A Beautiful Mind

by Mark Rivers

"A Beautiful Mind" started as a book by Sylvia Nasar about a mathematics whiz named John Nash. Nash won the Nobel Prize in 1994 for some groundbreaking theories in economics he came up with while at Princeton University in the 1940s. The book (and Ron Howard's movie) also tells the story of how he went totally insane. He saw things and people that weren't there, and imagined himself to be part of a worldwide operation to crack the Communist conspiracy.

If you've seen the trailer for "A Beautiful Mind," it's likely that you know about as much as I did going into it; that this number-crunching genius is pulled in over his head by the government's anti-Communist regime, and they drag him away screaming to do their dirty work. This makes anti-Communist government agents into bad guys, as was the case in "Impostor" and "Hearts in Atlantis." I was pleasantly surprised to see the action/intrigue plot take such an unexpected tangent into a touching drama about a man's struggle with his own delusions.

West Virginia yokel John Nash is at first shown as a cross between Forrest Gump, Rain Man and David Helfgott from "Shine." Throw in the tortured souls of Tyler Durden from "Fight Club" and Jerry Fletcher from "Conspiracy Theory," put Opie in the director's chair, and you have yourself a watchable movie; one that attracts soccer moms, old folks, dope-smoking teens, suburbanite lemmings and just about every other type of movie watcher out there.

There were a couple of negroes present at the end (all shown as mathematics professors), but there were more than a couple of Jews. "A Beautiful Mind" was made by Imagine Entertainment, which is owned by Ron Howard and Brian Grazer (PJ). More notably, it was distributed by SKG Entertainment, headed by the unholy trinity of Jewish moviemaking: Steven Spielberg, Jeffrey Katzenberg and David Geffen. The screenplay was written by Jew Akiva Goldsman, and it stars Jews Jennifer Connelly (Jewish on her mother's side), Adam Goldberg and Judd Hirsch. Non-Jew Christopher Plummer stars as Dr. Rosen, a well-intentioned Jewish psychiatrist.

In the principal roles are Russell Crowe as John Nash and Ed Harris as his non-existent government contact. Nash spends the first half of the movie getting involved in his cloak-and-dagger hallucination, which makes us feel really sorry for him when the second half of the movie shows his deteriorating mental state. In fact, the movie practically makes him a saint, although it strays significantly from the book. In the movie, he and his wife stay married right up to the end. I haven't read the book, but it's my understanding that Nash not only divorced his wife, he once kept a mistress while they were married, and had a son with the mistress as well.

Nash turned fag in the 1950's, and this was not mentioned in the movie at all. The fag coalition is up in arms about it, saying that "racist, homophobic" White Hollywood has once again suppressed the healthy, wholesome and normal act of fudgepacking. Others have accepted the exclusion, saying that if it had been mentioned, Mom and Pop America would too readily associate homosexuality with insanity.

I think it's more likely that Mom and Pop America would simply be repulsed by seeing two fags french-kissing on screen, and their approval rating of the lead character would drop sharply. The fact that Nash was/is a fag has not exactly been making front-page headlines, so as far as the White American Rabble are concerned, "A Beautiful Mind" is about a brilliant, yet charmingly disturbed hetero-hero with whom they can relate and sympathize. The Jews are his loyal friends, respectable colleagues, and helpful doctors. The negroes are non-existent until the end, where they are in the hoity-toity mathematician's tea room at Princeton, and the all-White government and military folks turn his mind into mush.

So, although the film is almost completely negro-free, it is not one I would recommend you pay seven or eight dollars to see. See it on video if you must, bearing in mind the racial messages therein.

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