Don't Say a Word

by Mark Rivers

There are some Jew-sounding names in charge of the production of Don't Say a Word namely Bruce Berman, Nana Greenwald and Anne & Arnold Kopelson. Maybe they're Jews, maybe they're not; I'm not going to bother writing them to ask. We already know that there are many, many Jews making movies about how evil Whites are, and how good non-Whites are.

Don't Say a Word stars half-Jew Michael Douglas as a headshrinker who takes on a new patient at the urging of his colleague (Oliver Platt). This doped-up, heavily traumatized 18-year-old girl (Brittany Murphy) has a six-digit number in her brain, which the villains want Michael Douglas to extract. So, they kidnap his daughter and demand results.

The six-digit number is a coffin registration number. Here's the backstory: ten years earlier, the little girl's father participated in a bank heist. They were after a specific red jewel, apparently worth a bundle. The girl's father pulled a switcheroo, though, double-crossing the rest of the gang. They tracked him down and murdered him in front of the girl (traumatizing her, you see). He had hidden the jewel in her doll, which she slipped into his coffin, which was buried under "John Doe" in a paupers' cemetery.

For the murder, the gang spends a decade in prison. Then they get out, and they spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on cameras, video equipment, communications, weapons, vehicles, etc, just to get the jewel. There is a negro among them, but he just tells jokes and runs the computers for them (you know, because he's super-smart). He tries to stop Michael Douglas' gimp wife from escaping at the end, and she stabs him in the heart with a knitting needle, but other than that, his role is more or less passive.

Don't Say a Word is somewhat suspenseful, but I wouldn't count it amongst the top ten thrillers of all time, by any means. It's just one of those movies that has been more or less thrown together to fill in the odd gaps between the summer blockbuster hits and the long-awaited Martin Lawrence vehicle Black Knight.

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