Blame Israel

Blame Israel....Blame Israel...
It seems that everything's gone wrong,
Since Israel came along.
Blame Israel....Blame Israel...

-- to the tune of "Blame Canada," from South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut

Edgar Steele

Good morning, fellow lemmings -- September 23, 2001. Seņor Bush keeps telling us that the reason for the WTC attack was "because we're the brightest beacon for freedom and opportunity in the world...the shining land of liberty." Seņor Bush dismisses the terrorists with a sniff, saying they "hate what America stands for...because we are freedom's home and defender."

Guess that's why Switzerland is under Muslim siege right now. And Sweden and Denmark and Germany and Britain and Canada and France and Italy and Australia and New Zealand and Japan and Mexico and Brazil...and...and... Well, you get the idea.

Yes, boys and girls, El Presidente is lying to us. It is not simply hyperbole. He is distracting our attention so that we do not tumble to the real reason thousands of Americans now lie mangled in the debris that once was the World Trade Center. Why? Didn't we get sucker-punched, after all? Did the World Trade Center somehow draw first blood? Why? People don't strap on a Boeing 767 and fly into the nearest building on a whim, so the reason must be substantial. And so many people involved in the act itself, too. Why isn't the truth good enough? Why does Seņor Bush insist upon claiming they're simply jealous?

Picture this: Sadaam: "We gotta do sumpin 'bout them 'mericans....they're just too happy," Osama: "Yeah. I don't like all that opportunity over there. We gotta show 'em that just don't work." Yasser: "Now we're cookin'! Let's put in place a five-year plan, train our men to be pilots, then one morning take over four or five jetliners at the same time, using 30 guys who all wanna die for us, just to prove that democracy doesn't work." Sadaam: "Yeah!" Osama: "Groovy, dudes." That's about the way it would have had to go, you know, if what Seņor Bush has been telling us is true.

Why can't he simply tell us the truth? The reason the Arabs themselves have cited in their threats for years? The obvious, plain and simple truth? Why not? Does he think we can't handle it? That the truth will send phalanxes of Americans into counseling?

Glad you asked. If he told the truth today, tomorrow all the lemmings in America would demand that we cut off relations with Israel....and maybe turn it into a giant, self-illuminated glass parking lot, as well. Can't have that, of course. Many of the guys who really run things, as we now know, have strong ties to Israel.

Come on. You know the answer. Admit it. Muslims hate us because we make it possible for Israel to exist and continue killing so many of them, as it has done nonstop since we stole their land and gave it to Israel at the end of World War II. They know we finance Israel's wholesale slaughter of Palestinians. They know it. Israel sure knows it. We should know it. Why do we act like we don't? Is it simply denial of the sort that parents adopt when the police show up with their teenager in tow, advising he was caught burgling the local five-and-dime? "Bbbbut...he's such a good boy! Ariel Sharon would never have massacred all those people, after all."

Besides, we have done our dead-level best to alienate Muslims directly. Remember the aspirin factory in Sudan that Clinton bombed, so as to divert attention from his Monica scandal? And Iraq. Remember Iraq? We told Sadaam that we wouldn't mind if he invaded Kuwait, then we kicked his butt for doing so, killing record numbers of his followers in the process, not to mention thousands upon thousands of Iraqi children since then, casualties of the sanctions we imposed (and "worth it," per Clinton's troll, Madeline Albright). And Iran, where we propped up yet another tyrant's regime that was finally toppled by Islamic fundamentalists -- who still hold it against us. And Libya, where we dropped bombs on Khaddafi's home, killing one of his children?

Why do you suppose we did all that bombing in the Middle East? What, exactly, were our "vital interests" in the area that we were protecting? You know the answer. "Bbbbut....," you splutter, "he's such a good boy!" Yeah, right.

Now comes conjecture that ties Israel's secret police, the Mossad, into the WTC massacre. Although Muslim terrorists almost certainly were at the controls of the jetliners, some say they may have been facilitated to a large degree by Israel.

In a classic follow-the-money inquiry, ask who benefitted from the carnage of September 11. Muslims? They sure didn't get much of a public relations bounce from it. On the contrary.

Israel's reputation in American had been doing a swan dive (actually, more of a belly flop) ever since the major media distributed the footage of that Arab boy being shot to death by Israeli soldiers, while his father attempted to shield him, the two of them huddled against a stone wall. American media began to show footage of Israeli bulldozers flattening Palestinian homes to make way for Israeli suburbs.

The word was getting out about the wholesale tortures of Palestinians in Israeli jails. People in America were also beginning to learn of the Israeli penchant for importing young women from former Soviet bloc countries, promising them honorable employment, then pressing them into prostitution. Increasingly, the American public openly demanded that Israeli aggression and terrorism be reigned in.

Suddenly, all that anti-Israeli talk has dried up. Once again, we are joined at the hip with Israel, ready to level anything that Seņor Bush says is connected to "terrorism," whatever that is. What a happy coincidence for Israel's fortunes in the U.S.

And what of the unconfirmed reports of hundreds, even thousands, of Israelis (dual citizenship, don't forget) who just didn't show up for work at their jobs in the World Trade Center the morning of September 11? Remember the early reports that said over ten thousand were expected to have been at work that morning, yet now there are only about 5,000 people missing with a few hundred as yet confirmed dead? "No one talked about any Israeli being killed or wounded in the attacks," Arab diplomatic sources revealed to the Jordanian al-Watan newspaper, adding that those Israelis remained absent that day based on hints from Shabak, the Israeli General Security Apparatus.

Why were five Israelis, since arrested and rushed out of the country, observed dancing exuberantly on a nearby rooftop while filming the WTC disaster in progress?

The day of the attack, I received the following from a well-entrenched correspondent: "Mossad Operation -- they infiltrate these Muslim groups and direct everything."

Ask yourself -- if a bunch of camel drivers can sneak attack America, what do you suppose China or Russia could have done? Obviously, a great deal more was going on the morning of September 11 than has been reported.

What I find the most disturbing are allegations that our own government may have had a hand in the WTC disaster, as an excuse for extending hegemony over the entire Middle East, the very sort of dominion that Seņor Bush has now announced via his intention to enter any country in pursuit of terrorists, and for increasing governmental control of the American population, as is being done via the antiterrorism legislation sailing through Congress right now. I really don't want to believe that my own government could kill and maim my countrymen for any reason, yet must admit they did as much in Oklahoma City a few years ago.

Regardless of whether 1) Arabs pulled this off by themselves, unlikely as that seems, to avenge decades of Israeli tyranny and atrocities facilitated by America; or 2) Arabs did this to strike directly back at a country that had been waging an undeclared war against them by bombing various Muslim countries at will, in support of Israeli imperialism in the region; or 3) Israel did this to kill the growing pro-Palestinian fervor in Americans; or 4) the American government did this as its own "Reichstag fire," to justify colonizing all of the Middle East on behalf of Israel, is largely irrelevant. There is a single entity that we can blame, aside from ourselves, of course (with gusto, now):

Blame Israel....Blame Israel...
It seems that everything's gone wrong,
Since Israel came along.
Blame Israel....Blame Israel...


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