Payback's A Bitch

by Victor Gerhard

Quite a picture -- a plane full of New York-to-Los Angeles commuters doing a wicked right hook into the Twin Towers. My biggest regret is that in all the carnage of that day, some non-liberal, non-race-traitor Whites lost their lives. The blame for their deaths is permanently on the heads of the bandit outpost called Israel, the leaders of the Jewish colony of America, and the White members of the cruise-missile crazy American Ruling Class. My second biggest regret is that the terrorists didn't concentrate their attack solely on our Rulers -- attack only race-traitors and Jews, blow up the holocaust propaganda center we were forced to pay for, destroy the TV stations and movie studios that control our thoughts, and take out the thousands of American-based Mossad offices that in a rare concession to local tradition are renamed the ADL, JDL, NAACP Legal Fund (Negro control unit), and SPLC.

But can we blame them for considering all of America to be enemy-held territory?

"It's another Pearl Harbor," the talking heads barked. Sure it is; didn't you see the lines of young men outside the offices of the local recruiting office? Yeah, there were lots of blacks, wetbacks, orientals, and tons and tons of "Muslim-Americans," and of course, numerous members of the race that rallies to defend America with their lives at every turn, "Jewish-Israelis."

What, no lines? How can that be, aren't we all "enraged" at this "senseless" and "unprovoked" attack against us? Since Muslims automatically become "Americans" at the very second they pass over a line drawn on a map, why wouldn't they be in a hurry to kill their fellow Arabs/Muslims in the name of the world's greatest Zionist power? And surely, the ragheads we did let in wouldn't be involved in this plot? In the immortal words of a former friend of mine, "immigrants are good people." That says it all.

This is all really too much. I'm on overload with all the piles of crap coming down on us. Right now the radio DJ is saying, "Be sure to shine your headlights to show your support." I guess he means support for this attack on "freedom," as our Rulers describe it. I also am hearing how this was an attack on multi-culturalism and diversity, though the media were careful not to use those exact words at this very delicate moment; it was an "attack on the best of America," because, you see, all races and religions worked in the World Trade Center.

Imagine the shock of those NY-to-LA commuters, about to spend a few hours looking down on the Great Unwashed, Middle America itself -- laughing at all the little "flyover people" as they covered the plane windows with their spit, when suddenly their weekend golf game gets cancelled. I'll bet one or two of them even thought about getting up out of their seats and fighting back, except it's against the rules to hit someone darker than you. And hey, the ragheads were armed with PLASTIC KNIVES, why, all the passengers had to fight back with was the leftover utensils from lunch, plastic knives and such. Thus dies a plane full of the descendants of Celts, Goths, Romans and Vikings, at the hands of the sons of camel herders. Did you hear the big "BAAA" as the sheep saw the Twin Towers loom in the window?

We are told the terrorists attacked "the symbols of America." They got that one right; those are the symbols of America -- the World Trade Center, and the Pentagon, the World War Center. Get used to it, that's what the rest of the world thinks of us, and for all practical purposes, that's what we now are.

And the shock, the freaking shock, at this attack! We never did anything to these people! Of course not; well, we send three billion dollars to Israel each year to fund their Palestinian-murdering and synagogue-building, and shell out another three billion or so under the table in various military and technology and loan schemes (the Jews could force us to GIVE the extra three billion, but they'd rather steal it from us). And every day, yes, even the day right before the "unprovoked" attack, we bombed Iraq again, for the millionth time. And sure, our former First Blowjob, Bill "on your knees" Clinton, bombed those minor blips of Afghanistan and the Sudan (those aren't real places anyway are they?) to get the newspapers to stop talking about his sperm stains covering the footsteps of James Madison on the rug of the Oval Office. But how could these ragheads in one country consider an attack on the Palestinians, or Sudan, or Afghanistan or Iraq, an attack on THEM? Don't they know that they shouldn't be concerned with who gets bombed in a place that is not within the same lines on the map as them? Don't they understand the rules that we made up for them -- race, religion and history don't matter, only trading blocs, and the geographical units of the World Government that have accepted U.S. TV transmissions, thereby handing the minds of their people to the Devil?

Now we are being flooded with appeals to our "patriotism," if you can believe it. You see, "America" (our children are taught at our schools with our money) stands for multi-culturalism and diversity and wiping out the last strand of DNA of the White Race; that is, until the Jews need some help in their Imperial Outposts of Israel and New York City. The Jews can spit on the Palestinians all they want, because they know that no matter how much trouble they stir up, their brethren in America will see that there are no repercussions. Military muscle and U.N. vetoes are at their disposal, and don't think those Arabs won't be slapped down if they get out of line; "compassion" means putting the needs of other people over the needs of your own children, but NOT over the needs of Jews. Boy, it took about 20 minutes for the word "tolerance" to disappear from our vocabulary. Jews are not required to tolerate anything they don't like. What but cattle would tolerate attacks on their race with the intention of wiping them out? What indeed.

But suddenly NYC, the big beanie itself, is under attack! How dare those Palestinians attack our Headquarters, the Jews scream! So the call goes out, back off on the anti-White stuff for a month, and pump out the "Patriotism" to the goyim cattle, so they will quickly agree to sacrifice their sons to save Zionism. Every freaking time we get in trouble, it suddenly becomes a White country again, and it's our duty to die to "defend" it. The Jews realize that there is no better and willing cannon fodder than properly brainwashed Whites. What else is the lesson of our Civil War, WWI, WWII, Korea, and Vietnam? Just as in the Soviet Union when the Germans attacked, suddenly the talk about Communism went out the window, and the screams to save "Mother Russia" began. Somehow it's tough to convince blacks, spics, and all our other infiltrators that they should kill themselves to save the parasites that suck them dry. Only Whites are that smart.

"God Bless America" everyone is saying. Forget that separation of church and state stuff that was being shoved down our throats yesterday. Today it's God. If an appeal to God is what it takes to get the White cattle to attack the Brown cattle, then God it is. "God" will get their minds off "Jews."

Another thing. Anyone who says, for the 50th year in a row, that no real revolution, (also called "violence against the Ruling Class"), is possible in America at this time, has been shown to be completely wrong. A handful of Arabs had the whole elite reeling -- NYC shut down, every plane in the nation on the ground, the Twin Towers destroyed, the Pentagon in flames, and the President and other officials running like scared rabbits. GB II told us about the "cowardly" attacks of the suicide bombers from a military base in northern Louisiana! Take a look at that, will ya? Mr. "Legalize the Wetbacks" suddenly sprints for the Whitest, most conservative place in the country when the bombs start going off. And notice the press conference, not many non-White faces, except for the Jews pulling the strings. "Danger, Danger!!" surround yourself with White people! Why didn't he run to the huge black ghetto encircling the White House? Couldn't a multi-cultural military force protect him FAR better than a bunch of White men? Why not run to New Yor -- sorry, to Miami, to Los Angeles, where all races could multi-culturally and diversity-like rally to his support?

He didn't, because these other races donšt consider themselves Americans -- only Whites are stupid enough to cling to that now grotesque and disgusting label. Only Whites are stupid enough to jump between a bullet and the President's Israeli puppet-handlers.

We've been told for decades that "America" is a black, handicapped, lesbian with AIDS, fresh off the boat from Haiti; but when they need protection, there isn't a "multi-cultural" face to be seen. Attack, White Boy! And we run to protect our "fellow-countrymen" who happen to live in New York City and Washington D.C. These people who have made a career out of destroying us, now they are suddenly "our fellow Americans." WE should be blowing up NYC and DC, not waiting for a bunch of camel jockeys to do it for us. Oh, what a laugh we have at those taxi-driver types, but they fight the Jews with everything they have, including their lives. Do Jews run the Arab countries and manipulate Arab lives? No. Arabs deserve their freedom, just as we deserve our slavery. GBII should have been grabbed by the citizens of Shreveport, as he stood practically defenseless in their midst.

And us White "revolutionaries," as the entire structure the Jews have built for themselves was shaking, as New York City and Washington collapsed into anarchy, as our Ruling Class suddenly realized the obvious -- there are not enough cops and soldiers in the world to protect them from all the enemies they have made, we sat and watched. Possibly the Arabs have been reading too much of our literature. Maybe they actually believed if they sacrificed themselves to do the big job on our Ruling Elite, we could take care of cleaning up the mess. They were wrong. God forbid, we aren't going to do anything "illegal"; "illegal" meaning all acts, words and thoughts outlawed by the people who have openly declared they will wipe every one of us off the face of the earth. Four freaking planes, four planes and the cringing and weeping and running was out of control. But we don't have our organization in place yet, maybe in another hundred years or so. See, unlike those people who don't study history, WE know that every revolution actually takes five generations before something happens. In fact, the longer we wait, the better our revolution is going to be. Boy, those Jews are gonna be sorry when the last 50 Whites on the face of the earth finally get organized in just the right way. Hey, let's laugh at Alex Curtis some more, boy, to actually DO something instead of just talk about it, what a fool.

Now the aftermath -- years of mawkish sentimentality for the victims of "terrorism" (and I thought terrorism was when someone bombed something WITHOUT using an airplane! Now I know that "terrorism" is violence Jews didn't order, as opposed to "fighting for freedom," which is Jew-commanded violence). And get ready for the coming crackdown; those Arabs attacked us, so Whites must sacrifice their freedom so Jews can stay in power. Why, if these Arabs had their way, a JEW couldn't strut down Madison Avenue in complete safety, knowing that not one White "extremist" or "hate-group" he routinely demonizes as incredibly dangerous would dare give him a dirty look!

Of course, the VERY day these acts happened, I heard "experts" (Jew propagandists) say that from now on, there will be far more "security" in America. More surveillance, more questioning, more probing, more keeping track of the movements of every one of us. How much you want to bet that the first people put in jail as a result of this "terrorist attack" will be White Americans who don't jump to knuckle under to our new Police State?

That brings up another thing; for all the talk of "war" and "Pearl Harbor," the President has no intention whatsoever of DECLARING "war." We haven't declared war since we declared war on Germany, in 1941. So we are not about to mess up a 60-year string of "police actions" now. No, in fact, as the President himself said, we are going to find those responsible for these acts and ARREST THEM! Wow, talk about retribution. Officer Krupke, get to work. (War, you see, is liable to rile up those Whites a bit too much, we don't want the Military running the show when the State Department is now top to bottom Kosher; and who knows, if body bags start piling up, someone is likely to ask, "What the hell for?" Or, "Why do we need to be in a 'World Government' with people who hate us?") As if our "multi-cultural" intelligence service and military are able to "arrest" anyone who hides in the swarm of one billion Muslims.

Of course, in their fury at their inability to stop these Palestinians, who actually are ready to give their lives for their people, our Jew masters are going to be looking for someone to take their rage out on. And all us goyim look the same anyway. So get ready for the full force of the "security" effort, the full force of the propaganda machine, to be focused on the only race in the world that will sit and nod its head as the Jews declare their intent to destroy it. Somehow, as crazy as it seems now, Whites, especially those few who don't accept every last shred of the Jewish plan for world domination, will bear the brunt of the punishment for this attack on Jew Central.

"Attack on America." As if this wasn't an attack on Zionism, as plain as could be. Notice, never is there any explanation of WHY these 'cowards' were willing to sacrifice their lives to strike at New York City and Washington D.C., the very heart of world Jewish power. No, see, it was "senseless", they had no reason. They just did it, hey, those Arabs are violent people, why, when they are bombed, shot and bulldozed by God's "Chosen People," they have the utter arrogance to throw ROCKS at (quiver with rage and disbelief) JEWS! They don't know enough (their cable stations don't even have HBO!), they don't know that the proper behavior is to act like Whites, lower your head in front of the gun so the Jew won't have to go to the trouble of actually aiming. Who do they think they are! Don't they realize they are standing in the way of the wishes of one-fifth of one percent of the world's population in its grotesquely evil plan to rule the earth from their thrones on top of a pile of White skulls in Jerusalem?

A handful of Arabs on the West Bank and in America do what we refuse to -- fight back against the Ultimate Evil, against Satan personified -- the Zionist Beast. And that Beast is planning to use us to protect them from the Arabs, as the radio plays "God Bless the U.S.A." for the fifth time.


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