by Carol Ward

Hello 2002. I've been congratulating myself on my archives because I've been too lazy to write anything new. I've received enough nasty correspondence, however, that I'm moved to respond, if only to gloat about the accuracy of my predictions - one year later.

Readers will remember I'd been bitching about how ill-informed we were of the stakes in Palestine. In "Jurassic Pentameter" I predicted, "The newest chapter in the Middle Eastern blood feud has most Americans shaking their heads during coffee breaks and on their way out the door to sporting events. But one side or the other may decide it's time to arouse Middle America to their plight in more personal terms. I believe we could be the beneficiaries of a false flag operation against Americans in the coming weeks, on a scale most cannot even imagine."

Gosh I'm good.

Just after the New Intifada began in the fall of 2001, I predicted an unprecedented loss of American lives because of that war. Then TV and newspapers began tracking the disproportionate death of Palestinians over Israelis. The world watched images of a Palestinian boy huddled behind a wall with his father until Jewish sharpshooters picked them off. The United Nations and the World Court tried to sanction Israel and indict Sharon. Then the South African Conference declared Zionism to be racism. European press reports intensified their scrutiny of Jewish Apartheid. Only American diplomats defended the indefensible acts of Jews. Israel had lost control of the propaganda war. Something had to be done. Something was done - on September 11, 2001.

In that essay a year ago I said, "The stakes are getting high. The public opinion wars are fully operational. I think some innocent Americans are very much at risk of losing their lives in a false flag operation designed to create the necessary rage to bring us further into this war. I don't pretend to understand the nuances of the Middle East "conflict," but I do know we are the grand prizes in the propaganda wars. Some of us may have to die, if one side is to generate enough emotion to mobilize American opinion. When it happens remember to ask.... Who benefits? Who is the designated villain? -- And why?"

It took nine months. But it happened. And no matter how hard American Jews try to suppress the truth, it is seeping into the public dialogue. First there were the individual news reports of Israelis detained for filming the attack from New Jersey and celebrating as the buildings collapsed. Fox News's Carl Cameron did a 4-part series on the arrest of a hundred Israelis nationwide because of their knowledge and/or complicity in 9/11. The series was a blockbuster, but was aired and forgotten because other media didn't pick up the story. Next thing you know, more Israelis were arrested in Mexico when they tried to plant explosives in the Mexican Congress. [This was a long-running story, but only in the Mexican press.]

Then Austin and Atlanta papers printed stories about "a war that is brewing inside the FBI between agents conducting the investigation and their higher-up politically-connected superiors. The higher-ups warn that the Israeli thing is 'too hot' -- an 'explosive political volcano.' But the lower-level agents aren't buying it. They maintain that the arrested Israeli Jews might just hold the key to the whole September 11 debacle. "These Israeli guys knew what was coming down," says one embittered FBI veteran. 'We would be fools if we let them just fade away into the sunset and pretend they weren't involved.'"

Golly. A false flag owned and operated by your local Jews. Preposterous? Read the History of the Mossad. This bunch hijacked the first airliner. Sent the first letter bomb. They probably kidnapped Lindbergh's baby. Israeli Zionists are rabid. They're the worst of the worst. And their American, European and Canadian relatives -- installed in the power positions of media and publishing -- keep a tight rein on truth, redefining news coverage of Israeli atrocities as 'retaliation' for 'terrorist' acts of their victims.

Elephants in Donkey Ears...

On another front, I predicted the demise of the Republican Party and a Democratic victory in 2000. Just after the 2000 election I wrote -- "I'm on the record saying that Republicans would lose the White House in 2000. I still believe that. There was no Republican victory. The tone and substance of the race between the two parties was "how much," not "whether," government as organized crime should be in the business of stealing from one class of citizens, to enrich and enlarge government and its beneficiaries. Chief among those beneficiaries are tidal waves of unassimilated refugees who've become such a potent political force that there is no longer any political will to stop immigration. In fact, GOPers won't see many of their expectations realized during the Bush administration because Dubya prevailed as a poseur.

The Republican Party clings to a tenuous majority because democracy reached critical mass in the last election. There are now so many net beneficiaries to government spending and open borders that the parasites outnumber the hosts. Combine those voting blocks with traditional social activists on the left and you have the makings of a New Amerika. That's why the GOP was forced to redefine itself as "compassionate" conservatism. GOPers now defend group rights and services for each noisy sect on the left, even while preaching morality and less central government to their base on the right. Republicans compete in the giveaway wars to provide drugs, health care and public schooling to any who spit out their progeny this side of the border. And they are mute when local governments punish an organization that believes homosexual men should not share tents with our pubescent sons. These are "compassionate" conservatives.

Democracy now delivers tyranny by majority, combining the voting blocks of enemies to Republican government and cultural conservatism. Americans are so swamped by racial, sexual, and philosophical warfare that a narrow GOP victory was possible ONLY if they abandoned core principles. So they did." ---

I year later it still sounds right on to me. Golly I'm good. I went on to say:

So is it any surprise that Senor Bush pursues the same globalism, the same confiscatory taxation, and cultural meltdown - romancing even the gays for their votes?

An Algore win would have been fast-track socialism and a death rattle for shared family values. With Dubya, we get IV drip -- same outcome -- different timetables. I liken the heterosexual taxpayer under Dubya to an animal tied in the bathtub of Honduran immigrants. When busted, the newbies claim they don't have enough money for meat, so they tethered the bleeding animal in the tub, eating only what they need.

Even if we could define the scope of the 'needy' in this country, Dubya & Co. is in a no-win situation. How will he deliver cradle-to-grave security to a virtual citizenry without borders? He has paraded himself around the country as a parent and healer, not a moral constitutionalist. He won posing as a social democratic wannabee, so what hope is there for him to govern as a minimalist with family values? A GOP victory was the death of a thousand cuts for taxpayers, constitutionalists or traditional heterosexuals. At least an Algore win would have hastened the shootin' war. Now we will suffer longer under the delusion that things might get better.

Cultural anthropologists will surely note this as the first time a society ever allowed itself to be peacefully voted out of the majority without at shot fired at the invading hordes. Unchecked immigration of unlike peoples is a recipe for cultural suicide yet conservatives bent over'n spread 'em, for multinationals, socialists, AND the gender confused, in alternating trysts.

Our entertainment industry delivered the deathblows to our cultural resolve, using nightly sit-coms and movies to redefine those of us who disagree with the New Amerika as "evil haters." Thus -- it is also time -- to look at that specific minority who engineers this revolution within our government, the law, our newsrooms and the entertainment industry. This bunch has been vilified and tossed out of a dozen nations for demeaning and manipulating whole countries, their cultures and currencies. They are the same demons that have instigated blood feuds for personal gain within host cultures for 2000 years. [Guess who?]

Great Britain and much of northern Europe are experiencing the same cultural meltdown by the same forces, and for the same reasons. Have none of us learned from the history of invasions and migration? The world is awash in millions and millions of refugees with dual, and triple loyalties. Receiving cultures commit collective suicide by allowing the numbers to alter the complexion of their nations and destroy the core values that built their neighborhoods.

Doin' the Hot Stinky...

As for the homosexual agenda, I don't think the GOP has the stomach for the battle lines necessary to stem the day-to-day assault on institutions like the Boy Scouts, freedom of religion, and our schools, by a corrosive, homosexual brand of nihilism. I don't want homosexuality defined as "just another lifestyle," because it's not. I'm an atheist, by the way -- but traditional theism has correctly sounded the alarm about the truth of this particular affliction, and its devastating effect on our children and society.

I'm so sick of hearing that pedophilia is a white male heterosexual disorder, when the stats have been deliberately skewed to protect this "minority." Even the term pedophilia "disorder" will be short lived if no one challenges the homosexual activists in the APA who have published that adolescent sex, between a man and boy is not, "by itself" harmful to the child. Moreover, when a "married" man sodomizes and kills a boy in our community, very often the stats on such crimes don't reveal the man's sexuality, for he is defined as a de facto heterosexual, unless someone in the food chain of the data makes a point of redefining him as gay. THIS is how the myth of the heterosexual pedophile has been fostered in criminal statistics.

Religious groups like Focus on the Family or the Family Research Council now scour crime files for lost information, deliberately hidden or misrepresented in newsrooms and police files, to "protect" gays. The Orange County Register did an investigative piece on this and the findings were explosive. Reporters and investigators admitted that they felt an obligation to hide the orientation of the criminals in some cases, fearing reprisals to the homosexual "community." [I hate that term. A homosexual community is a bathroom stall in a gay bar.]

Remember - each time a newsroom or police report defines a pedophile as married, and by inference, heterosexual, they skew the stats and deliver more of our boys to the sickness. This is one of the more sinister effects of Clintonism. And was, perhaps, the deathblow to our civilization, rather than an 8-year detour. If elephants must now dress up as donkeys to govern the ungovernable we have lost the war, even while the GOP is claiming victory. Each time our daughters are seduced by the myth of sexual equivalency, otherwise successful straight females will be recruited into the debauchery of bisexuality for recreation and adventure.

I have had two experiences with homosexual predation in my life. The first was as a teenage cheerleader. Our coach was a voyeuristic diesel dyke who spent faaaar too much time in the showers with us girls. Offended, I spoke up and never made it to JR Varsity. My second experience with pedophilia was with my 17-year-old son at a Club Med.

His water ski instructor was a flamboyant, if limp-wristed Frenchman named Felipe -- Fifi, for short. Fifi planted a big wet one on my boy at the nightclub one evening. My son didn't know that the staff was totally homosexual, so Fifi made him the brunt of a joke. When my son came to me asking how he should react to their mischief, I told him to pretend it didn't happen, get the most from the water ski class, and be sure to establish boundaries by saying he is not interested..

Then I dealt with the Fifi. I told him that if there were any more incidents, or retributive taunts, - if he so much as sniffed the air in the direction of my boy, I would tear off his balls and feed them to him. He believed me.

I would have called the police and filed charges had I not been in a foreign country.

The point of these anecdotes is to remind readers that homosexuality is LEAST offensive or predatory, when it's tied up in the basement. When this affliction enjoys freedom in numbers, or license as sexual equivalency, it then debases, and destroys our mores by instructing our young ones in behaviors which serve only to hasten our cultural demise. Elephants in donkey ears will do nothing to thwart this assault on our kids by these predators.

The myth of the happy monogamous queens down the street with the lovely gardenias is just that, a myth. They remain the anomaly -- the exception - within a lifestyle predicated on addiction to ejaculation, in the case of gay men, and relentless recruitment and indoctrination by angry self-loathing buzz cut lesbians, who have conducted nothing less than a putsch on academia and social services in America. I have plenty of reference for my incendiary indictment, which I will share privately with interested readers.

Since the AIDS revolution, monogamy has become the equivalent of the neighborhood Starbucks within the homosexual "community." In actuality, an aging population of homosexual boomers has tired of the "chase," in favor of a steady source of ejaculations. Young gay males are a poison pellet to an already embattled generation, once they are allowed to swim in the mainstream. I don't need grant money and focus groups to tell me what I have witnessed for a lifetime.

Homosexual males enjoy quick, anonymous sex as part of the lifestyle until they die, or "settle" sometime in their thirties, forties, or in large population centers, fifties. But it's not unusual to see aging queens hitting on young boys at gay clubs in urban centers like L.A and New York. Their condition is extremely sad. From my vantage point, over the years, as curious, visiting straight lady, I have enjoyed more homosexual confessions on the subject than most priests. [I will expand on this unique perspective by private e-mail as well.]

Women have always had a civilizing influence on the sexual appetites of men -- defining the terms under which men contract for a steady supply of monogamous sex. Absent the female influence - these men become the equivalent of feral animals. I have always believed that the root cause of most of the homosexual disorders I've seen in males is the result of sexual addiction by men unable or unwilling to contract successfully with females. Sex with another man is easier, quicker, and without strings. It requires little seduction, fidelity, bonding, or maintenance. Seduction, according to one militant gender bender I know, is "doin the hot-stinky with an exit instead of an entrance--low maintenance monkey love". -- charming, no?

Even monogamous gays are deviant in the extreme. Homosexual "relationships" begin with mutual ejaculation. If two people share the same perversions, [and there are a closet full] - THEN and only then, do they begin to hammer each other into what they want in a partner and friend. This formula for love is precisely backwards. It's why there are so few successful gay relationships and so much domestic violence in their "households". [There's that word again]

Lesbians are a whole other matter. That phenomenon, from my [admitted] limited perspective, has more to do with unsuccessful females who lack the physical or emotional characteristics necessary to attract anyone within the pool of traditional male suitors. Lesbians are a subculture of self-loathing, angry societal rejects, who find comfort as extruded victims of the culture's definition of beauty and femininity. Many women have the added burden of painting themselves into a corner with advanced educational degrees combined with an unwillingness to "marry down". That causes additional stress in pair bonding, and an excuse for dabbling in "alternative" lifestyles. There is NOTHING genetic about lesbianism but perhaps some unfortunate physical characteristics that cause a militantly defensive lifestyle. [You want to see hate? Just listen to a bunch of lesbians dissin a recidivist femme]

Thus, we have two very VERY unhappy and unsocialized groups of childless activists who work overtime against the majority culture, unraveling our prevailing mores, and redefining our norms as aberrant, hateful and evil by definition. They have teamed up with the entitlement junkies, the blacks and government workers to wrest the country from conservatives. We should treat militant homosexuals as the enemy - because they are. Just ask em. Their literature and arts don't even try to mask their collective hatred for the straight world of "breeders".

Will Dick Cheney be receptive to our fears while he is still trying to sort out where he and Lynn "went wrong"? I doubt it. They are fine people struggling with the problem of an "unsuccessful" daughter relegated to the margins of societal behavior. Her unfortunate circumstance, however, should not be reason for us to deconstruct what is normal in our culture.

So a Dubya victory was no death knell for decadents, multiculturalists or socialists. Each was dressed up in their Friday night best, to attend the funeral services for Republican government at the inauguration. It was a catharsis worthy of front row seating when a GOP House, Senate, and Executive Branch rolled out of bed on January 21st and decided how they were gonna sate the appetites on both sides of the culture war.

That's why Mr. Jeffords defection to the Dems can be defined as a flotation device, not a betrayal. One could hear the involuntary sigh of relief when the gavel passed to the left side of the aisle. --- Creeps. 2/01/01

I really AM good -- and timeless.

Those words are as true today as they were a year ago. People keep telling me to buy Buchanan's new book "The Death of The West" -- hell, it just proves he's been reading carolontheweb.


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