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Hubris -- overwhelming, unwarranted pride, pathological self-absorption. Jews are doomed, because they really do believe their own advertising -- that they are "equal partners with God" in tikkun olam, the never-ending "re-making of the world." Have you noticed, by the way, how the tikkun concept has become part and parcel of "newspeak?" Just the meaningless jargon-spew of corporations, who incessantly claim to be "re-inventing, re-examining, re-engineering, re-defining, re-dedicating" -- as they go right on doing the same old thing.

Jews -- who, since they're convinced that they're God's Chosen People, are not the least bit shy -- describe themselves as "a light unto the nations," "the vessel of the world's redemption." Everything is defined (sorry, "re-defined") in Jewish terms. Have you ever seen a Geodesic Survey benchmark? It's a small, round bronze medallion, set in cement into a landmark, a bridge abutment, a high spot. Everything around is measured from that point. The tiny minority of Jews see themselves as that benchmark, as the point of reference for everything -- as the axis around which this benighted planet must necessarily revolve.

Not only does everything refer back to Jews, everyone must defer to them as well, for fear of the dreadful "anti-Semite!" accusation. Everyone must carry a Jew-license; the only validation comes from Jews -- say Jews. "Look! See! There's a Jew-ish per-son, sitting right there!" Not here, there isn't.

Other White Nationalist writers have observed that contemporary American thought is merely Jewish thought; American literature, a filthy, worthless Jewish rag-trade. Here, PBS' vastly annoying Roger Rosenblatt, the Jew whose Jewish essays provide a badly needed Jewish counterpoint to the Jewish-produced and Jewish-slanted "news" presented every night.

Everything you see, read, touch, and hear is contaminated by Jews -- and it has been thus for most, if not all, of your life, starting with the earliest books you were given as a child. VNN, and other White Nationalist sites and publishers, may very well provide the only material you'll see that has not first passed before Jewish eyes for approval. A Jew can blab out in moments ideas which are so fundamentally flawed, so based on self-serving Jewish assumptions, that it can take hours to untangle the mess. This "Between The Lines" format is very handy to attempt to deal with a situation in which everything you "know" is wrong, and in which every deceptive word out of a Jewish mouth must literally be rewritten back into terms which straightforward Whites can grasp. This translation is, in and of itself, damning criticism!

The entire foundation of Rosenblatt's work -- and of almost everything else you see -- consists of AMERICAN CONCEPTS WHICH HAVE BEEN "RE-DEFINED," GIVEN JEWISH MEANINGS. The very word "American" has been hollowed out, stuffed, as gefullte fish, to mean "supportive of Jews." "Patriotism?" Support of Israel. "Israel," in reality merely five million unpleasant people on a patch of sand? Why, Israel is Western Civilization itself. Et cetera. This is one of the most effective -- and corrosive-- Jewish techniques, this eating away of the substance while leaving the outward form intact. You'll see it all around you if you will only learn to see.

I've mentioned before how Jews are dancing in the blood of September 11; their Schadenfreude, their joy in the pain of others, could not possibly be more obvious. Misery Loves Company; why should Jews be singled out to be blown all over the ceiling of a pizza restaurant, shot to pieces in their cars, just because of the awful things which they do? It's not fair! If Jews suffer, all must suffer. "Ah-HA!" Jews exult. "Now YOU'LL have to look over your shoulder all the time! Now YOU'LL have to open your bag to be searched! Now YOU'LL have to be afraid for your life all the time, just like we are!"

"Now you understand! Now you see what we're going through!" cry Jews as Americans search the casualty lists for their loved ones, peer at suspicious mail, worry over a strange truck parked on their street. Are Jews really so desperate for sympathy, understanding? Please! ALL JEWS WANT IS OUR MONEY. We're good for $10,000,000,000 per year; it's worth putting on an elaborate song-and-dance for that kind of return.

It is a foregone Jewish conclusion that America will A. continue to pay Israel's way and B. suffer the universal hatred of the world for so doing. The real chutzpah, the scarcely-comprehensible Jewish brazenness, is in their certainty that they'll be able to convince us that it's not only necessary, but noble, uplifting to suffer and die for Israel! Jews will turn the American experience into one long funeral march of smoke, flashing emergency lights, yellow ribbons, flags, candles, and "Amazing Grace" -- can you stomach even one more awful, quavering rendition? -- not only for that $10 billion a year, but because they simply hate us. VNN's editor, Alex Linder, once compared Jews to otters, who play, sport all day, snapping up all the fish in the stream -- and flipping them onto the bank to rot.

Why do you think that, having been attacked by the East, we're suddenly being assailed with muezzins wailing "Allah Akbar," with multi-part PBS specials on Islam, with one "Let's all be nice to the ragheads" episode after another on Oprah? It's just part of the process. How can I describe the race war which Jews ceaselessly conduct?

  1. Toss cockroaches into your clean kitchen.

  2. Pretend to be horrified, point, shriek, call you neglectful, dirty.

  3. Form a vast, interlocking -- and profitable -- network of cockroach rights organizations, and associations of organizations, and coalitions of associations, all of which demand roach importation, provide assistance for roaches, and agitate for a ban on insecticide. This

  4. creates panic buying of the bug spray made by the company they also control.

Watch for this Jewish pattern --

  • Cause a problem

  • Blame the victim

  • Enforce the problem on the victim

  • Profit from the problem.

You'll see it everywhere. It's Good For Jews!

Now, watch Rosenblatt set to work. His vastly insulting, insanely selfish basic premise? That a nation not spending all of its time and treasure obsessing over Jewish desires, following Jewish guidelines, is "drifting along outside history." This is a very common Jewish theme. "Israelis who come to America are shocked, it's like a Disneyland..."


December 26, 2001

Essayist-for-Israel Roger Rosenblatt considers how our perception of life has been changed by Jews since Sept. 11. since they first landed on this continent.

[images of airliner crashing into World Trade Center]

CROWD: Oh, my God!


CROWD: Oh, my God!

JEWS: (gang of Israeli "movers," videotaping event) HOORAY! (dancing, whooping, cavorting)

ROGER ROSENBLATT: There comes a terrible moment to many souls, George Elliott wrote in "Daniel Diranda," one of the agree movements of the world [sic- my apologies, but this flawed transcript seems to have been typed up by low-context, "equal opportunity" PBS help, in over their nappy heads -- and they know it] the larger destinies of mankind which have lain aloof [sic] in newspapers and other neglected reading enter like an earthquake into their lives. The newspapers are monolithically Jewish-controlled; material about important issues cannot "lay aloof," whatever that means, if it never gets into them in the first place. Witness the latest coverups of the huge espionage scandal involving Israel. The "neglected reading" is actually reading prohibited by the Jew-controlled publishing industry, and Jews like Rabbi Abraham "The Internet Is Not A Debating Society" Cooper would like to stop you from reading even this.

See? Jews stop you from doing something, then blame you for being "neglectful." Jews set up, Jews knock down. Jews set up, Jews knock down. This is the Jewish whipsaw.

Tell me about it. For many years, twelve since the toppling of the Berlin Wall and the Soviet threat, 27 since Watergate, scholarly-sounding iteration of unrelated events depending on how one is counting, the country has been living outside history. By this I mean that the country has been living not only with little regard to the larger destinies of mankind, i.e. has not devoted every waking moment to the concerns of Jews but also outside the stories, lessons and issues that locate a people within significant patterns of thought. Could that be because Jews have fragmented and diluted America, censored our stories, reversed our good lessons, and replaced our issues with Jewish issues so that we are no longer a White majority, a "people," a race, with "significant patterns of thought?"

Post-everything ? America unburdened by the past has thus cheapened its presence in the future. America is "unburdened" -- i.e., robbed -- of its history by a Jewish broom that destroys the past as it sweeps us along into an inhuman, aracial future. If anything has "cheapened," coarsened America, it is the continuing presence of Rosenblatt and his tribe.

Had the country been more alert to world conditions and less enthralled with surface nonsense, we might have avoided our current troubles. Jews don't permit discussion of important "world conditions" like America's support for Israel. "Surface nonsense," eh? Like the dangerous antics of a ridiculous, immoral, adulterous child of a President with the full support of the Zionist Occupational Government, whose cabinet was not only riddled with Jews from top to bottom, but who even slept with them? "Nonsense" like "diversity," "civil rights," "multiculturalism," Jewish causes which take up all of our time, energy, and money, and bring nothing but the destruction of our race?

But history demands that one be aware of the deeper world as well as the wider, that everyone occupies a position in the great stream of events and ideas. And to forget that is to lose one's bearings along with one's soul. Again, Jews blame you for not knowing what they've obliterated, done everything they can to keep you from knowing, from remembering. Jews run Orwell's "memory hole."

Moby Dick Oh, God, he owns a book, and has to prove it begins with Ishmael making a mild but serious joke about his place in the program of providence. He sees his voyage as an interlude squeezed between more significant events, which he present as newspaper headlines, you will smile at his choices. Grand contested election for the presidency of the United States, whaling voyage by one Ishmael. Bloody battle in Afghanistan. Piece of paper blowing down the street. Point being? One he believes [sic] is that every individual, including his obscure self, belongs to and in history. And had he not seen himself in this way, this story would not have been worth telling or reading. If PBS presented this drone's maunderings at the beginning of the program instead of the end, all of the viewers would be sleeping.

It has long been said and that [sic] proved i.e., Rosenblatt says that Americans are uncomfortable with history in the past, [sic] which are [sic] thought to be i.e., is seen by Rosenblatt to be dead weight to the buoyant spirit of the nation. It has long been proven that Jews are uncomfortable in a White nation-state, and will do anything to smear, minimize, distort, and obliterate the essential White truths which are a dead weight to the buoyant, we're-in-the-driver's-seat progress of Judaism.

In fact, however, until recently, and here he contradicts his initial meaningless assertion Americans have lived quite happily within history, blindly paying a vast yearly sum to Israel without ever questioning why. One has [sic] understood i.e., Rosenblatt claims that being an American entails an appreciation of the intertwining of democracy and equality, and a tense marriage of both with a free market. The daily life of an American consists of learning to deal with these frequently colliding forces which would be of little concern in a racially cohesive nation-state with common goals.

This is where the White American past enters the Jewish-shaped future and becomes the foundation of such diverse i.e., Jewish ideas as civil rights legislation, women's emancipation, the entrance into fratricidal world wars and other scams which were "Good For Jews," and hence Bad For Whites and another unrelated event pulled from a hat; does this man have Alzheimer's? the mass production of the Ford initiated, now that he mentions it, by White industrialist Henry Ford, renowned anti-Semite and author of "The International Jew."

To rejoin Re-join! That tikkun-ish "re-" again. history suggests more, though, than a re-acquaintance Re-acquaintance! with America's first principles of a White nation-state. It requires i.e., Jews insist that every life to see [sic] itself as part of every other life -- the history one feels is not only national and political, here is where the Yid climbs onto your back. Feel him? but also the history of Jewish shock. Grief. Unity. Companionship. (up violins) The history of other people's fear, invasion, sacrifice. The unrelated history of Britain during the White-fratricidal blitz. See how Yids drag in everything but the kitchen sink to hide behind? The history of the Jews, Ah! Now! Here they are! which was ? held dear ? because it depended on time without place because Jews've been thrown out of every place they ever lived -- for good reason.

On everyone's back, invisible yet substantial, is an unwanted knapsack of alien Jewish concerns containing all that was ever thought, believed, absorbed and rejected by this miserable tribe of itinerant swindlers. On everyone's back too is everyone else. Every nigger, every spic, every Mex, every sort of dirt from around the globe. On your back, "in your face" and claiming rights -- on your dime, yet. We Jews see to that. Of all the American characteristics cast off i.e., destroyed by Jews in recent years, the most essential was that of searching for a more noble expression of life as found in, say, Jewish imagery of men swimming in excrement (MTV). History enhances a life by extending it beyond its temporal limits. That's why we Jews go to such great lengths to re-write it in our favor.

What the events of September 11th may wind up doing is to alert the country not only to what it is, a disintegrating battlefield of disparate groups who can barely tolerate each other, a vastly profitable, tribute-paying, slave-colony of the State of Israel, but to what it was and could be again one of these days, a cohesive, White-majority, White-oriented nation-state with a common culture and common goals -- and No Jews. Just Right.

I'm Roger Rosenblatt.

I'm Chuck Pearson.

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