The Nature and Fate of the World's Only Existing Super-Tyranny

by James Allen Knechtmann

It is with growing alarm that we read of the frightening reality slowly but surely emerging in America's "War on Terror." What began seemingly as a justifiable retribution against the alleged perpetrators of the attacks against the World Trade Center and the Pentagon has turned into a crusade to annihilate any person and any state which does not take its orders unquestioningly from the Washington-New York-Jerusalem power base. Today we are witnessing the annihilation of a state which chose to defend its sovereignty in the face of arrogant demands that it dismantle itself and allow the Super-Tyranny to reorganize it as a vassal province. Tomorrow we will see other states, such as Iraq, Somalia, Columbia, Sudan, Syria and Macedonia -- this list is by no means complete, it should be noted -- suffer the same fate at the hands of the cabal carrying out its conquest of the last remaining bits of marginal real estate which have eluded its political, economic and cultural domination.

The ruthlessness and the murderousness with which the Super-Tyranny exercises its will is truly daunting to behold. Failure to comply with its orders means that the bombing will commence in twenty-four hours. Failure not merely to cheer it on, but actually to provide auxiliary forces when demanded, is sufficient reason for a state to come under suspicion. Reluctance to pay tribute to support the Super-Tyranny as it marches toward ever more murderous victories is reason to bring a state into disrepute in the eyes of the Super-Tyrants. This is the reality of the Chief Super-Tyrant's slogan, "Either you're with us, or you're against us."

Think this is an exaggeration? Consider, then, the thousands of innocent Afghan civilians who have been torn to shreds by carpet bombings or incinerated/asphyxiated by insidious fuel-air bombs as the Super-Tyranny greedily demands ever more human victims for its bloody sacrificial rituals. Consider the Delphic commentaries from the Super-Tyranny's spokesmen that merely voicing support for its actions is not good enough, and that the true test of even its closest allies will come in how willing these steadfast friends are in paying tribute to the Super-Tyranny's war effort. Make no mistake ? this is the exercise of raw, unveiled power on a scale not seen since the empires of antiquity. And like the uncountable hosts of Persian emperors or the endless hordes of the Mongolian khans, the Super-Tyranny seeks global domination, such is its lust for power.

Of course, the resident subjects within the nominal boundaries of the Super-Tyranny will most likely not care whether or not Muslims in Central Asia, half-breed Indians in the Columbian jungles, or Slavs in the Balkans are incinerated thousands at a time by the sub-atomic fuel-air bombs of the Super-Tyranny's air force, any more than they would ever consider raising objections based on more abstract legal concepts to the Super-Tyranny's actions. No, these pathetic denizens of the Super-Tyranny homeland will instead cheer on the death and the destruction, even as the rest of the world strikes back in terrorized desperation with chemical, biological and even nuclear weapons. The spineless, cosmopolitan creatures who inhabit the Super-Tyranny's homeland bear an immense burden of guilt for having permitted such an evil to arise in the first place.

Perhaps, then, our deracinated, rootless denizens of the Super-Tyranny's homeland will better perceive reality when the internal agents of the Super-Tyranny complete their eradication of whatever is left of the traditional guarantees of liberty. Already, they face immense lines at airport security checkpoints. Already, those suspected of harboring thoughts "disloyal" to the Super-Tyranny can be denied the right to travel. Already, those who oppose the Super-Tyranny in word and deed can be labelled "terrorists," and thus be deprived of the right to liberty and property. Already, the framework is in place to enact a the machinery of a genuine police state. All that is needed is for the Super-Tyrants to give the order.

Alas, considering that the Super-Tyranny is based on many years of eroding constitutional safeguards, a process which took place with hardly a peep of genuine protest, it is asking far too much that the residents of the Super-Tyranny homeland realize and understand what is upon them. Those who possess the minds of slaves are fit only for slavery, and when their cherished "homeland security" takes on the physical trappings of a prison, they won?t know the difference.

But for those of us who still possess a spark of our racially derived love of liberty, the true Aryans among us, the Super-Tyranny cannot daunt their spirit. For while humanity may be plunged into an indefinite future of slavery and cultural darkness, the noblest of the European race will resist, persist, and preserve its seed for a glorious new flowering of culture and creative energy. The Super-Tyranny will collapse at length, as its ravenous and murderous instincts consume its very essence, and the Aryan will be there, ready to resume his biological destiny. Therefore, take heart, Aryans, preserve yourselves genetically, and prepare yourselves for the glory and the grandeur to come.


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