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Niggers Rampage?: "Discussion" Is the Answer

Typically stupid response to straightfoward problem. This is Cincinnati, but it could be anywhere. Lots of vapid and misleading discussion, much beloved of the Jews, who have something to hide. Niggers are violent and stupid and it has nothing to do with circumstances, it's in their marrow. "The two races, equally free, cannot live in the same country," as Thomas Jefferson said. You can't hold a free discussion if people aren't free to speak the truth. A media discussion is always a facade, usually with a planted audience and always with biased moderators.

MTV -- Jew TV, Anti-White TV, Shower-Ranger TV -- Jew-led Affenkultur at Its Finest

Even Jew Drudge vomits over the crap wrought by Sumner's minion.

More on Boston

Which is worse -- a rapist or a flier-distributor? If you live in Boston, you know the answer. "The Lutherans don't care if these new converts rape and infect your daughter with HIV."

Fall SPLC Report Out

Go to intelligence project, then intelligence report.

Sexual Revolution: We All Lose

The sexual revolution has provided men with easy sex, but not with families and wives who don't walk out on them. Feminists may have destroyed the chastity of women, but they certainly destroyed the security of marriage. Today it makes no sense for a man to marry even if sex were unavailable from "hook-ups." The reason is the extreme risk that marriage today imposes on husbands. A wife can throw her husband out of his house, take his children and half or more of his income without having to have a real reason for the financial and emotional ruin she brings to her husband. We hear a lot about successful middle-aged men who leave their wives for younger "trophy" wives. But most divorces are initiated by women and are involuntary divorces from the husbands' standpoints. Paul Craig Roberts joins Fred Reed in advising males against marriage. Here is an excellent review of an interesting book about sex, technique and psychology. We have read that most married couples cannot even look each other in the eye when having sex. Isn't that telling?

Boston Cops Offer Rape Defense Class -- Needed Now that Lost Niggers Are Here

The police department of this "progressive Massachusetts town," where the insane Lutheran congregation is working its little head off to bring in Sudanese niggers -- one of which is already up on a rape charge in his first six days in town -- will be offering a very timely rape defense class for its disarmed, distracted citizens -- when the police aren't too busy illegally picking up NA literature off people's doorsteps, that is. ''[Sudanese] were just so excited to be here,'' said one resident. We can tell. Daniel Majok Kachuol "is accused of grabbing a woman walking by his house, burning her with a cigarette, and sexually assaulting her with his finger...He told her, 'You're beautiful; I love you,' and pushed her to the ground." ''We feel that it was probably a cultural misunderstanding,'' bleated a Lutheran sheep. Yes. It most certainly was. That's what we keep telling you. White Nationalism is based on facts. Liberal Lutherans: kids not responsible enough to handle a pet. These bush niggers are so many furbys and beanie babies to these nitwits. But a nigger is not a pet, kids. It's a wild animal. Don't touch it, just leave it alone. Countdown begins until the next rape/murder/aggravated assault. It took two dozen of the 70-IQ, AIDS-infected bush babies less than a week to produce its first felony. VNN asks: How long till the next one? Will it be your daughter, White Arlingtonian? Will you do anything about it?... And check it out: Now the town is ' outraged.' Guess: is it outraged by A) nigger rapes of White girls; or B) fliers protesting the rapists and the clowns who imported them? If you guessed B), you know America. We are so far gone that this upside-down world doesn't even elicit a yawn! A NIGGER rapes a WHITE and WHITES are up in arms over FLIERS protesting that rape! Or at least so would have us believe the local Jewish rag. Note the subtle change in tone over the last two days. Clearly somebody got on the reporters and told them to amp up the volume of hate directed at the Whites who passed out the information. Do the media work that way, pushing an agenda? Yes, they do. Chip Berlet and the ADL are the real haters. And the Justice Department is getting involved to ensure protection of the ape's rights.

Sailer Advocates Paying Danegeld to Mexico

We pay them money, they don't invade. What a pitiful state we've fallen into. The proper policy is to shoot Mexicans crossing our border. The flow would dry up overnight. But that won't happen because our government is controlled by Jews. So eliminating Jewish power is the first task of White revolutionaries. Here on Bushy's plan to ease the flow of sewermen while winking at you White suckers. What if there were somebody fighting for your interests, White man? There is. The National Alliance. YOU can join us in the streets of Boston, fighting the nigger-importing Lutherans and the haters writing hate articles in the Jewish press. You can be an agent of change. One literature distribution and it's a national media event. You truly do have that much power to make the Establishment shiver. It's very, very afraid of Whites taking a stand. There's Republican politics -- beachball-bouncing politics -- and there's real politics. When you're tired of playing make-believe, the National Alliance is ready for you.

Cal Decision "Guts" Affirmative Action

Don't bet on it. The rulers of California aren't real interested in what the people want. Here a classic piece of Jewish media poor-little-niggers bullshit: Cin's problem is that nigs aren't respected by the police. Niggers never show respect, just expect it. Jews condition them to think that's their due. Jews are evil. Niggers can't get cabs because so many of them are violent and murderous they've made hacking the most dangerous profession in America. This is a major problem. The niggers not getting cabs, I mean.

Diseased Jewish Feminists Rally Behind Mom Murderer

Of course women who relish abortion love a mother who murdered her own five kids. These folks wouldn't lift a hand, of course, when Paula Jones, a poor White who could have used their help, was harassed. That's not just a double standard, as the conservative cowards will tell you, that's an example of Jewish racial hatred for White folks. A woman who kills her FIVE kids is the only type of White woman they love.


An apologia for the Jews polluting Iowa... They're just better than anyone else. Why can't everybody else just see that and accept it? Whatever Jews do, there's an excuse and someone to make it -- five hundred million times in the daily paper. "You enjoyed it. You enjoyed turning Postville into a third-world barrio." "Is that a question? Then the answer is yes. Poetic justice is always enjoyable ­- for those not on the receiving end. Have the good citizens of Postville merited a kinder fate by their love and charity, by the splendor of their civilization, by the beauty and dignity of their public buildings? When your ancestors took these lands from the Winnebagos or whatever tribe of savages first lived here, was there a solemn pact to guarantee that their children would hold these acreages forever and ever?" Do you folks reading this truly understand the hate that ordinary Jews have for Whites?


Young dopes convene to discuss, listen to music, act like monkeys... Here Jesse the Nigger-Spitter-Sire-of-Bastards blames Bush. What would a nigger do if he couldn't blame a White man? Nigger take crack, White man to blame. Nigger steal car, White man to blame. You give every nigger in this country 40 acres and a mule and by year's end they'll be back in Jews' pockets. Here you can read the text of Powell's remarks upon U.S. withdrawal. The dog is wagged by the Israeli tail. Jews our friends? Israel our ally? Bwahaha! Do your friends extort you? Do your friends shoot your family? Our Jewish 'friends' do... Here some reparations commentary to the effect that blacks are owed 200 years of superior education. Of course, our living in a 'free' society prevents anyone from writing the obvious. You could provide free advanced calculus to every nigger in the nation and only .00000001 could benefit from it. Niggers average 85 IQ -- 70 in Africa. There ain't a whole lot of education that's genetically possible. Speaking of "education" in hallowed tones is the infallible mark of the dope.


Your computer screen can be read from half a mile away... Wave to the feebs!

Movie Review: Sexy Beast

Directed by a Jew (big surprise), the intent of Sexy Beast seems to be to make British people sorry that they are cut from the same cloth as the characters in this Mark Rivers

As Predicted, KKK Carving a Big Black Hoax

Just another darky lie...

Home-schooling: The Single Best Way to Raise Your Finger to Government

Unlike government teachers -- barrel-bottom education majors, mostly -- who do nothing but whine for raises, home-school teachers care about nothing but teaching. In fact, home schooling is the most unselfish act that a parent can render unto his or her children. Here the completely corrupt feds murder yet another innocent American. Our Jewish system of government is completely corrupt. There is no working within it. It must be replaced. Feminism: a fire in the minds of women who aren't equipped to handle ideas. A fire set by Jews and cranks. War is a racket, said Smedley Butler back in 1933. A war on anything -- drugs, Germany, etc. -- expands and strengthens the state and is therefore desired by it. Here on the evil NEA. Here a JPFO Jew is allowed to praise and criticize Jews. See, Jews are on both sides of these issues just like every other race. Nope. Jews are on the Jewish side of every issue. Here a coness responds to Broder.

The Home Invasion

We must get rid of the Jewish plumbers who let the sewermen out of the septic tank and onto our lawns. The shit world's problems cannot be solved by Whites. But the shitmen can drag us down in their mire, bet on that.

British Government Subsidizes Queers

Subsidize deviance, supertax normal families. Here why miscegenation is a bad thing. Here brownwogs attack kids with blowtorch. The report carefully avoids mentioning the race of the kids, which probably means they were White. This is what happens when yids control the government and the media. The discolored races are allowed to rape White women and attack White kids with impunity. The Jews absolutely enjoy seeing this kind of thing happen. Here it's estimated that at least 400,000 a year are entering Britain, most illegally.

Mexico Has "Migration Officials"

They ease the flow north.

White Power Concert Protested by Scum

Free speech and Jews -- oil and vinegar. Sobran on Pat Boone and fifties rock. Consistently the most interesting syndicated opinionist in America. Sobran makes the associations first, and usually puts them in the most lapidary form. "An anti-Semite is someone Jews hate." Here lots of interesting shark-attack stuff. Sharks are almost as dangerous as Lost Boys. Ever notice how the most vicious, violent shark of all is the "white" shark. That be racism, man. Here Taki on elite shenanigans. Let's face it. Tina is a nice Jewish girl who had an excess of ambition, suffered from terrible insecurities, made it big as an editor during the celebrity-mad 80s and 90s both in London and New York, and after 20 years at the top is still giving it the old college try with her latest mag. Unfortunately, whereas once she had to deal with Si Newhouse, she now takes orders from the grotesque Clinton-worshipper Harvey Weinstein, a man so ugly and vulgar he'd be denied entrance to an Albanian whorehouse. Now that's what journalism's supposed to be. Like all good-hearted people, he instinctively recognizes something repugnant in Jews, most of them at least.

Media: Cookies

What can be done through them...

Yids Yank O Message Board to Cover Public Anger at Miscegenation Agitprop

The yids are starting to learn that a new day is dawning where they and their incessant nation-killing propaganda are unwelcome. To Israel, Jews. Pack your bags. You know the routine. The gig is up. The natives have caught on. Get moving, crooks.

Our Enemy Israel Gives Pollard One Million Dollars

Reinforcing what we at VNN always say: The Jews are our enemy. You can learn that now, or learn it later, when you are shot in the back of the head or starved to death. That was how Ukrainians learned it in the Holocaust That Happened. This sort of audacity, taking hundreds of billions from White America, and using part of the money to pay off their Jew-spies, is what they proudly call 'chutzpah,' a uniquely Jewish brand of spiteful arrogance. Friends of Pollard -- enemies of White Americans. The Jew is your enemy, White man. Could anything make it clearer? Here Israel walks and its dog walks too, from the racism conference. The same day Hymie announces it will pay Pollard a million dollars, the dog slobbers after its master. What a state America has fallen into; dictated to by the vilest of swarthy, swindling kikes, stealing our money, laughing in our faces. More here. And here the Jews whine. "This is the first time I've ever felt anti-Semitism this personally, at such a level of intensity," said David Matas, the senior counsel for B'nai Brith Canada and holder of the Jewish Caucus' yellow voting card. "It's a kind of collective guilt," said Matas, a Winnipeg-based refugee lawyer, "but instead of saying that the Jews killed Christ, they're using the modern-day language of human rights to accuse us of some of the worst sins known to humanity." Note that as always, Jews can only cry and point fingers. They are the glass-jawed race. They must make their way through the darkness by smears, because as a race, they can't look in the mirror. They'd see the same thing the rest of the world does: smug, smutty, swindlers. More here. Here interesting Freeper thread; note the Jews slavering to get Jim Rob to impose tighter technical controls to prevent anybody from expressing a non-pro-Israeli point of view. Here NGOs adopt anti-Israel declaration.

South Africa: The Jungle Beckons

If we've said it once, we've said it five hundred times: niggers are savages, and will not be changed by wishing they were civilized. Here what a reader calls an "utterly ludicrous story meant to downplay once-proud, now nigger-controlled South Africa's devolution back to a woven-sticks-daubed-with-cowshit jungle village." Well put, we say. Cry, the be-boolied country.

National Alliance Fights Lutheran Animal Dealers in Boston

Do the Lutherans have the necessary licenses to import Sudanese bush savages? NA literature asking this sort of question has been distributed in the Boston area, specifically around the St. Paul's Lutheran Church that has sponsored these "Lost Boys," one of which is up on rape charges. The niggers have been in the country almost a week, and they've already toted up their first rape. These are precocious niggers! Note the way the reports gloss over what the Lost Boy did. But you know what? More lost boys are going to do these things, because it's in their nature. That's one reason we don't need them here. Also note the way the Semitically Correct cop illegally picked up legally distributed material. Any lawyers want to do a little pro bono work defending the First Amendment? Who charged the cops with determining what people can read? Nobody. That's a blatant dereliction of duty, Detective Corr. Where'd you learn your Constitution, dick, from the ADL? Latest here. If faith was behind the decision of St. Paul Evangelical Lutheran Church to adopt two-dozen Sudanese refugees into its nearly all-white congregation, then faith might have been tested in the last week. Within six days, one of the young men was charged with rape and a racist group distributed leaflets attacking the church and its pastor for welcoming the Africans and standing by the accused teenager. Wow -- we could hardly have said it better ourselves: Within six days, one of the niggers was out doing what niggers do best, raping White women. If you took an anonymous poll even of the liberal Bostonians, you'd find that most side with the National Alliance that these savages belong in the bush, not Boston. Is YOUR daughter next, Bostonian father? Who will defend your daughter from the Lutherans' pet monkeys, White man? Only the National Alliance. The only group in America that defends White interests exclusively. Note the way the Jews claim to speak for the community. They need to be relieved of that burden. No Jew anywhere at any time in any place speaks for any White man. Jews are not White, they are a racial crime syndicate masquerading as a religion. National Alliance: We aren't Republicans. When we say something, we mean it. And now hear this: the only question is whether it will be days or weeks before another of these savages does the exact same thing.

Truth About Auschwitz Slowly Seeps Out as Jew Lies Fade

"Not a death camp," as even Jewess forced to concede. Here Jews cry to Mugabe after he attacks them. "Jews in South Africa, working in cahoots with their colleagues here, want our textile and clothing factories ... to close down," Mugabe said in comments reported in Zimbabwe on the state-owned Herald newspaper's Web site. Here the real connection between the Jew Hoogstraten and Mugabe. One standard for Jews, another standard for the rest of us. This foul yid funds the party that is ethnically cleansing what he refers to as "white disenfrachised trash." Jews are indeed a racial crime syndicate masquerading as a religion, and they are at war with your race, White man. Do you realize that? They do... Here WSJ turns over space to Jew to justify Jewish murder.

Britain Roundup

Spitter Jesse, Sire of Bastards, says Britain should apologize for slavery. Here on new asylum center in Scotland. Here on Welsh-English infighting. English are retiring there, possibly to avoid the influxing duskies who are remaking their cities in the American mold. Here an article for dimwits on why asylum seekers come to Britain. Obviously they come because Botswana wouldn't let them in. Australia says 'Nein' to the discolored landfill seeking a place to pollute. Check out the headline on the paper in the photo. Jews control the media everywhere in the White West. Apart from VNN, there is probably nothing you have heard, seen or read today that wasn't vetted by yids. Here France deals with similar problems. In the absence of an alchemy that can turn monkeys into men, importing bush savages is particularly unwise policy. Everyone knows this. The reason it persists is that immigration in Canada, Mexico, U.S., etc., is controlled by Jews. All Jews care about is whether it is "good for Jews."

Click Here!

Latest Revisionism

Grubach review of Shermer and Grobman book purporting to destroy revisionism. Michael Shermer and his editor at W.H. Freeman & Company, John Michel, were allowed to examine A Revisionist Response to Shermerian Exterminationism, Part I prior to publication, and they were given ample time to correct any possible errors or falsehoods. Shermer never responded. Mr. Michel sent me a few hostile responses, but no error corrections. Dr. Shermer and his editor at University of California Press, Reed Malcolm, were allowed to examine this manuscript prior to publication, and were asked to correct any possible errors or false statements. Once again, they never responded. What does that tell you, White man? Jews CAN'T play fair because the truth is not on their side. Enemies of the Truth -- Friends of Pollard. EOT-FOP. Now, consider that Jews have profited quite literally hundreds of billions from the "Holocaust" lie. Then read this, from the Irving-Lipstadt trial judge: In regard to the evidence for mass genocide in the Nazi concentration camps, Justice Gray admitted: "What is the evidence for mass extermination of Jews at those camps? The consequence of the absence of any overt documentary evidence of gas chambers at these camps, coupled with the lack of archeological evidence, means that reliance has to be placed on eyewitness and circumstantial evidence" Is it a Big Lie? Can something as "known" as the "Holocaust" be a lie? Yes. The main thing we know for a fact about the "Holocaust" is that it has been inconceivably profitable for the Jews. Revisionist author Richard Harwood once wrote: We assert that the Holocaust lie was perpetrated by Zionist-Jewry's stunning propaganda machine for the purpose of filling the minds of Gentile people the world over with such guilt feelings about the Jews that they would utter no protest when the Zionists robbed the Palestinians of their homeland with the utmost savagery (p.80). Sure sounds like Jews, doesn't it?

The Origin of AIDS

The virus did in fact come from chimpanzees. They are trying to say that the blacks got it from the chimpanzees by "eating them," but the fact of HIV transmission is it requires a blood-to-blood transmission without any time exposed to the air. A conceivable way to get the virus by eating the chimp would be if your mouth were one big case of gingivitis, and you ate the chimp raw. Then perhaps a transfer of raw chimp's blood into your bloody gums might be a method of transmission. But once you got the monkey blood in your stomach, your stomach acid would kill the virus immediately. More likely method of transmission from chimp to monkey-man? Monkey-man on chimp sodomy. Think it doesn't happen? Africans rape children as a cure for AIDS; you think they have any compunction about raping Curious George? C'mon, it's an orifice!

Media: Summer Movies Don't Meet Expectations

Let's hope our reviews played a small part in keeping money out of Hymie's pocket. Why pay the yid to indoctrinate you, White man? Here desperate free tv plans to add cursing, drop standards to keep share from cable. Goddammit! Let the full-frontal male nudity and fag french kissing begin, for chrissakes! TV is THE quintessentially Jewish medium. If you truly understood its nature, you would destroy it, said McLuhan.

White Money Spent to Pave Way for Illegals

Take from Whites, give to sewermen... What if there were a country run in the interests of Whites? Here universities discover that admitting everyone to college doesn't change the percentage capable of handling college material. Here on the Aryan way. Negro baseball player attacks cabdriver. Niggers are violent because of economics, says the Jew liar. What about this guy? What about O.J.? What about Rodney King? Even with pockets dripping with millions, it's still a nigger. Here on the myth of 'justice.' Blonds are hot commodity among Asians. Here poll shows racial split in Cin. Someday people will look back on the mentality that produces such articles and laugh at the sheer insanity. This hunt for "racists" truly is the witch-chasing insanity of our time. Tennis player gets angry at nigger home-cooking. Here on sexual revolution's losers. Here Salon weenie on Helms's racism. Here on anti-White-male discrimination in Utah. Here on a wise immigration reform: not allowing Maria's baby to be an American, just because her mom swam into the country illegally. Here NYT rehashes York, in its dishonest, Jewish way.

MLKing the White Man

Part two. Part three.

KKK Carved on Negress?

More than likely this is bogus.

Dees Does Europe

People of European descent all over the globe have begun to realize that they have a vitally important interest in common -- the survival of their race -- and have begun to forge alliances with Whites overseas. This makes our enemies extremely nervous and NWO 'anti-racism' race-traitor and 'poverty' scam-master Mo Dees sallies forth to try to criminalize such Angry White Female

The Herndon Horror

When niggers hate-murder five Whites in Wichita, the Jews cover it up. When one White passes out literature talking about the Wichita Horror, the Jews blast it from coast to coast as hate. Note that passing out literature, informing people, is a "bias incident" to brainwashed and illiterate reporters like Ms. Baumann.

Anti-White Hate Group Attacks American Friends of the British National Party

Wizened penis-kisser/barratrix Kool Moe Dees files against a pro-White group. Note that SPLC in its most recent report advises extraditing Americans whose free speech runs afoul of foreign countries' laws. And note the way SPLC is treated as highest authority by the Jew-controlled media. For anybody who doesn't understand the reality of Jewish control of the media, consider that every time the National Alliance is written about, a Jewish hate group is contacted to disparage it. By the same token, whenever a Jewish hate group such as ADL comes out with a new report it is printed verbatim by those same media. Nobody calls up a pro-White group for comment. The Jewish agenda is the de facto public standard, the de facto public agenda. The Jewish hate group defines what is normal for the rest of us through the media it controls. That's what people mean when they say Jews control the media. Here on the continuing battles over the legitimacy of defending Whites in Britain. The cons agree that it is NOT legitimate, and they are ridding their ranks of anyone who thinks traditional Britain is worth defending. Here nogs rampage in Britain, committing traditional, non-"hate" crimes, the sort of things that enjoy full Consititutional protection in Jewish Great Britain.

White-Seducer Horowitz Hits MTV, Avoids Mentioning the J-Word

VNN did the original reporting on the hate crimes read off by MTV celebrities back in January. Read our original report here. Now one of Horowitz' boys has done a half-assed knockoff. What Jew Horowitz is trying to do, White man, is divert your rage into non-Jew-threatening channels. Only VNN will point you goyim-cattle at the bullfighter. Horowitz will just wave flags in front of your face. To date VNN is the only source that has actually counted up and published the dishonestly put together MTV hate crimes data, and explained the Jewish motive behind the statistical lies. VNN is White media. Everybody bitches about how we need alternative media: Well, that's what VNN is! Now, support it! Read it, write for it, donate money, pass its articles on to your friends. That's how we destroy and replace the Jewish system.

Preventing Free Speech on the Internet Under Guise of Fighting "Hate"

Jews do not accept criticism. They are God's "chosen" people, therefore to criticize anything they do is illegitimate. And must be outlawed. Already it is literally criminal and practically impossible to say a word against Jews in Europe. They want the same for the United States -- for the entire globe. Jews quite literally believe they are beyond criticism. They believe they are light unto the nations, reformers of a sick world, and that any criticism of them is prima facie evidence of mental disease or moral illness. These beliefs and the actions that spring from them explain politics in the West. All else is details. But you know what? There is a new spirit abroad in the world today. All the pieces are fitting into place. Thanks to the work of eminent scholars like David Irving and Kevin MacDonald we now understand what Jews are up to and why. And a new breed of White activists is rising in the White West to translate this new understanding into practical terms.


Good example of counter-thinking: many animals benefit from human presence. An anthropomorphic piece by Rockwell's Cuban. Reed on racial and sexual integration. Fuhrman will investigate Foster.

Jews Lie

Jew Wellstone, for example... Here on Jew Lantos. To charge him with dual loyalty would be laughable. Israel is all he cares about.

Mothers Teach Their Kids

Superintend your children's instruction in the history and ways of your race. Home-schooling helps your kids. It also threatens the government directly because it represents an overt rejection of the System.

Tokyo Crashing

Seventeen-year low...

White Art: Bosch

Nothing attracts gallery attention like one of his curious works full of devils, demons, satyrs, anal vases, one-eyed freak things. In The Allegory of Gluttony a fat man on a barrel pushed upstream by drunkards passes a pork pie resting on a pair of upturned buttocks...

Semitically Rewriting History: William of Norwich

In 1144, a twelve-year-old boy, William of Norwich, England, was found crucified and ritually-slaughtered. During the centuries beginning in the Christian era and fading out during the first decade of the 20th century, this kind of death occurred many, many times throughout Europe wherever a significant Jewish population lived among host Christian peoples. Some years ago, the Metropolitan Museum acquired a magnificant work of art -- a crucifix created to commemorate William's death -- but hid its provenance due to fears of offending wealthy Jews. Now, of course, the story has finally surfaced, attended by the usual Gentile self-debasement and promises to display the crucifix as a 'stain on Christianity.' We agree that something is being profaned here, but the profaners are Hymie and his Gentile suckpoops.

Semitically Incorrect Cartoons

A new feature from VNN. . .

Movie Review: O

Oh my. The Odious Jews are Offering another Obnoxious piece of Offal. Their time is long Mark Rivers

Southern 'Poverty' Law Center Seeks Deportation of BNP Supporters

Morris 'Child-Molester' Dees and his lucrative snivel rights outfit are at it again, seeking to deport British Nationalists who've had the temerity to recognize the fact that Whites have racial interests -- and the right to work for them.

Black Rapes/Murders 5-Year-Old White Girl

Notice how the text of the story carefully avoids any mention of the respective races of victim and murderer. We can probably safely assume (but who knows?) that -- at least in this instance -- the rape wasn't motivated by the desire of the rapist to cure himself of AIDS by the rape of a virgin, which is a common practice in Africa these days. Expect to see even more of this kind of thing as the gates to North America are thrown wide open by the Caplans (Canadian Immigration chief) and their U.S. fellow-tribesmen. We were riding our city bus the other day when we spotted, among the usual ads above the seats, a helpful 'public health' poster about steps "we can all take around the home" to discourage West Nile virus...

Jürgen Graf Demolishes the 'Six Million' Myth

This paper, written for presentation at the Beirut Conference, is a cogent, concise, logical and well-written exposition on one of the founding myths of 'Israel.' Save it to your hard drive.

U.S. Arm-Twisting Nations Not Enlisting in WOD

The fedgov's determined to keep drug prohibition alive, well, and functioning as its prime vehicle to overide the protections of the Bill of Rights. That means making certain that other countries fall into line so that the War on Drugs can remain a permanent fixture of the NWO. Since there will always be a demand for the product, there will always be drug 'offenders' -- and a 'need' -- as seen by the fedgov -- for governments to protect their citizens against themselves.

Open Letter to Arlington, Massachusetts

On the rape of the White woman perpetrated by the disgusting "Lost Boy" nigger in Arlington, Massachusetts, and the disordered, deranged and defective Christian animal dealers who imported the Grant Bruer

Jews Fear Free Speech

Jews fear free speech like fire. They actively work behind the scenes to destroy it wherever they can. Free Republic is a good example of a site that is effectively controlled by Semitic censors despite its appearance of being an open public forum. All of which is by way of introduction to the title story, which concerns a group of Muslims suing AOL for violating its terms of service. How? Apparently by granting certain Special people a de facto license to harass Muslims. Jews just cannot stand any communications among non-Jews and will try to criminalize it or harass it out of existence. They want everybody seated in his chair, feet on the ground, facing forward to hear the droning Jewish amplifier. Jews are your enemy, White man. The Muslims know it -- do you?

Jewish Hate Group Twists the Minds of Young Boston Lawyers

The yids have their hooks into the cops and the lawyers, just like the spirochetes they are. Here Jew cries as he leaves UN racism conference. Landy cited several offensive materials distributed by some conference delegates already in Durban. They included a T-shirt with a swastika superimposed on a Star of David, and a booklet of caricatures depicting Jews with hook noses and fangs dripping blood and wearing helmets with swastikas. He accused one accredited group called the Arab Lawyers Union, based in Egypt, of distributing some of the offending material. What's wrong with the Jews these days? Can't even control a bunch of monkeys at a hootenanny. You're slipping, you evil bastards.

Kadafi and Mugabe Join Forces?

The monkey and the sand flea, in a beautiful pea-green boat.

Vidal Calls on FBI to Reopen OKC Probe

But who will guard the probers? Here on government skulduggery related to Flight 800. White folks, Haskins asks, are you thinking?

Mandela Demands More White Sacrifices for Coons

What have these useless niggers ever done for us? All they do is rape, murder and cry for welfare. They're niggers. They're useless. And I say to hell with them. Go stew in the jungle, niggers. Whites aren't responsible for supplying evolution's defects. Quit crying and go turn over some rocks and console yourself with some tasty grubs. Grub-eaters! Grub-eaters!

Western Hypocrisy: Mohammed Blasphemy vs. "Holocaust" Blasphemy

In Paki-land, you can be executed for stating facts about Allah's top prophet. In the West, you can only be fined and jailed for stating facts about the Greatest Sob Story of All Time. Here Wales to hold anti-"homophobe" "hate" crimes conference. Here a nice laugh at two annoying yiddish scolds, Dr. Laura and sempiternal fourth-grade fatboy-nitwit Dennis Praeger. Heels, heal thyself. Here Aussie libs want garbage ship to dock. More here on legal wrangles. Fill the land with pathological Pathans, yeah, that's the ticket! Here Indians look to tv for population control.

Media: Evading 'Net Censorship

U.S. helping China. Who will help Americans and Europeans evade Jewish censors?

The Brown Invasion: What It Costs Us

Our country...

Mosquitoes Take to Catnip Like Niggers to Books

Works better than commercial repellent.

Congress Criminals

Imagine a domeful of apes and a domeful of money.

Israel and the Coming War


On Buckleyites and National Review, or Yid Central

The old Jew writes up the Jew takeover of American "conservatism," without once using the term 'Jew,' of course. Few are better than Gottfried in getting almost every single fact right yet being completely misleading. His whole is a whole lot less than the sum of his parts.

Home-schooling, Yes

Just say no to Karl Marx and his modern-day minions: home-school your kids. Here on non-nigger music, the only worthy of the name. Is it complex and creative? -- it's White. Is it thumpy-jumpy? -- it's nigger noise.

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