Death to Smoochy

by Mark Rivers

Jew Adam Resnick wrote "Death to Smoochy." The movie was then put in the capable hands of director Danny DeVito, who also gave us "Throw Momma from the Train" and "War of the Roses." "Death to Smoochy" has a lot of good stuff in it. It has a decent blend of self-parody and over-the-top melodrama, and it only takes itself as seriously as it deserves.

"Death to Smoochy" gives us a "what if" scenario, based loosely on the scandal that caused Jew pervert Paul Reubenfeld (aka Pee-Wee Herman) to fall from grace, and the subsequent rise of his replacement, Barney the Dinosaur. The film is full of brain-spinning visuals, punchy one-liners and the kind of morbid humor we've come to expect from DeVito, who, although married to Jewess Rhea Perlman, is not a Jew. In fact, two of his last big roles, in "Heist" and "What's the Worst that can Happen?" (the reviews of which are available here on VNN), show him acting like a no-good Yid from time to time. Apparently, the self-hating Heebs AND their spouses are allowed to portray unlikable kikes every now and then. So, be on the lookout at your local cinema for Kate Capshaw's next starring role: "Yenta: the True Story of an Annoying, Old Jewish Woman."

The most outstanding feature of "Death to Smoochy" is its depiction of slimy Jews manipulating and exploiting television programming aimed at youngsters. Edward Norton plays Sheldon Mopes, a chipper Raffi-type performer who has been down on his luck for most of his career. When the nation's most popular kids' show host, Rainbow Randolph (Robin Williams), goes through a career-ending scandal, Mopes' character "Smoochy the Rhino" is brought in to salvage the network's integrity.

On board is the network executive, played by Jew Jon Stewart (real name: John Stewart Leibowitz). He plays his Jewishness to the hilt, as does gangster Merv Green (Jew fag Harvey Fierstein). DeVito plays a kike-like agent who helps conspire against clean-cut White guy Mopes. Finally, Catherine Keener stars as Nora Wells, Mopes' love interest, although we first see her as a part of the heartless network administration. Her character is the type of media shiksa the Jews love; one who dirties up her knees for the first couple of decades in her career, only to regret it much too late.

Rainbow Randolph descends further into depression, alcohol and psychosis, and plans his revenge against Smoochy. Meanwhile, the Jews go head-to-head with Mopes on creative control of the show. Mopes, a tree-hugging hippie, wants the kids to learn valuable lessons while eating healthy foods. The Jews want to squeeze every drop of merchandising possible from the show by plastering Smoochy's image on everything, from cheap plastic toys to sugar-frosted cereal. More than once, DeVito's character talks about money, money, money, even referring to it as "shekels" in one scene.

The movie never has a dull moment. Several twists and turns take us to a satisfying end, with at least a few laugh-out-loud moments (which, for me, is saying a lot). Since I'm going to recommend this movie, I won't give away anymore, BUT...if you decide to see "Death to Smoochy," there are a couple of things to bear in mind:

1) At one point, there is a scene that shows Neo-Nazis in a negative light (as if this is even a surprise anymore).

2) The movie has, as some of its supporting characters, some of the most unflinchingly negative Irish stereotypes I've ever seen. That probably would have upset me more if I had more than 1/8 Irish blood -- but I don't, so it didn't. I was more upset about having seen "Blade II" last week, which was so unbelievably bad I didn't even bother writing a review about it. Same goes for "Sorority Boys," in case you were wondering.

"Death to Smoochy" is not for kids. It is rated R, and has a whole lot of profanity (mostly from Robin Williams). Other than that, I found the movie to be both fun and educational.

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