How To Marry a High-Quality Woman

by Elizabeth Bennett

New Year's Resolution #1: Become Marriage Material.

My purpose is not to entertain. Strong, bitter medicine is what's needed - not sugarcoated garbage that reassures morons.

I'm tackling a subject everyone else is afraid of, for fear of losing face. Other authors tell lowest-common-denominator, "Whew, at least I'm not THAT bad!" anecdotes to make you feel better about yourself, and formulate 1-2-3 dumbed-down generalities.

I don't use child-psychology techniques, twisting myself into tactful pretzels to "argue" why the man has to take the lead and the woman has to follow; why we can't be 50/50 "equals." This essay will be easy for the basic and well-adjusted -- or the worldly and experienced -- man to understand: the down-to-earth problem-solver; the business manager; the soft-spoken cowboy, the perceptive salesman. But it will strain the brains of teenyboppers, professional students (air-heads), Peter Pans, pondering introverts who look toward obscure studies on rats, chimps and prostitution statistics to understand human behavior (Mr. Spock space-cadets), and cold psychopaths who lack passion and basic human emotional drives (like yearning for a wife and kids). We'll ignore the lemmings sitting in front of the boob tube reading Time and Maxim. Let the mechanical, posturing Babbitts with their straightjacketed smiles continue their living death.

My target audience is the Aristotelian fundamentalist; the essential, basic, piercing thinker. The top 10% of men aged 18-45 of Northwestern European ancestry. On the Myers-Briggs personality test you score xNTx (introspective thinker), xxxx (balanced), or xSTP (intuitive, concrete pragmatist).

This essay is for you, a rational man with masculine orientation, who just needs concrete, (un)commonsense directions. You are part of the precious grounded few who are both naturalistic and idealistic -- with a Germanic leitmotif: phlegmatic, intolerant, warm inside, but slightly cynical and tired of it all. Let me lend you a helping hand, and restore your good humor.

I won't waste my time on other "personalities": the flitting, rationalizing, associative butterflies, hiding from themselves, jumping from topic to disconnected fragment, getting stuck permanently in some insane groove; or the deadheads who have mentally shut down.

I'm writing for a man who is moved by these lines:

Oh, I didn't mean to yell
But sometimes I get beside myself
And I didn't mean to rush you
Your eyes stare at me in the dark
And I hope those eyes
Don't steal my freedom

My freedom


Well I just heard the news today
It seems my life is going to change
I close my eyes, and begin to pray
Then tears of joy stream down my face

With arms wide open
Under the sunlight
Welcome to this place
I'll show you everything

With arms wide open

Well I don't know if I'm ready
To be the man I have to be
I'll take a breath, take her by my side
We stand in awe; we've created life

Now everything has changed
I'll show you love
I'll show you everything

With arms wide open

If I had just one wish
Only one demand
I hope he's not like me
I hope he understands

That he can take this life
And hold it by the hand
And he can greet the world
With arms wide open...

CREED, Human Clay

Chapter #1: Positive Motivation.

The power to go after your high ideal is 100% in your hands, not hers. You're the man, the leader. As for me (and all other high-quality women), here I sit, waiting for you.
You're probably bitter enough to think no one worthy exists. You might be thinking, "I'm not rich enough, sexually experienced enough, muscular enough, tall enough, or socially skilled enough to get a really high-grade woman." Wrong. If you're intelligent enough to read this website, and free of major physical deformities and psychological problems, you've got a better chance than anyone. Most of the above luxuries come at a terrible price. When have you ever seen a rich guy who wasn't fat or prematurely aged? Or a handsome man who wasn't so spoiled by having women ask him out, he'd become feminized, not thick-skinned enough to face rejection? Or a sexually experienced man who wasnt cold inside and spreading the unwanted-gift of herpes?

There are two things much more important to attracting a high-quality woman than everything else. These are masculine behavior and body language -- and steely patience. Masculinity and patience are the two virtues NO ONE HAS ANYMORE.

Take the right actions, set the right tone. Take the lead. True, a woman will marry an old rich Jewish guy if there's nobody better available, but I guarantee she's fantasizing about a real man in bed, and when she closes her eyes, trying on clothes at the shopping mall. Pitted against a tall, heavy-boned, extroverted guy, the really masculine guy with the correct body language and behavior will always beat him to the quality woman.

The biggest factor working in your favor is the state of the culture. Since all men are feminized, since everyone is a basket case, you're in a position to have a total monopoly over the small pool of high-quality candidates -- if you can just get your act together. If you square your jaw and follow my advice, you will literally have no competition. Time is on your side in establishing trust, and once her (considerable) armor of prejudices fall away (her bitterness, reserve, wariness) you'll have near total control over her mind and body.

You have no competition.

Chapter #2: Avoid the College Swindle.

Your cardboard "competition" is the 30-year-old American bachelor. What a catch!

He wasted the best five years of his life "earning" a "college degree." During that time he:

  • Was penniless, wearing cheap tennis shoes, jeans, and a sweatshirt

  • Sat on a hard wooden bench in a giant lecture hall, full of Chinese and Indian foreign students exhaling tuberculosis and mono

  • Scribbled notes and memorized the irrelevant ramblings of a dot-head computer science professor who was too incompetent to create actual computer software

  • Pleaded with a Jewess "advisor" to let him drop a busywork course he was failing

  • Attended mandatory meetings, sitting cross-legged like a little boy, on the vomit-stained carpet of his dorm building, while the aging lesbian administrator of the girls' dormitory system belittled and sneered at sex, using twisted jokes, condom packet-throwing, and posters to indoctrinate the young males that "If you don't hear a yes, then that means no." (Anti-"date-rape" propaganda successfully killed the subtle non-verbal communication normal human sex is based on.)

  • Bent over and learned how to repress his normal instincts and emotions of revulsion -- and allowed a sick robot of a doctor to stick fingers in his anus, lest "prostate or testicular cancer" prevent this beefy youngster from playing football

  • Trudged between "engineering" (translation: formula memorization) classes to hear a neurotic 55-year-old bearded fag in a pink T-shirt lecture on human psychology

  • Had some great career experiences learning how to flip burgers or stack boxes

  • Looked forward to Fridays, when semi truck trailers of Bud and Coors rolled in (Beer is essential to the college system; without it, angry White males would either kill the professors or drop the fuck out into the real world)

  • Slept with a few fat bumpkin whores and picked up incurable VDs like genital warts (so his future wife will get cervical cancer at 45), herpes, or CMV (which causes mental retardation and birth defects in his future infants)

  • Read health education material by a homosexual named Alfred Kinsey, which informed him that women have little-to-no sensation in their vaginas and orgasms are achieved by rubbing the clitoris

  • Used a public bathroom that had a pile of some young drunkard's feces or vomit rotting in the corner for 3 days until the janitor came on duty Monday morning, which motivated him not to drink waterpermanently damaging his kidneys so he wound up with kidney stones in his 30s.

It's called time-wasting.

Stolen youth.

Decomposing inside an institution, a ridiculous construct created by Marxists, tiny-brains, Jews, fags, lesbians, and frustrated females -- while reality passes him by. He emerges without the slightest concept of how to run his own business.

This young "man" at age 23 enters the world of W-2s and lock-step corporate drones with a nice comfy $40,000 in college debt (the only kind of debt that the Insiders don't let you get rid of by declaring bankruptcy.) He spends his time makin' copies, attending meetings, kissing up to the women and black affirmative-action hires, and looking for designs to copy -- since he's only learned how to memorize formulas -- not how to build things.

A few bright young heroes avoid the debt by selling their bodies to Bush's military and make good little servants of the New World Order.

Because of his debt, our average dolt sleeps around -- or "lives with" -- some sap of a woman for a few more years. After all, he knows marriage and kids require lots of $$$ -- to pay for a drugged-up, slice-and-dice vaginal "episiotomy" surgical hospital nightmare at $20,000 a pop to squeeze out a kid, skin its dick, and cut the end off (circumcision) -- courtesy of our pseudo-scientific, charlatan Jewish-controlled medical establishment.

Today the "man" of 20 has about the same level of emotional maturity, self-reliance, and understanding of female psychology as a 10-year-old boy did in 1900.

There is no financial justification in going to college. Statistically, the average college graduate earns over a lifetime after taxes only about $200,000 more than the average high school graduate. If parents and intelligent young men would only skip the college tuition and invest the money instead, any vigorous, alert guy could own a home and his own business by age 28, and get married. Plus, instead of wasting the best years of his life reading 9th-rate literature and "textbooks," he'd be self-educated in the real modern (and ancient) classics. College is a horrifically poor use of time and money for any future head of household.

The only thing a damn college is good for is picking up women. Use the college library to pick up depressed, bookish 20-year-old chicks, studying there late at night. Being self-educated, you'll be the only man who's ever been able to hold a conversation with her -- much less dominate it. She may be wary at first, due to the parental and societal psychosis over the "older man" -- but continue to show up regularly over a period of months, occasionally with friends, and victory is only a matter of time. Trust me, before her four years are up, she'll be so sick of it she'll be dying to drop the fuck out, move into your big house, and go to work as your saleswoman (or just get down to business and have your kids).

To be continued...


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