Would You Like Fries with that New World Order?

by Edgar Steele

Alas, alas that great city, wherein were made rich all that had ships in the sea by reason of her costliness! for in one hour is she made desolate. Revelations 18,19.

Good morning, fellow lemmings --

September 16, 2001. No, I don't necessarily think that scriptural passage refers to New York. If true, then it possibly concerns Los Angeles, the obvious next target of our terrorist friends from the desert sands of the mideast.

I'm tapping this out on my laptop on a plane -- the first that I have been on since before September 11. Getting here has been a struggle, to say the least.

I was one of the unfortunate trying to catch a plane the morning of the WTC disaster. I was one of the fortunate who failed. Thus began my odyssey to reach my San Francisco office in time to oversee its physical move to a new location on Friday.

On September 11, I was to stop over in L.A. first, to participate in a documentary being filmed about hate crime as depicted in American cinema. We're going to reschedule. I'm not sure I want to go until after the other shoe drops, though.

I rescheduled my flight to Wednesday, then to Thursday. Desperate when those flights were all canceled, it being midnight on Wednesday, I had my wife drive me to the Spokane Greyhound bus station. 26 hours later, I was in my Bay Area office, with two hours to spare before the movers arrived. It's been 38 years since I rode a Greyhound bus and the experience has not mellowed with age. You simply haven't lived until you have spent a two-hour layover in the Sacramento bus station at 3 am...or been scrunched up next to a guy with green hair and multiple body piercings for hours on end. I can personally testify that the third world has arrived in force.

I got a return flight today and came face to face with the New World Order. An hour just to get the rental car turned in. An extra level or two of ID checking, then one of the most cursory bag checks I have ever seen. I could have been carrying thirty pounds of plastic explosive aboard and they never would have known! And the airport was deserted -- of passengers -- on both ends. But there were about four times as many employees milling around as I have ever seen. It was Monty Python come to life, but inhabited by the spirit from Pet Sematary.

Between the fear of flying engendered by the recent hijackings, a serious economic downturn and the fundamental obnoxiousness of a bad system made worse, I predict hard times ahead for both the airline and car-rental industries. I know that I won't be flying down every week, as has been my custom for some time now. In fact, I think it might be time to find a way just to hunker down for a while in my out-of-the-way spot in the mountains.


As my wife drove up to collect me, I stepped out of the terminal with my bags just as an airport cop walked up and dumped on her for pausing at the curb, saying that wasn't allowed when her pickup isn't standing right there. I asked him what his problem was and the short, fat little white-haired guy launched into me, telling me that what he was saying to my wife was none of my business. Envision a red flag waved in front of a bull.

Before I disengaged, Shortfatlittle was threatening to arrest me and loudly demanding that I move on. He refused to give me his name or badge number. "I don't have to," a sentiment echoed by his superior, who I had on the phone within 10 minutes. Before I left the curb, I motioned over a guy who had been watching the whole thing, wanting the name of a witness for the administrative proceeding at which I was going to see this particular little reichsfuhrer reduced in rank. The witness said he thought the cop's attitude was reasonable in view of recent events. He has lots of company, it turns out.

A Harris Poll conducted shortly after the WTC tragedy found that 4 out of 5 Americans would trade "some freedom for more security in public places." Democracy in action.

At about the same time, our congressional leadership quickly passed a new antiterrorism bill, the provisions of which I have yet to review, but which reportedly include a provision allowing free access to and review of all Internet-based communications without a search warrant, probable cause or, even, reasonable suspicion.

I hate to join the Internet chorus, but it does look as though there has been a major shift in American society. I suspect this truly marks the beginning of many things, chief among them implementation of the New World Order.

This is war, like it or not. Modern war as fought by terrorists against tyrranical nations and, in turn, by those nations against their own citizenry in the form of control. Times have changed and events are moving too fast for subtlety.

This is war and we have had our first taste of the new war tactics. The rules have changed... again. They changed for the British when American revolutionaries sniped at them from the brush and they changed for America when the Viet Cong set booby traps such as poisoned pungi sticks set at the bottom of pits dug in pathways and covered over with palm fronds. The "rules" of war are made up by the victors of previous wars to protect their finer sensibilities. Thereby, they lay bare their vulnerabilities, of course.

Now it is easier to wage war if you are not a country with a physical location. It is easier if you don't announce your intentions by massing troops and acquiring ordnance. It is easier if you hit and run -- easier still if you just hit and forget about running.

First, let me reassure you that there likely will be no more hijackings. Logic dictates that the carnage of September 11 can occur only once. Never again will hijackers be able to subdue a planeload of people who know they will die if they don't do something - anything. Bin Laden may be a lot of things, but stupid is not among them. He knows he cannot play this card again. Besides, while we are busy fortifying the barn, the mad cow is out in the pasture, turning its attention to our other vulnerabilities.

Bin Laden has other options, almost infinite in number, given how open and trusting (fat and lazy, some would say, but I am not one of them) America has become. Biological weaponry seems the most logical next tactic. New York was an easy first choice for someone who objects to the way his cousins are treated by Israel. New York is the original habitat of the American Jew. Los Angeles, another serious concentration of Jewish interests in America, is the logical next target, with Miami not far behind. I'd like to have the gas mask concession stand at the corner of Wilshire and Santa Monica Boulevards during the upcoming unpleasantries.

We likely will move heaven and earth in running Osama Bin Laden to ground. Taking him out will not end it, however. Bin Laden is an effect, not the cause. There are countless others to take his place. This will not end until we end the reason for it.

It is amazing how few people seem to have any grasp on the why of the WTC's destruction. It is more amazing how few there are who seem even to care about the why.

David Kelley, Executive Director of something called "The Objectivist Center" in Poughkeepsie, thinks that "What makes them denounce America as the great Satan is nothing as superficial as Coca-Cola or blue jeans. It is our secular culture of freedom, reason, and the pursuit of happiness. They hate our individualism; what they want is an authoritarian society where thought and behavior are controlled by true believers. They hate capitalism as a system of trade, production, innovation, and progress; what they want is a return to a primitive mode of existence from which these "materialist" aspirations have been banished. They hate the political system of individual rights, the rule of law, and secular government; what they want is a tribal society ruled by command."

What complete and utter bullshit. Or, as my little girl would say, "Yeah....right." (Ah, if only I could get the right degree of condescension into the second syllable -- she seems naturally to have come by a sneer that I can only hope to achieve after floundering about in the midst of several hundred words.)

"Because we are the shining land of liberty" was the reason Seņor Bush gave for the WTC travesty during his first public address afterwards. Give me a break.

Because we are Israel's enforcer, that's why. Because we fund Israel to the tune of $10 million per day, a significant portion of which is used to kill Palestinians and advance the Zionist cause in the mideast. This isn't rocket science, boys and girls. We don't even need to think about it, because the terrorists themselves have told us repeatedly why they do it. In 1993, after the first WTC bombing, someone calling themselves the "Liberation Army Fifth Batallion" wrote the New York Times and threatened further assaults. The feds authenticated the letter, by the way.

The LAFB (probably not destined to become acronymized into "Laughing Boys") demanded that America stop interfering "with any of the Middle East countries interior affairs." They went on to explain that "The Americans must know that their civilians who got killed are no better than those who are getting killed by the American weapons and support. The American people are responsible for the actions of their government and they must question all of the crimes that their government is committing against other people, or Americans will be targets of our operations that could diminish them."

The Arabs really couldn't make a clearer statement of their complaint or the consequences to us for not changing. There should be no confusion today such as I see manifested at every turn in the media. Of course, it is the height of political incorrectness to question Israel or anything Jewish. As they say, to know a country's masters, you need only discover what group it is that nobody speaks of. In New York during the mid-1900's you never said the word "mafia" out loud in public. Today, you cannot speak of Jews without being roundly condemned at every turn.

It is time to lift the taboo against speaking about America's "inner party," its true ruling class. It is time to start openly talking about things Jewish and their implications for all Americans. It's time for Americans to examine what it means to be American in the 21st Century. We're not in your father's America anymore, Toto.

America has grown so accustomed to carrying Israel's water that America itself has become a genuine cause of its own discomfort, rather than yet another symptom of the Israeli compulsion to push in every direction until resistance is met. No, let me say it straight out, because Israel itself is really a shorthand for what I mean: The Jewish need to push until reigned in. Israel is like that because it is exclusively Jewish, after all. You have to be Jewish to have hardly any rights in Israel (e.g., to vote or own land).

Similarly, America has become obnoxiously aggressive because America is now Jewish owned, led and managed. There is not one single major media outlet that is not Jewish run. Only 2.5% of Americans are Jewish, yet 60% of the Fortune 1000 are Jewish owned or controlled. Virtually all the power positions in Clinton's administration were Jewish; Bush has not decreased the concentration by much. Incredibly few lemmings seem to realize any of this and therefore express confusion as to why the Arabs hate us so much.

The essay you are reading now is the absolute farthest that this line of discussion can reach today - and they are intent upon shutting down even this (witness the new law they passed last week). Though other writings of mine get wide circulation and have been posted regularly to a variety of Internet and written publications, I have no illusions that this will go any further than being passed around by members of the choir.

This is a vitally important issue and one that demands a dialogue at all levels of American society, so I do what I can, despite the consequences. I will not meekly submit to the shackles being forged for all of us by our masters at this moment.

Object if you like, but please remember that there is a reason you are on this list. Some are here for my politically incorrect mutterings. Some are here for my unbridled defense of free speech by unpopular people. Some are here for my support of families being ripped apart by tyrannical bureaucrats. Some are here because I pull no punches when taking on the establishment, no matter who is on the other side. All these have the same thing in common: I am opposed to injustice and unfair treatment of anybody. Another time and another place and I might have been defending black people from the Klu Klux Klan or white southerners from Reconstructionists.

I will never please everybody and I will not please anybody all the time. Several asked to be deleted from my list after my missive of the 12th, due to the comparatively gentle references I made to Israel. Many more asked to be added, however. I expect a larger flurry of such in both directions this time, too, since I have taken off the gloves now with regard to our true rulers.

How ironic that the most racist and exclusive country in the world (Israel) requires through its proxies that its toady (America) become the single most unracist and unexclusive country. Of course, by watering down the original stock, some argue, our masters ensure that their grip on power will not be removed forcibly. The extension of that argument is their explanation for the push to a one-world government, with the elimination of personal freedom that is thereby entailed and in the process of occurring in this country and elsewhere. Go along to get along, they say. Morally relativistic to a man (or woman), anything goes, so long as they stamp out those who speak out against tyranny and oppression. Free speech and every other component of the Bill of Rights necessarily have to go, of course, and we are well along the path to that end.

John Kucek, of Watchung, NJ, notes that "When the government declared War on Poverty, we got more poverty, when they declared War on Illiteracy we got more illiteracy, when they declared War on Crime we got more crime, and when they declared War on Drugs we got more drugs." Of course, Senor Bush just declared war on terrorism, didn't he? Gee, I wonder what we will get now....


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