Movie Review: 'Domestic Disturbance'

by Mark Rivers

"Domestic Disturbance" was released by Paramount Pictures, whose Chief Executive Officer is Jewess Sherry Lansing. Paramount is a division of Viacom, which is run by Jew Sumner Redstone (aka Murray Rothstein). Other than these two, there are no obvious Jew names in the credits of this movie. "Domestic Disturbance" isn't really worth your time, though.

John Travolta stars as the divorced dad of a troubled pre-teen boy. When the boy witnesses his brand new stepfather (Vince Vaughn) murdering an old crime partner (Steve Buscemi), Travolta is the only one who believes him. A strong-willed negro cop dismisses the kid's wild tales, as does the boy's mother (Teri Polo).

Finally, Travolta uses some standard Internet stalking techniques to expose Vaughn by finding an online newspaper article which reveals Vaughn's shadowy past. Vaughn, knowing his cover is blown, attacks the family, a fight ensues, and Vaughn gets killed.

Like I said, don't expect too much from "Domestic Disturbance." This type of "I-seem-okay-until-it's-revealed-that-I'm-a-mad-dog-killer" motif has been used again and again in Hollywood, and even the presence of everybody's favorite character actor (Buscemi) can't transform this film into a winner.

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