13 Ghosts

by Mark Rivers

As far as I can tell, executive producer Joel Silver is the only card-carrying Jew calling the shots for this movie. In fact, ragheads Tony Shalhoub and F. Murray Abraham (the "F" stands for "Fahrid") star in the film, so it seems that 13 Ghosts is not intended to be an open homecoming for the parasitic tribe.

It's also not a very good movie. It has decent special effects, but it also has a poor script and some awful overacting. Still, any Jews who were involved in the making of 13 Ghosts are probably going to make their money back, and maybe have a little left over to buy some kiddie snuff porn from their cousins in Israel.

In 13 Ghosts, a destitute family inherits a haunted mansion from their ghost-hunting uncle (Abraham). A lanky, easily-spooked psychic (one-trick pony Matthew Lillard) shows up and complicates things, as does another ghost hunter (Embeth Davidtz). They all spend the movie running from the ghosts and screaming. The family itself consists of the Dad (Shalhoub), his daughter (Shannon Elizabeth), his death-obsessed son (some dopey eight-year-old kid who can't act) and a negress nanny (some she-ape).

That's right, a negress nanny. A real loudmouthed, wisecracking, "Lawd-a-mercy" shuck-and-jiver. Her only purpose in this movie is to fulfill the minimum requirement of negro presence. She says things like "Uh-uhhh, ah ain't stayin' in hyar wif y'all crazy White people! Dis ain't in mah job dee-scription! Feets, do yo' stuff, hyuk, hyuk!" The negress gets her act together, though, and winds up saving the whole family at the end (just like in real life, eh?). The movie could have done without her, and I'm sure the audience wouldn't have missed her either.

But, in case you haven't noticed, the audience isn't given much of a choice these days. Whether it's a commercial for a heartburn remedy, a public service announcement showing the bravery of the New York cops and firefighters, a hospital drama, a billboard for a cell phone company or an ad in a woman's magazine for Irish coffee, the negroes are right there alongside us, smiling and waving, like they're our best buddies.

Reality is put on permanent hold by the Jews and their goyische collaborators, and the lemmings are buying into it now more than ever. Whether 13 Ghosts has just one Jew at the helm, or 13 Jews behind the scenes, pulling the strings and greasing the palms, be assured that they are spending their entire lives working for THEIR race -- not ours.

It is up to you, the White reader, to help your racial brethren start waking up. Don't let the alien tribe keep tearing away at our race; they will continue to do so until they are stopped. Every movie they make will have a wisecracking tar-baby, or a tall & rugged sambo hero, or a detestable White heterosexual male...or all three of the above. Don't let them continue to get away with it. Join the National Alliance.




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