How to Marry a High-Quality Woman

by Elizabeth Bennett

Chapter #3: Mental, Spiritual, & Emotional Detoxification

Two basic types of Almost-Rights are out there in large numbers. They are two sides of the same battered coin. Bennett-Style Sanatorium Treatment Plans for both are outlined below. The third type of man -- Mr. Right -- is nonexistent but described anyway.

WARNING!! Types I & II must get their own houses in order before seeking women.

Type I: The Genius Who Flips Burgers

A Quality Woman has had many suitors who are well-read, high-I.Q., bitter, into conspiracy theory, racialism, libertarianism, etc., who have absolutely no social, business, intuitive, commonsense, or sensual skills. Type I is a starving student, painfully idealistic artist, computer nerd, or intellectual. We've all known a disillusioned philosophy doctorate digging ditches, the math genius working as a security guard for $8 an hour. Worse yet, he may be a corporate drone with his right hand tied behind his back, taking orders from his inferiors. Depressed, cynical, and calmly bitter, these guys drop out of society in disgust, and into the library inside their heads.

Deeply introspective and analytical, he sees and feels things none others can. He knows technology exists that would allow us all to live 300 years (telomerase genetic engineering) and also knows the pinheads and Jews in the FDA and the rest of the government have outlawed it, and it will never see the light of day. He is Prometheus, chained to a rock, watching the vultures slowly peck his guts out.

Every time some Christian coward relativist moron shrugs and chirps philosophically, It's-all-good! he wants to take an axe and crack some skulls. But a remnant of self-preservation instinct stops him short of martyrdom, because without a cooperative social network, a master plan, and understanding of human psychology, it's pointless.

They've lost hope-- not just in a romantic sense, but a universal sense: politically professionally, socially. They all become 40-year-old celibate bachelors. If they're divorced, they're woman-haters. In a rational world, this guy would be running things but he can't stand the stink of the world he's expected to live in today. Every time he turns on the TV or observes other humans his weight of depression and rage grows heavier. As he gets older, his boredom, reserve, and tired hopelessness increase; the more withdrawn he becomes. Many of us are constantly in danger of descending into this. The older we are, the harder we are to salvage.

The most aggressive and courageous members of this group finally escape it by going down in a rain of bullets, blowing the shit out of as many of the bastards as they can before they're taken out. They open fire on nigger muggers in a subway, assassinate a vicious Jew, or drive a fertilizer bomb into a federal building

The intelligent depressive is tragic, because he owns a string of railroad cars loaded with riches out in the middle of nowhere, and no engine to pull it. If he could only jerk himself up by the bootstraps, stop making excuses, and gain some cooperation skills and motivation, Type I could clean the trash off the entire globe, and create a space-age utopia where the cannibal Congo is now.

Bennett Sanatorium Treatment Plan for Embittered Under-Achievers

You're not even close to marriage material, Type I. You need a drill sergeant, a disciplined stoic (a conscience?) to crack the whip over your (own) head and force you to move forward and begin to grapple with Hydra. The fruits of the activity might at some point give you enough momentum, enough positive mental attitude, to get your train moving for good -- with reduced need for maintenance-stoicism.

In short, Type I needs to get out of the library and into practical reality. He needs to stop groaning and get busy with concrete details. Experience is the best school for this guy; he's already a professional student in all the others. Here are a few ideas:

  1. Take martial arts classes twice a week for six months. Like dancing and gardening, this will get you out of your head and in touch with your intuitive side. At the same time, youll be socializing with other guys (who make good friends to go places with to meet women). Lastly, no woman can respect a man who can't protect her. If you don't know anything about fighting, you aren't masculine.

  2. Buy a gun and join a gun club/shooting range to meet salt-of-the-earth, blue-collar and cowboy friends. Don't get discouraged by talking politics with them. Focus on their commonsense living skills and human decency. At all costs, if you are an introvert, you must find a best friend who is extroverted. Otherwise, you will never be able to build the social network necessary to survive and get ahead -- and meet a High-Quality Woman.

  3. Hang out at paintball and laser-tag facilities or better yet, bring some of the other guys you met at the gun club or martial arts -- or make it coed. These are great activities to do with girls on group dates; they're exciting, they involve chasing her, you're guaranteed to be better at it than she is (a must for any date). It's important for the woman to relate to you in situations where men are better than women -- save the feminized situations (ice cream, dinners, movies) for after she's in love with you. Dating as it's done today kills love.

  4. Take dancing lessons from a community college or a low-priced, independent dance studio (avoid chains like Arthur Murray that use gimmicks that retard your progress and financial pressure tactics). Never pay more than a month in advance for lessons, and focus on group lessons instead of private. At a community college, you can dance with 100 girls in one night. Being a good dancer who knows how to lead is one of the quickest ways to make a woman fall for you -- especially when you're confident, positive and commanding when you teach her how. It's easy for a man to teach a woman how to dance (but difficult for a woman to teach a man). Arnold Schwarzenegger had never danced before he filmed James Camerons "True Lies," but he danced the Tango with more class, perfection, and militaristic, smooth masculinity than anyone. Elegance is not effeminate -- follow Arnold's style, not the fag dancers on TV.

  5. Take music lessons and learn to play a guitar, keyboard, or violin. Nothing charms a woman like a guy who is relaxed enough to play a guitar, grinning.

  6. Develop some sports. Take tennis lessons at the city park, and meet a steady partner that way, so you can keep up with your game. Join a group of guys who play basketball at the gym or community center. Sports, dancing, and especially martial arts are a much better way to exercise than monotonously stair-stepping at a local gym. They are more stimulating because they are more practical and complex, and force you to get out of your cerebral head and into intuitive sensations and reflexes (If you are a robotic Cdr. Data counting time while you dance or play tennis, you will never be marriage material. Sharing a bed with you will be a nightmare.)

  7. Plan at least one big outing per week, hiking in a new place, seeing a movie, going for a drink at a new bar, or checking out a different dance club. You can't be a fun date if you don't know any nice hangouts to take her to. You need a boat, pet, jeep, dancing skills -- SOMETHING. If all you ever do is sit at dinner and a movie, she'll think of you as a wallet, and nothing more. You have to take her on little adventures to strange places, where she'll feel insecure and new, and you'll be in charge. Go to places alone or with guy friends first, then take a girl. But don't get all stressed out about it and turn it into another one of your big projects. All you need to win a woman is half a dozen really neat hangouts. Organized social activities (like a club meeting or informal group) are extremely valuable and a good place to take a woman. If you don't have a social network of at least five solid friends, you are not marriage material.

  8. Buy a warm-blooded, furry pet, like a cat or dog. Adult spayed female cats are the ideal house pet. They're almost as clean, cheap, and carefree as a stuffed animal. And once again, they get you in touch with your emotions and help you relax. You'll have to vacuum and dust up the hair once a week (or twice a month in a house), but shouldn't you be cleaning anyway? Women prefer warm-hearted men with a fireplace, a pet, and musical instrument, who know how to cook and clean if they have to. Dogs are much dirtier and a tremendous time commitment, but they are also a tremendous social aid. Literally dozens of women will speak to you if you take your dog to a public park and sit on a bench, or play fetch. A big, cute dog might be worth the tremendous time cost to an introverted guy -- especially if you have a house and back yard. Get a pretty dog, like a collie or expensive German shepherd. Get a dog that women will feel compelled to comment on or pet. Dogs are also more heartwarming and active than cats -- fun play buddies. As with people, the personality of the individual pet is all-important. There are psychos, grumps, and empaths among dogs and cats.

  9. Buy a good carpentry book & do home improvement projects. In addition to building equity, you'll impress the hell out of your future female when you casually tell her you did the drywall, installed the cabinets, or built the wet bar and built-in bookshelves. The thought of a beefy, strong man in a plaid flannel shirt, hammering a nail, makes any woman wet.

  10. Learn to cook and cook often -- make a vow to consume at least one meal a day you prepared yourself. A bowl of shredded wheat with milk on it doesn't count. A man who can't cook has no sensitivity, practicality, or sensuality. He is a robot, an automaton. A man too impractical to cook or clean is a baby, a horrible albatross! Your wife will cook the vast majority of the meals after you marry, but if you've never learned how to do it yourself, you can never give her a break or take care of her when she's pregnant or sick. She can never respect you, any more than she could respect a man who couldn't drive a car or bathe himself. Eating out with the same nutritional value as home-cooking, is five times as expensive. If you want to be healthy, and spend $300/month on food instead of $1000/month, pick up the phone and call the most practical, efficient cook you know, and ask her to put you through boot camp some weekend and give you the most useful recipes, in return for buying her $200 worth of groceries. Then get a basic American cookbook, like Betty Crocker's or Better Homes and Gardens. You can bake a whole chicken (or two) or a roast beef for 3 hours at 350 degrees, covered. Then, use the same meat for a whole week in a variety of quick, easy ways: fresh sandwiches, salads, or stir-fries. Learn how to shop in bulk at Costco or Sam's Club; the grocery stores are becoming a poor value for the money -- go the store once a week for $15 of fresh herbs, produce and incidentals. Spend $250/month at a bulk store buying milk, eggs, meat, frozen vegetables, and non-perishables. Focus on vegetables and meat, with a little fruit, nuts, and dairy (Barry Sears Zone Diet); don't load up on empty calories from starch and fat. If you must eat starch, get it from 100% whole wheat bread or better yet, oatmeal. But even these are much less healthy than vegetables and meat, the Paleolithic hunter/gatherer diet we Europeans evolved to process. Post-agricultural-revolution eating habits are a new phenomenon (only 15,000 years old) and wreak havoc with the body's chemistry. Don't eat hastily; give thanks to yourself for earning the money to buy this food; have a little reverence for the natural and the human body; don't put poison in your body.

  11. Smoke and drink. As a Type I, you are too anal and stressed out. Relax, and have a bottle of beer or a small glass of red wine a couple times a week before you go to bed. It will help you sleep, provide some vitamin B, and cheer you up. Smoke a nice pale brown $8 cigar a couple times a month, light some candles, or stare into the fire. Practice the art of being calm, not controlling. Enjoy the lucid clarity of thought and peacefulness nicotine brings. If you have a bottle of wine in the house or a cigar to share with a woman, you make her feel good, and prove you're fun and caring -- not such a lame-o. Have 3-4 servings of alcohol at a party now and then, and you'll get more out of it -- be more unrestrained, uninhibited, and natural with your dancing and conversation. Remember to drink glasses of water, so you won't get a hangover.

  12. Fantasize and masturbate, it's fun and it makes you a better lover. Check out the porn women are into, like romance novels and online sex stories. Ask yourself why they like it, don't turn up your nose at it to hide your insecurity. The more elaborate and subtle your fantasies become, the better. And doing it once a day pretty much reduces your risk of prostate cancer to zero. Be naturalistic and warm, not uptight.

If you're not a chick magnet after following half of these suggestions -- if after all this, you are still a nerd instead of the coolest guy in town -- then you're hopeless.

Type II: The Consumerist Busy-Bee

Hope, motivation, and drive: the other half of the healthy equation. Type II is in touch with reality -- but only the immediate, detail-oriented reality that surrounds him, and the ant farm he functions in.

Typically self-employed and frenetically busy, he has no time to read books -- and discover his circumcision is horrifically abnormal... or that the Republican Party and George Bush aren't just wonderful. He's too busy to THINK.

But productive effort, determination, and varied experiences have given him many key life skills. He's intuitive, in touch with his gut reactions -- not impractical like cerebral Type I. He's good at non-verbal communication, sensitive to the needs of other people. He can manage employees and work side-by-side with a woman. He can maintain a successful relationship, get up in the morning, solve problems, and make profits happen.

Unfortunately once he's on the treadmill, he gets too addicted to jump off. So busy slaving and paying his taxes, making payments on the new boat he uses to entertain customers with -- he hasn't time to be deep.

I live in Southern California, and meet many of these Type IIs through my sales job. Often with a few simple-minded, second-rate kids in toe (or even a gork), going on divorce #2 or #3, they're insanely eager to repeat the agony again. They open their wallets quickly and brag about how much they have, hoping to get sex. Do they never learn? When the wife takes the house and they're living in their mobile home, all they feel is elation, freedom, and sex drive -- no matter how much money they've lost. These lemmings NEED a woman -- a mommy -- because they're so neurotic. They fall into the same identical pitfalls a hundred times because they can't learn -- they can't think in abstract terms. They don't make the time.

These types always rush relationships; dating before friendship, sex before bonding, kissing before falling deeply, seriously in love. It's always a limp empty nothing.

Bennett Sanatorium Treatment Plan for Type II

A busy-bee like you who can't hold a conversation with an intellectual wife, won't get her respect. More important, you're not marriage material because you're ignorant. Though you may be good at your job, you know nothing of the big picture -- the greater machine of events, and therefore are a dandelion seed ready to be blown away by the Insiders controlling world events. Your dad, big brother, or wise uncle isnt a substitute for your own brain. How can you be a protector and provider, without being a thinker -- a mastermind with sound judgment? A peasant can be successful for a while -- until the media fool him into the fatal Big Lie, or he fails to see the WWI draft coming until the borders are closed. Because you're following the herd, the life you're living seems normal and healthy to you -- but in fact it's poison. Your processes are running at 50% effectiveness and 5% efficiency.

If you're in college, drop out. If you have a corporate drone job, give them a letter tomorrow morning saying you're quitting and move all your stuff out of your office tonight. It goes without saying that anyone who works for the government in any role other than Demolition Man is not marriage material. You're too comfortable. You need to shake up your life.

After you quit your job, spend a month reading some classic books. You can order rare books off for cheap. Aim to buy about 100 great books for $500-$1000. Even if you don't read them all, it will impress the hell out of a high-quality woman later when she sees them on your shelf.

Pick a few to read, and read them straight through. Do not be a disorganized mental grasshopper who snatches bits and pieces of data and plugs them into an incoherent whole. High-Quality Women hate men who skim or glance through profound books and hippety-hop from topic to topic in conversation, pretending to be a rational thinker. It's far better to read five great books slowly and really understand them, than to skim over 50 and retain a confused jumble of impressions. Here's a list of some of the best ones:

Adam Bede, by George Eliot (Courtship and the ideal man -- intuitive, practical thinker)

Analytica, by Aristotle (Book on how to think logically; lists a hundred logical fallacies you won't learn in school and emphasizes that the starting point of reasoning is most important; Aristotle was chosen by Phillip of Macedon to be his son's tutor -- that boy grew up to be Alexander the Great, who conquered the civilized world because Aristotle had convinced him the world was round, and he could get back to Greece though India)

Antichrist, Twilight of the Idols, by Friedrich Nietzsche

The Art of Fiction, by John Gardner (this superlative classic manual on writing is indispensable for anyone who wants to be an articulate persuader or story-teller)

The Art of Reasoning, by David Kelley (how to argue and think rationally)

The Art of War, by Sun Tsu (simple, yet profound; very heavy reading)

Far from the Madding Crowd, by Thomas Hardy (learn to be as sexy as Gabriel Oak)

Atlas Shrugged, Anthem, The Night of January 16th, Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal, The Virtue of Selfishness, The New Left: The Anti-Industrial Revolution, Philosophy: Who Needs It? and The Fountainhead, by Ayn Rand (philosophical treatises on modern America and ideal man -- and extremely fascinating and profound novels)

David Copperfield, A Tale of Two Cities, by Charles Dickens (life-manuals)

The Elements of Style, by Strunk and E.B. White (the best and only book you need on English, grammar, and creative writing; emphasizes terse, high-impact writing; those who can make others weep, riot, or soar with simple brevity have tremendous power)

The G-Spot, by Laddas, Whipple, and Perry (a dryly scientific, but subtle volume)

Gone with the Wind, by Margaret Mitchell (profound insight into female psychology)

The Government Against the Economy, by George Reisman (Jew Peikoff kicked this plainspoken wizard out of the official big-O Objectivist movement)

Guerrilla Marketing & Guerrilla Selling, by Jay Conrad Levinson (indispensable guides for successfully starting your own small business; detailed, radical, effective, totally realistic; possibly the best sales books ever written)

The Emperor's New Mind, by Penrose (a feast of AI, physics, and math paradoxes)

Entrepreneurs vs. the State, by Burton W. Folsom, Jr. (history of monopolies)

Frederick the Great of Prussia, memoirs

The Ideas of Ayn Rand, by Ronald E. Merrill (a White businessman's devastatingly lucid observations on a movement, and the woman who started it: a Jewess who rejected everything Jewish and was hated by the Jewish establishment as a result)

The Joy of Uncircumcising!, by Jim Bigelow, Ph.D. (a must-have book for anyone reading this website; brilliantly covers the political, psychological, sexual, and sadistic history of male genital mutilation; if you are circumcised, reading it will be one of the most harrowing -- and beneficial -- accomplishments of your life)

Knight's Caress, by Lynette Vinet (the best paperback romance novel ever written! Read cover-to-cover for a thorough understanding of female sexual psychology; a classic pornographic masterwork)

The Mencken Chrestomathy, by H.L. Mencken (his own selected writings)

Million Dollar Closing Techniques, Million Dollar Round Table (psychological techniques of persuasion; manual on how to close deals from those who got rich at it)

The Montessori Method, by Maria Montessori (She is the queen of rational educating and child conceptual development; she turned retarded kids into college grads with I.Q. scores of 130. Think what these methods could do for your normal children.)

The Myth of Male Power, by Warren Farrell, Ph.D. (the ultimate rebuttal to feminism)

Natural Childbirth, by Graham, M.D. (must-read facts; have your baby at home)

The New Sensual Massage, by Gordon Inkeles (with the exception of Leonardi and Bigelow, no better book on sensuality and pleasing a woman exists)

The Norse Myths, by Kevin Crossley-Holland (a must-read; unreal depth and imagery)

Origins of the Fourth World War, by J.R. Nyquist (a great overview of bio-war technologies, the nuclear situation, the NOW, Realpolitik theory, and social critique)

The Perestroika Deception, by Anatoliy Golitsyn (telling memoirs of a KGB colonel)

PE: How to Overcome Premature Ejaculation, by Helen Singer Kaplan, M.D., Ph.D. (One of the most rational, commonsense, helpful sexuality books)

Please Understand Me II, by David Keirsey (the best psychology book ever written; an essential guide to understanding the 16 basic human personality archetypes; you can't be a good husband or parent without understanding this material!)

Pride and Prejudice, by Jane Austen (courtship guide for the intelligent introspective)

Robert E. Lee, by Douglas Southall Freeman (best Lee biography & military history)

Cardinal de Richelieu of France, memoirs

The Richest Man in Babylon, (simple, but profound, motivation on saving & investing)

The Secret Life of Bill Clinton, by Ambrose Evans-Pritchard (The best of the Clinton books -- this will teach you loads about the New World Order and Realpolitik; Pritchard proves the ATF bombed the OKC federal building; Timothy M. merely drove the truck)

Secrets of Sensual Lovemaking: The Ultimate in Female Ecstasy, by Tom Leonardi (Together with "The Joy of Uncircumcising," this is the best sex manual ever written; tells a man exactly what to do to induce an ejaculatory G-spot orgasm during intercourse)

The Selfish Gene, by Richard Dawkins (a revolutionary book on evolution and human psychology that will blow your mind)

Shadows of Power, by Perloff (written by a Jew, great overview of NWO key players)

The Sovereign Individual, by Davidson & Rees-Mogg (encryption and the fascinating relationship between technology and ballooning or shrinking government)

Survival Games Personalities Play, by Eve Delunas (this prodigy of David Keirsey's has produced an indispensable guide to human behavior, empathy, and cooperation)

Through the Eyes of the Enemy, by Stanislav Lunev (detailed tales of a KGB colonel; how the U.S. is dotted with suitcase nukes and the willful incompetence of the FBI)

The True Believer, by Eric Hoffer (practical guide to political-social revolution)

Welcome to the Monkey House, by Kurt Vonnegut (Vonnegut's best satire of America)

The Yeast Connection, by William Crook, M.D. (must-read for all Americans; your health depends on it)

Youth, by Joseph Conrad, (short story for you bitter, introspective men out there)

The Anti-Aging Zone, by Barry Sears, Ph.D. (health, nutrition, cooking; a must-read)

After you read some of these books, youll have a greater appreciation for great movies ( is a good source of recommendations). More important, you'll be a sophisticated, wise man who has thought about life's biggest issues.

Type III: Mr. Right (< 0.1% of the U.S. population)

A man who is marriage material has the best qualities of Types I and II. He knows about the big picture, The Matrix of evil Jew conspiracies; he's introspective, but he's also decided to fight -- and that means money, social relationships, self-employment, and intuitive skills.

Unlike Type I, he doesn't have an emotional IQ of 2 and a common-sense IQ of 40. He understands, on an intuitive level, why women go for William Shakespeare's Taming of the Shrew. With a certain naturalistic, sensual relish, he enjoys being a Petruchio.

Somehow, he's hung onto some hope, drive, and determination. He may not be rich, but he's able to save money, relate to people, and value the simplest, best things in life -- a clean home, a nutritious meal, a healthy wife, spending time with nature, good conversation. "Eventually, one discovers the peasant life is really the best," sighed an unhappy French aristocrat, weary of courtly plots and power lust.

Type III is free from psychological problems and major baggage, like diseases and gork idiots he bred with stupid whores. If he has money, he's probably not as well-read and knowledgeable about the big-picture as your author, Miss Bennett, is, so he should solicit my advice on things instead of being threatened by it: division of labor! He doesn't feel all weak or emasculated that he's fighting in the ring, and his wife is reading a book.

He doesn't need boats and booze and hysterical hobnobbing to keep himself entertained, yet he enjoys material comforts and fun toys, is driven to increase his personal security.

Avoid the "Mind/Body Split" -- Be Intuitive.

What is the Woman of High Quality Looking for in a Man? Neither an uptight space-cadet who has read a lot of books, nor a lusty ape who gulps beer and goes on his gut instincts. She's looking for a man who has a healthy mind and body -- abstract reasoning and practical skill united. Sweep aside the fluff and trash that pass for deep in college; the rational is the practical. High-Grade Women are looking for a carpenter who's read a handful of classics; a physicist who can cook and drive a car smoothly, a man who can dance, play sports and work with his hands -- who is also articulate. She's looking for a high-grade man who has the basics down.

The mind-body split was invented by a fag named Plato, who created the philosophy that sex was dirty (it is for fags) and that unattainable, impractical ideals (like religious fantasies) are sublime. It's the dichotomy between thought and action, between logic and emotion. It has raised its ugly head over and over for 2,500 years -- in Puritanism, space-cadet-ism, Peter Panism, Marxism -- and in all the isms of those android robots, those [il] logical males who don't know how to make a casserole or pound in a nail.

As Lara Marsh, publisher of wrote, the ideal man is:

Calm and collected, his behavior is cautious and reserved; feet planted on the ground, eye-contact steady, watchful. No signs of mental disorganization, hyperactivity, or flight-of-ideas -- he's emotionally mature and under control. He picks up on the sexual signals (invitations) of various females, but is slow to respond to them. He's tired, cynical and hard-to-catch -- not a male slut or naive, bright-eyed eager beaver. He sets boundaries women like, by showing them who's in charge. If she screams complaints, he knows she's just testing him. Women like to wrestle -- to get pushed down, so they have the gratification of being defeated by someone stronger.

In the next few chapters, we'll talk more about how to get your own house in order and efficiently get rid of your biggest problems. Only then will we move on to principles and tactics of courtship and lovemaking.


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