Corky Romano

by Mark Rivers

A lot of Jews star in Corky Romano. Several Jews wield power in the production of the film, which may explain why there is not a single negro villain, but plenty of White ones. It might also explain why there are so many jokes about flatulence in the movie.

When "Pops" Romano (Jew Peter Falk) is faced with jail time as a result of the FBI's investigations, his misfit son Corky (half-Jew Chris Kattan), a peacenik assistant veterinarian, is sent into the FBI to get rid of the evidence against "the family."

Corky's two brothers are no help; one is a closet fag (Chris Penn) and the other is an illiterate moron (Peter Berg). Corky spends the movie bumbling around like a 1960s Jerry Lewis, only slightly less funny. He deals with "Skinhead Neo-Nazi" heroin dealers and other White criminals, impresses his fatherly negro FBI chief, solves the crime, clears his father, solves a couple more crimes, bumbles some more, yells "Glay-ven!" and the end credits roll.

Corky Romano is my least favorite film of the year. Not only is it irreedemably idiotic, it is more anti-White than most other movies out there. I hereby present it with a late-entry "special achievement" trophy in the first annual "Jour de la Corde" Awards.

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