The Sleepwalker's Lament

by I.L. Liberal

Was it all a dream then, this 'American Century,' this century of triumph and tragedy, arrogance and deceit, hypocritical idealism and muddled thinking, wretched excess and bad taste? Did we wake up on the morning of September 11, 2001, shake off the dust of the World Trade Center from our bloodied bodies, and awake with a shock to realize that we had been sleepwalking through the twentieth century?

For most Americans, unfortunately, the answer was 'no.'

They say it is dangerous to wake a sleepwalker. He may lash out, unaware, at his awakeners, and do them an injury. He may have been having a wonderful dream, and not want to be awakened. He may be angry at those who interfere with his dream world. So it is with White, gentile America and her pitifully small minority of awakeners. We awakened ones are surrounded by legions of sleepwalkers, who wander about unawares, in the grip of dreams that are not their own, which they cling to because they know no other.

The lament of America in the wake of the suicide bombings of the World Trade Center and the Pentagon is the sleepwalker's lament: the lament of childish illusions shattered, hopeless daydreams destroyed, and the unacknowledged, nagging uncertainty as to whether the dream-like pictures on TV are true reality or a deceptive lie.

They wander, sleepwalking, through the ruins, and they lament that their dreams are not what they used to be, that surely this is some new nightmare that will disappear in the morning hours, to be replaced by some more pleasant dream. Surely dawn will come, and the rubble, dust, and ash of Manhattan will dissolve like a mist and leave not a rack nor trace behind.

Perhaps it was always thus. Few are ever truly aware, certainly no one is constantly awake. The realm of dreams is necessary to humanity, as necessary as birth and death. We enter its realm at night, and although its memory fades with our awakening, the sovereignty of dreams holds sway over our waking life in ways we cannot understand, nor perhaps, even acknowledge.

The problem with our people is not that they dream, nor even that they sleepwalk, but that they dream dreams that are not their own. They do not dream true dreams, but the false, lying dreams of the Culture Distorters, the deceptive dreams of those who hate them. Having lost their way, our poor sleepwalkers wander into danger, oblivious. They are now in danger of wandering en masse into a truly horrific catastrophe, as they, egged on by the Culture Distorters, demand war and retribution against Islam.

Is not reality for most people as the TV portrays it? Does not the White Man do evil every hour on CNN? Is He not chastised on PBS and NPR? Does not the History Channel tell us daily that Hitler was evil and that any people who want to be free of the Culture Distorters, as the Germans did, must therefore be evil too? Isn't Osama bin Laden a monster, as our TV assures us, just as surely as it tells us that our military men are heroes for raining death and destruction on helpless foreigners, so long as these foreigners are those whom the Culture Distorters wish to destroy? Surely it must be so; for who dares to challenge the TV god, that oracular tool of the Culture Distorters and their overpaid lackeys and front men?

How then do we awaken the sleepwalkers? They have been taught to hate their awakeners. For them, the TV reality is the only reality. They call us sympathizers with terrorists, or cowards, or murderers, or anti-Americans, or isolationists, racists, fascists, nazis, or whatever else they have been taught to call us. Certainly they do not call us anything which they did not learn from their TV, or from those who obey their TV. The sleepwalkers may lament their plight, but they will not think for themselves nor ponder anything which does not come from their dream-like reality matrix, which some have called the 'Propasphere': that is to say, whatever they see or hear or learn from their TVs, or their radios, or cinemas, or books, magazines, newspapers, schools or universities, or any other tool that has been infiltrated and captured by our deadliest of enemies.

And yet some of us have awakened. Some of us are former sleepwalkers, who sleepwalk no more. And there seem to be more of us then there used to be. The TV cyclops is not omnipotent; Hollywood and MTV do not yet prevail over all. The Internet and other forums not yet controlled by the Culture Distorters provide some refuge for truth in the gathering gloom and darkness. Small islands of wakefulness gleam like scattered stars in the night. The sleepwalkers may march to their destruction, but they do not have to take everyone with them. It would be foolish to despair now, just when things are starting to get interesting.

The sleepwalkers are not yet aware of it, but, in the ominous words of an obscure rock band, "Something is coming." This awakened one feels that a great barrier has been crossed with the collapse of the World Trade Center. For one day, the false 'American Dream' began to waver and grow dim, while the 'American Century' seemed to draw to a close. For a few hours on September 11, 2001, the unacknowledged American Empire, and the Culture Distorters who control it, looked weak, disorganized, confused, and vulnerable. This is unprecedented. The sleepwalkers may lament their disturbed slumber, but soon they may be forced to awaken whether they will or no. Something is coming.


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