Nationalist Activists: Don't Rest on Your Laurels

by Karl Kammler

The main goal of the nationalist political operative is to dismantle the liberal normative matrix that grips society. That matrix is an array of mutually reinforcing layers of assumptions and "taboos," all of them anti-White and anti-American at their core. The architecture of this matrix, with its myriad buzzwords, arguments, and tactics, must be mapped and refuted. Once the liberal conditioning of the public is overcome, people will come to see liberalism for what it is, and cease to grant it "default legitimacy."

For the purposes of this article, the term "liberalism" is shorthand for the enemy special interests that have glommed on to the productive American White middle class, in a confluence of matter and spirit, money and identity. These special interests include multinational corporations and hypersensitive minority groups. They do not constitute a monolithic force, but they are intertwined and allied.

Liberalism, in its many guises, has slowly come to dominate not only the institutions of governance and socialization, but also the basic, everyday assumptions of the man in the street. Average Americans, including those who might self-identify as "conservative," often tend to associate the norms of liberalism with goodness and morality. The task of reversing the damage liberalism has wrought is Herculean in itself, and the difficulty is only compounded by the existence of myriad citizens who are the unwitting defenders and servants of the Left. Entrenched at many levels of society for many years, the necessary process of rooting out and eradicating liberalism in America will be the steady work of a lifetime.

Liberalism does not work and cannot last forever; it will collapse just like its cousin in Eastern Europe did in 1989. The chief flaw in the liberal approach is that it is not natural, and it endangers the health and survival of the nation (the nation [and its racial component] being the highest value). If we did not believe liberalism to be incompatible with a viable reality, then we would be liberals. This is not an issue akin to differing preferences of ice cream flavors; there are infinitely higher stakes involved. We all know liberalism is incompatible with reality, so perhaps at this point in history it is appropriate to let the Left "crash the ship into the rocks" since nationalists at the moment have little power to change the direction of society. Maybe the TV-watching, beer guzzling American people have gone too soft, and can only learn from bitter experience when their rears hit the water. Those of us who remember the old faith will still be carrying the torch, and standing by to pick up the pieces.

Even if liberalism achieves total political and cultural hegemony before succumbing to its internal contradictions, reality will intervene to disrupt the reign of the Left. This process can be seen at work in the desire of the Left to stamp out all-too-human "racism," for example. When a normative matrix dedicated to stamping out something having indelible roots in human nature is completely successful in wiping out its target, the norm has no reason to exist anymore, and fades from memory due to a lack of use. At this point of "normative burnout," in the event the target re-emerges from the chaos again, there is no longer a norm to offer resistance. The very success of the norm thus becomes its greatest failure. The "anti-racists," forced into retirement by their own hand, will leave the field open to the resurgence of nationalism.

The realization that liberalism is inevitably bound to stall and fail may create a false sense of security, or even an excuse for passivity, among nationalists. After all, if liberalism is doomed to fall flat on its face, why not just relax and go out to the golf course now? Human beings have an innate bent to follow the path of least resistance, and matters political are no exception to the rule. Yet, we cannot afford to let the blind and impersonal forces of history perform their duties for us. Our task is to shape and influence events, working alongside the irrepressible pulse of the universe as its able agents and allies, not as free riders. There is always work to do; we must build the foundation for the day that the bankruptcy of liberalism is exposed. Only active personalities can prove themselves worthy of their destiny, keep the old faith alive, transmit it, and have it ever at the ready to assume its rightful place in the affairs of the nation.


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