How to Marry a High-Quality Woman

by Elizabeth Bennett

Chapter #4: Masculine Body Language, Leadership, and Social Skills

How would you like a woman who never moved in a seductive, supple, graceful way -- or looked into your eyes steadily for any length of time? She cut her hair short, dressed in baggy sweatpants, had a horsey, mannish walk, stubbed her toe, plopped down in a chair like a little kid, slammed her purse on the ground, slurped her soup, and talked in a loud, hoarse voice. I'll bet even if she were good-looking in a technical sense, you couldn't get it up. You'd call her a dyke, but she's probably just a nerd who never learned how to act.

Feminine grace is expected and taken for granted. But few women have much.

Seductive body language and dress are not automatic. They are learned through imprinting and effort: playing with Barbie dolls, taking dance classes, hours reading fashion magazines and trying on clothes, experimenting with makeup and hairstyles, imitating mannerisms of a mother and silver screen actresses; internalizing the poses and looks of women in pornography centerfolds and Sports Illustrated swimsuit editions. Most women are highly motivated to be attractive to men. They go to extraordinary lengths every day, spending a lot of time and money on makeup, hair and clothes.

Unfortunately, less than 0.1% of men today have pronounced masculine body language. It's almost as if they don't care. While parasitically expecting the woman to be sexy, they wonder why women aren't attracted to them. Among Whites the problem is worst in the middle class, and with men who were raised by mom after a divorce. They've never learned to act like a man.

Burn this fact into your head again from Chapter 1: masculine body language and patience are the two most important factors in getting a High-Grade Woman to fall in love with you. Body language and eye contact are everything in sexual attraction. What does a pornographic romance novel consist of? Detailed descriptions of the man's masculine stance, motions, glances, manner of speech. In other words, body language and behavior. More pages are devoted to how he acts than what he does or how he looks.

What Is Masculine Body Language?

Masculine body language is a nonverbal communication of confidence and power.

Wearing a foolish, hyperactive half-smile on his face, gesturing frantically, fidgeting around in his chair, squirming back and forth, scratching himself with little ticks, looking sheepish, bashful, stiff, or off-balance -- or slouching comatose like an inner city nigger -- or looking like a Babbitt who's trying to look smart in front of the human herd -- this is what the American man does.

Leashed power is communicated by sitting and standing, perfectly relaxed and still for long stretches of time. Sit in a confident and relaxed open-body posture: don't cross your arms or crumple them protectively in front of you. Lean back in your chair, legs spread apart, with your arms at your side. Keep your hands open and relaxed instead of stiff, tense, or balled up into fists.

Make steady, unbroken eye contact. Be calm, and in control of yourself and the situation. Observe who is in the room and who enters the room, and what is going on. Always be observant. Look serious most of the time, and avoid promiscuous, ingratiating or nervous smiles. But when you do smile or laugh, don't hold back: show some strong straight teeth, back to the canines. There is nothing more confident and sexy than a wide, unrestrained grin.

Imagine you're a military commander negotiating with the enemy, a body builder giving an interview, or a CEO gravely unveiling a multi-million-dollar product. Act as if you're trying to psych out the enemy. Acting cool doesn't mean absurd ticks and unnatural poses like some nigger or 1950s adolescent clown. It means cool, restrained.

Men who made fortunes off their body language all had the same basic postures and way of moving: John Wayne, Gary Cooper, Clark Gable, Clint Eastwood, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Stone-Cold Steve Austin, General Douglas MacArthur, Robert E. Lee. They all shared that smooth, deliberate economy, straight posture -- the star quality of The Natural that dominates a room. Military leaders pick it up at West Point, where instructors scream in their ears for four years, Stand up straight! Shoulders back! Suck in your gut! Wipe that stupid smile off your face! until grace and command finally become second nature, a habitual second-skin of poise, which, like riding a bicycle, is never forgotten. A woman who goes to finishing school or studies dance hears similar instructions beaten into her for years, and develops the feminine grace and poise. Look like a king. Look like the leader of the tribe.

Simon Sheppard wisely observed on his racialist site that women are most attracted to men who are the least neurotic. Innately nervous and sexually repressed themselves, women seek an escape from neurosis. And the best sign of a total lack of neurotic tendencies is a man who never fidgets, who never engages in weird ticks and insecure posturing. A man who, when he stretches out on the couch, is totally slack, unconcerned, unselfconscious.

Exuding power through male confidence and grace comes from: sports training, dance training, horsemanship, or military training. The reason women go after a man in a military uniform is not because they like uniforms, but because the man wearing it acts like a man -- and that separates him from everyone else in America.

Remember: DELIBERATE, DOMINANT, CONFIDENT, and CALM. That's what makes a High-Quality Woman want to SLEEP WITH YOU.

You won't be able to avoid fidgeting and scratching unless you work out to the point of physical exhaustion at least every other day, which includes lifting weights and running several miles. If you're not healthy, strong, and tired, you can forget about getting a high-grade woman. Without this kind of discipline, depression, sexual frustration, stress, and cabin fever will destroy your focus and keep you from thinking clearly. Don't think you can keep up an exercise program on your own, by running or lifting weights by yourself. Again, use appointments to keep you on track. Play basketball with a group once or twice a week. Go to a martial arts class once or twice a week. Lift weights before MA class; you'll feel bigger and more aggressive. Run to and from the place.

Blue-collar men with active jobs are lucky here; they have a distinct advantage over sedentary guys sitting in front of a computer, trying to make money.

Incidentally, it's far better to be overweight with plenty of muscle and fat than to be a skinny stick. All normal women have rape fantasies of big, strong, heavy-boned men.

Intact men have a marked tendency to fidget less than circumcised men. This is because without a foreskin, the head of the penis is constantly rubbing against cloth, causing background irritation the sufferer isn't even aware of, since he's never experienced the normal state. Uncircumcised men are calmer, more peaceful, and more focused.

Yet another reason to not sexually mutilate your sons, White man! And if it was done to you, read The Joy of Uncircumcising! by Jim Bigelow, Ph.D., who explains the easy, painless, and non-surgical method of uncircumcising yourself.

Before we move on, here are a few more powerful ways to seduce women through your masculine body language and behavior:

Romantic Psychological Warfare

  1. Stand close enough to make her aware you're bigger and taller than she is; force her to look upward

  2. Gaze steadily into her eyes without smiling, for two long seconds

  3. Take a deep breath and sigh when she's close to you; men's lungs are much bigger than women's, and their breathing sounds different and arousing

  4. Give her an instructional order, and make it deliberate and commanding

  5. Always speak to her first; nothing complicated, just a statement: Hi. Don't wait for her to speak to you; this is passive. She answers to you, not vice versa

  6. Tease and kid her like a big brother; teasing is a mild form of aggression

  7. Move in an extremely deliberate way toward her:

    • Look at her steadily, unsmiling, while you walk up to her, then speak

    • Greet her with an unrestrained smile that shows your canines, and how much you enjoy being alive

    • Open the door for her very deliberately, and say nothing; gesture with your arm extended, palm up, for her to go inside, creating an arc around her body

    • When you're sitting, look at her while you move a knee back and forth; she'll hope and wonder if you have an erection

    • If she's been flirting with you and you're walking in a group, take her hand very deliberately with no timidity or hesitation; run your other hand down her arm to lift it gently into yours, and clasp it with a definite, but not hard, hold; walk slowly, don't make her run to keep up with you

    • Gaze at her softly and warmly, with your guard down

    • Say her name softly, but firm; force her to turn and face you

    • Look at her briefly and look away, ostensibly to pick something up; then clench your teeth once, show the muscles in your jaw

    • Be attentive only to her in front of other people she knows: if she shivers, ask her if she's cold; refill her water glass; mark her as your girl

    • Put your coat on in such a way, or shrug when you're close to her, so she gets a huge dose of your pheromones and the smell of your skin

  8. Don't touch her! Come close, but no touch. The tease can't go on too long. The longer she fantasizes about you before you touch her, the better.

These are incredibly powerful mind-control operations. With these actions you are planting a seed inside her that will slowly grow. Withdraw after each advance, let it percolate; a watched pot never boils. BE PATIENT -- the second of the twin virtues.

If you show enough pride, eventually her walls of prejudice will suddenly come tumbling down.

Again, white-hot body language and eye contact like this is like dumping a ton of jet fuel on a candle flame, as any woman, or any man who has bothered to pick up a friggin' romance novel, knows full well.

Are you nervous and afraid to pull these tricks? Get real! Time for an attitude-adjustment wakeup call: You could beat her to a pulp or rape her if you wanted to. You could snap her like a twig ("G.I. Jane" and "La Femme Nikita" movies are imaginary bullshit). It's only by your grace she's allowed to live. What you do to yourself in the shower is more satisfying than what she attempts to do to herself with sharpie markers and toothbrush holders. She lives in a steady state of sexual frustration, which becomes almost too much to bear for 2-3 days each month. And she's alone and afraid in a cold, cold world. She NEEDS you desperately, MORE THAN YOU NEED HER.

Take rejections with a phlegmatic sigh, smirk or a philosophical shrug; either you're not her physical or psychological type, she's an uptight feminist weirdo, or (more likely) her no means maybe or don't, don't, don't stop

Every time I meet men who are afraid of women -- afraid they'll say something snotty to them so they'll lose face in front of their idiotic male friends -- I have to laugh in disbelief. It's amazing what 30 years of subliminal propaganda in front of the TeeVee can do to a man's mind!

Leadership and Social Skills

If you wait for the woman to take the initiative, you're a still a little boy. Be the first to speak a greeting. Be the first to ask, "How are you?"

As we've said before, you can't be a head of household unless you have a clan. A man who doesn't have at least five solid friends is not marriage material. The friends don't have to be as intelligent as you, just loyal and share your basic White values. They can't be crazy leftist hippies, government paper-pushers, or know-nothing corporate drones. You meet these friends by getting out of the house at least once a week, to some kind of social event. It could be a gun show, a church (be an atheist and go to church, what the hell?), a hiking group, a political meeting. Almost any kind of organized club or informal group with some traditions will do.

Every third person you meet is a magic key that opens a door: he knows a good dentist, has inside information on a potential customer, knows a reliable offshore finance professional, has a 27-year-old intelligent, attractive daughter. Asking questions, seeking common ground, and being a good listener will make him give you the magic key to valuable information.

Quickly discard people who do not return your favors, who don't come through for you (with the exception of women you want to date).

Don't be a loner, a social drifter; as such you are worthless.

You must regularly and deliberately seek out substantial people, and put your best foot forward with them. Go after intelligent professionals, vigorous and sane self-employeds, business owners, blue-collar White buddies with commonsense skills and values. People you can count on. A masculine man volunteers to help out with groups, pitch in, and do his fair share. He endeavors to cheer up his comrades, encourage them in the right directions, and be a fun, entertaining companion. Try to bring others with you to events when appropriate, to help make the get-together a success.

We live in dangerous times. This is not the time to be without a social network. Alienated atoms drifting around without a clan cannot protect a woman and provide her and your children with security.

Be the first to volunteer to help someone move, work on his house, work on his off-road vehicle, or call a hostess to find out exactly which drink and food items you should bring to the dinner party. Show everyone how with-it you are.

Burn this into your brain, because it's incredibly important: We racialists need to have a noblesse-oblige attitude to social events. Never miss a good opportunity. Never make excuses why you can't show up. If you have a headache, too bad. Be there. When someone invites you to an event, reciprocate within 2-4 weeks by inviting him somewhere in turn. Never cancel at the last minute. Keep a schedule of events you look at every day, and live by it. RSVP immediately when you receive an invitation -- and show up on time, just as you would for work. If you're late because of a traffic accident, call the hostess to let her know when you'll be there. The Jews stick together. So should we.

Once you have a social network and have established yourself as a leader, you're ready to go get some great women.

To Be Continued...


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