The Revolution Will Not be Legalized

by Victor Gerhard

There is a strong desire in the rank and file of the White Power movement to invest time, money and energy in the pursuit of a legal "magic bullet," a court victory or victories that will legitimize the views and beliefs of the movement. While some good can come from legal activism, the legal system as a whole is a dead end for our cause.

Bluntly, racialists will never duplicate the society-transforming legal victories of the past five decades. The great attraction of the court system for anyone with a political goal is its undemocratic nature and the seemingly omnipotent reach of a Supreme Court decision. Racially aware Whites can't be blamed for wanting to grab and use that power for themselves. But we cannot expect to win in the legal arena for the same reason we will not win by the use of network television: we do not control the medium. It is in fact controlled by our enemies, and any claims by them of "equal time" or "justice" are false propaganda.

In the 1950s, Brown vs. the Board of Education -- a single Supreme Court decision -- opened the way to the destruction of White schools throughout the entire nation, the dictatorial takeover of hundreds of school systems by the federal government (some of which remain under the control of federal courts even today), and the forced bussing of millions of White children into the horror of the ghetto jungles. All with a few pages of paper, or so it seemed.

In the 1960s, Supreme Court decisions regarding criminal rights and civil rights loosed a tsunami of crime, resulting in 30,000,000 White crime victims since 1960. Freedom of association went by the boards as White businesses, universities and organizations were forced by courts to integrate -- i.e., let the feds choose their employees, associates and members -- with results that only the most cynical and extreme racist could have possibly imagined.

In the 1970s a single case, Roe vs. Wade, wiped out the abortion laws of all 50 states in one day. What for 200 years had been decided by voters of each state was now decided by the federal government, disguised quite effectively as nine men in black robes.

I think you get the point, if you didn't know it already. So why can't we get decisions in our favor and get our society back?

1. Supreme Court decisions are not decided on any legal basis whatsoever, but are merely an exercise in power by the federal government, usually called by the quite diplomatic name of 'ZOG,' which stands for Zionist Occupation Government, as a nod to the men whose interests it protects. The Supreme Court is a full and equal third of the federal government, so it continues to astound me that people are surprised when the federal government rules in favor of the federal government. However, a person in our movement may read some past court decisions and, knowing that our courts supposedly operate on the principle of stare decisis, i.e., courts will follow the precedent laid down by prior courts, make the perfectly reasonable assumption that those past cases will provide support for their personal situation. If blacks are allowed to hold a parade, then Whites can too, and so on. However, blacks were allowed to hold a parade because it destroys White society, and a White parade is a different matter altogether. We expect this hypocrisy from the other branches of government and the media; for the same reasons the courts are also hypocritical despite their own very effective propaganda about justice and equality.

The court involved in a race case will write a long decision filled with legal mumbo-jumbo about how the case at hand differs from past cases. This is the equivalent of a magician saying abracadabra; its purpose is to deceive and draw attention from the sleight of hand. The law is simply a lie. We don't live in a society of laws, but in a society of men concerned with power. From now on, when the media report the latest Supreme Court decision, just substitute the Federal Government for the Supreme Court: "The Federal Government ruled today that members of the Federal Government cannot be held liable for the actions of the Federal Government at Waco, Texas." Lets you know who's in charge quite nicely, doesnt it? If all the rest of the government is filled with liars and traitors, why should the Judicial Branch be any different? Two of the groups most distrusted by our movement are lawyers and politicians, which when crossbred create a judge. I truly believe that if the Supreme Court had to announce its decisions while wearing business suits and sitting at a low table the inexplicable national respect for them would plummet. Court decisions have no rational basis in law; they are acts of raw power by people who hate us.

2. The entire legal system is in the hands of our enemies. Most people realize Jews and liberals abound in our court system. How completely they control it is still underestimated. The most powerful and influential lawyers and judges are Jews, and almost every major firm has a few Jews as monitors, able to stop the firm from taking certain cases. Further, the law schools themselves are heavy with Jewish professors and deans, influencing students, monitoring behavior, controlling admissions. The most influential legal theorists are Jews. It is in the law schools that new legal theories such as gay rights, child rights, and animal rights are first introduced and begin to germinate. It is here lawyers are turned into society-destroyers. You can count the Jewish judges on the Supreme Court, but do you know about the Jewish law clerks that research and write most of the Supreme Court decisions? What, did you really think Thurgood Marshall wrote his own opinions?

The crucial fact is that our entire legal system, the former Anglo-Saxon common law system dating back to at least 1066, has been excised, wiped out and replaced by an alien system. A system of penumbras, and emanations, and atmospheres, spirits, voodoo and mists -- and of course the Jewish squabbling, deceiving, and nitpicking we all know so well.

3. The anti-White media and the legal system are highly interrelated and interdependent, and consciously act to reinforce and protect each other. You certainly understand this on a basic level. The media will flood the airwaves with stories about gays and their oppression; lo and behold, up comes a case about a gay dentist who was discriminated against. With the public full of propaganda the raw exercise of power by the courts can take place without opposition; voila -- new gay rights are created. The courts are the place where the media's fictional world is turned into reality. The courts are used because the legislatures would not be able to get away with such blatant power grabs without the dusky cloak of legality. Notice -- when the legislature disrupts society people realize the government is doing something new, something it never did before. But the legal system is designed in such a way that it can always disguise its social disruption as the discovery or upholding of things that had always existed. It is easier to fight opposition to something that, purportedly, already exists.

The media, like the court system, are undemocratic, practically oligarchic. How organized is the relationship between the media and the legal system? As always, the true minds of Jews, like those of other alien life, are impenetrable. But events in the past 20 years or so are enough to prove to me there is some sort of communication and conspiring.

The courts' blatant violation of almost every word of the Constitution and their tyrannical destruction of White America are nurtured, protected and obscured by the media.

In sum, we will never attain a White nation under the present legal system. And, of course, if we had the power to alter the present legal system, we would logically already have the power to take over the country regardless of the legal system. For countless reasons we will never infiltrate and retake the present system; those suggesting we do so are merely avoiding the only true option - the complete destruction of the present system. Not just the legal system, but the entire apparatus standing in the way of a Whites-only nation. Those suggesting we retake the present system are also by extension acknowledging the legitimacy of the system, when in fact it is wholly illegitimate and should not be obeyed.

As the legal system is illegitimate, whether an act is legal or illegal should not concern us. An act should be evaluated according to whether it furthers the good of the White race. Then, there should be a cost vs. benefit analysis: does the reasonably possible good of the goal of the act outweigh the possible negative outcomes, such as imprisonment? This is how we should think, and if we do, there are many, many options for action open to us.


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