Trade Guilds and the Health and Wellness Guild

by Andrei Kievsky

Your Ability to Master the Skills of Civilization is your Capital, White Man...

Our power has fallen away, and our general prosperity is soon to follow, as our homelands become merely Global Territories of International Capital. It seems that it is our destiny to meet the living standard of the most impoverished, overpopulated Third-Worlders halfway.

To survive we must adapt to the Group Evolutionary Strategies of our mortal enemy, the Jew.

The Jew has prospered and taken over because he takes up the things that the native people generally ignore, whether it is money-lending, second-hand business, theatre arts (theater has traditionally been viewed as a dishonorable profession in Western civilization), teaching, and so on. The native people mostly ignored these things because they were occupied with their own national development.

The White man is not a natural-born subversive, and only a few are aware of the concept of Group Evolutionary Strategies. Whites, because of their inbred tendencies toward individualism and cooperation, make excellent cogs for anti-White institutions. This has to end. We have to learn to become subversives, to take up the tactics of marginal peoples. To get more out of society than we put in. We need to become, to some degree, parasites, though Aryans, with their openness and honesty, will end up being pretty benign parasites even when we make an effort to do so. That's OK, because it's better than our being used to support a System that is systematically displacing and eliminating us.

I want to tell you right now: Group Evolutionary Strategy is EVERYTHING in the struggle for White survival, and it's something you have to start doing NOW.

Going to work for a boss is instant money, and it takes a lot of hard work to shoot out of the orbit of wage earning. Getting out of wage earning has to become a full-time hobby that you pursue when you are not at work. A more direct possibility is going on unemployment and going to a trade school if you can do it. Or, you can apprentice for good contractors in a trade or trades in which you plan to open a business.

Every one of us should be trying to escape the wage earning life. A prominent contributor to VNN, Mr. Tsun, has built himself an excellent business in the roofing trade. He says that the level of skill for roofing is such that it does not lend itself to takeover by large corporations with non-white workers, because it is one of the last fields that still requires real artisanship to do it properly.

As for myself, I can fix computers and I am going to trade school to learn to fix major appliances. At the same time, I am looking to learn to fix electronics equipment such as stereos, TV's and VCR's from reading books and learning from a friend who is an electronics expert. When I have more or less mastered this spectrum, I plan to open a second-hand store dealing in all of these products, and I hope that I can start a franchise of such stores with White nationalists all over the country.

I hope to make collecting cheap appliances and electronics a hobby for the White nationalist "street" out there, as a way to pick up extra cash. Of course I don't want stolen stuff, but rather to go to moving sales and garage sales looking for certain products if they can be had for a certain price.

You see how it can work? A business for some of us, and a part time hobby for many more of us. We need to open these sources of wealth to our people, or the Asians and Arabs will get it all.

If you don't have trades, acquire some. If you already know trades, then become more entrepreneurial! Get a business going and hire White nationalists as apprentices. And write to me at if you want to collaborate in the second-hand business.

We will market second-hand goods as an opportunity to boycott the manufacturing companies that sent our jobs abroad. Manufacturing companies make the bulk of their money on new products, and a much smaller part on parts and service. If we convince people to buy second hand as a protest against the de-industrialization of America, we can kill two birds with one stone, and we can associate anti-globalism predominantly with our movement.

The Health and Wellness Guild...

People will always need washing machines, TVs, and computers. But even more than that, people need some relief from back pain, and from mental stress. Even if we have another Great Depression, there will still be a market for health and wellness techniques.

There are a lot of obscure but extremely effective methods for instant and systematic stress and pain relief that medical doctors ignore. I can say for sure that the Alexander Technique works for helping someone with chronic back pain. The Alexander technique also improves athletic performance and musical performance, because it optimizes the body's posture and gait. I know that Shiatsu and Swedish massage works, as well as yoga, Feldenkrais method, Rolfing, qigong, and float-tank sensory deprivation chambers. All these are drug free and highly effective, and most of all, they are practical. Pain and stress are real, and you can create a market out of nothing if you prove that you can relieve these things. You don't need to be a doctor, you don't even need to be in shape yourself for most of these things.

They do require a long training period, from two months to two years. A lot of it can be learned from books and videos if you take it up as a hobby and keep at it for years. But just like gaining the whole spectrum from washing machines to computers, if you gain the whole spectrum of treatments for relieving stress and pain, you can easily do a business and train other White nationalists in the field.

If you want to be a pioneer of our Health and Wellness Guild and have two years to train and study, contact me and I'll help you with concrete guidance. My immediate suggestion would be to start by learning the Alexander Technique and the path will be pretty obvious from there.

Down the road, plan to be a part of a training school to teach these techniques to White nationalists. The field of alternative techniques for Health and Wellness is wide open and way undermarketed. If you don't do it, some non-Whites will.

These are just some of the possibilities of Group Evolutionary Strategies. We are no longer the mainstream. We are a marginalized people. There is some freedom in that. No longer are we responsible for the "nation," which no longer exists. This is a Global Territory over which we have NO control. It's time to start adopting the strategies of historically marginal peoples -- namely Gypsies and Jews. It won't turn us into Gypsies and Jews, because as Aryans we will do these things better than they do. We will be more honest, and more ingenious, once we get the ball rolling. It takes a while to adjust to the new situation, so start working on the process now. Feel free to write to me if you want to talk about your particular skills and inclinations, and I will provide concrete guidance along the lines of "OK, do this now, and then do this." I'll look up what's in your area, or suggest where you may need to move to in order to accomplish your goals.

Imagine that your life is no longer your own, but rather you belong to the Race, and the Race is in a desperate situation. So there is no excuse to fail to work towards building the guild, which will ultimately turn into a large business network. Yes, you'll probably get rich in the process of taking back this country, if we don't have a bloody revolution first. If you still have doubts, what's the point? If you think, "Oh, that's delusional." Well, why not be delusional? What's there to conserve anymore?

This is our moment in history to seize. The mood of the country is turning our way. A conservative bellwether, Paul Craig Roberts, is starting to talk about race more concretely in his latest column about Buchanan's book, "Death of the West" at

We need to prepare the soil for the nation-wide militancy that is coming. Militants need lots of community support for the resistance. We need to change ourselves for once, to shape ourselves, and not let the Jews shape us. We need to do a large collective project that has absolutely nothing of the Jew in it. Only then will we begin to feel our true power again, to feel concretely what we are capable of. But we need to get off our collective asses and make those first steps. By the way, I took Elizabeth Bennett's suggestion from her recent VNN article and ordered the book "Guerilla Marketing." Of this great project I am portraying for you, I myself am still only in an early to intermediate stage, but it's a whole hell of a lot of fun, and I know where I am going and am confident of getting there (unless revolution and/or death comes first).

I know that most of you out there could be doing or perhaps are doing some variation of the things that Elizabeth and I suggest. We must make ourselves into the topsoil from which future generations of White children will spring, to reconquer White homelands and ensure White survival. Do you have anything better to do?


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