Follow the Breadcrumbs

by Derek Powling

Sometimes I feel lengthy articles ask for too much time, patience, and thought. Our readers will put the effort into it, but how will they get the message to others? Our average reader would have a hard time trying to get across the gist of a full article to a potential "convert." Here are a few breadcrumbs to drop for your friends who would not sit for a full article.

#1. Look at the photographs of the first two casualties of the ground war. Two rangers have fallen, and from their photographs I would say two more Whites have gone down in the Yid-Sand Nigger never-ending conflict. If all Americans are the same, where are the Jewish and Arab special operations soldiers? I can count on one hand the number of Jews I knew in the military. Take out the physicians and chaplains, and I can count one.

#2. Remember the first case of inhalational anthrax? The news said it was not related to the terrorists. Now anthrax is an act of terrorism, but they want to blame it on "homegrown" terrorists. I am actually impressed the mailed attacks work. Anthrax has to be "weaponized" to just the right size to cause inhalational disease. Letters are a poor mode of delivery for inhalational disease. Keep in mind that more Whites have been murdered and raped by blacks every single day since September 11th than anthrax has killed during the entire period. Imagine what America would be like if every citizen were of European descent. Not perfect, but pretty damn impressive minus the blacks, sand niggers, and other turd-worlders.

#3. Why is a photograph of three firefighters putting up a flag comparable to the Iwo Jima photo? Are we Americans so desperate for a cause, so desperate to claim we have experienced the "hardship" of the "greatest generation" that we will grasp at any shred? Why don't we read about how many Marines died in the Pacific theater of W.W.II compared to "911"? Terrorists may have killed a few thousand of us in one dramatic swoop, but blacks murder, rob, assault and rape our people over a million times each year. Where is the outrage and "banding together" over that? Do you understand, White man? There are five to ten thousand murders committed annually -- year in, year out. Blacks commit the majority. Luckily for us, they most often kill other blacks, but still, their average "harvest" is around a thousand whites per year. Many of these are innocent Whites like the young woman in New Jersey who just happened to show up at the wrong gas station at the right time to be tortured and murdered by a nigger in a bad mood. In the past ten years, blacks have killed about twice as many White Americans as terrorists have killed Americans of any color in the anthrax attacks, the 911 attack, the Cole bombing, etc., all put together.

#4. Immediately after the attacks, I predicted our constitution would suffer. Thanks to wildly popular "antiterrorism" legislation, get ready for national ID cards, retinal scans at the airport, increased finger printing, "freedom of speech" becoming a crime, and more. Keep on mocking the antigovernment, big-brother paranoia types, it will give you something to do while waiting for the FBI to show up and torture you for having a copy of The Turner Diaries on your shelf. After all, the last chapter contains the "blueprint" for a suicidal airplane attack on the Pentagon.


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