enemy, White man.

More Beans for Beaners

What's the Republican position? The Democratic position, plus a few years. Here, in the middle of a recession, Bush wants to restore food stamps to aliens. It'd only cost $2,100,000,000 over ten years. Stick your chest out in that "BUSH COUNTRY" T-shirt, you "conservative" fools. Put some more "THESE COLORS DON'T RUN" stickers on your car. That'll help as coloreds run to fill the country. See the Jewish method in action? Eat out the substance, but leave the outward form. America is like a rotten tree, waiting for a good windstorm. You're allowed, encouraged to do harmless things, like tying red-white-and-blue ribbons around the tree. That'll help. Don't waste your time with the frijole-filled Beanbag Right, White man. Either wake up or learn Spanish so you'll be comfortable in the Bush/Fox "United Mexican States."

Nigger Hell

Gutted, wrecked, abandoned America. Here, the death of urban White civilization. "In a city that covers nine square miles, there's no movie theater and only one supermarket, so far on the south end of town that it's useless to the many residents who don't own cars. Located directly across the Delaware River from Philadelphia, Camden was once a bustling burg known for its shipyards, its RCA plants, and its Campbell Soup factories. But businesses left Camden years ago...New York Ship built its last vessel in 1967; the RCA Building has sat empty for years; and Campbell Soup...quit cooking there about a decade ago. Today, if you don't work for a government agency or a hospital, you're not likely to work in Camden. Its population peaked at 125,000 in the 1950s. It is now down to 83,000 and dropping...Three thousand buildings sit boarded up. At one time, Camden was the destination for South Jersey shoppers. These days, all that suburbanites send to Camden is their excrement, which is treated at its sewage facility. 'Driving into Camden,' writes a New Jersey editorialist, 'is driving a few miles into hell.'"


A cartoon, a bang-bang Western for the silly goyim! Here, "liberal" Jews affect to criticize "conservative" Jews for the latter's connection with the "right wing" -- when all Jewish parasites know that it's important to control both their host's left and his right! This sort of "attack," this pretense at internal Jewish controversy, is a real throwaway, a "freebie;" after all, it's not as though the Jewish "neocons" are going to change their spots, and it's not as though the Jewish "left" will stop going to United Jewish Appeal dinners with them -- hell, it's not as though anything's going to change at all. Stage-acting Jews always clutch breast, faint, pretend to be frightened by Pat Buchanan when he roars nonsense like, "For the time is not far distant when we are all going to have to gird ourselves and take that long march up to Armageddon to do battle for the Lord," but they know perfectly well that Buchanan, Robertson, Falwell, Farah, and all the rest of the Council For National Policy types are tame, toothless "Judeo-Christians," Holy Land Tour Guides, mere shabbas goyim who'll come running with another $10,000,000,000 for Izzy anytime it's needed. To Judeo-Christians, "doing battle for the Lord" means giving Israel some secret, advanced new weapons system they can copy and sell to the Chinese, who can sell it to the Moslems, who can shoot us with it for giving it to Israel in the first place. This piece is valuable, however, in that it exposes the complete penetration of "conservatism" by Jews. Wittman, Lapin, Feder, Medved...astonishing tales like that of one Gary Polland. "One of the seventy-five Jewish conservatives who had protested the Anti-Defamation League's expose' of the religious right was the ADL's own regional chairman in Houston, Gary Polland. As a result, he was forced to resign. A political conservative and a Jew, Polland then became a rising star of the Christian Coalition, which invited him to speak to the faithful in San Diego..." Slick, huh? Jay Sekulow, Howard Phillips, Louis Sheldon, Paul Chaim and Rob Schenck...all influential cons, all described here as "former Jews." You know, like being a former nigger. Isn't it funny how kikes discourage us converting in, but constantly push the illusion of their converting out when it suits their need to camouflage, cover, explain away another Jewish infiltrator? "Former Jews, secular Jews, non-practicing Jews." What do they all have in common? They're all Jews -- and the safe, harmless, non-toxic Beanbag Right is as full of 'em as a synagogue. Don't waste your time with it. Rush Is Wrong. Come home to the White race! No Jews. Just Right., say we. It's Good For Whites!

What Our Parasites Owe Us

One day it's going to be paid out of Izzy's hide. Sleep tight, parasites, don't let the humans bite!

Fred on Jigs, Jazzbos -- But Not Jews

In which Herr Reed hazards the unexceptionable premise that blacks are stupid and resentful. Africans aren't. Resentful, that is. Why are American niggers 100x as obnoxious as their chimp brethren on the Dark Continent, which are merely ludicrous and pitiful? Who put the chip on the American Nigger's shoulder? Ah, but here Fred checks his watch. Hour's late! Gotta go!

Elders Gather in Zion

Bad time to be a swindler, time to circle the wagons. Here bail is denied JDL crooks.

One Big Jape, These Cake-Taking Apes

Chimp-in-Charge demands we give him 'n' bongo buddies $100m or they will starve. Starve, starve away, niggety-jigs. The more, the better. May the earth be littered with your desiccated corpses, monkeys du mal. May the cackle of the jackal echo merrily over the plains, and may his belly bloat with boolie. Itz like thisn like thatn like this, yo. Check you, boo!

The Sun's Up, and the Kikes Be a-Swindlin'

Crooks, crooks, crooks -- all they are. Just as Herr Hitler predicted, if yidn ever got their "homeland" it would be nothing more than a Jud-hostel for swindlers.

"This Story No Longer Exists" - No Longer Exists!

Now it's "no longer available." The kikes, nervous about the clamor setting up around their ludicrous Stalin-speak decided to shift gears, camouflage their censorship in terms of the retail's "out of stock." You're full of shit jews, you beady-eyed little rodents. Everybody sees you scampering and scurrying. Beware free peanut butter, pre-smokes! Get more on the Fox Reports here, some of the video (realmedia), more than what the transcripts had. In the words of Mr. Hand: What is this fascination you kikes have with lying?

Firefighter Iwo Jima Correct-ified

More of that American freedom we're supposed to be so proud of, although only folks like VNN and its readers actually USE IT. Bushy has no idea of freedom, the little pig is sucking up to the yids in private Shecky Cheese parties inside the Weiss House. "I'm from the government. I'm here to plant lynx fur and steal your land." Government sux. Here UK bans anti-abortion ad. Federal agents track anti-Bushy art. Freedom? Aw, freedom -- that's just some people talkin'. As the annoying Henley said in a slightly different context. Freedom to be a team player: enshrined in the Constitution® that's. We don't have the agents to prevent the human sewage called 'Mexican' from spilling all over our lawn, but we have plenty of agents available to round up people hanging "anti"-Bush posters on their walls. Folks...I don't say this lightly...and I hate to sound like a yid-sixties "radical"...but it's time for a revolution. No one put it better than Claire Wolfe: It's too late to work within the System and too early to start shooting the bastards. I almost agree.

Jews in Russia

A disaster, as always...

Media: Tools for OUR Use

Don't judge until you understand. Things are often neither good nor bad, but what we make of them. What can we do with the Internet? Have we optimized its use in defending our race and destroying our enemy, the Jew? Not yet. Here Milquetoast O'Reilly on toothsome Zahn. Irving comments on SC editing of "Harry Potter." Talking of which, however, it is laughable to observe how this movie's producers belatedly realized that they ought to plant a few token Black faces among his fellow-pupils, just like the obligatory Blacks who now people southern English television screens: certain scenes have obviously been shot or reshot and pasted into the movie at a relatively late date, as the boys and girls are entirely White throughout the rest of the movie. Here on blogs.

September 11, Yawn

Did the Izzies carry it out, while America's military watched approvingly?

Bush Hates Whites

Bushy's down with Kwanzaa. Anything more you need to know about the Republicans, White man? The detestable dyslexic gib nut signed off on this: "Kwanzaa provides an opportunity for people of African heritage regardless of their religious background or faith, to come together and to show reverence for their Creator and creation, to commemorate the past, to recommit to high ideals, and to celebrate the good life. These life-affirming traditions take on particular resonance this year, as the United States and the world face new challenges to peace. As individuals, families and communities take part in this celebration of unity and enduring values, I extend best wishes to people throughout the globe for a wonderful and memorable Kwanzaa." Get the pic, White man? Your race is on the way out, courtesy of the Jews and things like Bushy. And you get to subsidize your own genocide.

Lolita's Tears

We all have problems, even princesses.

White Anthropology: This Land Is Our Land

They don't want you to know who was here first.

"Holo"-Liar Lectures in Miami Jan. 10, Go

Van Pelt, the unaccredited expert, if fully-accredited worm, who opposed Irving. Irving has a list of questions you may ask this Dutcho-Canuckian "architect."

The Fable of the Ducks and Hens

The difference between Whites and Jews...


What do you see, dahling? I see me looking fabulous! Carol Ward

Chapter 3: How to Marry a High-Quality Woman

In the second installment of our series, we are treated to an in-depth analysis of two common types of men, their problems and the solutions. And a description of the perfect man - he doesn't exist, as you gals well know, but a template's always useful. Read up, guys. Thoughtful, respectful -- wise -- advice like this doesn't grow on trees, let alone make it through the SC censors at the Jewish "news" Elizabeth Bennett

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