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Movie Review: 13 Ghosts

There are 14 spooks in this movie about Mark Rivers

Movie Review: The Last Castle

Jew Rod Lurie directed this film about a racially diverse group of military prisoners rallying against the White Mark Rivers

Movie Review: Don't Say a Word

Half-Jew Michael Douglas fights a mostly White villain gang to save his Mark Rivers

911 'Coincidences' Have Mossad Written All Over Them

An alert VNN contributor noticed that the story of the title link -- about Israeli nationals busted in Illinois for suspicious behavior following the WTC attack -- and the story about another group of "innocent" Israelis picked up from a nearby rooftop taking photos of one another laughing with the smoking WTC in the background right after the attack -- share another feature in common, which stretches coincidence past the breaking point: both groups of Israelis were supposedly employed by a "moving company"....which begins to sound a lot like a Mossad asset, and increases the probability that these undocumented Israeli "workers" are actually Mossad field agents who were operational on 911. That's the picture which is beginning to take shape as the "dots" of suspicious facts connect -- the absence from the WTC of the vast majority of Chosenites, particularly Israelis; the pre-warning received by the Israeli company; the high-echelon CIA ties to the stock market short selling prior to the attacks; the jarring illogic of the Propasphere version of the 911 attacks, including the collapse of the WTC towers per se, and the spooky pseudo-interview of 'bin Laden' (see update section). We don't travel in intelligence agency circles -- thank God! -- but we'd be very surprised if the "wilderness of mirrors" of the CIA, DIA, NSA, and FBI hasn't become very a dangerous work environment these days, considering that every one of these agencies is riddled with potential Mossad fifth columnists. It's also likely that the new "National Homeland Security Agency" is meant to serve the Zionist goal of ferreting out threats to 'Israel' represented by those in the other intelligence agencies, as well as those belonging to 'hate-groups,' who are resisting its control over the U.S.

New Legislation Unchains Fedgov Snoop Tools

"A new era in America's fight against terrorism ... is about to begin," Attorney General John Ashcroft pledged....but the key to what makes this a quantum leap in BigBro tyranny is in the legislation's open-ended definition of "terrorism" and those who "support" it. An ominous sign of what may be in store for those not joining the hokey pro-WOT cheering section is the oh-so-predictable 'news stories' which are "linking" -- with no real evidence -- the anthrax letters with 'hate-groups.'

Head of Red Cross Leaves Job Under Cloud

Is there ANYTHING of any moment that happens in the West that Hymie doesn't influence??....She also acknowledged friction over how the American Red Cross handled a decision by the International Red Cross to exclude the Israeli version of the agency -- the Magen David Adom Society -- from membership in the global agency.

50 Years of Hell

Good site for history of the Jewish occupation of Palestine. For those who think that what the yids have been doing to the Palestinians isn't "relevant" to Americans, keep in mind that this is exactly what happens to the host population when the Jews get a clear upper hand, as they did in Bolshevist Russia, have now in Palestine, and are well on their way to having here. The American variation on the theme is the large number of collaborators they already have among our own people.

ADL Keeps Pushing Net Censorship

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) has joined with the Internet Content Rating Association (ICRA) to expand and internationalize the effort to counter hate online.

Israelis Picked Up Laughing Near WTC To Be Sent Back to 'Israel'

Remember those five yids -- the supposed 'innocent' Israelis? They're now bellyaching about not getting kosher food in INS detention and are awaiting expulsion to Yidland.

Israeli-based Drug Gang Nabbed Near WTC

Let's see -- constant atrocities against the Pals, white slavery, multi-million-dollar financial rip-offs, drug-dealing, sanctuary for yid killers...'Israel,' the "light unto the nations."

Jews Cry About the Popes

Jew writing for Jewish publication reviews book by Jew, about Jews. Ethnocentrism? Certainly not! Anyway, "There is a secret Jewish conspiracy; the Jews seek to conquer the world; Jews are an evil sect who seek to do Christians harm; Jews are by nature immoral; Jews care only for money and will do anything to get it; Jews control the press; Jews control the banks and are responsible for the ruination of untold numbers of Christian families; Jews are responsible for communism; Judaism commands its adherents to murder defenseless Christian children and drink their blood; Jews seek to destroy the Christian religion; Jews are unpatriotic, ever ready to sell their country out to the enemy; for the larger society to be properly protected, Jews must be segregated and their rights limited." Some Kertzer or other's claiming that these are all lies, and that various Popes are responsible for them. Ho hum. VNN does take issue with that "secret" Jewish behavior; it's always been right out in the open. As for the blood-drinking, you can bet we're looking into that! Everything else at which this Kertzer kvetches is firmly established and independently verifiable fact, proven over centuries. No Jews. Just Right. Jews cry, but here's what else they do. The Mossad - believe it or not - has just 30 to 35 case officers, or katsas, operating in the world at any one time. The main reason for this extraordinary low total, as you will read in this book, is that unlike other countries, Israel can tap the significant and loyal cadre of the worldwide Jewish community outside Israel. This is done through a unique system of sayanim, volunteer Jewish helpers.

Excretions of Jewish Penman Savored by Fellow Scheisslings

Here, "hip" Yid lauded. "Mr. Keret, 34, is widely admired and emulated, especially by young Israeli writers, for his biting, witty and irreverent stories. In one, 'Missing Kissinger,' a young man is forced to cut out his girlfriend's heart in order to prove his love to his emotionally needy mother. Another, 'Uterus,' is about a boy whose mother's uterus is deemed so beautiful that it is displayed in a museum." Is there anything more twisted, pathological than the Jewish mentation?

Media: Newspaper Sales Flat

Same boring lies, and the niggers can't read them anyway...

An Open Letter to Mr. Morris Dees of the Southern Poverty Law Center

Sure to bring a smile to the mug of every fan of the penis-kissingest friend the black man ever Victor Gerhard

Wilhelm Pleyer and the National Socialist Volksgemeinschaft

To the vast majority of people, their minds poisoned by decades of Jewish propaganda, National Socialism is synonymous with barbarism and disdain for the arts, but, as Wilhelm Pleyer intimates, the reality was the exact James Allen Knechtmann

Movie Review: From Hell

The negro Hughes brothers made a movie about the Whitechapel murders. Don't watch Mark Rivers

Anti-Semitism Explained, Part #34,008,524,321,493,623,285,666,302

Jews are a fundamentally different animal than we are. No slurs are needed for Jews, because the word itself is a slur. They have made it one by their actions, by their character -- by their essence: I frequently flew Paris- Tel Aviv, overnight, back to Paris, then Paris-Cairo. The standing joke was 'Why do the jews steal all the soap while it's the Arabs who needed the bath?' I asked the flight attendants to check all lav soap items on these departures. Within FIVE MINUTES of the seat belt sign going off, the individual soap cakes all disappeared on the Tel Aviv flights AND the jews were complaining there was no soap!!! The Arabs NEVER stole the stuff. TWA had to change to all plastic tableware quickly on these TLV flights because when the FAs walked back to pick up silverware and plates, it was already stuffed into jews' carryons under the seat. On one flight the FAs came to the cockpit and serenaded me with verses sung to hava nagila... "I VANT a kosher meal - I VANT some cards to steal..I VANT, I VANT, I VANT. I VANT the NY times, MAKE IT the L.A. Times, I VANT I VANT I VAAAANT.." They had half a dozen verses!! What other race is justifiably hated by every other nation it has come in contact with for six thousand years? None! Jews are uniquely loathsome.

Barbarians in the Army

Just like in declining Rome, the very organs meant to protect us are now made up of the enemy. Here the corrupt Justice Department tells Cincinnati to de-police or shoot more Whites. Niggers are everywhere these days, and everywhere niggers go gets destroyed in short order. Niggers aren't human the way Whites are, they aren't really evolved.

Nigging Down the Culture

Rap is "studied" at Stanford by "students."

Establishment Allows Firearms for Pilots, but not Patriots

Whites are third-class citizens in the country their ancestors created: Jews first; minorities second; Whites Paul Fallavollita

South-Haters Must Die

Measly Beasley and South Carolina. Liberal Southerners are some of the most disgusting creatures on earth, nearly approaching college administrators, the devil's own worms, but some of the Republican nigger-loving philo-Semites are just as off-puttingly odiferous. Getting rid of the flags and symbols is a prelude to getting rid of the men. Check out South Africa if you doubt that undoubtable truth. Skateboarding is not a crime.

Anti-Woron Cartoon

A woron is a war moron, as I shouldn't have to tell you. By Steve Benson, whom they're now trying to censor. The folks who love the rag-bombings are a bunch of paunchy babies; physical adults, emotional and mental children. Your refusal to read and think, your misdirected anger render you impotent and ludicrous, so many herdlings to be stampeded in whatever profitable direction suggests itself to your yid masters. Wake up, fools and tools.

Free Arab Voice Connects the Dots its essay The Links between Afghanistan and the Process of Globalization. The core purpose behind the so-called 'War on Terrorism' is named: What we have here is not just a pattern, or a policy, but A NEW STAGE IN THE DEVELOPMENT OF CAPITALISM THAT REQUIRES THE WEAKENING AND THE FRAGMENTATION OF THE NATION-STATE. The Arab e-zine is thoughful and honest enough to see that the KLA and other CIA-backed Islamic forces in the Balkans are not necessarily its allies. In the final analysis, the NWO/ZOG is the deadly enemy of biologically-based ties -- from enthically based nation-states down to the blood bonds of families. In the truly ultimate sense, it is "Israel against the nations."

Al-Jazeera Has Jew-Censors Frothing at Mouth

....and running around in circles trying to find a way to shut it down some way, any way. After all, the entire U.S. 'mainstream' press has been gratifyingly obedient. The New York Post's Murray Weiss -- the NYP masthead reads like a Tel Aviv phone book -- turns up the volume on the supposed 'links' between the anthrax attacks and U.S. "hate groups."

Holohoax Arithmetic Is Tool in WOT

The U.S. media's estimate of the 911 WTC fatalities is apparently reached by applying a factor of 2 to the actual figure. Although the true death toll will probably be acknowledged -- if someone presses the point -- the wildly inflated figure will be the one that's constantly cited, constantly reinforced by the Propasphere. History has shown that Hymie can get away with an inflation of at least 12 times the true figure (number of Jewish dead in 'Holocaust').

Feebs Count 1.6 Million Drug Arrests in Y2K

Arrests for drug law violations exceeded all other categories. 81% of drug arrests were for simple possession, and 41% (647,662) were for possession of marijuana. Forget about the corruption, the waste of money, and the fact that these arrests prevented no real crimes. Worse is that every minute spent pursuing drug 'crime' is time taken from pursuit of rapists, murderers, etc. And Dubya's prospective drug 'czar' wants more of it.

NA Active in Michigan

Local members of a West Virginia-based neo-Nazi organization, the National Alliance, distributed literature in Ypsilanti and Eastern Michigan University Sunday as part of their campaign. The stickers distributed by the organization called for an end to immigration, saying, "Non-whites are turning America into a Third World slum. They are messy, disruptive, noisy, and multiply rapidly." Note the writer of this piece is some sort of Indian, most likely. Third-Worlders, if improperly primed by Jews, understand that Whites have racial interests, just as they do. Note that this is perhaps the fairest piece we've seen on NA distribution in the past year. The distribution itself -- the message being disseminated -- is the news here -- not the reaction of the local White-hating yid hate group. That's very unusual, and something you will never see in a national publication. Here facts are crowded out by feelings in discolored AmeriKwa.

Italy: All Used Up

Immigration is a hot topic in Italy, says P. Brimelow, and there's somewhat more freedom to debate it than here, where all you can read is insane open-borders garbage from the gibbering fools at WSJ and other Jew-edited rags. Here on America simply being swept away by disease-people. If it's not White, it's not America. Demography is destiny, says Brimelow. Nine of ten Republican votes come from Whites, and Whites are a rapidly declining portion of the country, and they are voting in lower numbers than ever before. What Brimelow doesn't understand or lacks the courage to write publicly is that Republicans well understand these facts but are financially and intellectually beholden to the Jews who in any case control the media through which the Reps' would be forced to wage their White Party fight if they indeed chose to take up the banner as he advises. They won't, as I pointed out in White Politics II. They will move to the left, as that is the only "respectable" move open to them. Whites await a new vehicle, and a revolutionary one. That vehicle is the National Alliance, whose leader long ago saw and outlined the direction things were heading, and who has put in place an organization that awaits only the support of technically competent, courageous Americans -- the type now wasting their lives defending the Jews in Afghanistan. Wake up, White man. The National Alliance wants you, the man. The Republicans just want your money and your vote. NA is for Helden. RP is for Händler. If you don't know what those words mean, look them up. Part of being White is respect for learning (not "education"), and continual, lifelong self-improvement by reading and thinking. There is no dumbing down at VNN. We look up to our betters and try to drag ourselves up to their level. More wisdom! More beauty! More strength! More courage! These are what we want, not more Special Olympians. Here Sam Francis questions Muslims' loyalty to America. Perhaps next he'll question Jews'... And perhaps not. This country is crawling with weird little brownwogs who eat and think weird things that have nothing to do with America. They don't belong here and wouldn't be here save for Jewish ideologues who cracked open America's safe to help themselves to the hoarded treasures. Jews are like that. Jews are your enemy, White man. Europe doesn't want any more invaders either. More on Italy and rightist reaction here. Here some waterbug bullshit from Taki. Come on, guys. This is pitiful. Be a man. Name the Jew. Acknowledge the elephant with the yarmulke dancing around the den. Here NY Press mail, always interesting. Jews are always the radicals, the cutting edge, in the vanguard of criminal balderdash and fecal ugliness -- until it comes to questioning Israel, then they're all pie-eyed and soggy-doggy for tradmo. Verily it doth make mine entrails heave in disgust.

Beware of Jews Experimenting on Humans

"Even the best of the goyim should be killed." With that religious attitudes like that, no surprise that Jews feel free to rape, murder, experiment on Whites and other races at will. Here's a little selection from ex-Mossad agent Victor Ostrovsky's second book The Other Side of Deception (pp. 240-1) regarding Israeli involvement with such: It was Uri who enlightened me regarding the Nes Siyyona facility. It was, he said, an ABC warfare laboratory -- ABC standing for atomic, bacteriological, and chemical. It was where our top epidemiological scientists were developing various doomsday machines. .... The Palestinian infiltrators came in handy in this regard. As human guinea pigs, they could make sure the weapons the scientists were developing worked properly and could verify how fast they worked and make them even more efficient. What scares me today, looking back at that revelation, is not the fact that it was taking place but rather the calmness and understanding with which I accepted it. Years later I met Uri again. This time he was in the Mossad, a veteran katsa in the A1 department, and I was a rookie. He had come back from an assignment in South Africa. I was then a temporary desk man in the Dardasim department in liaison, helping him prepare for a large shipment of medication to South Africa to accompany several Israeli doctors who were headed for some humanitarian work in Soweto, a black township outside Johannesburg. The doctors were to assist in treating patients at an outpatient clinic for the Baragwanath hospital in Soweto, a few blocks away from the houses of Winnie Mandela and Bishop Desmond Tutu. The hospital and the clinic were supported by a hospital in Baltimore, which served as a cut-out for the Mossad. Uri was on a cooling-off period from the United States. "What is the Mossad doing giving humanitarian assistance to blacks in Soweto?" I remember asking him. There was no logic to it; no short-term political gain (which was the way the Mossad operated) or any visible monetary advantage. "Do you remember Nes Siyyona?" His question sent shivers up my spine. I nodded. "This is very much the same. We're testing both new infectious diseases and new medication that can't be tested on humans in Israel, for several of the Israeli medicine manufacturers. This will tell them whether they're on the right track, saving them millions in research." Do Jews perform gruesome medical experiments on non-Jews against their will and without their knowledge? Jews do.

Click Here!

Prove You're a Real American, Load Up on Chinese Junk

Go into debt! Watch tv! Shop! Consume! Obey! I came here to kick ass and chew bubblegum, and I'm all out of bubblegum.

Jew-Controlled Freepers Beg FBI to Start Torturing Israel's Enemies

Conniving little Jewish turds love to style themselves as what they aren't: honest, attractive, righteous. They adopt monikers suggesting they're everything but what they are: small, ugly, shifty. Classic freeper thread in wich the bloodlust fairly drips from the page. The real question: how many of these posters are Jews, and how many are merely dupes? They're the only two classes Jim Rob allows.

Mubarak Attacks 'Jewish Lobby'

Egypt gets paid money by the U.S. to forget that it hates 'Israel.' But once in a while, it remembers.

Windows XP Vs. AOL

A plague on both their houses -- whichever one winds up on top, it'll be taking orders from the ADL. There will doubtless be a closer melding between giant Net companies and fedgov intrusions into the Internet.

Kris Kime Killer at Trial

Note the media spin on the motives of his nig killer: Jerell Thomas was admittedly swept up in the frenzy of a Mardi Gras street party.

ADL Scolds Bush

Bush is supposed to remember that, as Sharon claims, "We, the Jewish people, control the United States, and the American people know it." Most of the time, he does remember it.

What We Demand of Israel

For starters... Join the National Alliance in its upcoming November 10th demonstration outside the Israeli Embassy in Washington, D.C. Stand up for your people, White man. Our corrupt and cowardly Senate voted this week to give another $2.76 billion of your White money to Israeli Jews. That's bread taken directly out of your kids' mouths and handed over to Hymie to subsidize his foul brood of ratlings. How long will we stand for that, White man? END AID TO ISRAEL NOW! The Jew is your enemy, White man. Here is the Al-Jazeera site.

The Jewish War

Carefully tending its progress are the Jew opinionmongers, the lance-corporals of the key-clicker brigade. But this war will not end in Afghanistan. It is going to spread and engulf a number of countries in conflicts of varying intensity. It could well require the use of American military power in multiple places simultaneously. It is going to resemble the clash of civilizations that everyone has hoped to avoid. So write Kristol and fellow Jew, hopefully. White America is to be used to destroy Israel's enemies. That is this Jewish war in a nutshell. The right thing to do is for each of us White Americans to declare his own personal war on the Jew. Saddam Hussein isn't our enemy -- the Wolfowitzim are. We allowed the Jews into our country. The chamber of horrors they have led us into is the result. The Jew is your enemy, White man.

U.S. Special Forces Beat Hasty Retreat

...the soldiers from Delta Force, the US equivalent of the SAS, and the US Rangers were stunned by the resistance they met and had to get out sooner than expected, Pentagon sources said. Like the Russians said... White boys dying for Jews. For shame, for shame... Winter will add its problems too. "Can you find a cockroach in a very tall skyscraper?" asked the group's chairman. "This is what it is like trying to find the enemy in Afghanistan."

Number Dead in WTC Under 3,000?

You just can't believe anything you read in the Jews' media, including this. The security state is the "new normalcy," says Cheney. We are to live like the hated yids of Israel, because we will not free ourselves from them. We must cut loose this crook-state, by any means necessary. Here on the harassment of Italians in WWII. Good piece on anthrax here.

Yggdrasil on bin Laden's Demands and the Discussion We Can't Have

The whole world is starting to awaken to the fact that the continued Jewish presence isn't in anybody's interest except theirs. Jews out. Earth for Whites. This is must-read stuff: The Moslem world clearly recognizes that our economic prosperity is part of a culture that has produced dying populations throughout Russia, Europe, North America and Japan. They see our talk about democracy and freedom as glitzy wrapping around a package that delivers prosperity joined at the hip with advertising and entertainment which propagandizes females into rejecting monogamy, embracing sexual hedonism and behaving like irresponsible adolescent males. If hedonism leads to pregnancy, this seductive package of "democracy and freedom" applies its economic pressures to ensure that the woman kills the baby before it gains the wind to cry. They see a culture in which immigrants are imported to keep wage rates low for working people, and in which the working people are distracted from their plight by constant free entertainment glorifying and impliedly promising instant gratification, hedonistic pleasures and perpetual adolescent irresponsibility. Most members of the upper middle class work frantic 14 hour days to escape the economic and cultural effects of this "democracy and freedom" they so ardently urge upon their lesser brethren and, lacking the time or energy to indulge in the promised vices themselves, nonetheless seem to take immense satisfaction from the idea that these corrupt entertainments are available to them in an abstract and largely theoretical way as "alternative lifestyles," "options" or "choices." The Moslem world sees very clearly the catastrophically low birthrates of 1.3 per woman (Italy and Japan) and about 1.6 per woman (Euro Americans) - and recognizes that these races are doomed to disappear and be displaced within 200 years if they remain upon their present secular and modernist course.

Goldberg's Jewish Power

A reaction to the book, which documents Jewish control over many, many things.

Fallavollita, "Outed" in Chronicle of Higher Education Article

He's a grad student, a National Alliance member, and a VNN writer. (Read his article, The Academic Gulag, here. He was recently the subject of an article in the Chronicle of Higher Education, including quotes from Gulag and what we believe is the first mention of Vanguard News Network by the "mainstream" media. Following the Chronicle report, which we can't link to because it is availabe to paid subscribers only, but snippets from which you can read at the title link, the Purdue Exponent wrote an article on him, followed by an editorial. Then the his undergrad alma mater's student paper, Loyola Maroon, wrote an article. What does it all mean? Not a whole lot. But a milestone of sorts, showing that White media are developing in tandem with White men who proudly and unashamedly and publicly advocate White interests. Mom...Dad....I'm a racist! There (sniff), I've said it. I hope you'll still love me. "Out" us, Jew media? No. We were never in. America belongs to us, not you. Join us, White man. Join the winning team. As the Swedes say, worry gives little things big shadows. Jews are little things. The future is ours.

Good News: Boat Full of Sewage Diversifies Davey Jones' Locker

Now there's worse things in the ocean than whale poop. Problems in Hungary as Afghan refugees invade.

White Boys Dead for Israel: Nine and Counting?

No blood for Jews. Let Izzy die for Izzy. This Pakistani source claims nine Americans are dead, not three. Who knows? Our Jew-controlled media have agreed to play along with Jew-controlled Bushy II in covering/not covering as befits his/their interests. Here on plans for global command. Perma-war for the the Propasphere. How convenient. Who are we fighting? Everyone and no one, but always the free man.

Israel, Our Enemy

All the proof you need in the articles and information here. Jews destroy things. They belong to a very hateful and destructive race. They have great experience with letter warfare, too, so when you hear the yipping about anthrax terrorism, consider that Jews may well have posted the germs. Just as Israel may well have facilitated the WTC bombing. Are Jews like that? Jews are. Here you can find all you ever wanted to know about anthrax; lots of bio-war stuff too. Here on Chinese WTC reaction, as seen from Taiwan. Farrakhan condemns bombing. Where's the White pol with the guts to criticize Jews? He doesn't exist -- yet. Here con Norquist attacked for not hating Arabs enough. Good example of the way that Jews demonize by "linking" people or groups. Here yids spray Congressional WD-40 on Bushy so his wires pull less stickily. Here the hypocritical Suckpoop Joe denounces open borders while carefully forgetting to mention that the only reason we have them is the yids whose hindquarters he's attached to like an Arab-Christian remora. Disgusting. Libertarians love the war. It's "good for Jews," you know. "Good for Jews," is our official foreign policy. We've been at war for ten years, says this guy. The interesting story of al-Jazeera, perhaps the only raggie news source to even attempt to be objective. Oogadooga! U.S. bombs wrong rags! Here's an article that does not speak well for New Yorkers. Or Christians. A couple beams come down perpendicular and, yep, it's Jesus back on the job. Why did you push the bus off the cliff, Heavenly Father? That's the Devil's question my son, and you must not ask it. Here a disgusting yid pumps for the draft. This will never happen because the yids who control our pols through their media would not be able to control the backlash. Not even the solipsistic yids can imagine that America will stand for their sons dying for Israel. Maybe for a few gung-hos who signed up for it, but not for average folks. Let Izzy die for Izzy. Fight your own battles, Israel. Get your hand out of America's pocket, Israel. All Jews are Pollards-in-waiting. To reinstitute the draft would lead to close and intense examination of what is actually at stake in this numinous and nebulous "war," and that would work against Israel's interests, which are the sole concern of yid-cons like Kurtz.

Highlander and Highlander III

Good reviews of these mythic movies.

Ashcroft Gung-Ho to Use New Powers

Ashcroft warned would-be terrorists that the government will be closely watching how they act, carefully listening to what they say and secretly reading the words they write....Is there anything more open to interpretation than "would-be terrorist"??

More "Holo"-Dreck Headed to a Televitz Near You

Tv will shortly begin spewing bilge about Jewish imaginary heroes. Avoid it, and keep your kids away from it. As McLuhan said, if you truly understood the nature of tv, you would destroy it. There is no god but TV, and Judea is its prophet. "Holocaust" survivors: baked fresh daily!

Anthrax and You

USPS can't guarantee your two-day package will be there in three days, or that it will be anthrax-free when it arrives. It can guarantee that somewhere along the chain an incompetent nigger will consider stealing it. Friends, what is terrorism? The doctrines or actions of those who display less than 100% support for the Jewish agenda?

Jew War III

This time it's poysonal. This country is run by corrupt morons. Two Jews battle to rule NYC in wake of Giuliani. One criticizes the other for praising Stalin. How about that. No Jews, no Stalin. No Jews, no USSR. No Jews, no communism. No Jews. Just Right. Here jewfag Buttpunch Sulzberger honored for "diversity" at NYT. Jews and Christians, together at last, vomit. Jews love to hold summits and interfaith dialogs with Christians, as long as Christians accept their complete guilt for everything that ever happened plus two. Weird story here about some furners checking out the Sears Tower.

The Money Masters

Money and media are the ways Jews control Whites. Here Nigger Jesse, Sire of Bastards, called a racketeer by a fellow negro. Here on a video on the USS Liberty attack by the vermicious knids. The Jews of Israel -- our "friends," they say -- murdered 34 Americans and LBJ, the Congress and the "American" media covered it up. As Ari Sharon says, yids control America.

The Media Masters: Oneida Editors Fired

A woman named Ryan and man named Seth were fired from the Oneida Daily Dispatch the day after an editorial appeared that Jews didn't like. That's how the world works: criticize the Specialers and you're out on your ear. And that's why we say: No Jews. Just Right. America will never be free until it's Jew-free. Freedom from Jews is every White American's birthright. Here D'Souza address on multiculturalism -- fact or threat? This is the Indian-Catholic con who wrote a huge book about racism that was good but not as good as Jared Taylor's, which it may well have ripped off without citing.

Jews in Academia: The Defilement of White Culture

Some Stanford students are bringing hip-hop's.... rhymes into the classroom as part of a linguistics course on the street culture art. While fellow students wrestle with Shakespeare and Melville, 31 classmates in "The Language of Hip-Hop Culture" study the lyrics of rappers Sean "P. Diddy" Combs and Killarmy while the sounds of Mos Def play in low volume on a boom box in the corner. The agenda behind the elevation of Affenkultur to the status of an academic pusuit isn't motivated by Hymie's interest in such limbic brain-level activity, but by his desire to befoul the sublime.

Security State

House signs bill to burn your freedoms.

Jew Cohen Calls for National ID Card

The quintessential yump yid at the Washington Post calls for the Jewish Security State. Oy! Fingerprints, noseprints, earprints, retinal scans, renal scans if possible! Oy! White freedom isn't good for Jews. It must be outlawed. Here a Paki held in WTC probe dies in jail, no cause given. Here Jews cry that their Bushy tool isn't functioning properly. Here they try to link rightist Whites to anthrax. Here on Arab cells across Europe. Here Voz comments on athrax letters.

Palo Alto Politician says the Unsayable J-Word

Police Chief Wes Bowling said he will forward the complaint against .... Evans to county prosecutors today....Law accused Evans of calling her a "Jew." He was shouting, "Go back to Israel," when police removed him from the meeting....Law, who is Jewish, said she felt personally threatened by Evans....Well, 'nuff said: if she felt "personally threatened," that should be enough for a hate-crime conviction. . . one of the strangest quirks the Chosenites display is a seeming horror of being called. . . Jews.

Schoolboy Whips Learned Dolts, Deciphers Hieroglyphics

The figures on the case of a 2,600-year-old mummy had confounded historians at Sheffield Museum for 100 years. But 17-year-old Adam Cadwell worked out the name said Djedma 'atiuesankh while on work experience at the museum. This kid gets the White Spirit award. While niggers were out molesting each other and pay phones; while Mexcrement was out invading and impregnating 13-year-olds; while Jews were out chasing ambulances and crying for censorship, this lone White kid was deciphering ancient hieroglyphics and contributing to the store of human knowledge. Way to go, kid.


The "survivalism" that the Jewish media ripped for so many years, about to become a part of American life due to our unending support for our Jewish parasite. Networks! Scenarios! Command posts! Team leaders! Just what every normal family needs. All for Israel. How would Norman Rockwell depict this post-White America, turned into another besieged Israeli settlement? The fool we've subsidized is the fool we've become. Jews out. America for Whites. Go fuck up your own country, Hymie. We're sick and tired of your messing up ours.

Media: Jews Get Hooks Into Asia

Anational Jewish media gain beachhead to begin vastly profitable destruction of another racially homogenous society. Comes now Lin Hsiang, with purple-streaked hair, nose ring, baggy pants, Walkman, Nikes. Nigga! Nigga!

Paki Held in 911 Investigation Dies in Jail

So far the only cause of death which has been apparently ruled out, is anthrax.

Saudis Try to Pin 911 on Saddam Hussein

The Saudi government -- i.e. the ruling family and its parasitic hangers-on -- has been paid well and often to tolerate 'Israel' and its atrocities. It also knows that "Israel,' although looking more and more likely to have been 'involved' in 911, cannot be named. Another U.S. foray against Iraq would provide enough U.S. military strength based in Saudi Arabia to protect the Saudi government against the revolt against it which it knows is in the offing.

Psssssst. . . Aids Does Discriminate

In 2000, blacks represented 44 percent of newly reported HIV infections in Minnesota, while composing only 3 percent of the state's population. . .

Desperate Palestinians Ask for U.N. Help

Aside from talk -- and we all know how cheap that is -- the Pals can expect no help from the U.S., which has the power to stop Israel by defunding it. But the reality is just as Sharon pronounced it: "We, the Jewish people, control America, and the Americans know it." It is 'ISRAEL,' with its nuclear arsenal, that represents a clear and present danger to the U.S. and the entire Middle East.

Beyond Carnivore

....the FBI has spent the last two years developing a new surveillance architecture that would concentrate Internet traffic in several key locations where all packets, not just e-mail, could be wiretapped. It is now planning to begin implementing this architecture....For those who've never considered it, now might be a good time to check out the benefits and advantages that amateur radio offers. . .

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