Training Day

by Mark Rivers

Shaved ape Denzel Washington is Hollywood's top negroid leading man. When the Jews need someone they can pass off to the rabble as strong, clean-shaven, young, sexy, virile, intelligent and multifaceted, Denzel is their favorite chimp.

Of course, real negroes very seldom have any of those qualities, much less all of them, and the best Hollywood can do is to put their favorite chimp in a nice suit, sober him up, stick him in front of a camera, and let the special effects do the rest (making him speak, etc).

Okay, I'm using some harsh exaggerations, but any devoted reader of VNN knows that much of what I say is true: dashing, leading White men are a common type of critter in the movies, but when the lemmings are asked to squint their eyes really, really hard and believe that a negro has leading man qualities, Denzel is the only one who will do. Morgan Freeman, Don Cheadle and Samuel L. Jackson are a few other options, but no one is favored like award-winning simian Denzel Washington Jackson Rhubarb Jefferson.

That's probably why negro director Antoine Fuqua put Denzel in his movie Training Day. Denzel plays a corrupt negro cop who spends the movie trying to corrupt a rookie White cop (Ethan Hawke, because Brad Pitt and Matt Damon's agents warned them to stay far, far away from this movie). Denzel uses and deals drugs, kills people, and has a girlfriend and son holed up in a ghetto fortress in L.A.

Unlike The Fast and the Furious, in which "Los Angeles" is clean and gang-free (except for the White criminals), this Los Angeles is overrun with negro and Mexican criminals. We don't see a lot of negroes committing crimes in this movie; the only one, in fact, is a rapist who has a White partner. They attempt to rape a Mexican girl, but they are stopped by Boy Scout rookie Ethan Hawke. Denzel shows up a few minutes later, chastises the rookie for going after "small potatoes" and takes a few minutes to rough up the would-be rapists. For reasons that become clear later, Ethan finds the girl's wallet and puts it in his pocket.

At first glance, this would actually seem to be an anti-negro film (as if such a thing were to be allowed to exist). Denzel, after all, is a corrupt cop who kills and betrays people who trust him. He also steals a bunch of cash from a criminal (right before killing him) to pay off a debt to some "Russian gangsters." It seems that hot-headed Denzel beat some guy to death in Las Vegas, and now owes the guy's benefactors (the Russian mafia) a million bucks for his penance.

But, as Denzel explains to the rookie, he only operates the way he does so he can get through to those really "big fish" in the criminal underworld. He works in conjunction with three corrupt White men, all of whom are higher-ups in the court system (one of them is played by Jew Harris Yulin). The corrupt White men sit in their private club, far away from the front lines. They smoke cigars, laugh and talk about how much money they make on the side from their crooked dealings.

So, Ethan learns all about Denzel's operation. He meets Denzel's four crooked cop partners (three of whom are White; the other is a negro), Denzel's soon-dead, "big fish," drug-dealing White informant (accordion-necked oldster Scott Glenn) and Denzel's extramarital playmate, a hot little jalapeņo from El Salvador.

Denzel has a son with his mistress, and the son is just the cutest darn little mongrel pup you ever did see. Why, his eyes are just so big and innocent, there's no way we could ever think ill of him based on his race. Gosh, what a sweet li'l kid...I'm going to run right out and adopt three or four little spiclets right now.

Ethan decides to back out of the corrupt system, so Denzel sets him up to be killed at a Mexican gang house. Just as the Mexican gangsters are about to execute Ethan, they find the wallet of the girl he had saved. She turns out to be the cousin of the commanding greaseball (hey, everybody is somebody's cousin in the barrio). So, they spare Ethan and send him on his merry way. What a nice bunch of guys.

Ethan returns to the heavily-fortified (yet peaceful) negro neighborhood to find Denzel and arrest him. They get into a scuffle, and wind up facing off in the street, where the negroes come out of hiding and tell Denzel that they don't like him because he's so corrupt, and brings down a lot of heat on them, while they're just trying to live their lives in peace, reading Shakespeare and stuff.

So, the noble negro neighborhood watch lets Ethan go home, and they release Denzel to his fate. He gets gunned down by the Russians a few minutes later. The end.

Training Day was a film made by a negro, and, as always, there were at least a handful of Jews in positions of influence over the production as well. The movie's strong point was that it showed negroes and Mexicans as criminals; its weak point was that it showed Whites as either criminals, corrupt officials or wet-behind-the-ears rookies.

Don't bother seeing Training Day. The negro who made the film will just use the profits to buy more crack, guns and gold chains. Negroes have too many shiny objects already; so do the Jews, for that matter.

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