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South Africa: Raping the Kids

Monkeys in the catbird seat, Zimbabwe drives into a tree. Same thing in South Africa. You cannot have niggers and have civilization at the same time.

The Fight

Jew-crit at Guelph, up near Waterloo, Canada. People are growing tired of Jews and their lies, and the worm is beginning to turn. Weiss shifts uncomfortably...

Pollard and Friends

Israel has offered him $2 million, which he or his wife at least have refused. One fewer Canadian queers. Want to guess what he was doing in that park? More here on Jews' censorship of genes paper.

Switzerland: Authorities Seize Funds of 'Verite & Justice'

In French, with some comments in English. Essentially, Euro-Jews are trying to destroy a European revisionist group. Juergen Graf, Swiss scholar who fled to Iran to escape witchhunt, is president of Truth and Justice.

Poland, Germany and Land

Opening the country to foreign land investment may bring back expropriated Germans. The foreign minister, Wlodzimierz Cimoszewicz, is likely to face a parliamentary vote of no confidence, perhaps today, for offering Germans and other Europeans early access to the Polish property market, as a gesture to revive the negotiations on Poland's accession to the EU.

Spooks' Own Horowitz

CIA-funded patriotism... Is there any better kind? Good article on the connections between the CIA, right-wing foundations and conservative publications.

Cons Attack Non-"Patriots"

Seldom has been seen the level of hypocritical viciousness exhibited by spook-backed stooges like Dave Horowitz and the other Jews who took over conservatism. The lemmings have no idea what's going on, but then they never do. Jews must be kept out of the White Power movement, and they must be named as enemy number one. Here on the anti-White- gun-owner movement. Here the Weekly Standard bashes Cornel West, fake rapper and fake intellectual. "To be an embarrassing rap-dabbler, it helps to be self-infatuated, tone-deaf (both figuratively and literally), and to have absolutely no sense of one's own ridiculousness." This is nice too: Ever the intellectual name-dropper, West has said his prose-poetry lies somewhere between "Eliot and Swinburne." Lest one think one is in for rhymes being busted about objective correlatives or mid-Victorian poetic revolts, West further confounds by saying he is "taking it back to Chekhov and Tennessee Williams. It's intellectual without being cerebral." Likewise, it is audible, without being listenable. Here Horo-con Rubush calls for teachers questioning the Jewish War to be fired. As almost always, the Jewish issue goes unmentioned: Jews support free speech when attacking Fifties America; once in power, they pull the rope up after them. If you criticize them you should be fired and probably shot. One standard for Jews, another standard for the rest of us. Here on Auburn students suspended for mocking coons and Klan. Well, coons at least.

Wasted Words

Why blacks and Mex aren't as smart as Asians and Whites. Per usual, inherent IQ difference isn't mentioned. Here on rewriting of urban politics as Mexican stupidity and corruption remarkably fail to disappear now that they're coating America. Good Taki column criticizing journalists here, although he praises Jew Taubman, apparently a "nice" swindler. Jews hate it when kids aren't taught the lies benefiting their race...


Photos here, although selected to portray the "liberation" as just that. Here on Al-Qaeda, possible Dunkirk escape. Here Jew Ledeen urges all-encompassing war against the enemies of Israel.

Christian Sheep

An astonishing tale of pathetic, baa-ing Christians and their value to government. They're not allowed to pray in school -- that's only for Moslems -- but, when laboratory animals are needed, right this way! "Adventists had a special niche in the armed forces...many sought status as conscientious objectors...Army scientists thought the...Adventists...would make good test subjects. Adventists...did not smoke, or drink alcohol or coffee. 'They were a cleaner piece of paper on which to work an experiment.'" Anthrax, tularemia. "Say 'Aah!'" What can you expect of people who refer to themselves as "sheep?" Even Jews use niggers in South Africa for their medical experiments (ref. -- Ostrovsky), but some of the best of the White race? Mere "pieces of paper" in America.

Jews Profit from Stupidity

First, Israeli hang gliders for high-rise dwellers, now this. Anything to profit from disaster. Here, one Aaron Fechter, a developer of the Chuck E. Cheese kids' restaurants, in primordial act of selling -- this time, a new arcade game which "features turban-clad terrorists popping up from bomb craters." "The prospect of his product offending others doesn't faze Fechter." How could it? He won't even look up from counting the money. It's Good For Jews!... How far do you think a "Whack-a-Jew-y" would get? Actually, that's not a bad idea. "Thump-a-witz," with little purple-faced, beak-nosed homunculi popping out of holes with legal briefs clutched in their air-beating claws. Oy! Make them disappear with this mallet!

Invasion: Dual Citizenship

Good for Mexicans and Jews, bad for Americans. More than half of Dade County is foreign born.

Beam on "Holocaust"

And its use as mechanism for suppressing the truth.

WTC: What Did Jews Know, and When Did They Know It?

Thoughts of Ed Toner... Of the 130 Izzies cited as dead by cross-eyed Bush, only ONE is actually dead. The conclusion seems like that the Jews knew about the attack beforehand and avoided the WTC that day, just like the ATF avoided Murrah that day in Oklahoma. In fact, there may end up being under 3,000 actually killed in WTC bombing. Now they're saying there's no evidence of WTC short-selling in Europe.

Movies: "Focus"

Film made of Jew Arthur Miller's book. The commonest books in American high-schools are all written by Jews: Anne Frank's "diary"; "The Crucible," by Jew Miller; and "Catcher in the Rye" by Jew Salinger. Mediocre works, but dishonest and destructive in their Jewish way. White culture is staid and hypocritical and oppressive; students should identify with the more "human" Jewish rebels who fight for a better way. Laughable, it's...


Comments from Washington Post forum... Read the original article here.

Waco Lies Revisited

I'm from the government, I'm here to...incinerate you.

Latest Bad Idea from Jews

This is a perfect example of what Semite-sucking gentile historians like Paul Johnson describe as the Jewish talent for creative lawmaking. Jews take to thick codes like rabbits to briar patches; dishonest men need to hide. A few, clear laws do the trick for Anglo-Saxons. Tikkun, tikkun Shmuel Shady! Or, as older eminent rocker wrote, pre-sheeny palimpsest, Pile of dead Jews, it's a gas, gas, gas! A reader writes: Tikkun olam -- re-making other people's world, unbidden. Here, Yids demand a Social Responsibility Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, to be enforced by Social Responsibility Grand Juries, who will examine Ethical Impact Reports to be prepared by "relevant community organizations around the world who wish to present their case about the social responsibility of the corporation." Which organizations could possibly be more "relevant" than Jewish ones, hm? What better way to prove one's corporate "social responsibility" than by "donating" millions and millions and millions of dollars to them? Yids don't just pretend to slip on your porch and then yell "lawyer," they really think big. What a vast -- nay, monumental -- swindle! Do you understand now why we keep saying, "No Jews. Just Right?"

Uncle Shmuel Wants to Bomb You!

Cutting daisies for Delilah... Let the hebes do their own dirty work, for once. Send the wheelchair whinnier Krauthammer "over there" and see what his Jew-boosting bilge sells for. Somalia, Sudan and Yemen are said to be next on the Jews' list for "American" destruction. Uncle Shmuel calling anybody a terrorist is like being called crazy by Chuck Manson. Let Shmuel cut his own daisies...

U.S. Shuts Down Somalian Internet Providers

Claims they were "funneling" money to people U.S. doesn't think they should. Oppose Uncle Shmuel? What greater proof could there be that you're a terrorist? Not liking the government is the definition of terrorism. Canadians are becoming less free by the second. Under proposal, the military can simply declare any area a military zone for up to a year, remove anyone it wishes. That's what we call martial law. Here British cops will set up a database of children "as young as three" who might become criminals. If they act "cheeky," they'll be tabbed, tapped, taped, tasered and, ultimately, tossed. "Three nasty little children gone. Two good little children left." Christ! Tots of three jugged for looking sideways at ma's teat! Recalcitrant potty-trainees collated for collaring.

Australia: Wets Shelter Dirts

There are Whites and wets. Don't be a wet. A wet is the sort of delusional dope who thinks he's doing God's work by paying for the importation of an exotic pet, such as a featherless biped from Sudan. Not cute. Stupid and dangerous and selfish. Wets would rather preserve the integrity of their preening delusions than the bodies of their White neighbors. We need to return the favor. We do that by denouncing these fools in public as the public nuisances and demented nation-killing saps and Semitic tools they actually are.

Jewish Christianity

Documentary examines the connection between the cut crooks and the cross cowards. Heal yourself, White man. You don't need either one. Instead of peeling your eyes skyward, waiting to turn into a pile of clothes at Jew Jesus' beck as he raptures you heavenward, start thinking about what's actually going on and what you can do to alter the balance of forces. "I believe because it is absurd." It is clear that Freepers existed long before Free Republic, eh?

Jews Lay Eggs in Moscow

The masters of pilpul have opened yet another Jewish Center, kind of like those pod production plants in "Invasion of the Body Snatchers." Jews anywhere threaten non-Jews everywhere. You got Jews, you got problems. The Jew is your enemy, White man, from Moscow, Russia, to Moscow, Idaho. "Jewish cultural center" -- the mind reels. Turd art, psychotic manuals, innuendo-laden sitcoms... Maybe Tuesday evening public-admission lectures on the fine points of extortion and fictional-atrocity promotion and profiteering. Live, Jews must, after all...

Daisy-Cutters Are Bad, MTV's Worse

And of course that's why the Jews running our government are pressuring Arab countries to carry the diseased channel of lies. They know it will kill Muslim culture, just as it killed America.

Links: The Jew-Enemy's Connected to the...Jew-Enemy

Ahmed Huber is linked to me; I'm linked to you; you're linked to... It's that easy. And that meaningless. Here bilge of the familiar type about Canadian racists. Either you're Shmuel-approved, or you're a terrorist.

Genetic Data on Jews and Arabs Suppressed

Data show Semitics linked genetically...

Sabra and Chatila: The Atrocities Jews Commit

Jews persecute other people. Jews commit war crimes. Jewish atrocities are covered up by the Jewish press. Israel: committed to assassination. It's terror if you kill a Jew; retaliatory justice if he kills you.

Racism Is Everywhere!

"Today's climate is such that there is the perfect combination to escalate racial tensions," Karen Mock said last night in a presentation at the University of Waterloo. Nobody does more to create racial tensions than Jews. For 6,000 years they've been squirting their foul-smelling tikkun olam all over the nice clean world.

The Revolution Will Not be Legalized

Today's court decisions have no rational basis in law. They are best viewed as acts of raw power by people who hate us....by Victor Gerhard

What Does the Parole "Take No Prisoners" Really Mean?

On the Super-Tyranny and its lies...by James Allen Knechtmann

Movie Review: 'Pleasantville'

Remember how awful America was in the decades before Jews reconditioned our culture? Fifties denial is in full swing at a theater near you...by J.R. Colson

Movie Review: 'Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone'

See This Movie!...by Mark Rivers

Blaming Whites

It's the Jewish M.O. They can't admit that our slavish support for Israel generated the hatreds that led to "911" so they attack White groups who are supposed to be benefiting from it. You can tell we have a free press by the way every articles quotes the same people from the same angle. That's apparently what democracy means: everybody thinks and acts alike and shuns anybody who disagrees. There is one new one here: "Kris Elwood" with the "Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism" at Cal State San Bernardino. Stuff's growing like topsy, what with all the subsidies. Do you suppose the no doubt White-taxpayer-subsidized Center has a copy of the Talmud with all the anti-Gentile points highlighted? Silly question. These bogus Centers are simply eggs laid by jewish wasps in the caterpillar that is White America, to eat and grow fat and kill the host at the same time. They live off you, even while they turn a profit preaching to you how evil you are and turning your friends and kids against you. "Centers" are the symptom, Jews the disease. Here Forward does its part to connect Whitists and Arabs. Notice the way the Forward Jews unswervingly use the most prejudicial terminology and characterization possible. That's just good propaganda. They never allow their opponents to characterize themselves, nor grant them any but the foulest motives. We Whitists should take a lesson from that. Revisionists who belong to institutes? No: "extremists" and "deniers" who belong to "outfits."

Detained Jews

Jew Drudge -- yes, he is a Jew -- reports on the wails going up about Israeli illegals detained post-9/11. Only Arabs are supposed to be treated this way! Only the goyim can be harassed. Even if TWO sets of Jews are picked up in different states working for "moving companies" with almost exactly the same name, all up to no good.

Foreign Policy

Must be controlled by sons of Washington, not brothers of the cut. This re-post gives you a chance to see the way the Jews think from the inside. In every corner of the globe Hymie works to ensure his group lives well at the expense of the locals. Here's a list of Jews "at the center" of recent events chosen by "Forward," the Jewish paper. Look at the kind of people this race produces and it's easy to understand why Jews have always inspired scorn and disgust in every other race they've encountered. How many ragheads are in the U.S.? Nobody knows... Thanks, Jews.

Jew Einhorn

Yet another Jew who demeaned himself poorly. And still may get off. What is a Jew? This report from Israel sheds some light. Changing your name for financial advantage is a typically Jewish thing to do. Shekels is something, honor isn't. Why do Jews get red in the face when publicly identified as Jews? Because for all their pretense, they know it's something low.

Jews Profit from Disorder

Your conflict is their bread and butter. Yiddish "riot control" vehicles. "Gas nozzles protect the outer structure from approaching rioters...Hefty front bulldozer blades clear any obstacles [like Palestinian dwellings] in the vehicle's path...." "Gas nozzles" bad for Jews, good for everyone else, you see. And these gas nozzles are real.


Publishes reaction in Italy, not here. The front cover of his new book ``The End of Liberty -- Toward a New Totalitarianism'' shows a picture of the head of the Statue of Liberty with its mouth gagged by a U.S. flag. One of the essays details a series of U.S. attacks on various countries since the end of World War Two. The piece was originally commissioned by an American magazine following the September 11 attacks but refused to publish it because of its uncompromising criticism. Here on Britain, which is completely Americanized in rollover response to anything labeled 'anti-terrorist.'

Rivers of Blood

The country is filling up with White-hating brownwogs declaring "no go" zones for their hosts, while Jews look on smiling. Those who knowingly shirk [the responsibility to discuss problems connected with immigration] deserve, and not infrequently receive, the curses of those who come after. The Jews who put out the lie that anyone can become a Briton, or that Germany is a multicultural nation, know that they are lying. Immigration and its cause are not discussable because that discussion is not "good for Jews." If it's "good for Jews," it's bad for us, White man.

All Over But the Hooting in Zimbabwe

The monkeys are in the streets, and all's right with this African hell. Unless you're White. Then it's "one big departure lounge." Bearing out what Thomas Jefferson said. You know, the quotation that Jew Horowitz and the other CIA-paid agitprop artists will do anything to avoid your knowing about: The two races, equally free, cannot live in the same government. Plain and simple truth. Of course Jew Horowitz hates it. He can't handle the truth. The truth isn't "good for Jews." We must destroy the Jews who destroyed Zimbabwe, South Africa and Britain...and America. The other day I was trapped in a huge traffic jam - a rush of middle class black people applying for white land at the Ministry of Agriculture. Spectacles like that make even the bitter-enders talk about quitting. You think the porch monkeys wouldn't do the same here, White man? After decades of being preached to by yiddish loudmouths that all their problems are due to you and yours? Niggers with chips on their shoulders are merely one symptom of the disease named Jew. All this is your future too, White man. These White Zimbabweans prostituting themselves or sleeping on the pavement are you. The only difference is demographics and time. We must stick together and regain political control of the Jew. Only then is our future secure. Why waste your time with the Republican Party? The Reps'll sell you down the river, just like always. All they care about is the spanish-speaking shitskin vote. They're obsessed with it, Bush and Rove, as an article we recently linked to reported. Obsessed not with you and your rights and your future, but the future of Pedro and Maria and their brood of ugly, stupid and diseased kids. Who cares about you and your family and your race? Only the National Alliance. Join us. As I flew over the bush I watched crowds of people looting from the abandoned farmhouses, taking away white families possessions on their heads, donkey carts and on 'liberated' farm vehicles, some of which they immediately crashed. The simple fact is, White man, there is no god. You are responsible for yourself and your race. Or this will be the result. Remember that segmented snake on the revolutionary flag? Well, those days are come again. It is time to unite and fight King Hymie. Despite all this, Jack Straw, the UK'S new Foreign Secretary, has done nothing to help whites in what was for so many years a British colony, and in which so many of the white tribe still hold British passports. Just like his kike counterpart Caplin in Canada -- lets in all the niggers, kicks out or keeps out all the Whites. Jews hate Whites. You should hate them in return. All that is necessary for Jews to triumph and our White countries to go the way of Zimbabwe is for White men to do nothing. Do something. Join the National Alliance and help destroy the Jews. Be sure you click on the photo link at the bottom. Kind of look like your type, don't they?

Movie Review: 'Spy Game'

"It coulda used more action," I heard the wigger say to his pal as the crowd exited the theatre. Yes, wigger, and it could also have used less pro-Jewish propaganda, as always....by Mark Rivers

White Slaves of Israel

The dual code of in-group amity, out-group enmity defines the Jews' relation to the White race. In short, they hate our guts. White slavery is merely one of a thousand manifestations of that hate....by guest writer Victor Wolzek

Destroying Order

All we have to do to end terrorism is quit letting Israel use us. Instead we bomb millions of innocents and partner with locals who carry out some truly ghastly terrorism of their own, including castrations and gang rapes...by William Pierce, Ph.D.

Follow the Breadcrumbs

War thoughts you might pass along to the tv crowd....by Derek Powling

The Nature and Fate of the World's Only Existing Super-Tyranny

Somber thought on thoughtless drones supporting mindless terror in the service of the Washington-New York-Jerusalem axis....by James Allen Knechtmann

Dancing Jews Out of Jail

Back in Israel, they're. Crying about being treated as terrorists.

Movie Review: 'Domestic Disturbance'

This movie has very little to offer racially, but here it is anyway....by Mark Rivers

American Jews Are Loyal Only to Israel

Jews are friends of Pollard, and friends of Pollard are by definition enemies of America. Jews are Israel-Firsters and America-Lasters. All goyim, according to Jewish religious doctrine, exist only to be used by Jews, and they may be murdered or done any type of damage any time it suits any yehudi. Again, that's not racist me saying that, that's Jewish religion, straight from the cookbook. We must destroy the Jews who are destroying us. Pollard is a case where the torture pumped for by kikes like Dershowitz might come in handy: he certainly knows things he hasn't revealed that would be helpful in defending America. How 'bout it, Kike Dershowitz? Here's your chance to speak up for America. What do you say?... The Jew is your enemy, White man. All you need to know. Here the Knesset holds a special session to demand Pollard's release. "Speakers from across the political spectrum addressed the Knesset and dozens of special guests, each demanding that the U.S. release Pollard." Get that? Jews are a race. To know a man is conservative or liberal is nothing next to knowing he's a Jew, the essential. These hebes really take the cake. We subsidize their murderous ways to the tune of hundreds of billions, and the lice demand that we release the traitors they planted in our midst! And we do nothing. And they gloat and celebrate their hutzpah. How long do we put up with this, White man? All that is necessary for Jews to triumph is for White men to do nothing. Here Jew-married Mexican Chavez wants open borders so that more of her fellow sewage may seep in.

Kike Caplan Kicks Octogenarian White Out of Canada While Admitting Nogs by Millions

While Canada's fat, disgusting Jew of an immigration minister, Elinor Caplan, floods the country with every sort of foreign dirt, authorities are vigilant when it comes to elderly Whites. Out you go! "Elizabeth Sweeney, 84, and her daughter Veronica were told Wednesday by federal immigration authorities their application to remain in the country has been denied. 'My mother simply cannot fly,' the daughter said. 'I mean, my God, she's 84 years old. She still has the blood clots in her legs. Her legs are still swollen.'" No matter! Die, you old bitch. Eight or nine valuable Paks, Bangs or Chinks or can use that air you're breathing, the space you're taking up. O Canada! Do you understand how much Jews hate you and your kind, White man? "The best of the goyim should be murdered." That's Jewish religious doctrine. But you know what? They actually say 'killed.' Why? Because they don't believe non-Jews are human. You could look it up. To be fair, a White quality not found in Jews, I have a hard time seeing a human when I look at that yid nonpareil Alan Dershowitz. A yid like other yids, yet perfect among them, so to speak. Think about this: this kike cunt won't let an 84-year-old woman with blood clots in her legs stay in Canada to avoid a potentially lethal flight, but the old bitch hops over herself to fellate Haitians dripping AIDS and vomiting drug-resistant tuberculosis over the great white north. Folks, we screwed up big time by letting Jews into our country, and now we are paying the price. Until we destroy the Jews, every single negative thing you read on this page will keep getting worse. These kikes believe they can do anything to us and nothing will happen to them in return. Until that changes, nothing else will. All that is necessary for Jews like Caplan to triumph is for White men to do nothing. Do something. I don't mean to gibber on, but this really is a revealing story. These kikes controlling immigration in Canada, U.S., Mexico and god knows where else are really revealed as White-hating vermin. Fifteen immigration groups stand in line to support some diseased turd-world fag who crawled through the bushes illegally, while they pointedly turn their backs on one White VISITOR who has health problems that make it hard for her to return. Jews hate Whites. Jews are our enemy. They believe, as Susan Sontag said, speaking for all Jews I can only assume since she continues to be published in all the premier Jewish publications, that the "white race is the cancer of human history." Our answer to the sontags can only be this: Death to the Jews.

Jewess Horrified by Bin Laden's Use of Videoprop

What really bothers the stupid girl is that she knows he's right: her fellow Jews are miserable people - murderers, torturers and despicable parasites. The truth hurts, and she can't afford to acknowledge it, so tears flow.

Endgame for Zimbabwe Whites

The writing is on the wall for the rest of us. Treating niggers as equals means White genocide.

Click Here!

All Hail EU, NWO and the Super-Jews

"Terrorism" in a foreign country means Britain should cede sovereignty to wankers in Belgium. How clear do they have to say it, man? Here the refuse you can't refuse riots in Calais. Remember: only you can prevent Mexicans. A VNN reader says: These wogs are at (they are not held) a huge refugee camp at Calais, France. This is near to the Channel tunnel, which provides direct access to the UK. Every night, hundreds attempt to get into the tunnel or onto the trains passing through it. The French government allows the camp to exist. Tthe 'refugees' are housed and fed by various 'aid' agencies. Here wogs who've navigated the strait set fire to their wog-camp. More people hate the government every day. Read about Tim Tobiason and the Bad Book here. It is time America changes its official immigration policy from "Mexicans happen" to "Whites only."

Parasites Thumb Nose at American Benefactor

Settlements will expand. You pay for it, Jews benefit. Then they cry hot tears about being called parasites. The Jewish way, it's. What if America were controlled by Americans? Here American donors to 9-11 causes find their money winds up in Jewish leftist pockets. Here war criminal Ari Sharon cries that Izzy's coffers are empty. Even with hundreds of billions of American subsidies, Israel can't make it work. Israel collapses in on itself because there aren't any non-Jews to swindle. Swindling is the national religion in Israel. Here we read the official dead count for WTC is under 3,900. Here Jewish lice poison Germany with Ecstasy. These caught Jews should be gassed at first opportunity. Here yids try to boss around Christians, who continue to slurp up to them like good puppies. Wake up Christian fools. The kikes are laughing up their sleeve at your stupidity.

The Jewish War

Interview with dissident Paki... His claim that the Mossad did it looks foolish in light of bin Laden's apparent admission, although it is still likelier than not that the Mossad knew it was going to happen and didn't bother telling us, its "friend" and "ally." But his observations are interesting and very much to the point as our "free" Judenpresse somehow never bothers to get the other side of anything. Here on apparently pending Iraq attack. Has Saddam Hussein ever taken $500 billion of your money, White man? Has he ever killed 34 of your fellow Americans and blamed it on Israel? No? Then why are we attacking him? It's almost like our country is controlled by some foreign power. "Israel controls the Senate," as one Senator said decades ago. More here. This war is doing a lot for Jews. What do Americans get out of it? Here more on the Jews crying because of an Arab tv satire. 'Dish it out but can't take it' is highly characteristic of the Jew. The parasite wants to commit war crimes and receive praise. It doesn't work that way, Hymie. Good Buchanan piece here on the illusion of Middle East peace. It is growing clearer and clearer to the average American that this country is controlled by Jews, and that Jewish power must be destroyed. When Israeli and U.S. policies clash, it is U.S. presidents who back down. For 30 years, the United States has held that settlements in the territories occupied in the 1967 war were "illegal" and impediments to peace. Yet, despite $100 billion in U.S. aid to Israel since 1972 $20,000 for every Israeli the number of settlers has risen from 8,400 to 357,000. Israel ignores U.S. pleas and demands, for it knows they are bluster and bluff, designed for Arab consumption.

Ahmed Huber

"Link" between groups the "Holocaust" promoters/extorters don't like.

The Jewish War II: How long do we stick around?

How many billions will go down the rathole "nation-building" in Afghanistan? What American interest has been gained by wasting billions making rocks bounce in that miserable land? Here Jews laughably claim they are victims of religious hate crimes. Here Bush softens up public for wider war. Here dead Cooper thinks about CIA, Israel and their connections. Here on Perle and Wolfie beating the war-drums. What if our foreign policy were made by Americans to serve American interests, rather than by Jews to serve Israelis'? More Jewish warmongering here. What's as patriotic as a Jew with a pretext for sacrificing goy lives to preserve Israel? How many Jews are fighting the war these titmice clicketyclacksteins are egging us into? Less than zero. Kilroy was here, but Kike Klickstein's always, always, always over there.

Muslim States Do Something Intelligent

They put their ragheads together and came up with a financial market. Now that's intelligent. Another intelligent thing Muslims could do -- a lot better than death-bombing American buildings -- would be to buy up English-language media and fight the Jews at their other twin tower of power. Money and media move the world, even an Akbar should be able to get that.

Jew Bloomberg Declares Own Foreign Policy

Says he won't enforce immigration law. Which is against the law. Jew Bloomberg is another corrupt pol who should be hanged. No Jews. Just Right.

Democrats Lie

Nobody, and I mean nobody, truly trusts the people. Democrats -- small 'd' -- are just hypocrites about it. And if you've ever watched, say, a public-access cable show where people are free to speak their minds, you'll know why. The likely fact is that the government shot down Flight 93 and is lying about it. The feebs have the flight boxes and refuse to release either the flight data or the cockpit voice tapes. The FBI is loaded with crooks and timeclockers, and you are not safe speaking to an agent. If you still have a lingering doubt that the feeb fish is rotten, read The Secret Life of Bill Clinton, especially the chapters on the FBI's "investigation" of Vince Foster's death, and the questioning of the people who saw Tim McVeigh in the days before the OKC bombing. Here more discussion over ID card. Let's use the Jews as a test pilot, sort of the way Jewish doctors in South Africa experiment on negro animals. Here on the power the dim Bushy II is assuming.

Israel Attacks More Non-Jews

If god wanted men to live in houses, he wouldn't have invented bulldozers, eh, Hymie? Oh, but that's right: They're Jewish! Anything they do is justified... They're god's Special Blend, his Very Own Pets, they are. We say again, as always, as you may read in the back pages of Herodotus, the Jews were indeed chosen by god. But the god they were chosen by was the seldom-mentioned Icktheos, the god of bad taste. Just imagine god walking down the smorgasbord of human variety and salivating over the Dershowitz! Yes, yes, big steaming platter of THAT one, thank you muchly. That's what I want! That will hit the spot! No other race produces anything as physically, morally and intellecually repulsive as dershowitzim, but the Jewish race produces this hominid spam as a matter of course. Once you subtract lips, peckers and assholes, how much of the dershowitz is left?

China Shuts Down 17,000 Internet Bars

For subversion or pornography...

The Invasion

U.S. talks with Mexcrement about "ways to legalize many Mexican immigrants who are in the United States without proper documentation." What a polite way to put it. Media and government combine to leave America open to shitskin invasion. Mexicans are polluting America like a bunch of greasy hamburger wrappers blowing across a vacant lot. They cheapen, coarsen and shitify everything they touch. If Mexicans are truly people, as certain scientists contend, they are off-brand ones.

Adopted Boolie Offs White Parent

Niggers are wild animals, but some people will never learn. Too late for this woman. Think her five children will miss her? The nigger is only 16, so watch for him in your neighborhood soon, thanks to Jewish lawyers. Poll of American blacks here. Here a typical story about housing discrimination and the moral heroes who fight it. When America was free and civilized because it was White you could rent to whomever you wanted for whatever reason. When the Jews assumed control, they quickly put heaps of queers and lesbians and mulatresses on the fed payroll and forced normal people to rent rooms to whoever they said, such as alkies, low-rent niggers, and AIDS fags. This they passed off in the Judenpresse as "civil rights." Yet another reason that where Jews appear, freedom and civilization soon disappear. Poison mushrooms, they're. Jews are a racial crime syndicate masquerading as a religion. They are gypsies with brains.

Phony Cons

Their junk mail says they're fearless and independent. That would be no and no. The cons are 100% controlled by fear of crossing lines of Semitical Correctness, from dyspeptic paleo Fleming to the bedizened sons of Moses dictating our foreign policy. No Jews. Just Right. In those words lie the seeds of our regeneration. If you love your country, you must hate the Jews. But it is not enough to hate what the Jews have done to America, you must fight them too. One man with courage is a majority. The Jews have to control the press and police because they are liars. If, like us at VNN you wish to live in a free and civilized country, you must join the fight against the Jewish oppressor. Sing it with me now: No Jews. Just Right. Either they go, or we go. There is no middle ground. Whatever is "good for Jews" is bad for Whites. Be bad for Jews, White man. Together we can knock over the Jews. There are not many of them, and they are not as powerful as they seem or think. Every time somebody comes out of the closet as an open opponent and pro-White partisan, Hymie shrinks. Let the Jew know that the jig is up. All that is necessary for Jews not to triumph is for Whites to do something. Do it.

Technology: Voice-print Machine

Good way to censor unwanted talk-show callers.

New Cartoons Just In. . .

Enjoy. . .

No Taxes on "Holocaust" Loot

(Scroll down 75%.) Sheenies are God's Special Blend. Why should they pay taxes on their extorted scam money? Obviously, says the IRS, they shouldn't. Do you get special exemptions for your imaginary relatives, White man? When are the Mudsteins going to return the $1.5 billion they stole from Switzerland? Never again will the Swiss see their money. Not until Judea is destroyed. Here it's nice to see Scalia speak out against national ID card.

Top Democrats Sell Out America

Daschle and Gephardt should be hanged. These anti-American Democrats are running around in rural Mexico urging the natives to come up here and rape your daughter and lower your wage rate. Hanged, I say. This is pure and simple treason. Here the NA is active in Florida. Here Slate tracks 'Bushisms,' including not widely reported comments that run against Israelis' line. How would you like to be part of the Great Helmsman's Patriotic Gene Database? Here LAT celebrates our burning up of millions of German non-combatants in WWII.

Media: Shutting Down the 'Net

Think about it from our opponents' perspective. How would you go about it? You might fill in remaining holes in the censor wall with trade treaties -- global if possible, with international policing agreements, anti-"hate" codes. There are many ways to go about it; many positive spins that can be put on your political censorship. A report prepared for the Council by the Estonia Socialist Group, claims "The 11 September has shown that hate speech can become an action of horrendous magnitude..., therefore, modern technology has to have safeguards, and one of those is to ban hate speech on the Internet." The report identifies 4,000 web sites that promote "hate speech," of which, 2,500 are in the U.S. where they can "hide behind the protection of the First Amendment." More here. And here. Here on Orwell being right. And Sobran on how tyranny came to America.

MacDonald Culture of Critique Paperback Preface Online...

Lots of thoughtful stuff here, including discussion of Jews in media... Here rather funny stuff on Gandhi the racist. Here on feeb flyers.

Muslim Gang Rape Covered Up in Denmark

This sort of stuff goes on all the time. What does it prove? Nothing we don't already know. Muslims don't belong in Europe. And Whites everywhere are too intimidated to stand up for themselves, and so are being swept aside. And Jewish papers present the foregoing as good things.

Peres Complains About Arab Satirical Skit

Do not mock the mockie...

Muslim Claims 20 Suitcase Nuclear Weapons in U.S. Already

Be nice to Moslems, says your TV. Watch out for us, says Moslem. "80 percent of American mosques...taken over by extremists." "Through the universities, there will be the most danger. If the nuclear atomic warheads reach these universities, you dont know what these students are going to do, because their way of thinking is brainwashed, limited and narrow-minded." Ah, "diversity!" Thanks, Jews. Here Wolfowitz "argues privately" that there's no need for evidence before the Pentagon begins a massive Iraq-bombing campaign. Jews dislike Iraq, what more evidence do you need? So when those American cities start getting nuked, just remember the Wolfowitz dictating our insane foreign policy, White man. Here U.S. claims more countries it just so happens its Wolfowitzim want to bomb are developing germ warfare. Well, that puts them about twenty leagues behind Israel, which already has them and tests them on niggers in Soweto and god knows where else, according to White racists and ex-Mossad agent Ostrovsky.

Hush Crime in Seattle

Two nigs murder a White; Seattle papers cover up racial angle. And another hush crime in Philadelphia, where a gang of niggers beat a White kid very severely. The local ADL-brainwashed cop said there was no racial motive. Why do we put up with blacks and Jews in our country? "[T]he two races, equally free, cannot live in the same government." You know who said it, and you know it's true. And nothing will change until we act on that knowledge.

Raising Honorable White Children

Griffin's article from recent AmRen... These parents know that children are strongly influenced by the forces that surround them: primarily the mass media, the peer group, and the school. Since they disdain the direction in which these incluences push their children, they want to be the most powerful forces in their children's lives, and to protect them from what will hurt them. They are hands-on parents, who do not turn their children over to the influences of others. Here's what these parents are fighting, neatly encapsulated in Griffin's quote from John Dewey: "Children must be conditioned, through gradual indoctrination, to reject the thought processes transmitted by their parents and churches, so that they may be prepared for the new world social order."

GOP Runs from Immigration Issue in California

Any area with a majority of Mexicans is not America. "But the major reason they won't touch illegal immigration is because George W. Bush and (political adviser) Karl Rove are obsessed with the Latino vote. They're trying to overcompensate for Wilson's '94 TV spots, which showed shots of illegal immigrants racing across the border with the message 'They keep coming.' It was run over and over again and, at least in the view of some, contributed to the perception that Republicans are anti-Latino."

Judeo-Christians Returning to Roots

So say the odd, clabbered mix of credulous Christers -- the Holy Land Tour Guides -- and commercial Jews on Semitic-suckpoop WorldNetDaily, here pushing magazine subscriptions. "[America's] laws, institutions and freedoms depend entirely on the nation maintaining and in many cases returning to its core, founding, Judeo-Christian values." There are no such thing as "Judeo-Christian values." It's the Old Testament versus the New, "Israel against the nations!" versus the White West. There sure are a lot of Judeo-Christians, though...."Dr. James Dobson, Pat Robertson, Dr. Tim LaHaye, Hal Lindsey, Jerry Falwell..."

Federal Land-Use Planners

Here Judeo-government drones buzz, hum. "The planners think they know how other people should live and they want to force them to live that way, whether people want it or not. It's social engineering." Here a spearchucker in drag runs over cop. Here on Wrangler jeans moving to Mexico. Here on Berkeley's SAT challenge. Here American vendors compete to sell Saudis 'Net censorware.

Jewish Special Pleading

Jews destroying America, good. Arabs destroying Israel, bad. One standard for Jews, another standard for the rest of us. Here read the Arab perspective -- from CAIR -- on their battles with hostile internal U.S. Jews who wish to suppress them. Here Jew Safire celebrates our glorious victory in Afghanistan.

Aryan Nations May Re-Settle in Rural Pennsylvania

August Kreis and Potter County... Here on supposedly classy Confederate shirts. The flag is greatly reduced so that illiterate inflammable negroes won't notice and kill you. Here on trials of York. Typical case of harassing Whites years after the fact while ignoring nigger crimes that happened yesterday.

Dr. William Pierce: "The Value of Truth and Righteousness"

Latest broadcast...

Crazed Babboons Run Wild Attacking Whites in Zimby

Nigga, pleez... "Damn you apes!" Here she is, Miss Babboonica... Here Harare Harangutang turns on Jews who helped him to power. Here on the numinous, feculent yiddess Lipschitz, slewer of dragons and cracker of mirrors. The ADL maintains a bank of 40 college interns, equipped with the latest Dell leases complete with voice-recognition. Right now they're hard at work trying to decipher penguin squeaks, recorded in the Antarctic, checking them for anti-Semitism, incidents of which are duly logged in their secure database. Lipstadt, who never took the stand herself during the trial, said she had wanted to do so: "I was sorry I couldn't go into the witness box because I could have bested" Irving. Typical Jewish delusion, that's...

More on Arab-Racist Links

The leftist Jews never get enough of this stuff. Discussion of Ahmed Huber, who is said to fancy himself a link between Islamic and rightist groups. Here Hizbullah claims U.S. said it would forgive attacks on Americans if Hizzy would lay off Izzy. Get that, American? Your own government cares about Israelis more than you.

The Security State

Uh...that's not your security we're talking about. Their security, rather. You're just murder- fodder for assorted imported gooks, brownwogs, niggers and Mexcrement. Here Christian maniacs, Jehovah's Witnesses division, tie their daughter to a bed, stuff a gag in her mouth, whip her dead with electrical cord. Jesus smiles down beatifically. "Not a sparrow falls without Him knowing it!" "But it falls, just the same..."

Jews Blow Hot and Cold

Always the sign of men you can't trust. Oy, they're for immigration. Now they're rethinking. Now they're against it. Well, some of them. Now they're for presidential dictatorship, now they have second thoughts. But always their interests come first, second and last. They write to confuse, but here's the real news: All that they care about's what's good for the Jews. Here Australian Jews express their hatred of Christians. Here a press release from the ADL. You're not going to believe this. These yids are outraged. That's outrageous, Hymie. Look it up. Jews hate free speech, especially in Canada, where they have all but completely destroyed it. "Good for Jews," you see. Jews don't care about you, your family, your race, your culture, your traditions -- Jews care about what's "good for Jews" and nothing else. That's why we never stop saying: The Jew is your enemy, White man.


U.S., Mexico resume talks on how best to become one disgusting, gigantic, third-world cesspool. Arrest illegals, then release them pending hearing. No joke. The United States has no interest in Mexico beyond seeing it doesn't tip over. Here on the browning of Britain. And here on... More here on Mexcrement driving trucks all over our highways. Here corrupt invaders pollute Britain.

Elinor Caplan: The Kike Killing Canada

This kikess has imported swarms of White-raping, White-murdering mudlings, with no signs of stopping. All that is necessary for Jewesses to triumph is for White men to do nothing.

Hungary: Anti-Semitic Right on the Rise

Prime Minister Orban does not write off a possible coalition with the "anti-Semitic" far right Hungarian Justice and Life Party (MIEP). He also refused to reject that the right represented anti-Semitic views, saying, We represent our own views. Its a part of Hungarian political lore that the left declares everyone who is non-left to be anti-Semitic, Orban added. MIEP is strongly anti-Semitic, anti-Roma, and anti-left. The party is now officially part of the opposition but supports the government on key votes. In exchange, it has been offered concessions, especially in the media. MIEP supporters were offered key positions in news broadcasting in government-controlled public-service radio and television. Pro-government members of the National Radio & Television Board (ORTT) allowed MIEPs Pannon Radio to win a local frequency; ironically, ORTT itself later had to condemn and fine Pannon Radio for programming that the board said incited hatred, primarily against Jews. All that is necessary for Whites to triumph is for White men to do something. The Jews know that, that's why they work day and night to prevent your reading VNN, your joining the National Alliance, your raising your voice in public. Jews are the enemy. No true reversal of our course is possible until political power is taken away from the Jews.

Czech Republic: Mein Kampf Verboten by Jewish Democrats

If democracy means anything, it means the right of the average illiterate to buy whatever comic book he finds most appealing and shout the political opinions he derives therefrom from the highest rooftops. That's in theory. Practice is ganz anders, as this story shows. The mockies shall not be mocked. A Czech publisher gets a three-year suspended sentence and a hefty fine for publishing an edition of Adolf Hitler's book. Pretty clear, isn't it? Jews can't handle the truth. It isn't "good for Jews." A guy gets fined $55,000 for publishing a book? This is "democracy"? Tell me again what's so great about it? Because we're free to write/speak/think the way we want? Where? See, Hymie talks out of both sides of his mouth. On one hand, Hitler's opus is stupid and repetitious and unreadable. On the other hand, it's a great danger to the community. That's our Hymie. Illogic is "good for Jews." Why? The same reason squirting ink benefits the squid. Don't listen to what Jews say, listen to what they mean.

Diversity = Lethal Weakness

Here, "multiculturalism," the "diversity" you're supposed to "embrace," "celebrate." "[Evelyn] Djoumessi and her husband, Joseph Djoumessi, were arrested in July 2000 and charged with enslaving and abusing Pridine Fru. The couple brought the teenager from Cameroon to care for their children...Fru ended up not only as the nanny for the children, but she also assumed all the other household duties...Joseph Djoumessi was convicted of child abuse and third-degree criminal sexual conduct. He was sentenced in September to 9 to 15 years in prison." Prison, at your expense, White man. What are niggers from Cameroon doing in Farmington Hills, Michigan, in the first place? Ask Jews. Here read how Yids dismantled our immigration laws. Check out these monkey war-vet pics from Zimbabwe. How crazy that these things are given political power over humans. Here some words and graphics. Back here. Here a Klansman is busted for selling silencer to ATF informant.

Map of Albanian Ethnic Groups

What a splendid little war so far, eh? Is an attack on Iraq drawing closer? Here some background on the Northern Alliance. Every hear the basketball joke: Our black boys are whipping their niggers. Yeah, it's kind of like that. In the wake of the Taliban, all sorts of things are creeping out of the woodwork. France deploys troops. Here an Iranian in America fired for making 9/11 remark. This is America, raghead. You can't just say whatever you want, think you're in fucking Iran or something? It's a sad day when you read something in the New Statesman and it sounds reasonable. Here's a decent article laying out the emerging world state we are all fighting against. Here Abdul and the gang celebrate good times, c'mon! See Bushman, dyslexic superhero! Here what might be a Taleban interview. Here the Afghan raggies pray for bombs, that they might wax fat thereby. What's next? Could be Iraq, Indonesia, or fifty other countries.

Russia: Far-Right a Growing Danger?

Here on supposed rash of skinhead attacks.

Media: Yid Control Slipping as Europe Gets Tired of their Dirty Halakah Act

Should Jews be able to do anything to anybody anywhere and scream bloody murder if anybody raises a finger? They think so. Title link they go nuts because a Belgian station is allowed by the government to run BBC's Sharon documentary. More yid whinging here. Hey useless yids, don't commit the war crime if you can't stand the air time.

Media: Tough Times for Al-Jazeera

Reporters harassed, station attacked -- nobody wants an alternative view, it seems. Here a reporter held in Texas. Typical example here of how kikemedia treat race crime. Person A pushes person B under a train. Jewfag at NYT titles it: Person A is pushed under train... That means that the pusher was black or discolored. If the pusher were White and the victim a nigger, it is inconceivable the jewfag would have headlined it anything but: White Man Pushes Black Woman Under Train. Jews: you can't trust them. Ever.

White Literature: Earnest Sevier Cox and White America

Puerto Rico is not god's country. Move to abolish SAT proceeds. Irony is that anonymous multiple-choice tests were instituted because they were non-racist. When it turned out the problem lay in the nigger, not the test, the lying left quickly shifted arguments. The world's a jape for them with eyes to see it. There is nothing that can be done with the left, Jews or niggers but stomp a mudhole in their miserable asses. Pardon my french. Did you hear Spike Lee's directing a sequel to Three Men and a baby? It's called six Congoids and a nine-month-old.

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