The Last Castle

by Mark Rivers

The director of The Last Castle, Rod Lurie, is a Jew. In fact, his father is an Israeli political cartoonist. Rod used to be a movie critic, and was in the Army for four years (I guess that means the U.S. Army, since he is said to also have graduated from West Point), so now he has combined his three loves (movies, the Army, being a Jew) to make this movie.

The Last Castle stars wrinkle factory Robert Redford as an Army General sent to a military prison for disobeying a direct order from the President, which resulted in the deaths of several U.S. soldiers. The prison is run by a bully-boy Colonel (James Gandolfini), who, for kicks, occasionally tells his tower guards to murder prisoners.

The General has no intention of starting a fuss, but the racially diverse soldier/prisoners convince him otherwise when a retarded Mestizo prisoner is killed by the Warden's goons. They rally together, put aside their differences (only the Aryan representative has to overcome his racism, of course) and whip up some neato "A-team"-type weapons to take over the prison.

The Last Castle has some drama, a few jokes, some decent action sequences, and at least a couple of sappy, slow-motion, tearjerker scenes. It also includes negro Delroy Lindo as a general who visits the prison and gives the lemmings in the audience that peaceful, easy feeling they get when they know that there is someone on the outside who will come to the aid of justice and righteousness...THE MIGHTY NEGRO!

Robin Wright also appears in a completely throwaway role of the general's estranged and embittered daughter, apparently included just so we could regard the Robert Redford character as more human and less soldier-robot, and so we would get all emotional when he dies at the end.

Granted, the movie does show a strong, heterosexual White man as a hero, and that is a plus. But the fact that he relies on his mulatto drill sergeant, his giant buck, his reformed racist, his White hustler, his retarded Mestizo and his negro general pal just detracts from that. It's just the Jews telling the lemmings, once again, that to be a strong leader has nothing to do with being a White, heterosexual male. It has to do with your being tolerant, open-minded, and making friends with every minority you can, because, by golly, they all sure wanna be YOUR friend!

Jew Rod Lurie made sure that he got the message across, and will continue to do so until he and his fellow tribesmen are stopped. It's up to us.

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