Who Will Fight This War?

by Derek Powling

President Bush was just on television wishing Israel and the Jews a happy new year, warning to expect casualties, explaining that we are embarking on "a new type of war," and is now on his way to visit a mosque.

This "new type of war" is really nothing new. We have Navy Seals, Army Special Forces, Army Airborne Ranger Battalions, Air Force Pararescue and Combat Control Teams, Marine Force Recon, Marine Special Operations-Capable Expeditionary Units, and other specific counter-terrorism units all ready for this. Despite our overall military personnel situation, the ranks of these units are predominantly White. These White Americans will die killing Arabs. Israel is the only winner in this war.

Numerous countries harbor terrorists, can we get them all? Who exactly will be our target? Any country that harbors terrorists or trains them? I have news for you. Plenty of would-be terrorists are right here in the United States. At least two American flight schools trained the pilots who rained fire on us last week. Potential targets exist in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya, Syria, and Iraq. Other "moderate" Arab nations such as Saudi Arabia and Jordan also have subsets of the population that are anti-American. How do you go to war against a "movement?"

A few White Americans have become racially aware enough to strike out at Arabs living here. They have been condemned as bigots, and the director of the FBI has promised to bring the full power of "federal hate crimes" laws down on them. I heard no talk of expelling Muslims or placing immigration restrictions on non-Whites from hostile countries, let alone in general. Far fewer of us have sniffed out the real problem, the Jews and their state of Israel. Our support of them, their policies, and our ignoring their acts against Palestine have brought this hate and these atrocities upon us. We were flat out warned that this would bring us into the Arab-Israeli "war" and that Arabs would bring this war to America if we did not desist.

Now we are going to kill more Arabs. This will serve to create more hatred for us and more terrorists for them. This "new" unconventional war waged on the ground by special operations personnel will serve as yet another way to drain more prime White physical specimens from our gene pool. This conflict of the Jew and Muslim, ancient and neverending, will be fought by our White Americans. Yet again our finest will be disproportionally cut from our population. They descended from the Pictish ancient inhabitants of central and Northern Scotland. They descended from the Norse Men who conquered Normandy in the 10th Century. They descended from the Germanic speaking Saxons and Anglo-Saxons. They descended from the Gaulish invading Celts. They descended from the English/Scottish Border Ridings settlers. They then came to these shores, tamed the land, and built a civilization that was the envy of the world. They have invented and created wonders. Now more will vanish from the earth, "replaced" in number only by the shit of the world that flock here to benefit from our labors.

Have you seen lines at the recruiting stations? I have not. Where are all the "Arab-Americans," dot-heads, Somalis, and other immigrants? Why are they not lining up to defend and retaliate for this attack on "their" nation? Are Jews flocking to fight in this war? No, nor have they ever. The majority of the Blacks and Hispanics without criminal records that are literate enough, fit enough, and off drugs are already in the military. However, they mainly fill the support units and unskilled (i.e.-non-special operations) fighting positions. Despite numerous efforts to reduce standards, they are still relatively "under-represented" in the special operations community.

I wish I was a great orator, or could write with the power to sway minds. I wish I could rouse the population with a "lend me your ears"-caliber work like in Shakespeare's Julius Caesar. Sadly, I am not and cannot. All I can ask is that you let as many people possible know why we were attacked, that you tell as many people as possible how our support of the Jew has brought this on us, and that you ask as many people as possible why more White men should die for the Jew.


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