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There's One Born Every Minute

While Whites grasp at straws, seek any shred of decency in Hollywitz' vile products, Jews snicker at us for going to movies at all. They've got our number. "The same people who have waited on line for hours to catch the first glimpse of 'Harry Potter' are the same people who are salivating in anticipation for 'The Lord of the Rings'...This is the year of the dweeb." Make your own culture, White man.

Have a Good Laugh

Not much fun in the middle of a race war, but every once in a while we get to stand back, fold our arms, and enjoy. Here, Swiss government may once more allow Jewish ritual slaughter. "Since the government launched the initiative, Swiss newspapers have been flooded with letters from animal rights supporters backing the existing prohibition. Many of the letters have anti-Semitic overtones, with some referring to shechita as a 'holocaust of the animals.'" Will there be a Cow Memorial, a hushed, eternal-flame-lit museum of spatulas, grinders, salt shakers? Cattle cars that were used to transport -- cattle? A vast, domed room filled to the ceiling with empty McDonald's boxes, "the symbolic remains of six million bovines?" Don't get us started! Das ist aber wirklich zu viel! It's really too much!

Yids Say WND's Farah "Best Friend Israel Ever Had"

Think that VNN makes this stuff up? Here, gushing Jewish article about Suckpoop Joe, who bravely beats the war drum for Izzy from the rural safety of Cave Junction, Oregon. We always thought he was just an insignificant, credulous, baa-ing Judeo-Christian, but, since you yidn absolutely insist, we'll be glad to consider him a deadly enemy of the White West. Done.

Special Pleading "Special Master"

Jews survive by positioning themselves between you and anything you might want or need. Here, the inspiring tale of one gleaming, perfect Feinberg, who grips the purse strings of a vast sum of other people's money. "The fund itself, created as part of the airline bailout bill, is an unprecedented, open-ended government [read -- taxpayer] initiative designed primarily to save the airline industry from billions of dollars in lawsuits." But wait! He's a regular guy. "His mediation skills have also prepared him for disagreements at his home...'Whenever there was a sibling dispute, I'd hold a little mini-trial,' said Mr. Feinberg. "I'd sit everybody down at the table and I'd say to my oldest, 'Alright, you're the plaintiff.' Then I'd ask my little girl, 'do you want to cross examine?'" Where is the Norman Rockwell to record such touching tableaux of Jewish family life? More importantly, who'd want the picture? Feh!

Racism on Web Is/Isn't Threat

"Web sites like the one run by the World Church of the Creator...appear to be shaping a new, upscale cadre of white supremacists," warns a Levine. "No, no! The Web can't make racists!" insists some Rosenberg or other. Both get paid, shake hands, go to lunch! Hold the elevator! It's Good For Jews!

Don't Have a Cow, Man

Like, wow, it was only water, you know? I mean, really. "A float entered in the Fish Hoek [South Africa] Mardi Gras by a group of seven teen-agers featured a German military jeep used by the Nazis during World War II. The vehicle that appeared in the late December charitable event sported four German flags with swastikas, while participants in the float wore German-style military uniforms with swastika-decorated armbands. 'They carried mock guns and squirted water on bystanders,' said an outraged David Donner." Und morgen die ganze Welt! What's left of Judaism once you eliminate the lying, the swindling, the crying, the physical ugliness and the bad food? Oops - left out filing bogus lawsuits, harassing honest men. Can you smell what what the kikes are cookin'? Stinks, don't it?

Hate -- A Job for Life, It's

It wasn't long ago that we mentioned how Jewish genius lies in making high-paying careers out of looking after their racial interests. Here, a case in point. In coverage of an internal Jew-spat, the dismissal of an Anti-Defamation League regional director, we find that "a Los Angeles native and UCLA-educated lawyer, Mr. Lehrer has spent virtually his entire adult life working for ADL. He started out in 1975 as a lawyer for the ADL's Western region." That's the sort of job security Whites can only dream of in our new "hire-to-fire" economy, filled with Mexicans to keep wages low, home prices high, and rentals tight. When -- and not until -- White people decide that their race is important, they can also have gleaming office buildings filled with professionals to look after White interests, huge, interlocking White charities and foundations and associations. Right now, there are still too many SUVs, Thai restaurants, and big-screen TVs to lull, distract the affluent White government workers, "day traders," and other non-productive speculators. Dirty old factories which once employed 300 workers converted to shiny new condos for a half-dozen brokers, managers, lawyers. The same got-the world-by-the-ass confidence everyone had at -- Enron. The same flood of consumer luxury that was seen in Argentina, until...

Immigration by the Insane

Taking the subway? Bring a stun gun, stand well away from the edge of the platform, and watch your back.You'd think we have enough mentally ill people in America. Oh, no. Jews tore up our immigration laws so more could be imported from overseas. Here, schizophrenic Chinese woman with her own web site. She came here from a country that shoots people in the head and sells their livers, other insides to the highest bidder. What's her air-conditioned, vaccinated, swivel-chaired, only-one-calorie, 256-color complaint now? "My problem is that the American Government is surveillanting me 24 hours a day. They record every word that I type on my computer with software, even this message. Because I am a foreigner, they infringe my human right." She's catching on fast here in White Man Land -- someone owes her! "Who will deal with the eavesdropping and cameras? Should there someone have legal responsibility? Should the government reimburse me? Can I get legal evidence? Should the media reimburse me?" Crazy like a fox, huh? Yes, you bowlegged, Cantonese-yattering fish-slime-gobbler, you can collect right here. Quick! Get a Jewish psychiatrist! Immigration lawyer! "Now I still have nothing," hisses this horrible, huffy Sino-schizo, "even my human right, intelligent properties and privacy, and further dont ask my to make a pizza for you; you direct all your questions to your government." OK. Hey, government! Could we have a strait jacket and a plane ticket over here? Phone the People's Liberation Army "hospital" and tell the "doctors" that there's another pair of transplant kidneys wingin' their way home!

Virtual Reich

Playboy writer takes a shot at linking all the baddies into one giant brown-green-towelhead conspiracy. How quaint. And thanks for not crediting our original translation, numb Michael Reynolds

Movie Review: 'A Beautiful Mind'

I was just about to recommend this movie, Mark Rivers

Insane Coon Posse: Nigger Madness in Aperica, Booliestan, Whatever You Want to Call It!

In Africa, one can tell it's Christmas by the sickening upswing in violent crime. In downtown Nairobi, urbanised bandits celebrate the festive season by raping, killing and stealing more cars than usual. Where we live out in the bush, theres none of this, thank heavens. What happens instead is that our local young bloods paint themselves with fresh coats of ochre and rancid butter, tie extra bells onto their ear lobes and go out cattle rustling. Niggers. I don't care what people say. They remind me an awful lot of human beings.

Jews Stink

Filing baseless lawsuits? That's our Hymie! Lying, Swindling, Cheating, Inc. Like kiddie porn? I know a jew who can hook you up...

Jewish Soap Story

Jewish lies are around the world twice before truth can get its boots on. Hence VNN.

Mexican-Flavored "Security"

"Airport security" isn't the issue; America's support for Israel is the issue, so here's a story on airport security -- all you're gonna get from the conventional media. At San Francisco International Airport, Louis Alvarez, member of El National Guard, "apparently had difficulty removing his sidearm from the holster. There was also a live round in the chamber. Somehow, as he was struggling, the gun went off and the round hit him in the buttocks." Feel safer now, America?

Orcs, Hobbits and Libertarians

Great line in here from Tolkien: And when his editors complained that he had used the wrong plural for "dwarf" the 1938 Oxford English Dictionary preferring "dwarfs" who but Tolkien could have replied, "Yes, I have changed my mind since I wrote the dictionary"?

The New Oppressors

Meet America's neo-Thought Police -- twentysomething, with pierced tongue, "Diesel" hat, "Hilfiger" jacket, baggy pants, moon-walk nigger shoes, lime-green cell phone, stubble of beard, mouth hanging open. Way kewl, man. No you're not. Smear-sites like this are powerful enforcers of the brainless TV-droning corporate consensus reality they affect to rail against. Look at them, the gimlet-eyed, thin-lipped, neo-Puritan, neo-"McCarthyite," neo-witch-burning censors, whacking their red "ILLUCID" "SUPREMACIST" "HATE MONGER" "PARANOIA" rubber stamps across the front of anything that does not conform strictly to mega-multinational-multicultural standards. You'll immediately notice that there are essentially only two categories of sites selected -- far-gone people who see flying saucers in their closet, and White Nationalists. This is not a mere "cataloging," "chronicling" of these sites; it is condemnation-by-placing-in-"crank"-context, intended to pre-empt any rational consideration of facts. Call a radio show, try to say "Israel." "Oh, yeah, big Jewish conspiracy to take over the world, yeah, right, everything controlled by the Jews, yeah, goodbye." Jews approve of; here, some Berman or other does writeup for conventional-media USA Today, pats good little dog on head. Nothing more than defenders of big government and the status quo, our "trendy" "iconoclasts" with their "blogs." Boring, boring, boring, one feeding off the next until they're all the same. Too stupid to recognize the real power from which they have purchased every aspect of their "lifestyle," right down to their very thoughts, they can only sullenly watch for anyone who doesn't conform, and then toss mud. The "repressive Fifties" had nothing on this -- especially since what's being enforced now is crime, miscegenation, noise, dirt, disorder, danger and the destruction of the orderly White society that gave these air-suckers everything they have. Here, another silly "blog" with a forum to discuss the horrors of VNN. It's sad that, in the middle of what the FBI calls "the largest espionage ring ever uncovered in the United States" on top of a race war against us, all that these skateboard-bangers can comprehend on our site are the cartoons and movie reviews. "Hey, wow, man, bad karma. These people frighten me." How about the Moslems who destroyed the World Trade Center? Do they ring any alarm bells of concern? Even worse, how about the Jews who let them in?

VNN Goes Multicultural!

We're turning Portugese, I think we're turning Portugese, I really think so... Here Indiana makes things easier for shitskins.

Mexicans: Close, But Not Actually Human

Back in the septic tank, Paco.

Jew Spies Leak Away

Quietly, by ones and twos, they trickle home to Israel. Soon, all of the compromised Mossad agents will be replaced with fresh ones, and Izzy's espionage against the United States will go on, and on... Here Jews worry that Argeninian crash may visit Israel.


Middle-class misery, due to IMF...

Attention, Kmart Choppers

Don't wonder about that "racist" joke, "What're the first words of a Mexican baby?" Many Kmarts are like foreign countries -- on both sides of the checkout. "We continue to focus on...Hispanic[s]...our personnel, training, layout, merchandising, and marketing. In fact, you'll see some new brands just for the Hispanic market." Now, stocking-up spics may have to search several stores for sales on salsa and shoe-sharpeners as nation's second-largest discounter teeters on brink of El Bankruptcy. Can $1 billion in jumper cables turn over the Big K? Stay tuned...

Another Empty Box at the Mall

Here, the Zimmermans' mighty Service Merchandise sinks beneath the waves of recession. This VNN staffer shopped there once, and was so badly treated that the experience left him vowing, "Never Again!" Good riddance, yidn. They quit selling ammo there years ago, anyway. Needs it, who. Kentucky Wesleyan's winter, 2000 newsletter tells us -- "A grant of $20,000 was given by Raymond Zimmerman, former chairman of the board and chief executive officer of Service...will be used to start a Jewish Studies Program and will include funds to send...students and...faculty to Israel to take classes at Hebrew University. Funds...also...for guest speakers and support for new courses that deal with Judaism. Zimmerman's... students and community members in small cities around the south to learn more about Judaism." No more Service, no more bucks to indoctrinate, mislead credulous Judeo-Christians. Silver lining, hm?

Tickowitz Purses Lips for Super-Suck

Bloodsucking sheeny-leeches batten on American hide.

The American Empire

Good guys, bad guys -- look at it objectively, says Chittum: We're an empire, and like all of 'em, cracking: I want all to understand that it is exactly the result of America being an empire, and that this empire can never be the friend -- either in concept or practice -- of anyone except the super wealthy imperial elites, the NWO types. I want all -- black white and Hispanic -- Christian and atheist and Jew -- liberal and conservative -- to hate this empire and refuse it assistance of any sort, especially military service, so that its Glorious Imperial Legions will be slaughtered and defeated in the Southwest a geneartion from now, and I can have my full rights of citizenship restored in a land free of Bongonians.

JimRob, Feeb and Coward

Detestable blockhead JimRob and his merry band of ADL pranksters are giving conservatism a bad name.

Niggers = Danger

Mix with niggers, here's the result... Niggers aren't cool -- niggers suck. Little tip from your Uncle Al.

Dissension in Criminal Kike Ranks

ADLpates fire regional beanhead. "Probably he is paying the price for the more balanced view he took toward Muslims," Aslam Abdullah, vice president of the Muslim Public Affairs Council, told The Times. Very interesting...

Public Relations: Manipulating the Masses

No one was better at it than Freud's relative Edward Bernays. Aussie ballet chicks preparing for physicals.

Sassoon's Opium Wars

Like roaches exposed to the light, they're...

Journalists and Canadians

Thoughts on Izzy Asper and media control in Canada, and on the nature of jounalists and Dr. William Pierce

Movie Review: 'Impostor'

In the future, there are kind-hearted, helpful negroes and evil White Mark Rivers

How to Marry a High-Quality Woman

Be a man. It's lonely at the top... Print this out and give it to your teens, male and female alike, readers, because this is how life actually runs in America circa 2002, and they need warning. After all, they gotta get it somewhere, and who's going to steer your kids right: - a healthy, normal White woman like VNN's Bennett, or dried up, lib-suppurating kosher prunetwats like the Sisters Lederer? Part one of a Elizabeth Bennett

New VNN promo here.

Movie Review: 'Joe Somebody'

Jews and non-Whites made this movie about how White men should get beat up, then suddenly develop enough confidence to walk away from their next Mark Rivers

Movie Review: 'Not Another Teen Movie'

A former vice president of MTV directed this movie. I wonder what religion he Mark Rivers

The Evil Jews Do...

Have we told you about the Jews, folks? A really nasty, thoroughly rotten race of people. Title link is to a long David Irving essay on how these chosen people of God have tried to ruin him the last fifteen years. Everything we say is true: The Jew is your enemy, White man. There is no way out but through the Jew. All that is necessary for Jews to triumph is for White men to do nothing. Why not head on out to York on the 12th? Listen to White men who mean it -- I mean, unless you're satisfied bouncing beachballs with the Republicans. White Race, White Future, White Now! No Jews. Just Right.

Race Traitor Pleads Guilty

Did he need a new living room set this badly? "A former engineer admitted in federal court Friday that he smuggled 50 electronic devices to Israel that could be used for a number of applications, including triggering nuclear bombs." After living as a fugitive for 16 years, he now faces many years in prison -- and Izzy's got The Bomb. Was it worth it, buddy?

Kikes Support Fed Spying

Safe for jews, unsafe for Whites. "Good for jews," it's....

York Prepares for White Nationalists

The Martin Library will close down - except for the White meeting.

Jews Less Than All the Rage in France

More anti-Semitism than ever. Stands to reason. More outre jew behavior than ever. Jews will do anything to stop anti-Semitism - except cease swindling, lying and murdering.

Freeper Thread on Buchanan

Note Jewish censorship, brainwashed lemmings... How do we debate a subject, without mentioning the negative effects of third world immigration? That is the basis for prior restraint. Just here on this forum, many when finding a thread deleted, will step back, and carefully choose subjects and words. That too is prior restraint. It stifles free thought and expression. Unless one is willing to offend, the other side wins, for they will do more than offend, they will destroy. That is the lesson we should have learned from Clintons presidency. Ever watched "Invasion of the Body Snatchers"?

Jew Mercer

She's a con or libt or something -- her father was an anti-Apartheid activist in SA who fled to Israel. How about that?

Geraldo Puts the Spic in Despicable

Hay-raldo is a jew and a liar. But I repeat myself. Wrote Folkenflik: ``Fox News did not have any explantation for how Rivera could have been confused by an event that had not yet occurred.'' Que tal, Moronaldo?

UK Planned to Wipe Out Germany with Anthrax

More solid thinking from Sodden Winnie.... The aim of Operation Vegetarian was to wipe out the German beef and dairy herds and then see the bacterium spread to the human population. With people then having no access to antibiotics, this would have caused many thousands -- perhaps even millions -- of German men, women and children to suffer awful deaths. Better Hitler than an island packed full of Paks, Bangs, Chinks, and Jams, as the average Briton is now learning, to his sorrow.

Click Here!

Rat-a-tat-tat Goes the Gat, Gun-Owner-Controller Goes Splat

Harvard grad hated the very idea of White men owning guns. Now he's dead. No flowers from VNN.

Screw Law, We Want Power

How the Dems operate. With their boys in control of college classroom and tv transmitter, they get away with it. White America is being eaten alive by the insects the jewroaches let in. And here the Jew-led Dems intend to tar conservative Christians with the Taliban label. Keep supporting Israel, Christians, Jewsus would have wanted you to. And with freshets of Hisps urinating over the Southwest every second, the Dem future is secure.

Racists Are Psychologically Normal

Jews are the psychos.

Saudi Paper Says Jews Are Taking Over the World

Poor world. The earth deserved better. "The Jewish sense of superiority is typified by hypocrisy and zeal... The Jews are incapable of actualizing their influence and control for a simple reason, and that is that they are a demographic minority in every society in the world. For this reason, the Jews are trying by means of their trickery to weaken the national identity [of the non-Jews] and thus take over affairs and direct them to serve their interests. This is obvious everywhere in the world where there is a large community, both in Arab societies and in American society, such as the European-American community or African-American and even among the Muslims in the Arab world, where the Jews act by means of their control of the media, politics, and the economy in order to weaken the non-Jewish groups and bring about their disintegration, in order to secure their goals. How is this carried out?" "It is carried out by the principle of 'divide and rule.' The Jewish zealots fear, and fight, any racial non-Jewish coalition. In the Western countries, the Jews fight all the organizations attempting to safeguard European interests and tradition. In the non-European countries, the Jews constantly act to fracture and weaken the coalitions and the homogeneity of the main racial groups." Which American paper could this have appeared in? That's the point.


Interesting form/forum... Bias quotes here. Interesting movie comments here.

Argentina Here?

Central banks, jew media, "free trade" -- why not?

Niggers - All You Can Do Is Shake Your Head

We at VNN won't waste our readers' time with breathless hourly updates on niggers -- we don't need to distract you from the Jews who force 'em into your clean, quiet White life. Besides, niggers never vary -- year in, year out, it's the same mindless violence. An occasional reminder suffices. Here, today's example, one Marero McKinney, 31, "accused of holding a 2-year-old boy against a radiator because the crying toddler interrupted a football game on TV." Blacks are not "men"; they are 6'5", 280-pound three-year-olds with explosive tempers -- and AIDS. Some of the most "masculine"-looking are actually as queer as clams; so-called "Down Low Brothers." Avoid, in all respects -- and stick to honest news sites that focus on the Jewish disease and not the nig, Mex, wog symptoms. No Jews. Just Right.

Karachi, U.S.A.

The corner of Devon and Western Avenue on Chicago's north side: once a clean White shopping hub, now the largest Indian and Pakistani concentration in the Midwest, filled with alien sights, sounds and -- believe us -- smells. With India and Pakistan at each other's throats, "many of the Indian and Pakistani entrepreneurs along Devon worry that the community ties aren't strong enough to survive a war, should one break out amid the escalating tensions." Why is this your problem, White man? Ask the Jews who tore up our immigration laws to allow this reeking, dangerous mass in.

Jewish Vampires

Sick cultists, Jews -- but slightly more dangerous than the freaks in saffron robes, and not offering any candy or flowers; taking only...

Nigs Pressure Harvard

Hire more unqualified black professors. Admit more unqualified black students. Host more asinine "rap" seminars. Give more honorary awards to Ice-tea and p-doof.

Crap Art, a Jewish Tradition

Shitty on Normal White American values is good business - "good for Jews." Jews enjoy the freedom to offend - on your dime. Most of the outrageous non-art is paid for with money taken from White earners. We are enslaved by yids who laugh at what we respect. That's why we say the only good Jew is Danglestein.

Argentina Breaks Down

Crushed by debt, riots in the streets. Advice from tv jews. What could be worse?

Sailer: The Future of Multiculturalism

Here Francis on the Ratconquista, i.e., overrunning by vermin. Mexicans can breed. Talents beyond that they've never revealed.

Kill 'Em, Kill 'Em All!

Jewish jihad, Biblical genocide -- fine for enemies of the House of David -- and tales of the Savage Edgar Steele

Movie Review: 'Freeway'

See the blond beauty Witherspoon made the vehicle of jew smut and multiculturalism. Yawn. 'Here comes another one, just like the other ones' J.R. Colson

Some Traitors Are Ok, Some Are Not

Double-plus hate for the non-Israel-firster, Taliban John J.R. Colson

Christianity And White Nationalism: A Response To Pope John Paul

If the Church supports separate states for Palestianians and Jews, then it has no grounds to oppose White Paul Grubach

Between the Lines

Jews excrete all over America like deranged canines. Then they blame traditional Whites for the mess. And tax us to broadcast their insane cries and finger-pointing as "public" Chuck Pearson

Latest promo here.

JDL Claims No Plans to Attend York Rally

Here the first story, with a somewhat different message.

No Jew-Crit in Canada: Izzy Asper and CanWest

Few places is opinion control as blatant as Canada. Speech crimes are long enacted, and the media there are all but completely in the hands of Jews like Asper. giant CanWest Global Communications Corp., owned by Israel (Izzy) Asper and family, announced that beginning Dec. 12 one, but eventually three, editorials a week would be written at corporate headquarters in Winnipeg and imposed on 14 dailies, which include the Vancouver Sun and Province, the Calgary Herald and the Montreal Gazette. CanWest also owns 50 percent of the nationally distributed National Post, which will be subject to the new directives as well. This is why alternative media such as VNN exist, and why you should support them. Do not feed the jews your mind or your money.

Jew Blumert on Jews and Threats to Liberty

Publisher of LRC tries to argue, pulls up short. Sobran is the only writer criticizing Jews who regularly appears on LRC, and if he weren't an established name, Rockwell wouldn't post his columns -- he'd reject them as he rejected Carol Ward and Jeremy Sapienza's piece about the "libertarian" Jews puling for war. All pigs are equal, but jewish pigs have that extra bit of bacon. Jewish pigs are "special."

Cameron Comments from Israel

Simply a rewrite of the Cameron series, apparently that's kosher for home consumption, but not for you, White American. Pay close attention to the stuff we bring you from internal jewish publications -- highly instructive as to what jews are and the contempt they have for us.

'Groids Claim Slurs Cost Them House, Sue

(slow, scroll...) What a world. Offend a jew-enabled minority, go to jail. Jew be free to offend you, I notices. Nig be free to do damn near anything.

Dispatches from Palestine

Interesting translations of Arab sources here. Here Michael Collins on whether 9/11 attackers were Arabs.

From "Holocaust" "Victim" to Slumlord

God Spared Him, that he might provide rat- and roach-filled domiciles for the penniless.

Vdare Calls Jim Robinson a Fool, Nobody Disagrees

The real story is that jews control "Free Republic," and he allows it. The jews set the line, house niggers like jimrob just set the table for them. What we need is a Jew-Free Republic. Sam Francis' forum is the best one out there we've seen because it doesn't censor open racism. All that is necessary for Jews to triumph is for White men to do nothing. Speaking out against jews is not merely a pleasure, but a civic duty. The Jew is your enemy, White man. That's all you need to know.

Russia: Nogs Cracked by Racists

So claims jewish source. "Anti-Semitic" literature is also selling fast, jews say. Round-up of pro-Russian activity here. Here skins are charged in Oregon. Niggers show up, misery follows. Here a ridiculous piece on Germans, Jews reconciling. Reconciliation in the sense that Germans pay hundreds of billions in extortion for imaginary crimes, and jews decide whether or not they will forgive -- no question they will continue to demand money.

Elisha Strom's Site

Beautifully done, as her husband's. Here are her thoughts on men and women in the pro-White movement. Here a girl's racialist awakening.

Henry Ford Had the Jews Pegged

Jews, the original hate group...

UN Wants Global Fingerprinting, IDs

NWO, UN, "mark of the beast" all "crackpot conspiracy theories," you see. "Every person in the world would be fingerprinted and registered under a universal identification scheme to fight illegal immigration and people smuggling." But wait! The idea here is not to stop the vast non-White immigration flood, but to make it legal, controlled, regulated, sanctioned -- all the things that thrill the anal-retentive bureaucrat. "It would allow countries to open their borders to genuine travellers or asylum seekers" -- and everyone with the magic card would be "genuine!" "The scheme would give people dignity by giving them an identity." Will the key to White Man Land, the ticket to El Good Life, be a little plastic thing you put on your keychain? Just like the Mobil Speedpass, now accepted at McDonald's. "Paypumpandbolt," just "swipe" at border crossings for gasoline, hamburgers, welfare, education, medical care at someone else's expense. Who will be printed, photoed, cataloged, watched the hardest? As in all cases, law-abiding Whites with one name, one residence, and one place of employment. "Our governments know who we are and what we are. But one of the basic problems is the numbers of people in the world who are not registered, who do not have a set identity, and when these people move with real or fake passports, you cannot identify them." VNN knows that this situation will simply continue, as it does today, with a clinically insane U.S. government still granting visas to young Middle Eastern men from "terrorist" countries -- over 7,000 since September 11 -- and taking Arabs on tours of our nuclear facilities while you, sucker, wait for three hours to have a fat, stupid nigger confiscate your nail clippers. De line fo'm on de right. Take off dat hat! No talkin'!

Missing Mulatto Midget Back with Mom

Jewish "multiculturalism" at its finest. Half-nig baby -- curdled, peculiar, problematic offspring of white trash and nigger -- abducted from bus station by white trash who needed valuable niglet to show to her nigger convict boyfriend upon his release from prison. We don't make these up, folks. "Multiracial, black/white, bowlegged and pigeon-toed," this tot, according to police bulletins. VNN hopes fervently for mental retardation, cleft palate, spina bifida, infantile crack addiction, and a leaky heart valve as well. We're not burdened enough as it is, just keeping the would-be parents in jail. Would hepatitis C all around be too much for the taxpayers to handle? How much moolah did this absurd multi-state escapade, complete with FBI who should be chasing terrorists, set us back? You don't want to know. Just remember; "Our Strength And Our Progress Lie In Our Diversity." Right, Jews?

Jews Play Both Sides of the Fence

Here the flip side of Israeli drug manufacture, Hasidic "ecstasy" smuggling. "The third annual 'Vodka Latka Hannukah Party,' organized by the Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles, raised $130,000 for several drug-addiction treatment centers, including Cedars-Sinai Medical Center and Beit T'shuvah, a treatment facility that combines Jewish teachings with the 12-step program of Alcoholics Anonymous." Got you coming or going...and a lesson there. Nothing ever quite good enough for Jews, not even AA. Special, separate program needed for superior, special-pleading Chosen People, who must always be safe among their own sympathetic kind. Are you getting the idea, White man? ONE STANDARD FOR JEWS, ANOTHER STANDARD FOR EVERYBODY ELSE. It's everywhere you look...

"Free speech," Jew-Style

"Free speech! Free speech!" squawks the Hook-Nosed Jew-Bird, until someone slips, spits "Sheeny!" Suddenly, shocked Yids silence, suppress! "The Israeli Government has stepped into the row over the French ambassador to London, Daniel Bernard, who is alleged to have spoken about 'that shitty little country Israel.' Raanan Gissin, spokesman for Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, said that if Mr Bernard made the comment he should resign or the Israeli Government would assume the French Government condoned that view." By the way, Israel is a shitty little country.

Jewish Cultural Merry-Go-Round, Part One

Around, whirls, it! We're all in a spin! Where, where will it drop us off this week? "Lindsey Vuolo, the proudly Jewish Miss November 2001, [had a] debate...with Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, author of 'Kosher Sex,' over the propriety of her posing for Playboy." VNN's man waited in line for seventeen hours, but still couldn't get in -- so great was the crush. And this, from the halls of government..."The Speaker of the California State Assembly is Robert Hertzberg, who represents a section of the heavily Jewish San Fernando Valley...he's published a 36-page pamphlet titled 'Yiddish For Assembly Members,' in which he provides transliterations, definitions and usage examples for 51 Yiddish words and phrases, ranging from alevai to yente. 'Let's practice tzedakah here and increase the funding in health care, food stamps and renter's credit legislation.'" By all means! So good to know that everything is in safe, steady Jewish hands! "Mr. Hertzberg's pamphlet, for which he deserves a hearty yasher koach, is also an example of how far we've come in this America." Oy, such a country!

Jewish Cultural Merry-Go-Round, Part Two

Here, another disturbed Jewish cultural icon, Helmut Newton. "Both German and Jewish, the famed photographer mainstreamed his rebellious, tortured relationship with the fascist aesthetic...that Mr. Newton seems to find himself guilty of an unnamed crime is attested to by the punishment he seems to crave at the hands of the black-leather-clad women who so often dominate his work." VNN does so hope he'll be doing children's books soon.

Stop Press! -- Jews Somewhat Inconvenienced by National Calamity

Here, Jewish suffering at its most profound. As Argentinian currency collapses, fires burn in the streets, and hungry crowds are trampled by police on horseback, self-absorbed Jews whine about wedding plans! "'I just spent eight hours at my travel agent's,' Malena told me. "I have no idea if we'll make it to Costa Rica. They're talking about a curfew and I don't know if I'm even going to be able to get married. And if I do, I don't know if the seamstress will manage to bring me my dress.' Mercedes Franco, designer extraordinaire and family friend, who crafted Malena's dress...lives across a major highway which, it was rumored, would be blocked by police in the event of a curfew." Oh! Well! In that case! (president snatches up telephone) "General! Send a battalion of troops, and secure that dress shop!" Nothing too good for God's Chosen People. Make aliya, Jews. Argentina will be so sorry to see you go...

Thieves Study Theft

Here, an unintentionally funny article explaining away theft by Jews. Nazis make them do it! A Jewish theft expert, one Cupchik, "had a wealthy patient, a Holocaust survivor, who was arrested for stealing a $15 pair of Dr. Scholl's insoles from a drug store. 'He had no reason, no excuse for the theft behavior...'Cupchik...learned that the day of the theft was the 50th anniversary of his liberation from a concentration camp, when inmates were awakened at 3 a.m. and were forced to march, most of them without shoes, along a rock-laden rail line. 'It was an anniversary reaction, manifested in an atypical theft behavior.'" Oy! Such a people. From a landsman, from Dr. Scholl himself, they steal, yet! These madcap mockies -- captivating, capricious, irrepressible! What will they do next? Whee! Hang on, goyim!

Jewish Gratitude

Stick up for Yids, they don't know you. Here, Jews deny that ousted American Red Cross chief lost her job because of her support for Israel. Can you see how they think? "We don't want people to think we're that important...that might draw attention to us...make us look too powerful...foster anti-Semitism." Then, "Well, of course you want people to think you're powerful..." We see this over and over. Jews never can make up their minds, thus this seesawing, back and forth. VNN can easily sever this Gordian knot. No Jews. Just Right. There.

Millions Wasted at Ford

Here Ford settles anti-White discrimination lawsuits out of court, pays out $10.5 million. No victory -- we'll all pay for it in the cost of our next car. Sad to think that a firm which touts diversity was founded by a stern White racist, Henry Ford, author of "The International Jew." ADL not happy that you can read this; "Anti-Semitism of the 1920s revived on the Web!" Not a moment too soon, we say. Visualize White America.

Jewish Thieves Squabble Over "Holocaust" Money

Mine, it's! No, no, mine! "They're moving in and trying to get money for their favorite charities rather than giving money to people in whose name they obtained it." Oy! Give it here! "Mr. Rechter's organization hopes to tap funds from unclaimed Swiss bank accounts and insurance policies, but is expecting stiff competition from the Fund for the Jewish People, which intends to do the same."

Jewish Racists Set Immigration Quotas

Not with my daughter, you don't. Israel foot-dragging on much-touted Law Of Return, trying to avoid bringing in niggers, whom they don't want next door any more than you do. "The monthly quota is part of Israel's plan estimated 22,000 Falash Mura, Ethiopians who either converted to Christianity from Judaism under duress or are the descendants of such people. Government officials have sought to block or slow their immigration to Israel...Ethiopian Jewry activists complain that the quota [is] doubly offensive because of...Sharon's recent calls for a mass immigration of Jews from Argentina, France, Australia and South Africa." Interesting, that last. Argentina, South Africa already coming apart. Sharon must know that France and Australia will be next to buckle under a flood of Jew-induced non-White immigration. Both countries already have detention camps bulging with Third World dirts. Jews can flee to Israel. Where can you run to, White man?

Racist, Nationalist Jews May Slam Door on Foreigners

Send the "teeming masses of the wretched shore" to America, not to Israel! Here, the Jews who tore up our immigration laws may tighten their own "Law Of Return" to keep filthy goyim out of God's Chosen Vacation Spot. ONE STANDARD FOR JEWS, ANOTHER STANDARD FOR EVERYBODY ELSE.

Jews Are/Aren't Endangered

National Alliance demonstrates in nation's capital, calls for end to aid for Israel. This is/isn't/is/isn't/is/isn't a problem -- so laugh it off but keep sending large amounts of money to Jewish groups, to help fight this terrible threat/insignificant rabble. Got that?

Don't Tread on Us, Roars White Mouse

Here, more of that good old American blustering, flag-waving, what used to be called a "real stemwinder" by a "fiery conservative columnist" who's as safe, toothless as you'll find anywhere. "For far too long we have allowed ourselves to be tyrannized by a wacko assemblage of radical environmentalists, Marxists, greedy trial lawyers, anti-American members of the professorate, big-labor bosses, cynical politicians and a motley crew of liberal ideologues. The time has come to stand up to these would-be [?] dictators of thought and deed." Just don't ever call them the Jews so many of them are. That's not nice.

Kike Hypocrisy

On May 20, 1988, a deranged Jew, Laurie Dann, _nee_ Wasserman, walked into a school in affluent Winnetka, Illinois, and shot and killed a Jewish child, Nicholas Corwin, and wounded several others. As we can see here, the event became part of the core belief system of the local "gun control" movement, synonymous with A. the media and B. Jewish organizations. It shook the elite to their core, because it happened to one of God's Chosen Kids in the sort of "safe" place rich Jews choose to live, away from the effects of their nation-destroying actions. We will never, ever hear the end of it. However, in "Israel," when "Israelis" casually leave primed explosive booby traps laying around -- as unconcernedly as one would leave mouse bait -- and blow five children to pieces on their way to school, all Jews have to say is this. "Israel Radio quoted a high-ranking officer as saying the order to investigate the affair was a 'grave mistake.'" ONE STANDARD FOR JEWS, ANOTHER STANDARD FOR EVERYBODY ELSE.

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