What Does the Parole "Take No Prisoners" Really Mean?

by James Allen Knechtmann

We've all seen the hackneyed Hollywood war movies where the bad guys have just outdone themselves in villainy and finally exhausted the boundless charitableness and generosity of the good guys. Finally, the face of the commander of the good guys snaps into a contorted fury. "That's the last straw. Send in the Marines and take no prisoners." The audience is then treated to twenty minutes of unbridled slaughtering of the despised "bad guys," even as they try all too late to surrender, and as the soundtrack blares the "Star-Spangled Banner" or "God Bless America."

But what if reality models itself on cheap Hollywood action plots? Think I'm joking? Then tell me what's so far-fetched about the Super-Tyranny's media bosses -- willing accomplices in the war -- taking a few ideas from their movies and television shows? Or from their own role in modern warfare? Considering that the hyper-aggressive, "bomb 'em back to the Stone Age" lemmings who watch these action films take their cues from what they have seen on the screen, we can safely assume that bombing a refugee column or defenseless prisoners or war from 40,000 feet will be easy for these warriors to digest psychologically. We can hear them now: "After all, its just the enemy, right? War is hell, so dont be so queasy about it." Whatever.

Just now I am reading about the Super-Tyranny's role in bombing a "prison uprising" in Afghanistan by recently surrendered al-Qaeda men (the very men the Super-Tyranny said should not be taken alive) in which "all prisoners were killed and very few arrested." This Orwellian utterance, by the way, was made with a straight face by one of the Super-Tyranny's "Uncle Joe Stalin" allies. Do Super-Tyrant Donald Rumsfeld and the ZOG media bosses in New York and Hollywood really think we're stupid enough to swallow hook, line and sinker the fiction that there actually was a "prison uprising"? Apparently they do, and considering the reasoning ability of the average football fan or television junkie, they've made a safe bet.

But for those of us who have not reduced ourselves to the vegetative existence of the beer-swilling football crowd or the legions of soap-opera junkies, Rumsfeld's lies are so bald-faced they make our blood boil. As we know, the Super-Tyranny, which has publicly stated that it wants no prisoners taken in its blood orgy in Afghanistan, already has a lengthy track record of murdering its prisoners of war. The current war is merely a continuation of business as usual, but knowing this doesn't make it any easier to stomach. Today Chechen, Arab and Pakistani terrorists, tomorrow White-nationalist terrorists. The only reason the Muslims are getting it now is because they're the ones who have summoned the courage to strike back and make themselves a threat to the Super-Tyranny. We White nationalists are not perceived as an imminent threat, so we'll be toyed with first, leisurely, before we're finally dealt with in true Super-Tyranny style.

In this bloodthirsty policy of no quarter we gaze upon the true souls of the men who lust to rule this world. Fifty-six years ago the Super-Tyranny (not counting the activities of its Soviet ally) murdered German prisoners of war, perhaps two million of them, through summary executions, contrived death sentences, neglect, exposure, starvation, lynching and who knows what other forms of slaughter. This came on the heels of a three-year policy of incinerating German civilians in fire storms ignited by the incendiary bombing of cities. Concurrently, we applied the same principles to our Japanese enemies, with even greater slaughter. Last but not least, we dropped nuclear weapons on two Japanese cities, even as the Japanese government was trying to surrender unconditionally. Just under twenty years ago, the Super-Tyranny's Zionist sidekick, Ariel Sharon, carved another notch on his six-shooter after authorizing the murder of the inhabitants of two Palestinian refugee camps, some two thousand defenseless women, children and old men perishing in the bloodbath. And now we witness the machinations of men determined to murder their foes as they likewise try to surrender unconditionally. The Super-Tyrants are not merely dishonorable men, they are evil men.

We White nationalists and racialists are, by and large, familiar with the historical precedents of the Super-Tyranny's behavior in Afghanistan. We understand that the Super-Tyranny must demonize its opponents in order to whip its subjects into murderous blood frenzies abroad, which serve the ulterior motive of eliminating foreign ideological opponents and terrorizing everyone else, while conducting relentless witch hunts against domestic opponents. This is the essence of total war, and we will simply have to adapt ourselves to living with "perpetual war for perpetual war" as a political reality for the foreseeable future.

In a previous essay, I wrote that this period of murder and oppression will continue until the Super-Tyranny at length consumes itself. In this period, many brave White nationalists and racialists will perish. We must take care that their sacrifices are not forgotten and that they form a portion of the mythos which our coming Aryan renaissance will need in the formation of its spiritual heart. For in that mythos lies the true essence of ourselves, and no Jew-inspired tyranny, a la the Morgenthau Plan, will ever be able to change that. Join the National Alliance and become a part of that Aryan destiny.


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