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March/April 2002

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Kievsky 'Outed' by Scared Boston Hate Jews

Now, he finds himself drawing the interest of the FBI and causing town meeting members to revisit the debate over when free speech ends and hate begins. This article's a pretty standard smear. At every step the dishonest Jewess "reporter" pushes the agenda of her felonious friends at the ADL. What Jews like ADL, aided by Adelson, are doing is making up smear terms to encircle any resistance to their agenda: 'hate' or 'intolerance,' then treating these made-up-from-whole-cloth terms as though they are substantial, legal categories, and treating them that way in their media, pushing towns to adopt proclamations lending them weight, pushing model legislative acts to bring that legal reality from de facto to de jure. Jews always lie about reality before remaking it. "There was no revolution," said one of their most prominent sixties activists. "We just said there was until it came true." Besides the usual lie that "hate" speech is somehow different from any other First Amendment protected political speech, the Jewish criminals are quick to imply -- they never say flat out -- that using such leads to FBI investigation and is "shadowed" by violence. Someone else swinging a baseball bat comes after a guy speaking his piece at a town meeting -- think Norman Rockwell painting -- and the Jewess "reporter" and the crooks at the ADL she fronts for make it sound like he's the one responsible for the physical attack. The entire piece is a paragon of the Jewish art: dishonest and misleading. Nice work, Jen. THE JEW IS YOUR ENEMY, WHITE MAN.

McCloskey Battles the Hate Jews

Part two here. "The primary view of the ADL is that Jews should not be stereotyped or guilty by association," he continued. "Yet you see them trying to discredit people by virtue of their association." The article, as one would expect in the Semitic media, focuses on whether or not McCloskey is a closet "anti-Semite," 'anti-Semite' itself being a meaningless term -- even as it purports to be an "investigation" about the inner workings of the ADL. The reporter's email is at the bottom -- feel free to ask him just what the piece "exposes." How does it differ from any other piece about someone Jews hate?

Our One-Sided Media

Another great Carol Ward piece. The sort of thing Lew Rockwell would love to publish -- if he had testicles. But no, better to rant safely about the attack on WTC as an attack on capitalism! Better than The Onion, it's! Jews make their case for warmongering. No rebuttal allowed. Then we sit back and watch our boys die and our buildings explode. No connection made. The Hebrew Klan is dragging America into a tar pit. The destruction of the Jew is the price of White freedom. Dig the excellent Sobran commentary included. Scupulously fair and scathing. More than that, a real talent not so much for epigram as for perfectly distilled insight. Here it's 'anti-Semitic' meaning, essentially, 'insubordinate.' Quite right: "anti-Semitic" is 99% of the time simply a cheap term for 'opposed to the Jewish agenda,' and, as I like to say, there is only one true definition of anti-Semite: non-Jew. All goyim are lesser degrees of Arab to the kike. And he's right in saying there is no single term to denote jewish hatred of non-jews. We need one. I'm going to put on my thinking cap, send me your ideas, readers, if something occurs. All that is necessary for Jews to fail is for White men to do something. Sobran, Ward, Kievsky are doing something. How about you, White man?

Goebbels on the Jews and Their Machinations

The problems we have with Jews today are the same ones the Germans and other Europeans had in the 20th century. Jews don't change their stripes. They are vicious, treacherous parasites, always have been. We must rid ourselves of them. Consider the stories above this. The experience, findings and opinions of Sobran, Freeman, Ward mirror what Goebbels' sees and says about the Jews: Jewry is a tabu theme in the enemy countries. It stands outside every legal boundary and thus becomes the tyrant of its host peoples. While enemy soldiers fight, bleed and die at the front, the Jews make money from their sacrifice on the stock exchanges and black markets. If a brave man dares to step forward and accuse the Jews of their crimes, he will be mocked and spat on by their press, chased from his job or otherwise impoverished, and be brought into public contempt. Even that is apparently not enough for the Jews. They want to bring Soviet conditions to the whole world: to give Jewry absolute power and freedom from prosecution. He who objects or even debates the matter gets a bullet in the back of his head or an axe through his neck. There is no worse tyranny than this. This is the epitome of the public and secret disgrace that Jewry inflicts on the nations that deserve freedom.

Hatred of Evil Kikes Builds in Europe

Your day is coming, Hymie.

Graham's Kid Explains

Pop loved the kikes! He was just a teensy-weensy bit worried about the circle of dirt at the tippy-top of that august mountain of first-rate gefilte fish.

Izzy Wants No Coverage

Harassing, shooting journalists. Here on possible successor to Arafat. Here on what the killer kikes are up to in Ramallah and other areas. Here Israel cries the media aren't far enough on its side. Here on Izzy impotence in the face of suicide bombers. Has any people in history been as hatable as the Jews? Nope. Here some of the few Hate Jews who remain in South Africa after their race destroyed it mewl and caterwaul for the home team. Here White-hating Canadian kike Cotler says UN is biased against his nation.

Jews Set Up, Jews Knock Down

This material flows like water -- the standard is-but-isn't treatment of "extremists," i.e., those who disagree with Jews. A tiny band of pathetic misfits -- yet a deadly threat to world Jewry! Ignore them -- but watch them! Watch, now, and keep giving money to fight them! Here, some Fischel, hewing carefully to the line, affects to review books by Goldberg and Ronson. You could have handed him two bricks and gotten the same result -- he already knew what he wanted to say. Established facts about the destructive Jewish behavior which is plain for all to see? "Anti-Semitic canards," "vacuous" "conspiracy theories." All "notions," "paranoia" -- a clinical term, meaning "fear of that which is not real." Anyone noticing anything wrong is ill, you see. Goyim are weak and stupid, too -- "conspiracy an antidote to powerlessness, and equips groups with the means to contest forces that they cannot comprehend." Now, let's set one up! Here, the standard Jewish tactic of reductio ad absurdum -- earnestly pretending not to understand the basic premise, in order to reduce a serious matter to ridiculousness. Ready? Laugh! "Jon Ronson, a [Jew]...tackles the same subject in a more humorous and light-hearted manner...Ronson, who spent two years living among assorted antisemitic conspiracy-minded types...found that they had one belief in common: that a tiny elite - the 'Them' of the book's title, consisting of Zionist bankers and global elitists - rule the world from inside a 'secret room' where they start wars, elect heads of states [sic], set the price of oil, conduct bizarre rituals and control the media. Ronson's informative and entertaining book revolves around his journey to determine if the secret room really exists... needless to say, Ronson never finds the secret room." Now, let's knock it down! Straight faces, everyone! All of this "should be taken with the utmost seriousness" even though author and reviewer are both laughing up their sleeves. "Ronson, unfortunately, fails to do so, and this is his book's weakness. In the process of exposing the vacuity of conspiracy beliefs, Ronson betrays a certain amount of sympathy for the extremists that he encounters. By allowing himself to be charmed by their sincerity, Ronson reduces these zealots to harmless cranks and negates their danger." Danger! The alarm bell shrills again! Jews never tire of this. Luncheons, book-signings, speaking engagements, TV appearances, reviews, sequels -- and checks all around! It's Good For Jews! This flood of fearful, frantic Fischel-fuss, this ceaseless yammer of What Might Happen To Jews If We're Not Careful which fills your every waking moment, is a vast industry -- exhausting, noxious and as maddening as a swarm of biting flies. It guarantees that It Will Happen To Jews -- as It has over and over again, down through history. It Must Happen To Jews, if we are ever to have a moment's peace. No Jews. Just Right.

U.S. Should Get Out of Middle East

So says Rep. Ron Paul... Buchanan says the Pals are winning.

Israel Needs 'Image Management'

The land of the kinder, gentler murderer... Here on human shields and izzies shooting at reporters. More on the media-kike battles. An Israeli citizen interested in a more complex picture of reality has to rely on the remote control and the computer mouse. "I've been here many years but I don't remember such a dark period in the Israeli press," complained one foreign correspondent, who indeed has been here many years. But even if he slightly exaggerated, it's not a totally unrealistic assessment. Here on Berkeley kikes who say they plan to join the Israeli army after graduation. How can these "American" kikes join a foreign army? It's simple: when you're Jewish, standard rules don't apply. Special rules for special people. A 1967 Supreme Court decision protects those who serve in a foreign military from conflicts arising from their dual citizenship. "It used to be the rule that if a citizen served in another army (the government) revoked your citizenship," said Jesse Choper, a professor of constitutional law at Boalt Hall School of Law. "(Now) Congress does not have the power to take away citizenship unless the government can prove the person wanted to intentionally relinquish his citizenship." ONE STANDARD FOR JEWS, ANOTHER STARNDARD FOR THE REST OF US.

Britain: Kikes Beyond Criticism in Liverpool

Kikes define any opposition to their agenda as criminal. Here's one of the thousands of manifestations of their insistence that any criticism of a Jew is immoral and should be illegal. Of course, Jews themselves are perfectly free to go on lying, smearing, distorting and misrepresenting as usual. ONE STANDARD FOR THE JEWS, ANOTHER STANDARD FOR THE REST OF US. Then, after having criminalized all opposition, they start crying when somebody fights back. And here, Jews in Berlin are under attack, albeit by non-Germans. We'll take it. They say that criticizing the Jew is a crime. Perhaps one day different men will say being a Jew is a crime. Here on the unsuitability of abstinence in sex-ed.

'Groid-Hating Yahoodi Charged with "Hate" Crime

That poor, poor BMW... Meanwhile, Cin's heating up as 'groidcott continues against civilization, indoor plumbing and non-grub-eaters in general. Check this choice morself of 'groidgrok: In letters seeking national support, one of the chief boycott organizers wrote: "Police are killing, raping, planting false evidence, and along with the prosecutor and courts are destroying the general sense of self-respect for black citizens." Poor 'groids. Nature left them without the tools to negotiate, books and buildings. Then Marse Yahoodi planted the chip with the endless blame-whitey loop. Things were so much easier back on the savanna, chucking spears and listening to the gentle buzz of the tse-tse flies. Here ape Tyson registers as a sex-offender. Apparently cannibals aren't required. Just goes to show, you can pay a nigger a billion, but it doesn't change his essence. Nigger, jew lies to the contrary, isn't a product of culture or lack of money or white racism. Nigger is. We don't ask much of our heroic billionaire sports niggers. Just to refrain from eating people and raping their sisters. We ask too much. Here a darky learns her kittens to swim in a gunnysack. Here the conventional unwisdom about test gaps. As well pretend niggers skins are culturally blackened. Here we see that niggers can't hack the elite military squads, cry bigotry. Niggers are like that. When they aren't raping your sister, eating your brother, they're demanding extra money from your wallet and blaming you for their inability to add two and two or spell 'cat.' The tse-tse fly knows what a nigger's good for, I sure don't.


Latest here... Cornell Tyrone LaShawn Cornbread Jr gots ta get paid, yo! What would a black man do with 40 acres? Same thing as it'd do with a porch. What would it do with a mule? Fuck it. I didn't have to tell you that, did I? Maybe we can compromise: instead of 40 acres and a mule, how 'bout a 40-oz upside the head and a kick in the ass? Are ya feelin' me bro? Nigger's just another word for...nothing left to loot. Brothaman don't want to work, just live off the other man.

Statue of Chavez, Lying Leader of Lettuce-Picker In Sacramento...

The Jew-driven cultural displacement of the creative, productive European-American culture continues. Here a bejugged kike writes book. Mumiawitz, it's!

Jews Miss Marx

Funny. In New York, missing statues of Marx and Engels produce "dismay at the further erosion of the 'Jewish feel' of the neighborhood." Glad to hear it. Communism is Jewish. White men don't wave red flags.

Super Saturday! Sportsmen Spark Several Synagogues -- "Such Suffering," Semites Sob

Zionist-occupied America is a pariah, a leper among nations; the U.S. stands alone, hated by the world for its support of Israel. Little news of European protests has reached our TV screens; Yids always agonize over whether or not to publicize anti-Jewish actions. It's great fun to watch them squirm, torn between currying sympathy and inspiring imitation. "Well, people need to know, but at the same time we don't want to be giving them ideas..." "The latest violence apparently was sparked by indignation aroused by pro-Palestinian demonstrations in France, Germany and Greece on Saturday. Lyon and Strasbourg witnessed the largest of these protests, with turnouts estimated at 6,000 and 3,000, respectively, while police reported smaller showings in Toulouse and Marseille." While Americans -- apparently not bothered by 9/11, and happy to pay $10 billion per year to tiny, useless Israel even if it means working three jobs -- sat at home watching "sports," in Lyon, "approximately 15 hooded men drove a car through the large wooden doors of a synagogue in the Jewish neighborhood of La Duchere and then set it on fire." That's enterta-a-ainment! "Arson in Marseilles completely leveled the 4,800-square-foot Or Aviv synagogue...reactions in the Jewish community ranged from hurt to outrage, but nobody seemed very surprised." It's been going on for thousands of years -- for no reason at all, Jews'll be quick to tell you. Pack your bags, Jews. Fire the maid, cancel the newspaper, stick those diamonds up your tuchus, and get that extra passport out from under the cushion. Time to make aliyah. You know the drill -- and sooner, rather than later? We haven't got all day.

Border Agents Muzzled

Those on the front lines often speak about the fact that the INS is only there to pretend something is being done about shitskin invaders.

Dictator Abe

Jewish name, jewish tactics. Here Sobran on today's star-of-david-eyed warons. Here a good article on the U.S.'s economic prospects in coming decades.


Myths and myth-destroyers... His book, named after the Celtic god Toutatis, is significant because it attacks the legend that forms the basis of the modern French state. Schoolbooks, for instance, peddled the idea that France was a single geographical and cultural entity. They also perpetuated the widely held belief that the French character derived from two sources: the undisciplined but likeable Gauls and the rational, centralised administration imposed on them by the Romans. Such ideas are false, M Goudineau says, yet they permeate all levels of French society. President Chirac, for example, had accumulated failure upon failure during his term of office, but remained popular because his roots were seen to be deep in the Gallic myth: a healthy appetite for food, alcohol and women, a strong sense of humour and an ability to resist in adversity.

Media: WSJ Down

Evil Jew paper supports 'round-the-clock war and 'round-the-clock death-by-shitskin.

Horowitz, Arab-Hater

Life is so nice when you control the media. You invest decades in demonizing the one group of folks that truly understood what your race was up to. Then if anybody comes along who hints at similar epiphanies, you've got a readymade label to slap on em. Arabs are Nazis! Special pleading at its finest. Here Sharon prepares to assassinate Arafat. Here on EU trying to make jew-crit illegal. Special rules for Special Pets.

South Africa: Unholy Hell

Putting a votes on nogs is as absurd as putting sweaters on dogs. There are only two kinds of people in South Africa, goes a local saying, those who believe there are no problems, and those who believe there is no hope for the future. Ever hear about this from the Jewish media: Then there are the farm killings of whites. South Africa has 40,000 white farmers. Over 1,200 have been murdered since 1994 and another 7,000 attacked. This makes the white Afrikaner/Boer farmer the highest at-risk murder group on Earth. Here on new book about guns saving lives.

Victimology Writ Large

A review of Michael Moore's new book Stupid White Max Power

U.S. -- Under Izzy's Thumb

ZOG is real. Israel First, says Norman Podhoretz. Israel First, says his foolish son. Israel First, screams David Horowitz. Israel First, says Wm F Buckle. Israel First, says the entire commentariat. Israel First, says the Pentagon. Say we: THE JEW IS YOUR ENEMY, WHITE MAN. As the IDF's idea of Easter programming attests, the Israeli offensive projects the essential character of the degraded Israeli "democracy" - a lust for domination. After all, why does a robber, having already looted the till and gone halfway out the door, turn and shoot his victim? Because he can. For one moment, he is a god, his power to inflict death, at will, is orgasmic proof of his omnipotence. However, for a certain type of killer there is no such thing as a clean kill: he must torture his victim until the last moment, extracting every ounce of perverted pleasure out of the experience. This sadistic impulse is what drives the IDF and the Sharon government forward -- and gives their American amen corner a really cheap thrill. Raimondo's got it exactly. The little con and their kike masters really do get off on mass murder; that vicarious trembling bloodlust explains most of their veneration of Churchill. All this war and misery -- these neocons absolutely relish it, they love it. Because there's no personal cost.

No News Jews

They want to mass-murder in peace and quiet. Here on Jews' treatment of non- Jews. Here on Orwell and language corruption. Murder, Jew style. Here they murder Arafat's guard. Jews and child pornography here. While their brethren kikes in the media promote same here. They work together, these Jews. Who owns your senator or rep? Read here. MSNBC says it's warring narratives. Is the U.S. arranging for Arafat to go into exile in Morocco?

Sharon, Quintessential Jewish Terrorist and Racist

Sharon has made it clear by word and action that he will do anything to advance Israel's interests. The Israelis are just arrogant enough that they believe they can get away with anything. The minutes they think it is in their interest to mass slaughter the Palestinians, they will do so. Here on the Jews' Own 4,000 WTC missings. All of which turned up safe, perhaps they spent 9/11 off drinking Manischewitz and waiting for the all-clear on their beepers. Here the Jews threaten Syria. Here terrorist Sharon attacks Arafat for being a junior-grade version of himself.

Jews Murder

When two elderly Israelis admitted on German television that they had been part of a death squad controlled from Tel Aviv who, half a century ago had tried to poison with arsenic thousands of suspected Nazis held in an American prison camps near Nuremberg, the city's senior public prosecutor, Klaus Hubmann, decided he could not ignore the startling claim. The result is an unprecedented legal investigation that Hubmann admits could have consequences even he cannot foresee. Ultimately it could involve Israel's former prime minister, Yitzhak Shamir, being questioned, along with Rafi Eitan, the former director of operations for Mossad. The immigration invasion, a Jewish production, is ruining America.

Himmler's Posen Speech

Ygg says we need to work on our dual code to understand and combat the Jew. Here on a fight at a KKK rally. Here Marines to practice infiltration in Boise.

Jews Aren't Funny -- Not Even Once A Year

Yid steps out of character, makes effort to amuse...herself, takes enormous, knee-skinning pratfall. Is there a single Gentile at National Public Radio? Here, some Julie Rovner's idea of an April Fool's Day joke -- a phony news item about federalized "Universal Pet Care." She undoubtedly thought that it would send "right-wingers" -- anyone who doesn't agree with Jews -- right through the ceiling, but after decades of tikkun olam, one outrage after another as Jews "re-make the world," the story fell upon our ears as only a minor annoyance, a buzzing fly. "That won't pass." Even the "$345 trillion" figure struck us as merely another error on the part of the announcer. "Idiots. They must mean $345 million." Tiny parasite Israel costs us $10 billion per year -- which sum buys the hatred of a large part of the world -- and Americans make not a sound. What with drugs, pornography, feminism, deindustrialization, "gun control," "civil rights," "affirmative action," destructive immigration, "multiculturalism," "values clarification," and "The Mook" literally swimming in shit on MTV, why would anyone even blink at a benign, beneficial, bird-boosting bureaucracy, providing prompt, professional parrot prophylaxis? With hundred-story buildings exploding in fireballs, collapsing into the street, why carp about clean, cozy, cost-controlled canine clinics on every corner? Let's ask down at the mall! "I was like, that's a good idea," Todd says, helping Caitlin buckle sons Zachary and Chad into the SUV. "Deedle!" Oops! The cell phone. Thought stopped in this country about 80 years ago. With niggers destroying White urban civilization, with grade school boys sucking each other off in class, and with the Mexican reconquista flooding across the border, why would anyone be surprised by something so minor as the "animal rights" movement taking what, for them, is the next logical step? No hoax, this "Animal Rights Legal Foundation. Here, the real-life "International Institute For Animal Law." Here, Salon piece on "personhood for animals;" "[The] Declaration on Great Apes" asks to extend "the community of equals to include all great apes: human beings, chimpanzees, gorillas and orangutans." Jew lawyers smell vast profit in defending critters; "California pet lawyer Michael Rotsten's efforts on behalf of dogs could have a surprising payoff: TV producers are calling to ask about his practice. Some of the animals he has saved are already celebrities. 'When I defended Boo, a bull mastiff in Orange County, there were at least three TV crews at the courthouse every day, and we made People magazine,' he says." Here, Canadian plans for "Government low-income pet assistance subsidy." Can Medicat, Medicow be far behind? Our lack of reaction when we heard Rovner's ribbing on the radio -- hardly looking up -- is indicative of just how far to the left Jews have pushed the frame of reference in the former America. NPR sounds like this all day, every day -- not just April 1. It's a parody of itself -- how could anyone possibly notice "satire?" Where Jews abound, insanity is routine, unremarkable, part of daily life. No joke, Julie. No Jews -- Just Right.

Bredenkamp, Race Traitor

Anything for money... Here close-up on Mugabia.

Bullet Tax: Competent White Men Subsidize Violent, Stupid Niggers

At the behest of the kike. Forcing Whites to subsidize minorities is every bit as genocidal as a bullet to the back of the head. This subsidization has a million forms. Another one is giving shitskin invaders privileged rates to attend state colleges set up for and by citizens, as Utah's Leavitt favors here. We play the great game of make-believe, here that negroes are as intelligent as Whites, and I just have no idea why 'groid "teachers" can't pass simple tests. Do you?

Yank Kids Out of Public Schools, Says Christian Right's Dobson

'Public schools' are Judeo-governmental indoctrination centers. They and their funding represent yet another form of White genocide in that they force Whites to pay twice to opt out of ZOG brainwashing for their children. Whites pay for the schools, Jews set the rules. Then we hear their Jewish cant, non-stop, mocking, about "separation of church and state." You pay the piper -- Jew calls the tune. ONE STANDARD FOR JEWS, ANOTHER STANDARD FOR THE REST OF US. Do you truly understand how evil the jew is, and how deeply he has insinuated your life and rooked your heritage, White man? Right down to your genitals, which I'm betting were cut off by a jew who charged your brainwashed parents the better part of a thousand for the privilege. There's a reason Jews are called parasites: they are. This particular story is significant because it shows one of the more prominent Christian Rightists, James Dobson, openly advocating a fairly radical course of action. When you take asses out of classes, ZOG has to take note. That's a pretty open indication of resistance to the System. Dobson moves cautiously. He doesn't go the full way yet. He pegs his advice to the dangers of homosexual indoctrination. But that's only one aspect of the indoctrination, as he well knows. He knows the Jew bottoms the "secular humanists" his type typically deride. As Dobson knows, but doesn't feel he can point out publicly, the Jews set the agenda for public schools. And it's the same agenda we see everywhere else, for example in Jew Adam Sandler's "Big Daddy," in which Sandler's character equates his friend's discomfort with two grown men kissing as klan-worthy. When do guys like Dobson start calling for separation of synagogue and state? No Jews. Just Right. Learn it. Love it. Live it.

Jews Hate Christians

Here Jewish hate group ADL attacks the teaching of 'intelligent design' in "public" -- i.e. yid-controlled -- schools. Creationism, intelligent design and other religious theories that challenge scientific explanations about the origin of the universe have no place in the public school curriculum, asserts the Anti-Defamation League, a public policy group that describes itself as "a staunch defender of religious freedom in America." That's a particularly rich description of the felonious kike spy-lobbyists. Here Oprah turns down "terror" tour, requested by Bush. Jews hate Muslims too. Here they blast porn upon taking over Ramallah tv stations. Echt kikish.

Fighting the Hate Jews

Synagogues burn in Marseille and Brussels. Possibly the fires were not set by Jews proper, but by the Arabs now teeming in France thanks to Jew-encouraged immigration policies. Either way, the White man suffers, and the kike's to blame. More here. And here. Here Whites rally against wogs in Britain's Birmingham. Here we read there are over 300 languages spoken in London schools by their 850,000 students.

What Creature Flees A Sinking Ship?

"At the beginning of the 20th century, Argentina was the seventh-richest country in the world. It was considered the breadbasket of the world." Then the Jews came. "Jews imported their ideological trends from pre-Holocaust Europe. They began to participate in Jewish and non-Jewish institutions, in synagogues and in secular organizations." Of course, the place collapsed -- and "unthinkable developments took place, most notably an atmosphere of suspicion regarding the loyalty and honesty of our communal leaders." Fancy that. It's never happened anywhere else Jews have lived. Now, "Argentineans are abandoning this land because there is no work, not even food... change is reflected in Argentine aliya, the emigration of Argentine Jews to Israel." Always that tuchus full of diamonds for "traveling money," always the extra passport under the mattress. So nice to have dual citizenship, a place to run to, wherever one may be! When Jews finally bring America down, they'll go to Israel. Whites can go to hell.

Anti-"Snob" Zoning is Anti-White Zoning

The only reason there's a "housing crisis" in Massachusetts is because the state is being flooded with Third World sewage. Jew creates the crisis, then steps in to "solve the problem," by further screwing over White people: "Moreover, 40B is working. The state's antisnob zoning law, Chapter 40B, encourages affordable housing by preventing communities from restricting such housing simply on the grounds that they want neither the housing nor its inhabitants. Under 40B, at least 10 percent of a community's total number of housing units must be affordable. Proponents of proposed multifamily housing in communities not meeting the 10 percent requirement can appeal to the state for the approval to build. Some communities want to tinker with the law to avoid their affordable-housing responsibility. Weakening 40B will yield only one result: less affordable housing." Here whiney freakins complain that freaka doesn't make the history books like it should, possibly because freakins never learned to write? African history was written solely by the humans who colonized it.

White Revolution, White Media

On White solutions...

No "Hate" Crime in Charlottesville

More here. Another successful hush crime. Even when the niggers say they're going after white meat, the cops and the FBI look away. Who looks out for your interests, White man? Not the cops. Not the politicians. They're just their to bleed you and discard your corpse. White revolution - the only solution. Here a jew-admitted raghead rapes a girl, injects her with bleach. All Muslims should be deported from the U.S., right after the Jews who let them in.

Lemming Ribbons

A tribute to sheer human dopishness.

UN Wants to Run the 'Net

Global taxation, global Internet control - global slavery. Coming, it's. We alone must do something about it.

Jews Hurt People

And until now it's been covered up.

Jews Lie as a Matter of Course

Gossip columnists, dictators, whatever. Jews and the truth are strangers. They even admit it. Here they working on making Elvis Presley a Jew.

Jews Passed "Hate"-Crimes Laws to Prevent Criticism of Their Evil

And here on the banning of political speech, although gollygeewhiz they don't put it that way. Got kikes? Got problems. No Jews. Just Right.

Burke: Conservative, Not a Semite-Sucking, America-Hating Warmonger

Suck out the contents, keep the name. The Jewish Way, it's.

Growing Artificial Societies

Computer games for now...

Media: God Calls the Suckpoop to Washington

The Christian can always cite scripture for his cowardice.

New pro-White image here.

New Sven promo here. Meet the real Sharon here.

Movie Review: 'Death to Smoochy'

This movie shows filthy Yids using television to rot the brains of America's children. No, it's not a Mark Rivers

Lunatic Zionist Attacks NA Members with a Baseball Bat in Hamilton, Mass.

NA gets the word out in small-town Mass., much to the consternation of stupid, violent Judeo-"Christians" Andrei Kievsky

New cartoons here and here and here and here...and new promo here.

Insane Whites Foul Own Nest

If someone handed you a jar of cockroaches, would you immediately open it and shake out the contents in your living room? That's exactly what white-skinned, Australian "anti-government protesters" did when they raised their red flags, stormed a detention camp for illegal aliens, and tore down fencing so that the dirts could escape! "The migrants who managed to escape...were surrounded by the crowds of protesters who immediately dressed them in new clothes and whisked them away." "Busloads of demonstrators from a broad coalition of groups, from socialists and students to environmentalists, are continuing to converge on the facility to stage a weekend of protests against conditions there." Does this sound like the New Hardness to you? All sorts of Jews, other characters are sticking their nose under our tent. Beware the generic "activists" of the All-Purpose Left, busy repeating the wishful thinking that "Left, Right, all are coming together under one banner to fight the 'bosses,' the 'Machine.'" This is their true, peace-symbol-painted face -- battling police to set dirt free. White Nationalism can't be faked. Beware of wolves in White clothing.

The Experts

Israel just chock-full of "security experts," available to us at a price after 9/11."Israeli aviation security companies...have reported a big upsurge in interest since the attacks. During the decades-long Middle East conflict, Israel has established the benchmark for airport and airline security and now Israeli companies are exporting their expertise to the rest of the world." Here's how they protected the Park Hotel in Netanya, Israel, where 22 Jews were blown into the rafters for the Tweezer Man, hundreds of others injured. "The bomber entered the hotel through its main door, at the time when the armed guard was carrying out a security check of the hotel grounds, Israel Radio reported. He was carrying a large bag, the radio said, which apparently contained the explosive device." We'll pass.

Berle Bites Dust

Jewish media domination all a myth, a "crackpot conspiracy theory," an "anti-Semitic canard." When the first broadcast TV images swam onto the tiny screens of the late '40s, they were -- Jewish. Here, Milton Berle curses God, turns face to wall, expires at 93. "His greatness has to do with the strange fact of his celebrity: Television's first star was an unabashed Jew, a very Jewy Jew." We remember him blowing a harmonica with his capacious nose. Such a tragic loss, it's! As Berle was fond of saying, "Anytime a person goes into a delicatessen and orders a pastrami on white bread, somewhere a Jew dies." Pass the mustard.

There Is No New World, These Days

Stand and fight, White man. The world is in a convulsion of mass emigration. Europe, for the moment, is the prime target. Waves of people seeking a better economic future are coming north from Africa, west from Central Asia, or even just making the comparatively short hop from the other side of what used to be the Iron Curtain. A substantial proportion of them end up on this already cramped and crowded island. Many are refused permanent admission, on the grounds that they have entered illegally and are not fleeing persecution. However, the government is lax about expelling them. Of the 150,000 such cases who have arrived in little over the last year, 120,000 who were deemed to have no right to be here are still to board the plane home. Thus, by stealth, a mass immigration is well under way. The question is: will the indigenous population absorb it, and the changes to life and culture it will bring; or will the British, too, start to get on the move? Jews are to blame. Is it that simple? Yes, it is that simple. Until the kike is deposed and killed off, nothing will change. The Palestinians are showing us the way you deal with the kike. You don't negotiate with him, you kill him. Whites are being killed off by Jews, it's time to return the favor. No Jews. Just Right. That is the solution. Anyone who imagines that the surrender of England by the English to a new wave of incomers is the stuff of fiction should note how simple it would be to effect, and how little interested our present rulers seem to be in preventing it. There is no reason why history's next great exodus should not be from here. The Jews have brought us to this point. Now it is time to chop their heads off. It's them or us. NO JEWS. JUST RIGHT.

NA in NJ

They can't stop us; they can't even hope to contain us. We are more than they. We are bigger than they. We are going to eat them alive. Join the winning team, White man. Make spring happen. Here on NA kicking Mass. ass. The Boston Globe is a Jew-owned (NYT) hate sheet that specializes in anti-White libels. Meanwhile here's what some of the bongonians the Hate Jews at BG support are up to. Here a Hamiltonian (near Framingham) complains there's not enough anti-White indoctrination out there. Here Jews promote early fag sex for kids: In an interview, the book's author, journalist Judith Levine, praised the Rind study as evidence that "doesn't line up with the ideology that it's always harmful for kids to have sexual relationships with adults." More here on Jews and Christians. Fact is, taking Christianity seriously means acknowledging and fighting Jews as the enemy. Here on thought control in Hamilton. If disloyal, felonious kikes try to force their "hate" pledges on your community, tell them to go to gehenna, White man. ALL THAT IS NECESSARY FOR THE JEW TO FAIL IS FOR THE WHITE MAN TO DO SOMETHING. Here a letter against NA in Herndon.

Schmidt Says Germans Racist

Deep down Germans want no immigration. Just as it should be. We are now in the midst of a worldwide struggle to determine whether racist Jews will be able to destroy the White West through pluralism and open borders while preserving their Israel as a Jewish racist hate state. ONE STANDARD FOR JEWS, ANOTHER STANDARD FOR THE REST OF US. Immigrants are here for welfare, not work. Here the Birch Society on Buchanan's book.

Pony Up for Niggers, White Man

Ready for revolution, yet, middle class man? Or are you going to wait until they come door to door, like in Mugabia? Under Jew rule, we've now got fourth-grade fags. Our nation is sick unto death from the kike infection. They're going to keep on pushing until we are literally killed off. THE JEW IS YOUR ENEMY, WHITE MAN. Here Klan protests black-history-month-related assignments in Alabama. Even when the nigger has millions of dollars, he's still a nigger. Kirby Puckett, O.J. in training... A bongonian with bucks still responds to the drums.

Jigs Jes' Bein' Jigs

No, this won't clear up with a few junior-college classes. It's internecine Ya-Na, Ya-Ha, Sha-na-na or whatever warfare at its finest -- leadership of the Dagomba at stake! Winners get lifetime supply of free grubs! Losers imported by Lutherans! Everybody wins! Except us! More here on the price we pay to allow Jews to surround us with jigs. Here SPCA just says no to goat-screwin' jigs. Female jigs are every bit as much the monkey as males.

U.S. to Drill Hole, Place Troops at Earth's Core

Not yet. But they're everywhere else. Meanwhile, America itself is being abolished.

Jews and Iceland


Mossadist Caught in Germany

Treat it the way it's shown it wants to be treated. Stick a sponge down its throat. Here the Bushies leave the poppy fields alone. Keep that in mind when you hear about the "war on drugs." The government, as one noted, is a cold, lying monster. Here on the coming murder of Palestine. More here, on laying the groundwork for Pal/Arab/Muslim genocide. Here Jews on campaign reform, and whether it's good for Jews. Of course it is, or their boy McCain would never have pushed it. "Campaign reform" centralizes power, and since Jews control the government, it's in their interest. Earthlink: just another kike scam? Seems like there's one a week. Here on linguistic studies pertaining to 'Jew.' Here Wilkomirski revealed as a non-Jewish swindler. He at least deserves honorary status. The kosher tax proves that jews are parasites. Not that proof is needed.

In Stunning Development, Jews Unite In Support Of Israel

Here, the same fresh, urgent news story that has been released three times a week for at least the last fifty years. 100 astonishing "We Stand with Israel" gatherings were held around the Zionist-occupied United States, "sponsored by the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, the United Jewish Communities and the Jewish Council for Public Affairs" -- exemplifying that teetering, mile-high tower of Jewish organizations and associations of organizations and federations of associations which VNN keeps pointing out. Every available liar and lackey came from miles around. "United, we can make Israel the center of Jewish life for generations to come," said the murderous Ariel Sharon. "Israel is a peace-seeking nation." Icy, gimlet-eyed, horrible Senator-bitch Hilary Clinton (D.- N.Y.) insisted that "Jews and non-Jews alike understand that when we stand up for Israel, we're standing up for fundamental human rights, democracy and America." Then, another surprise! "The live telecast linked the audience to Florida, where Nobel Peace Prize winner Elie Wiesel took a hard line" and got some sun. Up violins as the climax draws near -- "Cantor Dov Keren from Sutton Place synagogue in New York chanted a memorial prayer while the screen flashed the faces of Israeli terror victims." Rest assured that "the gathering 'brings us all a step closer to true unification.'" We'll also be a step closer to true unification next week, when we do it all over again. It's Good For Jews!

Jews Cry About Increasing European Antipathy to Their Terror Tactics

Always crying, always torturing, always murdering, always lying, always swindling. The Jew can't change his nature, it is what it is. "Hebe who is useless above ground, he ought to be under it, inspiring the cabbages." Here on victimhood olympics.

Niggers Speed, Justice Kikes Try to Suppress the Fact

There's no honesty in the Jew. ZOG must be destroyed. Diversity is our greatest strength. Diversity up to its old tricks in Framingham, where leaflets are terrorizing innocent Americans. Ahh, niggers. The pitiful saga of "Aubreyelle." The two races, equally free, cannot live under the same government. - Jefferson... Niggers: whether here or Japan, they're up to no good. Not even goats are safe when niggers abound. The kikes says "niggers are our equals." The goats say: baaa-humbug. And here's who they vote for. Marion Barry made me a racist. After years of watching his monkeyshines, I finally realized that to treat niggers as individuals is the death sentence of the White race. In the immortal words of Rivers' haiku: "They can't stay with us." Ship 'em back! Ship 'em back! Waaaaay back! More niggardry here.

Fags Suck

By day they're lecturing your public "school"kid, by night they're doing this.

UN Official Witch-hunter Headed for Canada

The bongonian will seek racism -- and tasty grubs.

WWI and the Advent of Managerial Imperialism

Jew Gottfried and the struggle over history, WWI to be specific. Jews insist on pluralism at home, democratic crusades abroad, and racism in Israel. Anybody pointing out their double standards should be hounded to death. Here on foreign aid. More money from you to pay the Jews, or people to be their fake friends. Over 40 years, more than $1 trillion has been extracted from U.S. taxpayers and shipped off in foreign aid, much of it to despots who have wasted or stolen it. Across Africa and the Islamic world, poverty and despotism are more deeply embedded than in the Kennedy-Johnson era, when foreign aid was a new and bold idea. How much richer, healthier and happier our country would be without Jews. Did you ever think of that? What misery follows in the Jew's train, wherever he goes. Here a reverse look.


Bushio panders to browns. Here Japan encourages citizens to have babies. Germany and Europe should do the same thing. The claim that immigrunts are needed is a Jewish Big Lie. Here on anti-Muslim/invader sentiment in Europe.

Women's Studies

Why major in bitterness? The souring of literally millions of otherwise wonderful White girls is one of Jews' biggest crimes. Jews have consciously manipulated White girls to make them hate and blame and distrust White males, and look to coloreds for mates and Jews for teachers. Years later, some of them come to realize how they've been brainwashed. Here crit of libs, libts and cons. Here on secession.


Worth rereading. If you're not familiar with him, he's the heroic academic who has written THE trilogy explaining Jews and their actions. In a nutshell they are a race at war with ours, and they are intent on White genocide in a literal, physical sense. Jews alone supported the 1965 Immigration Act. They intended exactly what it brought: the swamping of America with colored Third-Worlders. In many ways these foreigners are treated better than Americans, certainly they are legally.

Media: Violence in movies

Jews talk about self-censoring. Typical Hollywood crap here. Here on Clinton email worm. Here on Hollywood Jews smearing Sicilians. For example, on more than one occasion, news field operations manager Ron Magocsi allegedly said to Pontorno, "Did you know that Sicilians were spawned by niggers? Your great-grandmother and them did so much fucking." (An echo of a line from the film "True Romance.") National Pet Radio has a new weekly series you're sure to want to catch, like syphilis.

Real-life Fight Club

Kids goin' at it.

Nationalist Activists: Don't Rest on Your Laurels

Countering liberalism by providing a new matrix; thinking long Karl Kammler

More Monkey Madness in Mugabia

Dr Francis Lovemore, medical director of the Amani Trust human rights group in Harare, says sexual assaults or forced sexual humiliation by the army and militias are now central weapons of the terror. "We've seen more and more of that. We've a number of victims who are forced to rape other victims, quite a lot of fellatio as well. It's a form of torture. It's grim, and it has implications for the spread of HIV," she said. Among the sexual assaults documented by Dr Lovemore are incidents where men were forced to commit sexual assaults on one another, to the amusement of their tormentors. Where's the kikemedia now? The truth is that the Jews knew what would happen when blacks took power from humans. The truth is that the Jews wanted this to happen. The same motive drives their destruction of White neighborhoods by injections of subsidized niggers. The Jew must be physically eradicated. NO WAY OUT BUT THROUGH THE JEW.

Pure Jewish Racism

One standard for jews, another standard for the rest of us. Here on Jewish war crimes you won't see criticized. Excellent Reese column makes the point that while America sleeps so that it can get up to slave for money turned over to Jews in taxes, evil is done abroad in its name, and covered up on tv and in the papers by the brother kikes of the murderers. Word.

Passthrough, 2002

Dead Jews, good news. Keep in mind what Kikemedia doesn't tell you: there are still over three Palestinians killed for every Jew.

While You Were Playing Softball, America...

Somebody took over your media and government and began doing horrible things to other people in your name. Now it's time to embrace the New Hardness and take your country back. Goal number one is Jew removal. The fact is, most Americans are completely ignorant of what their country has been up to in the world over the years. What they know is themselves: they're friendly, they have cookouts, they play badminton, they march against breast cancer. Naturally, then, they conclude that in attacking America it's decency the terrorists aim to destroy. They generally know little to nothing about Israel and the Palestinians, about the extent of the United States' global reach, or about the effects of the embargo on Iraq -- 500,000 dead children ("worth it," according to Madeleine Albright). While the foreign press, even in friendly countries, has urged Americans to consider how their government's aggressive foreign policy has made them less secure and more vulnerable to attack, Americans by and large are scarcely even aware that such a point of view exists. Here on dispute between Taki and Fukuyama over WWI, quite relevant to today's warmongering by neocon Jews usurpers and their gentile slurps.

Dilorenzo Book on Lincoln

Revisionist history, shows you what the great dictator was really like. Today's federal government is considerably at odds with that envisioned by the framers of the Constitution. Thomas J. DiLorenzo gives an account of how this came about in The Real Lincoln: A New Look at Abraham Lincoln, His Agenda, and an Unnecessary War. Here on the 14th Amendment.


Sex-ed is largely a cover for pushing promiscuity and faggotry.

NY Kike Self-Bombed...

Cops now think...

UN Wants Your Paycheck

Whites should be enslaved to support third-worlders wherever they may teem. Here's a good article by gookess on D.C. She has this part right: Try walking the halls of Congress. It's Abercrombie & Fitch meets the Hair Club for Men. Lots of really photogenic young people kissing up to lots of insufferable blowhards.

Media: Cartoon Network Cuts Mexi-mouse

No Speedy Gonzales in North America, says Cartoon Network. South of the border, yes. Earth First and FBI going at it in court. Here on Halle Berry; she hates Whites like a good mulatto. Naturally, her nigger father beat up her White mother and abandoned them. Here's an actually rather decent review of the self-satisfied twattery of this year's Oscars, not that I watched, mind you. Never. It is the gargantuan, ass-licking brainwash of the year, and We, the People With Televisions, are supposed to watch and enjoy it. Of course, her review his filled with anti-White racism of the most predictable sort, but that's part for Kikemedia's course, and there will be no whining. Look how much Salon's readers like the envenomed humor "Cintra" spits. One thing that is quite clear from reading the letters we get at VNN is that everybody from darky to Bosco, not just Whites, well understands that Kikemedia is very heavily controlled. Review of "A Beautiful Mind" here. The film is unadulterated malarkey from beginning to end. What makes this especially troubling is that the wonderful performances by Russell Crowe and Jennifer Connelly as John and Alicia Nash will encourage audiences to believe what they're seeing is the truth rather than the unconscionable travesty it is.

Anthropology: Americas Before Columbus

Standard White-as-root-of-all-evil, but some interesting facts and speculation along the way.

Thought for today: The cathode-ray tube is the White man's gas chamber.

The Father Bridge

A review of Hans Schmidt's SS Harry Gilmor

Tawana Brawley Goes Up(Hymie)town

Under every rock a jewish lawyer on the look-out for another scam. And here comes a negress with a beaut. Demand reparations from corporations that were involved in the slave trade (but not from jews of course). And never mind the millions of White slaves in bondage. The media will never let whitey know his kinfolk may have been in bondage here.... maybe even to a negro or jew! Hush and sleepy white guy'll never find out! Of course the thinking goes, if we "jessejackson" (aka extort) a corporation because: "deyz rich. an' eben whitey hate dem." But, "doan get the gub'ment ta pay cuz dat be taxes an whitey doan lik'it." Well, negro, the ultimate payer of this extortion will be the share holders, the employees, and the customers. Also the government will undoubtedly step in and hand over our cash to bail them out from your thievery. Fortunately only six percent of whites agree with the negroes and jews. Ninety percent oppose it. See the stirrings of a race war in this issue? First of all we kill all the lawyers (and you know who they are!) Soldat X

White Males Screwed Economically by Kike "Colored Privilege" Laws

Working class Whites get paid less because of alien invaders, and because raceless free trade ideology demands their jobs be shipped to gookistan. Upper-end corporate Whites suffer too because the Jews controlling the government have passed racist laws promoting incompetent coloreds. This is another form of genocide, and the Jew is the guilty party. NO JEWS. JUST RIGHT. Here some Framingham news -- town is in the red. Hmmm. Maybe it could save money by cutting diversity bilge. Meanwhile, repamarations moves ahead. Here on NA vs leftist hate group. Here on Volksfront and its upcoming get together.

Neocons (Jews) and American Warmongering

Good Raimondo piece, although he naturally omits Jews, which is the key to the whole thing. Of course, he is 1/4 Jew himself. What is clear, above all, about the new push for war with Iraq, and now even Iran, is that any such war will benefit Israel and only Israel. Israel is our enemy. Ream's whole piece could be summed up: Jews took over the right, took over the government, and now they denounce as unpatriotic and unAmerican anybody who doesn't accede to their 24/7 warmongering in the interests of Israel. You just watch what's going to happen. Israel is going to murder one hell of a lot, if not all, of the Palestinians anywhere in or near Israel. And when that happens, you are going to see some truly scary stuff come out of the pens of guys like Farah. Nobody gets hopped up for a religious wars and homicidal campaigns like Christian kooks. Too cowardly -- these days -- to carry out their crusades themselves, they stand on the periphery cheering on their bruisers like the skanky girlfriends of drunken Hell's Angels. Not even above delivering a vicious kick or two themselves, once the enemy is comatose. Here on Saddam not gassing Kurds, just another Big Lie. Here poopmunch George Will on "terror" tactics. The poopmunch isn't kidding; he honestly thinks it's evil of Arafat to try to supply his people with arms against the billions worth of helicopters, tanks and guns we gift the kikes. For all the ceaseless agitprop, no jump in enlistments. Here, in French only, the head of a Quebec union, criticizes the foreign affairs minister for being afraid to criticize Israel, terrorist state. Here White on his battles with aged nincompoops.

Jewish Mobsters Tighten Grip on L.A.

Jews called "Russian" in Jew-owned media steal about as much money from our government as it gives to Israel each year. The touch of the Jew is the touch of death. NO WAY OUT BUT THROUGH THE JEW. Hey, Christians, guess what? Jews hate you! Are there any good Lutherans left? Any of them in the spirit of Martin? Any that can see that importing 70-IQ, AIDS-infected goat-screwers is UNWISE? Get out of your goddam pews and tell Father Pansy to stick the jibootis up his butt! If you pious dopes feel an intense moral buildup that needs to be relieved why not crawl back in the bushes and make the leprechauns step lively? Quit killing my country, you sodomite-led, Somali-importing nosepicks. If you feel guilty, draw a warm bath and make some homemade stained glass, but leave my neighborhood out of it. America does not need thousands of dooga-boogas who think a cow's tail is a water tap. Meanwhile, in Germany, Jews make a profitable living by their very yahoodihood.

British Girls Gang-Raped by Pakistanis

Death to the Jews. Without Jews, there would be no brownwogs in Britain. This same thing is going on in France and Australia. It's open season on Whites, and the Jews declared it so; by the same token, we must declare open season on the Jews. Anything we can do to damage Jewish interests, lets do it. More nogs on the way daily in Britain. Here a disgusting story about oral sex among fourth-graders in the U.S..

Nogs Spread TB Through Britain

Wogs 'n' nogs do much more than just gang-rape: Researchers said the rise was associated with children coming to London from countries where TB is widespread. Almost half of children diagnosed were born abroad, with most developing TB within five years of arriving in Britain. In 1998, more than four in 10 children with the disease were black African, while one in five was from the Indian Subcontinent, according to a study in the Archives of Disease in Childhood.

Irving on Hitchens on Churchill

Here the Hitchens article. Here on spying in the old East Germany. Here on Garet Garrett and a new book of writings against the New Deal. Here the bright idea that we acquire a foreign legion. Here on the White man's greatest enemy. Here on Henry Ford and the Jews. Here on problems that could have been avoided if Germany had won WWI.

Hate Jews and the Wars They Monger

The wheelchair-bound Strangelovitz Krauthammer, it's. He's miffed that the Arabs' anti-Jew propaganda is effective and less subtle than his own kikes' anti-Arab and anti-White hate that spews from speakers at every corner of the globe. He ought to get together with JimNob for a nice game of water polo.

Media: Semitically Correcting Movies After Release

Jew Spielberg can't resist making changes, just like the rest of his tribe. Here a kike planned to shoot a porno film to be shot at "Holocaust" site. Teresa does Terezin. Here "Rosie" says gays make better parents. They lick their kids more, which makes them cleaner. Here on slob-liar Michael Moore, one mouth, two sides. Here a review of Ethnic Cleansing. Here on the Jewness of the NYT. I like the title: News the Jews Thought Fit to Print. Exactly.

Archaeology: 30K-Year-Old Ivory Needles in Russia

More and more finds these days, and more and more evidence people were making things happen much longer ago than we realize.

New cartoon here and here.

The Jewish Future

Did you want your society changed, White man? No matter -- here comes the Jewish "social enterpreneur" -- "individuals whose creativity and determination open up new avenues of possibility. As business entrepreneurs lead innovation in commerce, social entrepreneurs drive social change." Here, the Joshua Venture -- another Jewish organization gingerly added, carefully balanced atop the teetering, swaying tower of Jewish organizations and associations of organizations and federations of associations! What does the Joshau Venture produce? More Jewish organizations! "The Fellowship offers a grant of $30,000 for each of two years ($60,000 total) to support the development of an original nonprofit organization...Business and strategic planning, fundraising, marketing, accounting, Web/Internet support, human resources, community building, participatory decision-making, board development, and evaluation. Assistance is provided in group sessions and on an individual basis by staff, mentors, and consultants..." Jews really are the parasites they've always been called. It's true. The Jewish race is nothing more than a tangled, interconnected mass of giant aphids. It is a non-productive organism which sucks wealth from its host society, returning only shit. Then it "re-distributes" the geld among its own kind as it gushes about "the importance of continually transforming the Jewish landscape." Look at some of the funders -- the bottomless, limitless, inexhaustible Bronfmans, Haases, Revsons. Whiskey, trendy Levi's (TM) jeans, lipstick for the dirty shaygets while Jews rake in the piles of golden shekels pictured throughout this web site. "Joshua Venture promotes innovation and excellence for a new generation to build and sustain their own visions of a Jewish future." No Whites need apply.

The Jewish Strategy

Here, previously unpublished book by Revilo P. Oliver. " far as we can tell, a distinct change has taken place in the Jews' activity in this century and at approximately the time of the 'Protocols.' Before this, the aliens seem to have been content to exploit the Aryans and, in biological terms, feed on them; the present objective is obviously extermination of our species through mongrelization and massacres, so that it would seem that the organization and domination of the Jewish colonies by the Zionists produced a change in purpose that must, to a large extent at least, have been consciously determined and planned."

Ees D-Day, Seex of Yoon, Man

...and the Mexican invasion continues. "The majority of Mexican immigrants are men between the ages of 15 and 44, married - with at least three children - and having little education...The most conservative estimates indicate that in 13 years, the number of people of Mexican ancestry residing in the United States will total 27 million, while the figure might reach nearly 33 million by 2030." Thanks, Jews.

Crazy Old Jew Bitch Still On Rag

Traditional-family-destroying Gloria Steinem is 68 now, but still won't shut up. Pedophilia, terrorism, volcanic eruptions all fault of White men. "The cult of masculinity is the basis of every violent, fascist regime." Ah. We always thought Ariel Sharon was just a kike.

New cartoons here and here. New Portugese translations here and here and here and here and here.

'Groid-Destroyed Paradise: CBS Survivor Mirrors Reality

Jiggity-nogs are aggressive, annoying, lazy and ungrateful, whether it's Harvard, Harlem or some island in the middle of Victor Wolzek

Magazine Review: Heeb

Aimed at "cool Jews," this new magazine offers nothing we haven't seen a thousand times before. Face the facts: Judenkultur is a dead end. White Nationalism is where the real action Alex Linder

Harangutan Wants to Ship Rhodes's Body Back to England

They start with the plaques, then the place names, then the people, then the posthumous. Here on Zimbabwe and the "global left," a neat way of evading the Jewish issue. Ponte may be Jewish, I don't know. The key point is that South Africa and Zimbabwe were only Jewish concerns until they were destroyed. Jews want not one single neighborhood in the world dominated by Whites. They push policies like section 8 housing designed to break up White-controlled areas exactly the way they break up Palestinian areas under their control. No Jews. Just Right. Note that our government -- which goes out of its way to pay evil Christian groups like Catholic and Lutheran relief services to import Somalis -- goes out of its way to deny White South Africans and White Rhodesians visas. This is because our immigration policy is controlled by jews. The Jews went out of their way after WWII to prevent any of the Germans expelled from Eastern Europe to be allowed to settle here -- but all you'll ever hear about on the Televitz is that poower boatload of kikes that was turned away. Jews are monstrously hypocritical. ONE STANDARD FOR JEWS, ANOTHER STANDARD FOR THE REST OF US. THE JEW IS YOUR ENEMY, WHITE MAN.

Zionist Republicans Are Traitors

Bennett and Kemp are Jew-purchased enemies of the White man. They are the quintessential elite sell-outs, who've profited handsomely by betraying their race. Now, at the behest of their Israeli patrons, they urge us closer to WW III against Islam. Here on how Jews control America. Here on Jew-front Bennett and his bully boys attacking for opposing the Jews' War. Al-Qaida terror lab made up. Ah well, it's for a bad cause. Here on Jewish Hollywood chipping in with pro-war pics. Here Israel-First America-hater John Podhoretz spouts off. Let's stop supplying these murderous, hateful Jews with White American money and guns and see how long they last.

Republica del Norte?

The people make the place. Where Mexicans are is Mexico. What improves by Mexicanizing? Here on why amnesty is such a bad idea.

Jewish Hate Group's Anti-White Program Curtly Rejected in Massachusetts

''We did not want to presume to speak for people,'' Selectman John Serafini Jr. said. ''And we didn't really appreciate the ADL's tactic that made us the gatekeeper'' by requiring the board's approval. The ADL is a discredited Jewish hate group and unregistered foreign lobby for Israel posing as a "civil rights" group. In the nineties it was convicted in San Francisco of paying off cops to procure illegal information on the thousands of domestic and international groups it tracks as real or potential enemies.

Swindler's List

The neverending story... Here from the "Holo" exhibit some kikes are tearing up about. Italian revisionism here. Here on celebrating births. Here on angry Pals from refugee camps. How long before Israel dies? Here a kike classic: 50% of unemployment claims in Israel are fraudulent. Crooked from the day they're born, Jews. More here.

Open Season on White Girls

Jews have left White females open to nigger predation. This is the 4th reported attack on school children this week in Dekalb county. Two of those attacks have similarties to this case. The girl describes her abductor as a black male, 5 feet 7 inches tall, with a scar on his face, braided hair and gold capped teeth. More here on guilty coon.

Nig Nogs Can't Handle Freedom

We give 'em free money hand over fist. They're up to their pop-eyes in FUBU and chains and brand name denim. They somehow manage to sling enough dope or rob enough houses to afford "PHAT" rides (hell, even the little mini-muggers in my area buzz around on gas powered scooters that cost a few hundred bucks). They're surrounded by black "women" who, judging by the number of niglets they pop out, open their legs to any coon on hiatus from the penitentiary (though admittedly, who in their right mind would want to get anywhere near a smelly she-groid let alone close enough to boink her?). With all that, the niggies still can't quite get jiggy widdit, huh? They opt to blow their own heads off instead! Here nig pak attacks White in New Orleans. Niggers are brave when it's twelve on one.

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