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Libertarian Reaction

The rare funny poem. Here a great rundown of the verbiage of our kon killers. Wouldn't wanna mess with these tough guys, LOL! No one's as tough as the professional yid-toadies. Here a pro-Celtic, anti-Anglo-Saxon/neocon view.

Jews Put Up Harvard-Punk Frontman to Advocate Nukes

His name is Weinkopf, but I believe he's not Jewish. Perhaps his antecedents were. Here's who we need to atomize into oblivion -- extra credit for anyone who can see the difference between this and the yids' Hannuka list: But the threat to American lives extends well beyond Osama bin Laden and his minions ­ it includes Hamas, Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad, the Taliban and the governments of Iran, Iraq, Libya and Syria. After denouncing racial profiling of niggers on the road, the same two-faced Jews turn around and support racial-profiling on airplanes. What a joke. Today, we can be confident that our "new" enemies don't have nuclear abilities ­ yet. If they did, all of New York City, and not just the World Trade Center, would be reduced to rubble. In due time, however, they will. That horrific reality points all the more to the need for World War III to be won quickly and overwhelmingly. Under certain conditions, depending on strategic and humanitarian considerations, the tactical use of nuclear weapons could provide the key to such a victory. You know what? It really will take a nuclear weapon for America to start reconsidering its Israel-first policy. Good time to vacate the big city, White man. What a disgusting lineup of suckpoops and sycophants is on display these days. A veritable cavalcade of schmucks.

Time for Ten Minutes' Hate, Dopes!

Remember 1984?... Jewess-worshipping Randians say, "Let 'er rip!" Here on where that scarlet-pimpernel footage of grinning, saltating, candy-passing Pals originated? Damned elusive, it's! Here Jeanette Rankin voted against U.S. involvement in World Wars I and II! It almost makes one willing to reconsider women voting! Where's the man who can match that sterling record? He doesn't exist -- she was the only one. WSJ's Felch-Smithers says (lick) she (slurp) was (slobber) sincerely (suck) confused (swallow)! Not, like you F-S; you know where you're bread's buttered! Here Wanniski blames Richard Perle, who he calls the main architect of our alienate-all-Araby policy. Consider this very interesting statement, those who think ZOG isn't real-and-eternal: If he were just an ordinary maniac, we could live with him, Henry [Kissinger, the addressee of the memo], but he is chairman of the Defense Policy Board, which advises the Pentagon, and which gives him total access to all military secrets. Do you have any doubt that he is now in constant communication with Ariel Sharon and Binjamin Netanyahu, the leaders of the coo-coo wing of the Likud Party in Israel? Shazaam, shazaam -- Jews have access to our military secrets! Does anybody know about this?!

All You Ever Needed to Know About Jews But Were Too Disgusted to Ask

A new book -- including thousands of citations -- is now available on the web at Jewish Tribal Review -- download all thirty chapters, if you wish. This is an astonishing and invaluable new resource for those seeking to understand Jews. The author disavows racism, etc., but this is hard-core inside information on who the Jews are and what they are up to. Who wrote/compiled this book of citations? Only the Shadow knows! Be sure to tell us if he tells you! This is the stuff they don't teach in school, folks. Take the chance to educate yourself, that you may teach others. This book aims to methodically present a virtual encyclopedic collection of facts towards decontructing the many myths about Jewish history and identity, and to investigate the ways in which these myths are used towards enormous economic, cultural and political advantage, extremely detrimental to non-Jews. The book also deconstructs the artifice behind incessant Jewish accusations of the generic "anti-Semite," accusations that are ceaselessly wielded as a political tool towards further Jewish empowerment. It also addresses Jewish pre-eminence in American (and, hence, world) popular culture, including the mass media (TV, film, radio, newspapers, book publishing, music, et al), academia, the international art world, and the profoundly disturbing hold of pro-Israel Zionism within the American government.

Invade Afghanistan, the Path of Unwisdom

If the Americans are even contemplating a ground force, it can enter only from Pakistan - the most dangerous main supply route it would be possible to find - and up the Kabul Gorge from Jalalabad. But the Russians seeded the perimeters of Jalalabad, Kandahar, Khost and Herat with anti-armour mines. There are, in Afghanistan today, more than 10 million mines. They lie in fields, on mountainsides, beside roads, around the big cities, along irrigation ditches. On average, between 20 and 25 Afghan men, women and children are blown up by mines every day - even if we take the lower figure, this indicates 73,000 civilian casualties from these mines in the past 10 years alone. Hey, "coward"-spewers -- why don't y'all go on ahead! Are you ready to see your brothers and sons come home without feet or legs because you aren't interested enough to find out who runs our foreign policy, White American? Israel is not worth a single drop of White blood. Good column by Suckpoop Joe today. Here Russians say invasion might be better rethought. Here on the fun bunch we call Afghans. Read about the fun times the British had here.

More Views

From, read the Sanchez article near the bottom; Chomsky and Raimondo reactions also worth reading. Good points here.

Propaganda That Works: Streicher and Der Stürmer

Short sentences, simple words, cartoons, caricatures -- truth. These reach the average man.

Page Loading Problems?: Cache Setting Tutorial

VNN was slow-loading on Tuesday due to backbone problems caused by the nimda virus. We apologize.

Rumors, Reality...

The clip of Palestinians celebrating apparently was shot in 1991. Wow, Jews lying to advance their cause, big surprise.

Media: Web Pressure

Oy! Muslims have web sites! More on the evil Muslims here. Why can't they be noble like the Jews? Good Harry Browne column here. Faith in government is the victory of hope over experience after experience after experience. Here Joe Farah allows Jew Feder to call Palestinians " swine." One standard for Jews, another standard for the rest of us. Fisk here, the one derided by Jewboys like Feder. END AID TO ISRAEL NOW. Here on the Texas Maniac crying on Letterman. His basic problem is that he's just not very smart. He visibly o'erstrains himself trying to explain things he doesn't understand. Here on Joan Didion.

Evolutionary Psychology

Some interesting ideas...

The War Prayer

The country was up in arms, the war was on, in every breast burned the holy fire of Mark Twain.

Reaction Sampler

Some of the more intelligent comments floating in cyberspace.... by Alex Linder

The Sleepwalker's Lament

The problem with our people is not that they dream, nor even that they sleepwalk, but that they dream dreams that are not their own. They dream the lying dreams of the Culture I.L. Liberal

Suppressing Dissent in America

Disloyal English-American Anglomaniacs and perfidious Jews greatly damaged America by involving us in World War I, from which our freedom and our nation have never recovered. On any fair reading of the period, there was probably more real freedom of speech in Germany and in the German Reichstag in the same years than in the "home of the free" or the World's Greatest (and Least) Deliberative Body.

Short-Selling Before Attack?

Investigations begun... Germany investigates.

Jews Questioned by FBI

Five Israelis who had worked for a moving company based in New Jersey are being held in U.S. prisons for what the Federal Bureau of Investigation has described as "puzzling behavior" following the terror attack on the World Trade Center in New York last Tuesday. They were filming the smoking building and laughing like Jews, which is not technically a crime, but probably should be.

The Surrender Option: Fight Israel's battles or we will brand you a coward.

VNN's Alex Linder reads between the lines of the NR's Derbyshire, Anglo-American suckpoop for Israel.

Who Will Fight This War?

White men will fight and die to serve the Derek Powling

The Cost of Israel to the American People

Must read. It's huge. The conclusion is simple: Israel is our parasite, wasting our money and our military strength. Here a cry for what America has become under Jewish thralldom. Here nasty Baltimore nigs support the Arabs. Jew and black alike hate Whites. They just want to use us, and we are allowing them. There is no rush to enlist. Paks say no to Israeli soldiers on their soil. Jews feeling secure, knowing White elite solidiers will protect them while they carry on with the swindling and other things that make up a parasite's busy day. Here on the White firemen, saving the Jews who gave the Arabs reason to attack us and let the actual terrorists into the country thanks to the immigration policies they put in. Thanks, Jews. Here the anti-White corporations that support the anti-White hate group ADL. Jews reinforce with new settlers.

Jews Urge America On

Plucky Israel, leading from behind, bravely pushing us into another battle with the enemies of Jewry. Always the little dog, circling at a safe distance, urging the big dog to bite. Arf! Arf! Arf! Israel will fight to the last drop of our blood.

Now Americans Are Jews, Say -- Jews

They're back out of the woodwork, in droves, are the shameless, slavering kikes, clawing for advantage in any situation, no matter how horrible. How they gush over the wonderful destruction in New York! "Now [Americans] can begin to feel like the Jews of Israel -- the Jews who take their lives in their hands when they go to the market, the mall or drive their children to school." Five thousand dead? Hurray, hurrah! More sympathy, more money, money, endless money for Israel! Here Dershowitz seconds that Jewish, American identities merge. Right up until fighting is needed, then the Jews like Dershy slink from the room.

U.S. Made Bin Laden

Great ROI... Think, American. U.S. ships soldiers. Farrakhan warns of Armageddon if U.S. retaliates. Here Brimelow on immigration, doesn't mention the Jewish link between open-borders and the post-bombing non-discussion in the controlled media. A bit of thought on the 'why' makes its way into the LAT. Latest from Maguire here.

Mossadism and American Foreign Policy

There is no such thing as dual loyalty. This is a myth. People say the Jewish community has a dual loyalty. That's wrong. Either you're loyal to your country or you're not. There is no duality in that. You cannot be loyal to two countries.

Media: Films and Distribution Power

Story about The Contrary Son, about a Jewish neo-nazi, contains interesting quotes.

White History: Early Britons

Read and learn... Teach your children who we are, and where we come from.

U.S. Bullies Pakistan: Cooperate or Be Bombed

The Pakis' sympathies lie with bin Laden, but the U.S. is not only demanding that the Arab/Islamic nations not aid him, but that they actively help the U.S. betray their own allies -- or else. Bush has actually spoken of "putting an end to states" that refuse to bend over and grab their ankles for Israel's Friend. And what sort of heroic action will the U.S. -- so quick to call the enemy 'cowards' -- be taking? US military commanders plan a three-stage assault against training camps used by bin Laden, beginning with air strikes by cruise missiles, followed by carpet bombing and attacks by ground troops. Dealing death-from-a-distance, as it did in Iraq and Serbia, and hoping that the remote-control bombing will 'soften' the enemy to the point that no real combat need occur.

WTC Death Toll Estimate Now About 5100 -- Displays 'Diversity'

The final tally will include Bangladeshis, Indonesians, Chinese, Brazilians, Cambodians, Dominicans, Egyptians, Israelis. . .as well as European/Americans, and including 367 fire/police officers. The World Trade Center was aptly named.

Thousands of Israelis Missing in 'Attack on America'

Gee, that doesn't make sense, does it? If there are only about 5,000 missing, and 4,000 are Israelis, where do the Americans fit in? Ah, that's right -- stage props to get the booboisie stirred up and ready to demolish Israel's enemies.

Traficant Puts Blame Where It Belongs: On Israel

Crazy hair isn't all he has -- balls, too! "The sad truth is that Congress must look in the mirror. Congress has allowed it," said Traficant, who has accepted donations from the People's Mujahedin Organization of Iran. 'It may be unpopular to say, but I believe that America's foreign policy in the Middle East is so one-sided that we endanger now American citizens.'" Hymie is huffing with consternation. END AID TO ISRAEL NOW!

Explosives Bring Down WTC Towers?

The collapse of the buildings appears "too methodical" to be a chance result of airplanes colliding with the structures, said Van Romero, vice president for research at New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology.

South Africa Near Anarchy

Rule by ape isn't working. There is a rape in South Africa every 28 seconds. By 2005, the World Health Organization predicts, over 30 percent of the blacks in South Africa will have AIDS. Blacks are not capable of political organization beyond chief and tribesmen. Whites must band and fight for their superior race, or it will be washed away, just as it has been in Rhodesia. The first mission must be to destroy the Jewish power that makes negro power possible. As much of the Jewish power comes from the Judenpresse, growing White media is important. Don't miss this letter from a Rhodesian monkey to Michael Peirce.

'Hesperophobia' Refuted by Kevin MacDonald

Hesp is the cute little term more or less invented by the neocons to lie that the recent attack was caused by innate Arab hatred of the West, rather than specific hatred for American support for Israel's cruel and genocidal war against the Palestinians. The proposition that Arab attitudes toward the U.S. sufficiently hostile to foment suicide bombers would exist even in the absence of U.S. support of Israel is preposterous on the face of it, and flies in the face of much rhetoric from people in the region. There's also the not-small theoretical problem that Israel is NOT part of the West: Another part of this logic of war on the entire Islamic world is that Israel is an outpost of Western culture -- that it is a beacon of democracy and freedom surrounded by irrational, fanatical Islam. However, it is simply not true that Israel is a Western culture. Israel is an ethnostate with an apartheid-type legal system that distinguishes Jews and non-Jews in everything from immigration to public services.

No Rise in Enlistments

END AID TO ISRAEL NOW. That will do more to protect us and get us back on the right track than a million men under arms. Let the evil kikes fight their own battles. Israel isn't worth the a single American life. "These people in their 40's, these old guys, wanted to serve their country, but the younger people just don't have any patriotism," said Staff Sgt. Donald Wilson, a Marine Corps recruiter. As with immigration, the destruction of American culture is paying the overreaching kikes dividends they didn't plan for. Nobody wants to defend a confused and denatured country -- big surprise, Jews.

Click Here!

Jews Spin Their Lies

In the spirit of the departed Dick Nixon, listen to AJC honcho: Let us be absolutely clear: This is not about Israel... You sound so sure, Hymie. No really, we believe you!

Jews Overjoyed America to Enter Their Private Hell

Do you really want the drowning kike to drag you down with him, White man? Imagine having a retina scan every time you buy a loaf of bread, or a thumbprint scan at your ATM, or an anal probe every time you board a plane. This is what Jews want for you, an unfree country filled with paranoid, cynical swindlers, just like Israel. There is a danger of people saying, 'if we didn't support Israel, those people would have no reason to dislike us,' " Bryen said. "We have to make the case that that's not true; they don't like us because of who we are." Tell you what, little buddy: Let's cut off aid to Israel for a couple years and see if the attacks continue. END AID TO ISRAEL NOW. AMERICA FOR AMERICANS. Note the way that all-White firemen and cops are played up as the victims of the WTC attack. No diversity, no whining about the Jews killed. And it doesn't matter which channel you watch. This was an attack on "America" we are encouraged to believe by selective coverage, symbols used, chirons, media graphics, victims selected for showcasing. How come the Jerusalem Press says there are 4,000 Israelis missing but we haven't heard word one about Jewish victims? Because it is of utmost importance that average Americans not perceive this accurately as an attack on a Jewish target by forces angry about American support for the Jews of Israel.

German Cops Foil Planned Attack on EU

And there are terror cells active in Britain...

Canadian Jews Call for More Web Censorship

Jews believe they are beyond criticism.

Did the Jews Do It?

Given its history there are two strong possibilities: 1) the Mossad did it or organized it; and 2) the Mossad knew about it and kept quiet -- which it has done before when American lives were at stake. Israel is our enemy. It's time you realized that, White man. More here. Here America IDs up to 60 countries possibly worth attacking. America, the Jewish colony, is being used to destroy Israel's enemies. But Israel is the one country we should bomb. Israel is our enemy. Here Jews struggle to take political advantage of the blasts. Here a French ambassador is attacked for making a point or two that Israel doesn't want to hear. Here LAT actually put in print the idea that the blast is in some tiny way related to U.S. support for Israeli genocide against the Pals. Here on "wide, aggressive probe." Here claim that 1993 bomber Ramzi Yousef had plans for airplane-suicide attacks. Usual morons see devil's face in bomb smoke. Here an Arab site with some interesting stuff. Hints of reason here. Sam Francis again, from his web forum, with comments. Here's a cartoon that gets it right. Here claim that 4,000 Israelis are missing. Were 4/5 of the dead Jews? But I thought it was an attack on "America"? $100 million in gold bars buried near WTC.

Afghan Invasion?

Colossal blunder in the making. Here Guardian on Bushy and war declarations. Here evangelicals hope to benefit from moron upsurge following bombing. What would victory mean? Again, no mention of Gulf of Tonkin resolution. Prudence Wesley's willing to bear any burden. Well, willing that your son bear any burden. Just stand back and watch him! Background on bin Laden here.

Jews Urge White Americans to Declare War on Entire World

Jews are perfectly happy to see White youth used up and disposed of in pursuing their racial agenda. The countries harboring and training them include not just Afghanistan - an easy target for blame - but Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, Syria, Sudan, the Palestinian Authority, Libya, Algeria and even our presumed friends Saudi Arabia and Egypt. We must make them believe there is not one inch of soil on the planet that is a haven or training ground for them. Get that? -- everybody on Israel's enemies list must be destroyed by America. Why should White American kids be sacrificed to attack Israel's enemies? The Jew is your enemy, White man. There is no way out but through the Jews. Here a near-perfect example of Jews and the way they think. Good news! All these people are not Jewish. Imagine how happy they are!

One Nation Under Israel

Amazon reviews... Here Israel launches wave of attacks. Here attacks on Arabs in America. Very few of whom would be here if the Jews hadn't overturned our immigration policy in the '60s. But official calls for tolerance failed to sway some popular media personalities. Radio host Howard Stern, for example, filled his show on Wednesday with jokes about "rag heads." How long would Stern be allowed to get away with calling yids like himself kikes and hebes?

PBS: Hunting Bin Laden

Interesting PBS documentary on Osama Bin Laden. We wonder how many Lutherans know that the Sudan is a dangerous, heavily-Arab-supported Islamic fundamentalist military dictatorship, where Bin Laden is a major figure -- a road-builder, financial backer, hero to hordes of chanting, AK-47-waving blacks, who, like stray dogs, will follow anyone who feeds them. How many of the Sudanese niggers you insane Lutherans are importing as though they were amusing housepets, the "so glad to be here" Lost Boys, are Bin Laden-trained moles? Many could well be "sleepers," who will sit in church with you -- do you honestly think they understand, or care about, a single word of the service? -- rolling their eyeballs at the ceiling, wiping their noses, and goggling at your blonde daughters, until they turn on you and blow the place up with you in it. Clever thinking, Lutherans. More here. Here a good article that points out that Americans are entirely ignorant of foreign policy and thus have no idea why we are so widely hated. More here.

Jews First, Americans Never

In addition to known dead or wounded, the consulate has so far located 23 people with Israeli names in New York hospitals. However, it has not yet been able to determine whether they are actually Israelis. It is difficult to obtain accurate information about those hospitalized, because only immediate relatives are being admitted. The consulate's main source of information on the wounded has therefore been a network of Jewish and Israeli doctors working at the hospitals who call the consulate whenever they come across a patient with an Israeli-sounding name. How refreshing to see such solidarity, transcending minor technicalities such as citizenship and hospital confidentiality. One standard for Jews, another standard for the rest of us.

The Mexican Invasion: Georgia

Far more important than the bombing, but with the same root cause. Integration doesn't work: blacks belong in Africa.

Australia: White-Raping Raghead Mosque Incompetently Firebombed

Little damage... Here coloreds make demands on White Australia. Aussie gun page here.


The Viking Answer Lady...

17 Techniques for Truth Suppression

. . .And there's much else worth reading on this site belonging to 'D.C. Dave' (investigative reporter David Martin)....Probably the best report ever written on the Vince Foster staged 'suicide,' which makes Chris Ruddy's coverage look worse than shoddy, along with an exposure of Chomsky, which together provide a capsule view of the utterly corrupted state of today's journalism.

Payback's A Bitch

Thus dies a plane full of the descendants of Celts, Goths, Romans and Vikings, at the hands of the sons of camel herders. Did you hear the big "BAAA" as the sheep saw the Twin Towers loom in the window? Victor Gerhard

Would You Like Fries with that New World Order?

Reactions to the recent Edgar Steele

U.S. to Invade Afghanistan?

Ignoring completely the lessons of Viet Nam and the USSR's experience, the U.S. may be on the verge of major stupidities. Here Fisk says Bush is walking into trap. Great comments from the brave reporter if you wish to understand some of the reasons America is hated -- the weapons that Jews fire to kill Palestinians, among others, are stamped "Made in U.S.A." But they hate us, of course, because we are the world's greatest "beacon for freedom and opportunity." Here troops land in Pakistan.

Why and What Next?

First up, Wanniski. Another view here. Sam Francis here. In all the buckets of media gabble about the terrorist attacks in New York and Washington, not once have I heard any journalist ask any expert the simple question, "Why did the terrorists attack us?" Buckets of gabble, indeed... Here some choice Arab-crit in Spintech. They killed themselves like some trench-coated pimple farmers fully expecting that they were finally going to get laid by the black eyed women of Paradise. If these houris look and smell anything like an Egyptian Coptic former waitress at the local Spiro's, perhaps I can begin to relate. Alternative ezines, same old politics. Open game on enemies of the Jews, say anything about them you want. Here British go after American ambassador in QnA session. Here check out Fox viewer reactions.

More Ygg -- "End Game"

Must-read explication of the deeper stakes and arguments. Ignore the actor-nitwits and stick to stuff like this, and before you know it you'll be thinking. The Jews who control the United States want to kill off "terrorist" REGIONS by poison gas or neutron bombs. The solution, of course, is the killing of the entire civilian population base that produces these "terrorists" by use of neutron bombs or poison gas, and that is precisely what the inner party is now lobbying to do, much to the horror of the generals. The Jews' holy book, the Talmud, teaches: "Even the best of the goyim should be killed." More attacks in the works. More Roberts here.

Crackdowns Roundup

The enemy moved quickly in the wake of the attack. Title link to story that says there's a good chance FBI will be allowed to spy on your e-talk without a warrant. Remember what the libertarians say: all warfare expands the power of the state. Is White freedom good for the Jews? No. Here Roberts on Constitutional sacrifice. All the terrorists are legally privileged "preferred minorities" according to U.S. Justice Department definitions and long-established civil-rights enforcement. Guess which race put those anti-White laws in place? Yep. Guess which race opened our borders to the bombers? Yep again. Here Mex White-haters tracked in So Cal.

South African Libs Pay the Price

Fuzzy-wuzzies show 'em whazzap. It all good, G.

Lonnie Rae

Years and years of prison for saying "nigger."...

Art: Johnny Cash

Interesting comments on Johnny Cash at Folsom Prison.

Irving Comments

The simple three line version of the horror is this: Fanatical Muslim terrorists crash planes into the World Trade Center, as a symbolic centre of Jewish international finance, killing thousands, to punish the United States for their blind support of Nazi Israel's occupation of Palestine. Who will save Private Ryan from the Jewish hijackers?

Saddam Hussein's Letter to the American People

Scroll down to the meat of this letter, which begins: What the American peoples need mostly is someone who tells them the truth, courageously and honestly as it is....what happened on September 11, 2001 should be compared to what their government and their armies are doing in the world, for example....more than one and a half million Iraqis have died because of the blockade imposed by America and some Western countries, in addition to the tens of thousands who died or are injured in the military actions perpetrated by America....If you replay the images of the footage taken by the Western media itself of this destruction, you will see that they are not different from the images of the two buildings hit by the Boeing airplanes, if not more atrocious, especially when they are mixed with the remains of men, women and children. There is, however, one difference, namely that those who direct their missiles and bombs to the targets, whether Americans or from another Western country, are mostly targeting by remote controls, that is why they do so as if they were playing an amusing game....Unfortunately, the lesson of 9/11 for pro-Whites may be that the depth of the brainwashing and manipulation of the American public has been far greater than even we had thought. There are, to be sure, a few sane voices. Let's hope that this time they're heard.

FBI Taps ISPs in Hunt for Attackers

AOL and Earthlink both got visits from the feds (we imagine there were others, too); AOL, which takes advice from the ADL on an on-going basis, was quick to annouce its co-operation, while Earthlink stressed that it took a warrant to gain access to its information and that the feebs would be limited to the relatively narrow parameters of that warrant. But count on it: once their their foot is the door, that's it.

Dr. Pierce's Post-9/11 Thoughts

....always worth reading.

4000 Israelis Missing in NY

This apparently isn't counting the number of Jewish-Americans missing in the World Trade Center attack....A more complete tally will have to await a final reckoning, which is probably weeks away, but even for NYC this is a very high percentage. . .

What Jesus Really Said

If there were a button to remove all Semites -- Arabs and Jews -- alike from the earth, who wouldn't be the first to push it? Ragheads and kikes, created he them. Jesus was a self-hating Jewish anti-Semite. Derbyshire with more philo-Semitic suckpooping for today's NRO.

Yggdrasil Observes News 'Management'

What they ain't tellin' ya... Note what he says about yiddish fig-leaf nomenclature, i.e. 'Cantor Fitzgerald' -- lots of cant, no Fitzgerald. It is as if the inner party simply did not exist and suffered no casualties. The clear picture we are getting from the media is that this is an attack on Italian and Irish American Christians (there being no wasps to speak of in the New York area). Aside from the television news reporters themselves, who are conspicuously inner party, we are shown endless scenes of goy firefighters and police combating the effects of this attack, being elevated as heros for doing that which is powerfully in the interests of an inner party which the media barons would have us believe is simply not a part of this story. Teach your kid to decode media, White man. It's every bit as important as the decoding involved with phonics. The latter links the letter to the sound; the former links the yid to the message. Not one person has the courage to state the plain fact, which is that America cannot keep bombing defenseless countries around the world from safe altitudes and continue financing the particularly ugly racial cleansing of Palestinians by Israel without enraging much of the rest of the planet.

Hoffman Comments

Informed and to the point, as always...

"Well, it was worth it" -- Jew Albright on 500,000 Starved Iraqi Children

Why did the WTC get blown up? There's your answer. Jews who hate the entire world control America and use that control to murder their enemies. America pays the price. Jews skip merrily along. Cut Evil Israel lose, America. Next time it will be a nuke. Says Super-Christian LoBaido: After taking a break from reality in the 1990's, the harsh reality had dawned across America. Massive third-world immigration, over 30 million new faces inside America since 1993, has destroyed the Christian and Western fabric of this nation. The new world order has failed. The Western nations have erred greatly in allowing fundamentalist Islam to enter our borders with massive immigration. Who opened the gate to the invasion? The Jews. Enjoy this sweetmeat: Is New York the head of the "Great Satan"? All that is evil in the world can be found in New York: MTV, the United Nations, the U.N. abortion programs, the Council on Foreign Relations, New Age Church of St. John the Divine, Wall Street greed, Madison Avenue manipulation and of course more confirmed AIDS cases than the rest of America combined. Let's remember the filthy sodomite gay parade last summer in New York. Let's remember all the New York politicians falling all over themselves to praise this sick spectacle. Very nice indeed! See photos of victims of Jewish hate, the gift that keeps on giving, here.

Jews Torture Children

And you pay for it, White man. We have a real problem with these Jews, don't we?

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