Reaction Sampler

A collection of post-attack thoughts...

compiled by Alex Linder

Part I: Unintended consequences...

A handful of A-rabs flying planes into buildings to destroy America isn't a pimple on the ass of what Jews have done to our country out of the coldness of their parasitic hate. Consider these accusations that fairly may be leveled at the Foulest Tribe:

1) Jews reversed traditional American immigration policies, filling our clean, White country with non-Whites to break down White cohesion and strengthen their political control. Some of the filler was Arabs who like to salaam and slam planes into tall buildings. Oops.

2) Jews destroyed the very idea of America by taking over Columbia Teachers College and pushing lies about the purpose and nature of education, and feeding the dumbed-down but "properly socialized" -- read "brainwashed" -- students pap about themselves, their ancestors, and their history. So now, when we need it most, "Patriotism is dead among the younger generation," as an enlistment officer puts it. Nobody wants to defend a country he's been taught by Jews is indefensible. Oops.

3) Well, maybe the dot-heads and ragheads and "Russian" Social Security scammers and West Nile-virus spreaders and beaners and welfare niggers will race down and put their names on the sheet. Oops. They've all been taught that Whitey owes them by those self-same Jews who hold themselves out as our moral exemplars. Why in the world would the undercoloreds sacrifice for such a wicked land? Oops.

White Man: Jewish policymakers have swapped White people and White civilization for darklings and disintegration. But they still expect you to run up that collapsing building and save their Jewish tuchus. And run over to Afghanistan and dig the mountain gremlins out of their lair to protect the Motherland. You are being played for a sucker by professional parasites, White man. Think of it this way:

Choosy Jews choose All-White Home Protection Service: Whites make the best cannon fodder! Chipper! Clean! Effective! Good to the last drop!

Yes, ladies, keep it safe and sparkling with All-White Home Protection Service. You can't go wrong, and your entire synagogue will thank you!



Which leads quite naturally to part two...

Part II: Propaganda points for fighting the Jews who use America....

"My wallet went to Israel, and all I got was this stupid T-shirt, I mean World Trade Center explosion."

We are looking here for the most effective terms, slogans and arguments for fighting the Jews who control the media and plan to feed White men into an Asian war to save Hymie's hide, which is like Naugahyde, but less valuable.

Make use of these points; ask these questions:

1) Remember the USS Liberty! This was the American ship attacked by our Jewish "ally" during the 1967 war. 34 Americans were murdered by Israel, which planned to sink the ship and blame it on Egypt. The attack was covered up by LBJ.

2) Ask what Israel has ever done for us except murder our fellow citizens, bleed our national coffers, and produce hundreds of millions of enemies...

Jews are the folks who never let up questioning motives in others, sowing doubt, demanding explanations. When Jews are attacked, it's all hands on deck, WAR and nothing but. Parallel to their self-praised irony and mocking, their Lenny Bruce acerbity and hutzpah. Mock them? They fall apart. They move to outlaw. They yelp for the squelch of "hate"-crimes law.

Jews never stop analyzing motives in others, but the minute they want War, to save their hide and hive, all questioning must cease. All hands on deck to save Israel. But I don't want to save Israel. Do you, White man?

3) Remind folks that we pay Israel $15 million a DAY to shoot children in the genitals and make America new enemies. What could you and your family and your neighbors do with the money that is stolen from you to make Jewish lives more comfortable? Why should Jews live out of your wallet, White man?

4) Israel creates hundreds of millions of enemies for America. Enemies we don't need. So far, about 500 million in the Arab world alone. And Israel created those enemies at the low, low price of only a couple hundred billion dollars since WWII. We've given Israel $100-$200 billion since 1948. Actually, if you count the cost of the money and throw in some other related costs, the figure is unquantifiable but much higher. The truth is, nobody really knows how much White money has been stolen from you and me and given to Evil Israel.

5) Israel is our enemy. Israel is our friend, say the Jews and their Smitherses. No. Israel is our enemy. Repeat that wherever you can so that Whites understand: Israel is our enemy.

6) Call gentile sycophants who push the Jewish line "Smithers." George Will, for example, is a Smithers. Smithers, for those of you who have killed the Televitz, is Mr. Burns's sycophantic factotum on The Simpsons. John Derbyshire is a Smithers. Any American who places Jewish intersts before American interests is a Smithers. I find Will-Smithers and Derbyshire-Smithers nice compounds. Of course, Smithers-Will or Smithers-Derbyshire are equally pleasant.

7) Point out that if the pilots been armed no plane would have been hijacked. Jews are the main voices pushing for gun control, which is properly termed White control, or White gun-owner control. At every point along the trail blazed by these terrorists, their way was made easier by laws enacted under Jewish pressure. Jews don't want any White man able to defend himself by word or weapon. Think about it: Jews have emasculated and feminized White males through public-school brainwashing, which made them less likely to physically resist the terrorists; their immigration allowed the bombers to get into and receive pilot training under preferential terms, thanks to Jew-led affirmative action; and Jewish hatred of White gun-owners led to restrictions that prevented pilots and passengers alike from mounting effective defense. No matter which angle you look at it from, the guilty party keeps turning up Jews.

8) Jews want to render Whites defenseless, whether by word or weapon, in order to prepare them for genocide. Just like they carried out in the Katyn Forest, where they decapitated Poland.

9) Zionism is racism.

10) George Washington opposed American involvement with Israel. No foreign entanglements, he wisely advised Americans when he left office. He spoke of the "illusion of imaginary common interests" -- keep this in mind next time some canting Jew pretends America and Israel are "in the same boat now." He said that a nation in the grip of another, whether by affinity or animosity, was rendered to some degree a "slave." Nothing could be truer than to say that America is held captive to Israeli interests. The Jews here and there say it themselves. Everybody knows it, you just can't write about it in the papers.

11) If supporting Israel is in America's interest, why is there a taboo against questioning it? Ideas and arguments are suppressed, generally, because they are true, not because they are false. Israel and its defenders have to smear and censor because their lies will not withstand open argument.

12) The race whose control over foreign policy produced the problems that led to the attack is the same race with the media power to obscure the causes and misdirect the response. America is run by Jews for the benefit of Jews -- and nobody may dispute this because of those same Jews' control over the mass media.

13) No way in hell my son will die for Israel.

14) I'm sick of sending my money and I goddamn sure won't sent my son to die for Israel to save the hides of the friends of Pollard and murderers of the Liberty.

15) Jews -- what are they? Friends of Pollard -- Enemies of the truth. FOP-EOT. Hit the "friends of Pollard" especially hard because it stings and there is no rebuttal. Jews by their own actions have proven that they are indeed our enemies.

16) End aid to Israel now. Quit subsidzing Jewish hate. Quit subsidzing Jewish racism.

Part III: Why were we bombed?

Why Were We Bombed? - Iraq (bombed and starved by sanctions, over 1 million dead, thousands killed in Gulf War)

- Palestine (US supports Israel in illegal occupation of West Bank and Gaza, thousands dead)

- Sudan (Factory producing children's pharmaceuticals bombed by US; mistaken for weapons factory)

- Serbia (Violating the Geneva Conventions on War, the US destroyed Belgrade's civilian infrastructure (bridges, water, sanitation)

What is being done in your name, White American? We bomb other people daily. Nobody cares. When they strike back for once, people cry and wave flags. A good American is a thinking American. A false patriot is a man who will do anything for his country but think. You serve your country when you think.

500,000 starved babies in Iraq


Dead Palestinian children next to parts stamped "Made in the U.S.A."


Near-daily bombings of Iraq for 10 years


$100 billion in support for Jews who torture and murder and practice apartheid against Palestine


"Because we're the brightest beacon for freedom and opportunity."

Yeah, that's it.

Part IV: Quotes

The blunt and quite ugly truth is that the United States has been at war for years that it started the war in the name of "spreading democracy," "building nations," "waging peace," "stopping aggression," "enforcing human rights," and all the other pious lies that warmongers always invoke to mask the truth, and that it continued the war simply to save a crook from political ruin. What is new is merely that this week, for the first time, the war we started came home and all of a sudden, Americans don't seem to care for it so much.
-- Sam Francis

To drop nuclear weapons on a Muslim nation after ignoring the no-fly zone of a Muslim nation would make this nation a target for terrorism on a scale beyond our wildest imagination. There would be waves of suicide squads, and not just bin Laden's. Nuking a Muslim nation would turn hundreds of law-abiding American Muslim citizens into fanatics.
-- Gary North

"The national security of America and the security of the world could be attained... if America disengages itself from its evil alliance with Zionism, which has been scheming to exploit the world and plunge it into blood and darkness, by using America and some Western countries."
-- Saddam Hussein

Nineteen years ago today, the greatest act of terrorism using Israel's own definition of that much misused word in modern Middle Eastern history began. Does anyone remember the anniversary in the West? How many readers of this article will remember it? I will take a tiny risk and say that no other British newspaper certainly no American newspaper will today recall the fact that on 16 September 1982, Israel's Phalangist militia allies started their three-day orgy of rape and knifing and murder in the Palestinian refugee camps of Sabra and Shatila that cost 1,800 lives. It followed an Israeli invasion of Lebanon designed to drive the PLO out of the country and given the green light by the then US Secretary of State, Alexander Haig which cost the lives of 17,500 Lebanese and Palestinians, almost all of them civilians. That's probably three times the death toll in the World Trade Centre. Yet I do not remember any vigils or memorial services or candle-lighting in America or the West for the innocent dead of Lebanon; I don't recall any stirring speeches about democracy or liberty. In fact, my memory is that the United States spent most of the bloody months of July and August 1982 calling for "restraint". No, Israel is not to blame for what happened last week. The culprits were Arabs, not Israelis. But America's failure to act with honour in the Middle East, its promiscuous sale of missiles to those who use them against civilians, its blithe disregard for the deaths of tens of thousands of Iraqi children under sanctions of which Washington is the principal supporter all these are intimately related to the society that produced the Arabs who plunged America into an apocalypse of fire last week.
-- Robert Fisk

This week's terrorist attacks demonstrate clearly for the first time the existence of a multi-national, global network of Islamic radicals and their sympathizers. The United States is gearing up for war against an enemy that may span half the globe and is comprised of thousands individuals and different organizations. The United States thinks it is going to war with bin Laden, Al-Qaida or the unnamed group directly responsible for this week's attacks. But taking down the infrastructure supporting these groups will require the U.S. to identify and dismantle the larger, global network. That, like dismantling the drug trafficking networks in Latin America, West Africa or Europe, will be a monumental task.
-- StratFor

But make no mistake: This was NOT an 'Attack on America,' as CNN and other networks are hailing. This was a strike at the heart of the Washington-led New World Order. Signs are unmistakable. Just look at the targets: The World Trade Center/Wall Street, the Pentagon... Some sources speculated that the hijacked plane that crashed in Pennsylvania might have been also destined for either the White House or the Capitol. America and Americans, meaning innocent civilians who perished today, are 'just collateral damage.' As Iraqi and Serb civilians were. We are now paying for aggressions and crimes against humanity that our government has committed. Just as Iraqi and Serb civilians were. We've become expendable. Just as Iraqi and Serb civilians were. So whenever you hear a politician or a media personality say that this attack was 'unprovoked;' that this was a murder of innocent 'men, women and children;' that it was a strike at the 'American way of life' - and no doubt you'll see and hear much of that in the next hours and days - try a role reversal. Imagine that you're listening to an Iraqi or a Serb politician using those words in reference to victims of American bombs. And then you'll get a fuller picture of what transpired today.
-- Truth in Media

It is amazing how few people seem to have any grasp on the why of the WTC's destruction. It is more amazing how few there are who seem even to care about the why. America has grown so accustomed to carrying Israel's water that America itself has become a genuine cause of its own discomfort, rather than yet another symptom of the Israeli compulsion to push in every direction until resistance is met. No, let me say it straight out, because Israel itself is really a shorthand for what I mean: The Jewish need to push until reigned in. Israel is like that because it is exclusively Jewish, after all. You have to be Jewish to have hardly any rights in Israel (e.g., to vote or own land). Similarly, America has become obnoxiously aggressive because America is now Jewish owned, led and managed. There is not one single major media outlet that is not Jewish run. Only 2-1/2% of Americans are Jewish, yet 60% of the Fortune 1000 are Jewish owned or controlled. Virtually all the power positions in Clinton's administration were Jewish; Bush has not decreased the concentration by much. Incredibly few lemmings seem to realize any of this and therefore express confusion as to why the Arabs hate us so much. The essay you are reading now is the absolute farthest that this line of discussion can reach today - and they are intent upon shutting down even this (witness the new law they passed last week). Though other writings of mine get wide circulation and have been posted regularly to a variety of Internet and written publications, I have no illusions that this will go any further than being passed around by members of the choir. How ironic that the most racist and exclusive country in the world (Israel) requires through its proxies that its toady (America) become the single most unracist and unexclusive country. Of course, by watering down the original stock, some argue, our masters ensure that their grip on power will not be removed forcibly. The extension of that argument is their explanation for the push to a one-world government, with the elimination of personal freedom that is thereby entailed and in the process of occurring in this country and elsewhere. Go along to get along, they say. Morally relativistic to a man (or woman), anything goes, so long as they stamp out those who speak out against tyranny and oppression. Free speech and every other component of the Bill of Rights necessarily have to go, of course, and we are well along the path to that end.
-- Edgar Steele

Last night on CNN, self-described "Christian Zionist", Jabba the Falwell, announced that "pagans" were to blame for Tuesday's strikes against the crud cabal that purchased this fat bastard his Israeli Lear-Jet several years ago, to show their appreciation of a (hand) job well done. Undoubtedly, we will be hearing many such statements from the "Christian right". I try to remind myself that there is really no reason to get pissed off about this because there isn't a damned thing that we can do about it. Anyone who listens to these pied pipers of White genocide and obscene kike-worship, and for one moment can take any of it seriously, has taken full (and probably permanent) leave of his/her senses.
-- Grant Bruer

Our foreign policy has been insane for decades. It was only a matter of time until Americans would have to suffer personally for it. It is a terrible tragedy of life that the innocent so often have to suffer for the sins of the guilty. When will we learn that we can't allow our politicians to bully the world without someone bullying back eventually? President Bush has authorized continued bombing of innocent people in Iraq. President Clinton bombed innocent people in the Sudan, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Serbia. President Bush, senior, invaded Iraq and Panama. President Reagan bombed innocent people in Libya and invaded Grenada. And on and on it goes.
-- Harry Browne

The sickest part of this whole thing is the fact that we are embarking on yet another campaign to make the world "safe" for predatory kikes and the White traitor filth who emulate them, and you know what, the dummies can't wait! We now have tens of millions of ostensibly White people mouthing the self-pitying, obnoxious "woe is me" nonsense of the jew. If something went wrong with their cars, these folks would want to know what it was so that they could avoid having it happen again, BUT if "their" Nation is attacked, they are content to turn it into a comic-book styled "good vs. evil" affair. This does not bode well for AmeReeka's future.
-- Grant Bruer

Part V: Extended clip from interview with bin Laden

As for what you asked whether jihad is directed against US soldiers, the civilians in the land of the Two Holy Places (Saudi Arabia, Mecca and Medina) or against the civilians in America, we have focused our declaration on striking at the soldiers in the country of The Two Holy Places. The country of the Two Holy Places has in our religion a peculiarity of its own over the other Muslim countries. In our religion, it is not permissible for any nonMuslim to stay in our country. Therefore, even though American civilians are not targeted in our plan, they must leave. We do not guarantee their safety, because we are in a society of more than a billion Muslims. A reaction might take place as a result of US government's hitting Muslim civilians and executing more than 600 thousand Muslim children in Iraq by preventing food and medicine from reaching them.

So, the US is responsible for any reaction, because it extended its war against troops to civilians. This is what we say. As for what you asked regarding the American people, they are not exonerated from responsibility, because they chose this government and voted for it despite their knowledge of its crimes in Palestine, Lebanon, Iraq and in other places and its support of its agent regimes who filled our prisons with our best children and scholars. We ask that may God release them. . . .

After the collapse of the Soviet Union in which the US has no mentionable role, but rather the credit goes to God, Praise and Glory be to Him, and the Mujahidin in Afghanistan, this collapse made the US more haughty and arrogant and it has started to look at itself as a Master of this world and established what it calls the new world order. It wanted to delude people that it can do whatever it wants, but it can't do this. It leveled against me and others as many accusations as it desired and wished. It is these (accusations) that you mentioned.

The US today as a result of the arrogant atmosphere has set a double standard, calling whoever goes against its injustice a terrorist. It wants to occupy our countries, steal our resources, impose on us agents to rule us based not on what God has revealed and wants us to agree on all these. If we refuse to do so, it will say you are terrorists. With a simple look at the US behaviors, we find that it judges the behavior of the poor Palestinian children whose country was occupied: if they throw stones against the Israeli occupation, it says they are terrorists whereas when the Israeli pilots bombed the United Nations building in Qana, Lebanon while was full of children and women, the US stopped any plan to condemn Israel.

At the time that they condemn any Muslim who calls for his right, they receive the highest top official of the Irish Republican Army (Gerry Adams) at the White House as a political leader, while woe, all woe is the Muslims if they cry out for their rights.

Wherever we look, we find the US as the leader of terrorism and crime in the world. The US does not consider it a terrorist act to throw atomic bombs at nations thousands of miles away, when it would not be possible for those bombs to hit military troops only. These bombs were rather thrown at entire nations, including women, children and elderly people and up to this day the traces of those bombs remain in Japan. The US does not consider it terrorism when hundreds of thousands of our sons and brothers in Iraq died for lack of food or medicine. So, there is no base for what the US says and this saying does not affect us, because we, by the grace of God, are dependent on Him, Praise and Glory be to Him, getting help from Him against the US.

As for the last part of your question, we are fulfilling a duty which God, Praise and Glory be to Him, decreed for us. We look upon those heroes, those men who undertook to kill the American occupiers in Riyadh and Khobar (Dhahran). We describe those as heroes and describe them as men. They have pulled down the disgrace and submissiveness off the forehead of their nation. We ask Allah, Praise and Glory be to Him, to accept them as martyrs.

But I say if the American government is serious about avoiding the explosions inside the U.S., then let it stop provoking the feelings of 1,250 million Muslims. Those hundreds of thousands who have been killed or displaced in Iraq, Palestine, Lebanon, do have brothers and relatives. They would make of Ramzi Yousef a symbol and a teacher. The U.S. will drive them to transfer the battle into the United States. Everything is made possible to protect the blood of the American citizen while the bloodshed of Muslims is allowed in every place. With this kind of behavior, the U.S. government is hurting itself, hurting Muslims and hurting the American people.

Q) Mr. Bin Ladin, if you had an opportunity to give a message to President Clinton, what would that message be?

BIN LADIN: Mentioning the name of Clinton or that of the American government provokes disgust and revulsion. This is because the name of the American government and the name of Clinton and Bush directly reflect in our minds the picture of children with their heads cut off before even reaching one year of age. It reflects the picture of children with their hands cut off, the picture of the children who died in Iraq, the picture of the hands of the Israelis with weapons destroying our children.

The hearts of Muslims are filled with hatred towards the United States of America and the American president. The President has a heart that knows no words. A heart that kills hundreds of children definitely, knows no words. Our people in the Arabian Peninsula will sent him messages with no words because he does not know any words. If there is a message that I may send through you, then it is a message I address to the mothers of the American troops who came here with their military uniform walking proudly up and down our land while the scholars of our country are thrown in prisons. I say that this represents an a blatant provocation to 1,250 million Muslims.

To these mothers I say if they are concerned for their sons, then let them object to the American government's policy and to the American president. Do not let themselves be cheated by his standing before the bodies of the killed soldiers describing the freedom fighters in Saudi Arabia as terrorists. It is he who is a terrorist who pushed their sons into this for the sake of the Israeli interest. We believe that the American army in Saudi Arabia came to separate between the Muslims and the people for not ruling in accordance with Allah's wish. They came to be in support of the Israeli forces in occupied Palestine, the land of the "Israa" of our Prophet (PBUH). -- Osama bin Laden

Part VI: Conclusion

The attack was a response to problems created by the same Jews who obscure the causes of them. Their dual control over media and foreign policy allows Jews to operate in their own interests while camouflaging their actions and interests and selves as "American." We get the hate and the dead bodies. They get the money and munitions. I've said it before, and I'll say it again:

No Way Out But Through the Jews, White man.


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