Lunatic Zionist Attacks NA Members with a Baseball Bat in Hamilton, Mass.

by Andrei Kievsky

It was a beautiful spring day, Easter Sunday, 2002. The Israelis are carrying out genocide against the Palestinians, and since this is a Semitically Correct genocide, and the TV isn't reading out marching orders, and movies aren't being churned out to push the right buttons in the cholesterol-soaked brains of sheeplus Americanus, our American liberals don't know any better, and American "conservatives," having been groomed and cultivated to view Israel as a "militarily tough" country, kind of a national version of their favorite football team, instead of a nation of teeming parasites that has to recruit Gentile Russians into their Israeli army and pay and equip them with U.S. taxpayer dollars. Such details only annoy these Zionist football fans, the sort whom I was warned about when I lived in Pinellas County, Florida. Every Sunday my wife and I liked to go the Borders coffee shop book store in Tampa, and we were warned by the locals to stay off the streets on Sundays between 11:30 am and 1pm. Why? Because during this time period, people were racing from church to the football game, and there were a lot of car accidents. One church actually solved this problem by installing a huge screen TV and watching the game right in the pews. They would actually pray for the team to win. Can you imagine what St. Augustine would have said, who railed against the Romans for their love of chariot racing?

The Jews used to make fun of such people as intellectually inferior, but now that they have found how suggestible, wealthy, and useful they are, they indoctrinate them with their judeo- "christian" cult of Zionism, and have raised up a crop of mentally impaired terrorists for Zion.

It was just such a sort of people we encountered a little further down in this account of Easter 2002 in the small, quiet, rustic, beautiful and almost museum-quality White town of Hamilton, Massachusetts, a town described in the Boston Globe as "a town of horse farms and dignified prosperity."

Hamilton caught our attention because of a scandal that erupted when the Hamilton town selectmen refused to endorse the agenda of the Anti-Defamation League behind closed doors. The ADL, and Jews in general, like to operate behind closed doors and pressure comfortable politicians who don't want to lose their position. They know from long experience that when their nefarious agendas are exposed in public, unpleasant things follow like mass expulsions, pogroms, and in the case of Nazi Germany, an attempt to create a Jew-free nation.

The Hamilton selectmen, perhaps out of some remnant of the spirit of old America, refused to endorse what they called "a private agenda" without submitting it to public comment. The ADL wanted to make Hamilton a Jew-certified kosher "No Place for Hate" town, and still intend to do so, but they are going to have to do it under the public eye and in an open forum at the annual Town Meeting on May 6th, 2002, which we most certainly plan to attend.

Two factors immediately strike me about ADL's aggressive campaign to do kosher certification of American towns as "No Place for Hate." First, ADL is the Israeli lobby, and second, Israel is carrying out genocide against the Palestinians RIGHT NOW. Today, Easter Sunday 2002, the Jews are carrying out a Holocaust against the Palestinians. Yet the ADL has the chutzpah to try and force their rabbinical "tolerance" certification program on the peaceful and decent (albeit anaesthetized and slumbering) White Gentile citizens of Hamilton, Massachusetts. In my cover flyer I used the term "breathtaking hypocrisy" to describe this move by the ADL.

We made signs out of foam board and paint pens and 6 inch stencils. The signs said:







We had 18-page packets chock full of information on ADL hypocrisy, the Israeli Holocaust against the Palestinians, the Israeli sex slave trade, and of course the old standby, "Why Reverse Evolution?" our anti-miscegenation classic flyer, complete with Curious George monkey superimposed over a miscegenated movie couple. But the real emphasis of the packet was on the hypocrisy of the Israeli lobby organization ADL trying to morally dictate to the citizens of Hamilton.

There were five of us, and we started by demonstrating at a park along highway 1-A. We held our signs and held out flyers, showing people that they could get more information. We had a couple people pull over, but in general, the citizens of Hamilton were firm in their belief that the world was on automatic and everything would be just fine, and nothing would ever disturb their private pursuits of herd-like happiness and gluttony. Some waved to us, most just drove by gawking at us in bewilderment.

Then a local police officer came and advised us that we couldn't flag down cars on a state highway, but that we could do so at the commuter rail station in the town center. We took the officer's advice and set up at the commuter rail station. We got a few more bites there, and cars drove past more slowly. When I saw that they had their windows opened, I would yell, "Wake up White people!"

A fine textured blonde girl of college age pulled into the commuter rail station and said she was touched to the core that someone was sticking up for the Palestinians, even grasping at her heart as she said so so I knew she really meant it. She said that the Palestinians were her cause, and it frustrated her that no one cared. All the liberals that she had known through college turned out to be nothing but "fair weather activists." I said, "Like hobbyists, right?" She said, "Yes, exactly!" I said, "Well, because Jews control most left wing organizations, and control the media, they dictate to your liberal friends what causes to support and what causes to ignore, and most of them march in step. The Jews ultimately choose their own ethnic interests over the principles they claim to fight for. I don't really believe they are honest at all; I think their advocacy of liberalism wasn't because they believed it was right, but because they believed it was good for the Jews. That's all that matters to them, and it takes a crisis like this to show their true colors."

It seemed to be quite an epiphany for her., and it took a moment of thought for her to absorb this.

I gave her a packet and urged her to attend the May 6th Hamilton Town Meeting. She said she wasn't a resident of Hamilton, and I said it didn't matter, she should show up anyway and speak against the breathtaking hypocrisy of the ADL. She said she would, and I went back to our demonstration.

I think it must have been quite shocking to her when she discovered that the only people sticking up for the Palestinians are the same people whom she's been taught to regard as the root of all evil -- White nationalists. At this vulnerable moment of her deepest disenchantment with America and the American Left, while she finds herself a voice crying alone in the wilderness, she stumbles across an echo to her voice, and who is it but her racially conscious kinsmen, the same sort she has probably spent her life reviling.

She went on her way in her Volkswagen Cabriolet, and we demonstrated mostly uneventfully. However, it was productive -- the people of Hamilton were not accustomed to public demonstrations at all, so they were forced to read our signs and think about what we were saying.

Then my young daughter was tired, and so we decided to finish it up. We went to our cars to pack up. As we were packing up, a blue SUV pulls up and asks for a flyer. Here is the account of the NA member who spoke to them:

An NA member engaged in a discussion with one of what was mistakingly thought to be a truckload of sympathetic (they had asked for handouts) Hamilton citizens. This is what transpired:

Zionist : I read your signs and what I don't get is, how can there be a jewish holocaust against the Palestinians? I mean, haven't you watched the news lately.

NA: Well it is a question of proportions. Out of only 1.5 M Palestinians there are 1300 dead, while out of 5 million jews only 300 are dead. So it is clear who's doing all the killing- on our tax dollar.

Zionist: Well they are using suicide bombers.

NA: Of course. And the jews are proving to be much more effective. Their technology is much better.

Zionist: Look. In 1948...

NA: That was British imperialists giving away what wasn't theirs. The Arabs are fighting to get their land back.

Zionist: You're not letting me finish. That land belongs to Israel...

NA: The Arabs have deeds, signed and sealed, all that you have is the Old Testament and that was written by Levites.

Zionist: Don't you believe in the Bible?

NA: I'm not a Christian.

Zionist: You're not a Christian?! Well fuck you then!

The Zionist then drove off -- but not for long.


As you can see, my comrade handily annihilated this nutty Zionist's arguments, so much that the guy cursed at us and sped off. I heard the whole thing and laughed and said, "Sieg Heil, bro!" to my fellow NA member. In retrospect, I think the nutty Zionist thought we were liberal pacifists and that we had called him a Nazi. He spun right around. He was with his wife and son, and his son was in his early 20's. He pulls up and asks us:

"Did you say 'Sieg Heil' to me?"

I said, "No, I said it to my friend."

The nutty Zionists started shouting obscenities at us, and the son grabs a baseball bat and gets out of the SUV. I looked around for my daughter -- she was in the car with the female NA member. The nutty Zionist son was swinging the baseball bat at the NA member who'd won the argument. I joined him and we surrounded the nutty Zionist like a couple of rodeo clowns against a bull. The kid was like a bull too, full of bluster and righteous, ignorant rage. He actually hit his own SUV with the baseball bat while swinging at us, which ended up as evidence against him. About that time the police chief pulls up in an unmarked car. He was plainclothes and unarmed -- he'd been watching us to make sure we got out of his town OK. He'd already called for backup, and he gets out of his car and tells the kid to give him the bat. The kid wrestled him for it. Then the kid's father gets out of the car and helps the chief get the bat from him. Then the kid comes over to us, unarmed and we basically laughed at him. He made a couple of bluffing moves like he was charging me and then the other member, and we were ready for him, but he backed off at the last moment.

Seconds later four more police cars had arrived. They took statements from everybody, and arrested the nutty Zionist. His mother was crying, and I felt bad for her, but that's what happens when you charge around like an uninformed bull, full of righteous bluster, and made only more enraged and irrational by facts that are contrary to the direction of your charge. One of the things that the nutty Zionist father had said was, "We just came from church!" That must be some real hate speech being preached at that church.

I think they thought we were typical liberal idiots who take up every Third World commie cause that comes down the pike in a typically uninformed and sheeplish manner -- like the anti-apartheid protesters of the '80s with their shantytowns and "Saint Mandela" iconography, or the civil rights protesters of the '60s with "Saint Luther King." Such people are generally easy to beat in a debate because they don't know any history, they just know that the television and the professors have told them that this a righteous cause that all fashionable people support. That's what the nutty Zionists expected, but they got more than they bargained for in taking on NA members -- a lot more.

When their bluster didn't work, they resorted to violence, not unlike the nutty Zionists in power in America right now. Only the violence of the nutty Zionists in Telaviv West and Telaviv East goes unchecked, or checked only by suicide bombers and suicide pilots. But the baseball-bat-wielding bull in Hamilton was an exact analog of the people who are looking to get America into a World War III with the Middle East -- unencumbered by facts and by history, charging ahead with maximum violence.

Those who don't know history are bound to repeat it, and charging bulls ALWAYS get gored in the end, even if they do manage to take out a few matadors or rodeo clowns in the process.


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