Why We Must Draw the Line -- and Draw It Where Jews Do

by Chuck Pearson

    One VNN reader wrote recently, "White nationalism is the one train that Jews are never going to catch, no matter how hard they run after it."

    We must constantly pry the grasping Jewish fingers from the platform railing, though. Here, another VNN reader comments-

    ...it seems as if the Chosen are now turning their attention to the last bastion of White resistance, the one where no one thought they would ever dare go, the racialist movement itself. Anyone who attended the last American Renaissance conference and had to endure Robert Weissberg's condescending speech on the true relationship between blacks and Jews knows what I mean. Weissberg owned up, in so many words, that Black Power was a Jewish production, but once the Frankenstein's monster (or would that be Golem?) got out of control and turned on its master, some Jews apparently started having some of those famous Second Thoughts about the desirability of the ghettoization of American life. Weissberg admitted that Jews will never worry about blacks trying to pull off a "final solution" because they're just frankly too stupid.

    He then went on to posit a White-Jewish alliance against blacks and other Third World invaders, but with the caveat that "anti-Semitism" had to be removed from the movement.

    Jews constantly sniff the wind for change. It's the way they survive. They will say anything, do anything, become anything to insure the continuity of their race. We know that the sudden rash of phony Jewish "conservatism" is a response to the growing anger in White America over the genocide-through-open-immigration the Jews have openly admitted they're waging.

    Jews have pulled the teeth of the Limbaugh Coffee Mug Right, which does little but criticize vague "Democrats" and "liberals" while its own Republican party continues the Jewish agenda of White disarmament and dissolution.

    They will do the same thing to White Nationalism if we let them.     Here, in Kevin MacDonald's paper about Jewish direction of U.S. immigration policy --


  he describes how Jews work steadily and singlemindedly towards their only goal, "Is It Good For Jews?" through a constantly shifting set of temporary alliances and expedient associations that confuses the casual onlooker.

    "Throughout the entire period of almost 100 years prior to achieving success with the immigration law of 1965, Jewish groups opportunistically made alliances with other groups whose interests temporarily converged with Jewish interests (e. g., a constantly changing set of ethnic groups, religious groups, pro-Communists, anti- Communists, the foreign policy interests of various presidents, the political need for presidentís to curry favor with groups influential in populous states in order to win national elections, etc.).

    It is obvious that, in order to succeed, White Nationalist organizations must eliminate Jewish influence from within their ranks, and must not provide a forum for Jewish ideas.

    Discriminatory? You bet. Here, in a recent issue of Moment magazine --


  one Joel Streicker describes how Jews maintain their solidarity -- pretending, as they always do, to be squeamish about it.

     ...when I grapple with the halachah's [Jewish law] apparent unfairness, I remind myself that communities need boundaries and rules for marking boundaries, and deciding who is inside and who is outside is essential to maintaining communal life. Making distinctions is a central aspect of Judaism: holy versus ordinary, Israel versus the nations, Shabbat versus the rest of the week, kosher versus treif [filth], and so on... I may not always like how the distinctions are made, but as a Conservative Jew, I must accept them.

    The distinctions themselves are the expression of community norms, which shape and are shaped by halachah.

    "Israel versus the nations." That seems clear enough. What do Whites have to counter such implacable hate and destructiveness? Let's see some hands. Bobby?


        "Turning the other cheek!"

        "We root for the underdog! We're 'Mericans! That's what we do! We root for the underdog!"

    It's worse. Today's White battle flag is "Me!" Harmless White TV-men, all alike with their earrings, beard stubble, baggy Hilfiger warmups and silly "Diesel" hats, are sullen, suspicious, and self-centered. "I'm not a joiner. I don't believe in leaders. I don't support groups. I'm my own man. No one tells me what to do," they say, as the TV plays.

    You can't ask anyone to do anything anymore. America is a nation of spoiled, whining children. "Who're you? You're not the police! You're not my father!"

    To warn someone their house is on fire, you have to kiss their ass and stroke them and wheedle and beg and explain. They give you a hard time. "Who're you? Are you a fireman or something? Well, I dunno. I can't promise anything. I'll have to ask my wife about it."

    Tell White Nationalists there's a plague carrier sitting at their table, and they throw a "No one tells me what to do" fit. They run and serve coffee and cookies, just to be spiteful.

    How can we win a battle when the enemy is allowed into the tent to look at the maps and make suggestions, for fear of hurting his feelings otherwise?

    What is wrong with us? An article like this should not even have to be written.

    "Are you Jewish?" That's the standard used by Jews to determine who belongs in their community. It must also be our standard. Our norms must also be shaped by our need to survive.

        "No Jews- Just Right!"

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