Know How Your Mind Works, White Man
(or How to Stop Being Confused)

by Derek Powling

White man, I know you are confused. Your heart and mind tell you to protect your women, but society indoctrinates you to shun violence, act like a woman, regard women as your equal in every way, and just to be so trendy and multi-culti.

We are wired to protect our women from outsiders. It is ok to feel disgust when you see a prime White female specimen with some subhuman. It is ok to feel rage when some ape undresses your spouse with his eyes. Stop feeling guilty about it. Stop telling yourself, "Violence never solves anything," "Anger is a maladaptive coping mechanism," and "Underneath the skin, we are all the same." Ask the residents of Hiroshima (oh wait, you can't) if they thought an atomic bomb had no role in solving the Pacific Theater of World War II. Ask a combat veteran if anger was "maladaptive" or if it helped him come home alive. Take a look at crime statistics and the current events in Sub-Saharan Africa and tell me "we are all the same."

Now that those points are settled, let's look at the other side of the coin. White men are wired to lust after women. That is how we reproduce and bring new genetic balance to our pool. This worked great when Norsemen made off with Celtic beauties, Saxons found Welsh wives, and Normans met Italians. This did not work so well when Britons found Asians or Indians, or when Spaniards found themselves in South or Central America with no women but the indigenous types. Our wiring also keeps a healthy White male from feeling attracted towards a wide-nosed, fat lipped, kinky-haired, large buttocksed, big-boned African. However, our wiring falls short, just as it did for the Brits and Spaniards, when it comes to Asians, Mestizos, Indians, and "red-boned" or "high-yellow" blacks.

Although we feel the urge to protect our women from the males of these races (despite social indoctrination), their women appear enough like us to be considered "fair game," or maybe even a little "exotic." I know a lot of confused White men who have married these types. Their wiring let them lust after and marry these similar-enough-appearing females. Our wiring never had a chance to adjust to shapely, feminine, attractive females that appeared nowhere near so alien or repugnant to us as blacks. These men are confused because they now have children with these women. Their half-breed sons want White women, and Dad feels confused because he knows that there is something wrong about that, and also realizes that healthy White women have no interest in his sons.

These men are confused because their half-breed daughters generate interest and desire among blacks, mestizos, Asians, and such. They still possess enough racial awareness to realize that they consider those males poor choices for their daughters. They have, years after the fact, realized that they should have married a White woman.

Take this as a warning White man. The Jew media and egalitarian social engineers barrage our women with indoctrination to act less feminine, to be hostile to males, to be competitive with males, and even to reject males and explore lesbianism. They literally try to make our women less desirable to us. These same destructive forces barrage White males to be more "sensitive," to be more "feminine," and to act against our age-old programming. This, regardless of what crap women say on talk shows and in magazines, makes us less desirable to our own women. How can a passive, "sensitized," politically correct White male compete with manly and aggressive types for our women? Why wouldn't a feminine, traditional female of a different race seem more palatable than a "femi-nazi"?

Get your act together White man. Be a man. Find a White woman that appreciates a man. A beautiful White woman who is healthy, fit, and intelligent has been naturally selected for you. Understand what mentally and physically fit really means in a women. The magazines and television tell you that some scrawny, chain-smoking, angry bitch represents the epitome of a woman. Do you really need some bulimic, miserable human being that can't even menstruate and bear your children? Hell no. Does a healthy woman really need a sensitized, crying shambles of a man with washboard abs? Hell no.

A healthy woman has some curves, her muscles may be covered with a little body fat, her intelligence is not used as tool to humiliate men, and she realizes raising healthy children is far more important than a second masters degree and a high-paying career. A healthy man does not need washboard abs and the urge to cry during movies. The guy with the forty-inch waist who bench presses over 400 pounds and has the intestinal fortitude to pummel a threat to his family represents a much more formidable male than the social worker with washboard abs and a soloflex in his trendy apartment.

Stop being confused White man. Healthy White males have given the world much. As another writer has already noted, these gifts include:

Euclidean geometry, parabolic geometry, hyperbolic geometry, projective geometry, differential calculus, algebra, physical chemistry, organic chemistry, biochemistry, classical mechanics, the indeterminacy principle, the wave equation, the Parthenon, air conditioning, number theory, Romanesque architecture, Gothic architecture, information theory, every symphony ever written, the twelve-tone scale, S-p hybrid bonding orbitals, the purine-pyrimidine structure of the DNA ladder, single-sideband radio, all other radio, dentistry, the internal-combustion engine, turbojets, turbofans, Doppler beam-sharpening, penicillin, airplanes, surgery, the mammogram, the integrated circuit, the computer, computational fluid dynamics, the Constitution, glass, rubber, nylon, roads, and the automobile. Blacks have given us an AIDS epidemic, a huge crime rate, an endemic drug problem, a soaring prison bill, and many wonderful uses for the peanut. Mestizos have given us salsa, the reemergence of Third-World disease in America, huge public education expenditures, and lots of drunk drivers. Asians have giving us many take-out restaurants, cheap heroin, lots of tailor shops, trendy little cars, and a whole bunch of grad students sending secrets back to China. Indians have given the world a huge starving population, lots of hotels, many quickie-mart owners, and the cool nose-piercing trend. "Native" Americans have given us large numbers of alcoholics, plenty of fetal alcohol syndrome afflicted children, and many nice casinos to waste money in.

Have you started to see a pattern, White man? Find yourself a wonderful woman of European descent, have some White children, get your ass out from in front of the TV set and spend time with them, and supply our world with a future.


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