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Movie Review: Bandits

A relatively negro-free film, not very entertaining, produced and directed by Jews. Did I mention that it is not very entertaining? Mark Rivers

Movie Review: Mulholland Drive

I saw David Lynch's new movie Mulholland Drive twice on Sunday at different theatres. At both showings, I saw a very tiny, very old woman, with very thick glasses. She sat in a wheelchair holding a black-and-white cat. As I left the second showing, she handed me the following text then disappeared behind the thick red draperies of the The Cat Lady

911: Muslims Suspend Laws of Physics!

There is something wrong -- very wrong -- with the physics-defying explanation trotted out by the Propasphere to account for the WTC towers each collapsing so neatly, almost like folding up a telescope. Some of the major and minor implausibilties -- and frank impossibilties of the official scenario are analyzed J. McMichael

Feebs Consider Torture

Claimed that 150 men remain in custody, four of special interest, and that none has been forthcoming. The FBI is frustrated because it can't understand people who can't be bought off. We are not all economic men, Marx and yid-cons be damned. More here. Note the tortured avoidance of the word 'torture' in the headline. Here's something you can bet on: a major American city is going to be nuked because we have allowed yids to control our country and dictate our foreign policy. Nuked American cities are the symptom, Jews are the disease. We are hated because of the Jews, White man. Israel is not our ally. Israel is our enemy. More anthrax likely. Thanks, Israel. Terrorism: as Jewish as swindling.

Hammerfest 2001

Promoted by ADL and other traditional enemies of the truth. Bigots Who Rock: An ADL List of Hate Music Groups identifies 541 bands, primarily based in the United States and Europe, who espouse hateful lyrics or have active links to organized hate groups.

Hate Jews Continue to Harass Kalejs

Fight the real hate. Fight Israel. Here the disgusting tale of how obsessive focus on the Jew has destroyed the study of German literature -- hell, Germany itself. The Jews are a loathesome race, and the less said about them the better. Once they're out of the way....

Germany: Bomb in Nuremberg

A "Holocaust" "documentation" center is scheduled to open on the former nationalist rally grounds next year. Remember to keep a notebook on the nightstand to record your dreams, O tattooed ones. Oy! And then Dr. Mengele sprinkled me with paprika and locked me in a hyperbaric chamber for 36 hours! Torture, it's! Compensation, I demand!

The Jewish Double Standard, Part 1

It's "good for Jews" to have Uzis, gas, bomb shelters, bad if White "survivalists," "militias," "extremists" have them. "You can't live in a bunker," say Jews from their bunker. "Israel's defense needs have forced it to become adroit at the technology of war. Still, there's a difference between developing a discreet prowess and displaying it as commodity." Let's don't give the goyim any ideas. Shy, sensitive, these gun-toting gun-banners. ONE STANDARD FOR JEWS, ANOTHER STANDARD FOR EVERYBODY ELSE. The Jew is your enemy, White man.

The Jewish Double Standard, Part 2

No flood of non-Whites for Israel, no, no. Concerned about quick-breeding, border-sneaking Arabs, Jew warns that "current population trends mean that Israel will 'cease to exist' as a Jewish state by 2020, by when he's convinced that only 42 percent of the people in Israel proper, the West Bank and the Gaza Strip will be Jewish." Part of the solution for Israel? "Sealing its borders to prevent more illegal migration and protect its Jewish majority." This, as a century of documented Jewish effort to destroy America's immigration laws culminates with insane, Jew-inspired Christers setting up beacons, water supplies, piles of food and clothing to help Mexicans trek across the desert to El Good Life. ONE STANDARD FOR JEWS, ANOTHER STANDARD FOR EVERYONE ELSE.

Obnoxious Kikes Abound

Sleek, affluent, totally self-assured Jews, idly traveling, shopping, snicker at Whites, whom they have decided are silly little toy soldiers. "No instant, mass flight of Jews to Israel was going to result from the fire-bombing of a synagogue or the painting of swastikas on tombstones. I myself...had never encountered any sign of anti-Semitism while growing up in the States, and the vitality and security of the Jewish community there has only improved in the 30-odd years since." Since? Since America's immigration laws were torn up at Jewish behest in 1965? Since the society-destroying, Jew-fomented upheaval called "the '60s?" Keep snickering, Jews. It's coming. Your behavior guarantees it. Filthy kikes keep on gunnin' here. Swindling and murdering on your dime, White man. That's our Israel. What a cute little tot.

Setting Brother Against Brother

Proud Jewish tradition... Start a brawl and then stand back and enjoy the fun, in other words. Here, some Horovitz or other, contributing his fetid quart to the flood of utter Jewish bullshit. "In the new world order [NWO a "conspiracy theory?" Yids admit it!], as it is being reconstituted in the aftermath of September 11, old enmities are judged afresh, old alliances re-examined. And that goes for Israel's relationship with the United States as well. The Jewish state has to prove its strategic value all over again. This shouldn't be too difficult. No cynical, fair-weather friend, seeking political advantage from a grieving America, Israel is the most genuine of allies, a bloodied victim of decades on the front line of the war against terrorism." Translation; having gotten us into this mess, they'll offer Helpful Household Hints on how to tape our windows shut to keep the smallpox out. Thanks, Jews.


Life in Israel... Jews are so hated for their actions that they must consider elections, lines of fire, when choosing residences. This is how they want us to live, as well. No matter for the affluent, however. "White stone floors, pale wood shelves and kitchen cabinets. Black stone counter -- an aesthetic reflecting the stark simplicity of the Judean Desert just outside our windows." So glad to hear it. Here, Yids, trying to decide how best to protect themselves, study goyische guinea-pig reactions to anthrax. "I'm also far from sure that the American attacks are not a diversionary ploy, or a dry-run, before much larger and more deadly events," says one. Here Jews at work, murdering, stealing, lying. First, rabbi pulls fast one, stiffs fellow Yid, pockets scroll-proceeds. "Levin admitted he was angry because he believed the rabbi had cheated him financially. Levin had paid between $16,000 and $20,000 to purchase a Torah for M'Kor Shalom, to be used at his grandson's Bar Mitzvah. Levin said he later found out the Torah was worth closer to $2,000." But we should trust 'em? Next, it's call the plumber, the gardener, the killer. "A confessed hitman has told a jury that he killed the wife of Rabbi Fred Neulander because Neulander promised him $30,000 and a job with the Mossad. Leonard Jenoff recounted how Neulander had told him 'there was a person in Cherry Hill,' N.J., who 'had to be killed. There was a person in Cherry Hill who could destroy Israel, who could destroy Cherry Hill.' Oy, gevalt! Such a tangle, it's! Jews -- ya gotta love 'em!

Israel, Our Enemy

Give them $5 billion per year, they call you names in return. Now that we're fighting in Afghanistan after a terrorist assault that would not have occurred in the first place were it not for our support of Israel, advantage-seeking, racist Jews point at our retaliation as justification for their own desire to kill Palestinians. A Yid will trip you down the stairs and then rush to sell you a Band-Aid. If you want to understand Jews, listen to them. "Is it good for Jews?" This vicious advantage-seeking is at the core of their miserable being, and it's why we say -- as so many others have said down the centuries: No Jews. Just Right.

Pentagon Sprayed U.S. Cities

We're from the government. We're here to infect, I mean help you. ... the Army had staged a mock biological attack on San Francisco, secretly spraying the city with Serratia and other agents thought to be harmless. The government doesn't lie some of the time. The government never stops lying. Believe it, breathe its air, at your peril. Here on the government and the way it disappears information. U.S., dog media, are afraid to ask why, says Irving. Here a crop-duster sprays a pleasure boat, no apparent reason. More here. Here Jews check their buildings for anthrax, they say. Pics of anthrax letters here. Of course, the FBI might be lying too, so who knows?

More War Pigs

Cry havoc and loose the yehudi keyboard-minstrels.... World War One, relevant perhaps... Here interesting technical musing on melting steel and WTC....or read in-depth here.... Here on insurance questions in the aftermath. How much of what we know just ain't so? Here on reservists and internal security. Good collection of racist/rightist WTC reactions. Here "alternative" weeklies' reaction. Here the war pigs are murdering Afghans at random, just to be obnoxious. The media aren't talking about it much. If a bunch of ragheads are out smoothing their mats with their foreheads, why, obviously they are training to blow up tall buildings with a single jet. Kill them. Here a letter from Saddam Hussein to an American citizen. Read this, and think about how difficult it is for non-English-speakers and opponents of the Jews to get any sort of hearing at all through our Jew-filtered media. A fair hearing is impossible; an unfair hearing merely unlikely. Kill your Televitz while it is still legal, and find your way around the Jewish media octopus to unpolluted sources of information. You are careful about what you put into your body; be even more careful what you put into your head. Here the military picture.

Jew in U.S. Army Stripped of Security Clearance

Dual loyalty? To say it is to laugh. "Good for Jews" is their watchword. The idea of a Jew in our military not passing on secrets to Israel is laughable. Jews don't belong anywhere near any American institution.

Jews Hated in Paris Too

Direct parallel. Jews in France, like Jews in America, push for open borders. Third-world floods in. Among the scum are Jew-hating Arabs. Idiot Jews now cry for crackdowns on natives' rights. The Jews are our misfortune. Here you can read the CNN transcript of Buchanan-Munoz debate, in which former never addresses the reason we have open borders. What's more laughable than someone from the group "the race" talking about Americans standing together as one? Mexcrement cares about America as long as there's money it can take from us. Mexicans don't cause pollution, Mexicans are pollution.


Jews complain about political Arab art. They love it when you build a shit-Mary, but not so much when you call on the Arabs to unite against Izzy. Here goofy British comic Atkinson worries about new laws' effect on satire. Jews have feminized the west. Most women don't like or understand satire because it isn't nice. Muslims let into the West by Jew-set open immigration policies don't like criticism either. Women's sensibilities and Jewish political sensitivities dictate what the rest of us are allowed to say these days. In a muddled and incoherent world, you'd best keep your mouth shut. Except at VNN, where you can say anything you want. Here, Jews delighted at further restrictions on criticism of God's Chosen People. "Jews are protected under existing hate laws because British law considers them a visibly identifiable race." But...but...Jews tell us that race is only a "social construct." We're all confused. Here the hooknosed crooks of the Jewish hate group ADL harass a website, whining to its provider to shut it down. Jews can't handle criticism, because it interferes with their lying and spying.

Media: AOL, Microsoft, Yahoo Team Up for Site-Labeling

Hope to offer free filtering software by next Spring. No mention of "hate," but you can bet the yids will try to get their hooknose under the tent, if they haven't already. Here on bin Laden's use of the media. From George Washington to this: ...researchers have just learned through the Freedom of Information Act that the U.S. government expressly destroyed Iraq's sewage and water treatment facilities, knowing full well the result would be widespread disease and epidemics. In short, biological warfare. The U.S. refuses to allow Iraq to import chlorine to purify water. Makes you proud to be an American, don't it. Here Fisk. Here yid-controlled AOL signs deal with Chinese. Hope the gooks realize what they're in for.

Cartoons: Crumb on Jews

(Very slow-loading.) Another one here. And Crumb on niggers... It's not a game. It's a race war. Either we defeat the Jews, or Crumb's pictures become reality. They already have in Rhodesia and South Africa and inner cities. Go to Irving's site and download his most recent pdf action report. He lives in an area that has seen an influx of niggers, and every night they're out puking and shitting and cursing and pissing and fighting in the alleys. Niggers are subhumans. They do not belong in America. They do not belong anywhere around White people. But bad as niggers are, they are only a symptom. Jews are the disease.


Discussion of Kinks' "Muswell Hillbillies"... Here something, presumably Mexcremental, is angered that Christina Aguilera isn't a real spic. She's isn't fat or ugly enough, apparently. Here White House asks Hollywood for help in war on "terrorism." Maybe they'll team up to portray Arabs as bad guys.


Nigerian busted for kidnapping Americans. If they were lost-boy importers, he ought to be given a medal.

The Occidental Quarterly

Interesting site...

Canada to Censor 'Hate' Sites

First off, there are enough sinister provisions to this bill to make anyone not brain-dead gasp at its brazenness: McLellan acknowledged that toughening sentencing for terrorists, as this bill would do, was unlikely to deter militants who are willing to commit suicide, like the hijackers of the airliners on Sept. 11....But she said for that reason other measures in the bill were needed, such as the ability to arrest potential assailants ahead of time, to force people to testify before judges at investigative hearings, and to intercept communications....bad enough, right? But wait! There's more -- thrown out almost as a very casual oh-by-the-way aside: It also would tighten hate crime provisions to eliminate online ''hate propaganda'' and would create a new offense of mischief against places of worship. Through media and gradualism, the Euro population of North America has been so conditioned to operate in the go-along-to-get-along mode, that the Propasphere has psychological inertia working for it. Right now, government is testing the waters, scoping out just how much and how strong the opposition to its plans for us will be. Aside from a few maverick types -- few and far between in today's purged media, and thin on the ground elsewhere -- others are greeting announcements like this with dead silence. But the fedgov and its partners-in-tyranny are uneasy....beneath the carefully orchestrated pseudo-patriotic hooplah, there's the sense that nobody's really buying the act. So Uncle Sugar has bought the services of professional spin-doctors to sell the righteousness and necessity of WW3 to the world.

Jews Increase Pressure to Silence U.S. Journalists

One day it's a small city in New York State, the next day it's the same thing happening in Tallahassee, Florida: American sources in Florida have accused "influential Jewish circles" of intimidating and bullying journalists daring to criticize Israeli occupation and apartheid in Palestine. The accusations came after influential Jews in Florida reportedly bullied the Tallahassee Democrat, a local newspaper, to refuse to publish articles by a Florida journalist who recently wrote an article criticizing the "Israeli-American marriage." The Jews have stranglehold on newspaper publishing, as they do on every other information gateway between the world and you...all except for the Internet gateway, where a critical struggle is underway to silence sites like VNN for good.

'Israel' Against the Nations: The World Is Catching On

Our would-be NWO-ZOG masters are in a race against time: can they tighten the shackles before the White Giant awakens and turns on them at last? Their strategic problem is that by now, every step they take to consolidate or increase their power makes the mask slip a little more. They are desperate to identify the Arab and Islam as the enemy. But while their corrupted whores-for-Israel leaders are conducting business as usual, the best and brightest of their people -- the intended victims/opponents of WW3 -- are beginning to compare notes....Applying pressure and confronting the whole world to help it in its anti Austrian quest, Israel, and of course the US led by Madeline Albright at the time, succeeded in forcing the EU in imposing sanctions on Austria for allowing Israel's enemy to be part of a coalition. Even the Boston paper -- though careful not to mention 'Israel' in the same story dealing with our present war in the Middle East, shows signs of tugging at the leash.

'Israel' Bombs South Lebanon

The Jews do their usual nasty work, while their American 'ally' -- really, more like Dr. Frankenstein's brutally strong but stupid assistant Igor than an ally -- targets a hospital, thereby effecting permanent cures for 100 patients.

Latest Official Version on Flight 93

Now the story is, this plane was targetting a nearby nuclear plant before it 'crashed.'....The dissemination of several versions of events, none of them quite fitting the facts, is a tried and tested method of disinformation and psy ops. It sows confusion, thus fear, thus a desperation to latch onto any stable structure, and at any cost. Such tactics are particularly effective when applied to a dumbed-down population which has virtually no geographical or historic reference points, no basis for evaluating what it's told. Hence the sorry spectacle of Americans mindlessly running off to buy gas masks, worrying about supposed terrorist anthrax attacks, etc. With this in mind, the story released about a "mysterious" al-Qaeda 'terrorist' has all the right elements: conflicting stories, the suggestion of deep infiltration of America's 'forces' by terrorists, etc., etc. There's really no way to know whether this guy was a double or triple agent -- nor does it really matter very much, since the genuine infiltration of American institutions was done a long time ago and the real infiltrators have been in control for quite a while.

Click Here!

The Money Trail. . .

...if followed persistently to its origins in the creation of central banking systems, reveals the entire house-of-cards structure originated by Hymie centuries ago. At heart, the scheme is simple, but wrapped in multiple obfuscating layers of Talmud-like tortuosity. It's the bedrock of his power and explains how he has been able, like a blood fluke, to drain the life juices of host nations from within.

FBI Considers Torture as Suspects Stay Silent

Since we are in this mess thanks to our kowtowing to 'Israel,' -- where torture of prisoners is S.O.P. -- it's only natural that we should start thinking and acting like the twisted yids, too. That such measures are being contemplated -- and publicly -- is ominous. We're given to understand that the F.B.I. interrogators are 'frustrated'. . . The investigators have been disappointed that the usual incentives to break suspects, such as promises of shorter sentences, money, jobs and new lives in the witness protection programme, have failed to break the silence....Yes, it must be all but incomprehensible to the feebie agents that this menu of carrots has proven resistable to anyone -- the notion that some people actually have principles and beliefs which override such concerns as making a sweet deal for oneself at the expense of one's friends -- or that such an intangible as honor might really exist after all, must have come as a shock. But we suspect the fedgov won't allow itself to be stymied for very long: "We are known for humanitarian treatment, so basically we are stuck. Usually there is some incentive, some angle to play, what you can do for them. But it could get to that spot where we could go to pressure . . . where we donít have a choice, and we are probably getting there," an FBI agent involved in the investigation told the paper. And -- as the article indicates -- should direct U.S. involvement in applying 'pressure' prove unpalatable to the public, cooperation can be secured from countries that will be more than happy to do our dirty work for us -- like our spunky little ally, 'Israel.'

Jewish Media Control in Action

Both the Managing Editor and the City Editor of a small city newspaper get fired after merely reporting what Syria's Minister of Defense Tlass had to say about Israel's connection to 911. Of course, the claim that Jews control the media (as well as goverment and academia) is just a 'canard'. . .

WWIII as a Way of Life

The top U.S. military officer has said that Afghanistan was only a "small piece" of what he suggested might be the broadest campaign since World War Two, possibly lasting more than a lifetime. Of course what's really being described here isn't a military conflict, however protracted. Combined with other wink-and-nudge phrases to acclimatize Joe Six-Pack and Sally Soccer Mom to the coming 'changes' -- "Americans may have to compromise on some freedoms..." and "Life in America will never be the same again," -- your fedgov is letting you know that what's being slipped into place is going to have more than a passing resemblance to martial law. Meanwhile, our heroic forces have managed to kill the littlest terrorist, the 10-year-old son of Mullah Omar.

The Obscenity of Globalism

History will hold the globalists and latter-day imperialists of left and right accountable. Their epitaph is already written: "On the altar of global empire, they sacrificed their country." Substitute - or add -- the word race for/to "country," and the true proportions of the tragedy are laid bare....actually, the economic disaster which Globalism represents for the average American has started to become so noticeable that even mainstream political figures like former governor Lamm are finally speaking out about it -- a dollar short and a day late. Statistics only come to life when presented as serial anecdotes (Scroll around until you find "Letter from Rockford).

Hillary Booed by NYC Cops and Firemen

She'll probably never go near that kind of audience again. The only reason she ventured into such a venue this time, was to milk the WTC event down to the last drop -- something she probably picked up from Hymie, the world champ at shameless sob sistering.

Activity Update

"Message of hate" is not welcome, says Macleod Gazette. Please ensure your ideas are Jew-approved before disseminating. Thank you.

Britain: Jews Welcome Restrictions on Whites

No matter the country, Jews welcome crackdowns on the natives. Jews are becoming unpopular around the globe as folks catch onto them, whether it's Paris or Syria, where the defense minister blames Israel for the WTC attack. More on Israel's double standard for assassination. When they do it, it's good old-fashioned targeted killing. When their opponents do it, it's murder most foul. Here a nail bomb goes off in Southall, an Asian area, but the police deny any racial motive.

Big Brother in Britain

UK area introduces pilot 'anti fraud' scheme. You can't use your credit card unless you give the retailer your thumbprint. What the article does not say is that several other areas have also introduced a similar 'test' scheme. All simultaneously. All a coincidence... The British police have long wanted to obtain the fingerprints of every citizen. This is the back-door way to do it.

Trash Trashed

Piece of modern art dumped by accident. Real art combines taste, creativity and skill. Jewish art combines pricetags and chutzpah.

Australia: Another Nog-Boat Intercepted

Keep 'em out, or pay the price.

White History: Mesopotamia May Not Be The Cradle

Another discovery in what's become a whole series of archeological findings which are going to force some major revisions.

The Velvet Glove Comes Off the Iron Fist

The lady at the counter was inexplicably nervous when I gave her my name. She stumbled over her words as she recited the idiot litany about whether I had had Carlos the Jackal as a skycap. Maybe I should have picked up on it, but hey, it wasn't like I was on the Internet or anything. A look at the new airport-security measures... by Victor Gerhard

Silicon Valley Jew Pushes National I.D. Cards

Jew Ellison, Oracle's mogul, even offered to donate the software: "I think 99.99 percent of Americans will want these ID cards," Ellison said. ....and Big Surprise -- he's joined by a veritable chorus of yidlets fron all walks of the Propasphere: it is now supported by Feinstein, the chairwoman of the Senate subcommittee on terrorism....Harvard lawyer Dershowitz said he believes having an ID card would reduce racial profiling at airports...The cards would be voluntary for American citizens -- at first...

See Military Software Filter at Work

Access to part-Jew, LRC-censored Sapienza's is blocked by our "they hate us because we are free" government. The ironies multiply. Death to ZOG!

Banned by Lew Rockwell, for Fear of the Jews!

He preaches freedom; he fears the Jews. We already know that he loves Carol Ward's stuff but won't post it anymore because Hymie-no-likey; now it's Sapienza, part-Jew, who criticizes Jews as the armchair-nebbish-warmongers demanding our White boys destroy their Jewish enemies. Poor Rockwell! How does he sleep at night? How does he look at himself in the mirror? The blind fanaticism of these warmongering American Jews, and that of the fundamentalist Christian groups in this country trying to force God's hand to bring the Rapture and the End Times is bringing the wrath of the horribly mistreated Arab peoples against ordinary American citizens.

Find Out Why They Call Them Cons

There is nothing wrong with conservatism. There is a lot wrong with conservatives. They are too often cons and bleating sycophants these days. Is Coulter a plagiarist? Did Chapman do the real work? Quite possible...

Targeted Killing: Say Goodnight, Ze'evi...

Jewish tears are dripping out of Jewish eyes for their beloved late Arab-hating travel minister now crossing River Styx, and hypocritical words of outrage are flying thick and fast from their twisted mouths. A Dane had the temerity to say that the assassination of the yid was no different from what yids do to Pals all the time. Jews labor under the illusion they are "Special." Wrong.

Jew Media to Step-up War Propaganda

The roll call of this meeting of the fedgov and media divisions of the Propasphere reads like a Who's Jew: ....Other industry executives included Peter Roth, president of Warner Bros. TV, Sandy Grushow, chairman of Fox Television Entertainment Group, Jerry Offsay, president of programming for Showtime cable TV network, Colin Callender, president of films for cable network HBO. Field and actor Ron Silver also attended.

Suckpoop of the Week: Jeff Gaffney

In an use-to-induce-vomiting column, this guy does Dubya one better: It's us and poor little brave 'Israel' together, against cruel foes, the "Islamic [!] supremacists" who, frothing at the mouth with envy of our happy, "free" countries, must be eliminated -- yea, right down to the very states that 'support' them.... As Jefferson said, "I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just". . .

Winnie-the-Nigger Caught with Paw in Honey Jar

You may remember this nasty bitch from South African days of old, where she ran the world's only soccer team where you could use your hands -- to trap your opponents in gas-filled tires and burn them to death. Big surprise now: the nigger-bitch is a thief, as well as a murderer. This is what happens when we play pretend that niggers are humans like White men. Niggers are little more than erect apes, no more capable of running a country that a five-year-old is of driving a car. She is facing 60 counts of fraud involving 930,000 rand and 25 counts of theft involving about 10,000 rand, investigators said. If you think there is any difference between Winnie the Nigger and Cindy McKinney, you are a fool. America would turn into Namibia within four hours of relinquished White control. "[T]he two races, equally free, cannot live in the same government." -- Thomas Jefferson. But maybe he was joking, like White-hating Jew David Horowitz says. Canadian niggers are no better than American or African ones. "We almost lost a $400 handcar!" You can have niggers or you can have civilization. Not both.

La Raza Aids Its Own

Mexcrement that rapes your daughter, knifes your son, then runs back to Old Mexico will be protected by a new law barring extradition where the fugitive could serve a life sentence. This is another cost we pay for allowing Jews to control our government. Without the Jews who opened our borders, Mexcrement would stay in the septic tank where it belongs.

Hate Jews in Full Cry in St. Cloud

Oy! Hymie is insufficiently worshipped. Grounds for a lawsuit, it's! What a vile race Jews are. Of about 16,500 students, about a dozen openly identify themselves as Jewish. Finally, a college that looks like America!

National Alliance on the Move in Massachusetts

Good news, White people! Somebody on your side is taking action. Don't spit into the wind, tug on Superman's cape, take a ride from Ted Kennedy, or let your daughter marry a nigger. The bags containing the literature were weighted down with sand, which the cops duly had forensically analyzed. Because they have a lot of time to spare, you know. "Personally, I feel these messages are historically inaccurate, personally offensive and simply repugnant," said Wayland Police Lt. Bruce Cook. "However, these actions do not rise to the level of legality. I would advise people to throw these things away just as they would any garbage." Isn't it funny how Johnny Law who would piss himself before offering an Incorrect view on the niggers he spends 99% of his day arresting feels free to slur men passing out literature defending his race? Who charged Officer Ketcham with deciding what is or isn't garbage? Who charged him with coming to your house to pick it up? Who charged him with issuing historical judgment on things he knows nothing about?

Hate Jews: Moral Paragons, Moral Exemplars, Moral Instructors

What would we ever do without them?.... Finger-wagging Jews set us yet another Timely Cinematic Lesson About Bigotry. "Will Lawrence join the mob to protect himself, or will his conscience dictate help to the oppressed? Will he assist his neighbors in making the street 'Judenrein,' or will he overcome his own prejudice and fear to aid Finkelstein?" No Jews. Just Right. Any questions?

Anti-Semitism: Dead and Alive, It's

Is, but isn't. "This perception may very well be a vestige of the era... when anti-Semitism was real." But wait! Keep sending money to help the fight! The usual seesaw. Here, Jews gloat over their destruction of America. "America in 2001 is not the America of 1941, or even 1961." We've noticed that.

Dual Loyalty? No. Loyalty to Israel Only

Any criticism of Jews is a "canard." That's the tribe's favorite term for dismissing criticism of itself. If you criticize Jews, you are an "anti-Semite" "spewing" "baseless" "canards" -- always. Legitimate criticism of Jews? That's the very definition of anti-Semitism. Jews are very Special People, hand-picked by God as his own special pets. Jews think they are center-cut people. There is no such thing as "dual loyalty." Jews are a hostile, separate, alien race who care about nothing but themselves. "Israel against the nations!" is their motto, and "Is it good for Jews?" is their only compass. All gentiles are Arabs to the Jews. Two yids run for mayor of Hymietown.

College Jews

As you work two jobs, hate Jews worry over how to keep a low profile, not rock boat, keep the money-spigot flowing. "Today's American Jewish college students are the children of privilege. They have every reason to expect that they will attain higher incomes, more education and greater occupational status than any previous generation. They are aware of the history of Jewish oppression but have never faced anything like it themselves. For them, Jewish life in America seems as secure as Jewish life ever has been." It's good for hate Jews! Here on jewelry-wearing hate Jews. As you work two jobs, sleek, affluent yids preen, adorn themselves, fuss over jewelry. The makers? "Both Josh and Gabe went to a Solomon Schechter day school from kindergarten through sixth grade, and both attended a Jewish summer camp affiliated with the socialist-zionist Habonim movement. "If one kid got candy, we all had to share it," Josh said. "We were good little commies." How utterly charming! No fistfights with niggers for the children of God's Chosen People....

Hate Jews

To make a redundancy... Orthodox Jews are some of the most disgusting creatures on the planet. They spread hate, and they teach their larvae that non-Jews are literally not human. Read Jew Shahak, and learn what Judaism really is. The Jew is your enemy, White man.

Dead Ze'evis Tell No Tales

Israel is always just on the edge of the abyss. Here, Jews goad us onwards to kill Arabs, then turn, point to us for justification of their killing of more Arabs following the assassination of a cabinet minister. "Mr. Sharon demanded the immediate extradition of Ze'evi's assassins, and his advisers said that if they were not handed over, "Israel would react exactly like America did in Afghanistan, and would regard Arafat in the same way that the United States treats the Taliban regime." Jews -- ya gotta love 'em!

France: Hate Jews Persecute Old Man

Jews enjoy harassing nonagenarians who can't fight back. Most Jews are ugly and dishonest and repulsive creatures who pollute the White West. In the title link, God's people sue and harass a 90-year-old man for saying something they don't like. Ignore the Jew-written headline and read between the lines to get to the bottom line. As always, it's that Jews think they are above criticism. They're the Chosen People, don't forget. If God chose them, who are you to critcize? An appeals court ruled on Wednesday that a doctor at the Auschwitz death camp was guilty of inciting racial hatred and justifying crimes against humanity in remarks he made in 1998 about Gypsies. Jews incite hatred of White nationalists around the clock and nothing ever comes of it. One standard for Jews, another standard for the rest of us.

White History: The Peterborough Petroglyphs

They were studiously ignored for a long time, but now have become part of the chain of cumulative evidence that Bronze Age Scandinavians were here ca. 1200-800 B.C.

Homeland Freedom Card

All the cool people are getting one. Have you got yours? ORION

Blame Israel

She's Edgar Steele

Know How Your Mind Works, White Man

How the White man's programming works against Derek Powling

Movie Review: White Lies

The title is appropriate -- the film is little more than a lot of lies about Mark Michaels

Movie Review: Training Day

Negro Denzel Washington plays an "over-the-edge" cop in a film directed by another Mark Rivers

Movie Review: Corky Romano

Is it called "Corky Romano," "Who is Corky Romano," "Corky Romano: 'Special' Agent," or "Corky Bobono?" Who cares? This movie is an Mark Rivers

Movie Review: Iron Monkey

A movie made by Chinamen, for Chinamen. The negro count is ZERO! HOORAY! Mark Rivers

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