Some Traitors Are Ok, Some Are Not

by J.R. Colson

I find it amusing that certain traitors against America -- Hanoi Jane Fonda, for example -- are never ridiculed in our popular culture, but certain others are.

Is it just a coincidence that only select traitors are blackballed, and the rest are completely ignored, or even worshipped?


Take, for example, the American leftist who went to Afghanistan to join the Taliban: John Walker.

Even mild-mannered columnists have called for Walker's head on a platter. They want him drawn and quartered, and his innards thrown into a fire.

This attitude seems strange when you realize that Walker has apparently not actually committed ANY crime against American or Western forces; his fighting was allegedly done against other, non-Western forces, e. g., the Northern Alliance.

He also apparently had nothing to do with the Sept. 11 attack on America. Given Taliban John's mild situation, why are many usually calm Western voices calling for his speedy execution?

The answer is so simple that I hate to mention it here: ISRAEL!

Whether the voices calling for Walker's hide on a fork are leftist or rightist, the story is the same: they are all Israel-firsters.

They know that entire political movements are often built around one person. They know that one person alone can trigger a large political or social groundswell.

Can't have that here.

They know that if disillusioned young people, even a few hundred of them, begin to study Walker's saga, and then to sympathize with him, an entire grassroots movement could spring up!


Just imagine the look on an Israel-firster's face when he learns that thousands of mush-for-brains college students are taking up Walker's cause, and writing uncritical essays about him, and even reading those essays aloud in a classroom!

Thousands of college students might then sympathize with Islam, and Arabs.

Double oy!

This might weaken the historic Western support for Israel, especially among young people, the most moldable and pliable of the stooges among us.

What a P.R. disaster that would be! Israel might even be forced to recognize a Palestinian state even sooner, if such a youth movement spread to Europe!

Heck, that sort of movement, if it really took hold, could even lead to cuts in Western aid to Israel! Then how would the Jews continue to oppress the Arabs with such vigor?

Triple oy!

Only time will tell how badly Walker is permanently smeared, after the upcoming, agenda-pushing history books are written -- by the usual Goldbergs, Silversteins and Rabinowitzes.

Also notable is that the obviousness of Walker-bashing from the right actually helps to show us just how much support Israel has in traditional, "conservative" corners in America.

These same gentiles on the right should know better than this blatant Walker-bashing, and I hope for a groundswell of support for Taliban John, just to allow Israel to receive a good swat on the nose.


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