Sexy Beast

by Mark Rivers

Jew Jonathan Glazer directed Sexy Beast. Ben Kingsley stars in it. Is Ben Kingsley a Jew? Well, after getting some corrections from readers, I've started checking a little more thoroughly. I looked up Glazer, and he definitely is a Jew. In fact, there is an American Jew who shares his name (although spelled differently). Paul Michael Glaser, who played Starksy on Starsky and Hutch, is a Jew.

But I digress. Ben Kingsley, it turns out, is hodge-podge. His real name is KRISHNA BHANJI. His father is a dot-head. His mother, Kingsley says, was always pretty mum on her parentage. He told one interviewer that she did have one Jew parent. Suffice it to say, Benny-boy is not exactly on our team.

Neither is the Jew director of Sexy Beast, Jonathan Glazer. His film is about Gal, a retired crook (Ray Winstone) who is approached by "White" villain Don Logan (Kingsley) to take part in another robbery. The deal is orchestrated by fag crime boss Teddy (Ian McShane), to whom one generally does not say no.

Gal does say no to Don, however, and Don spends the next 45 minutes yelling, raving, swearing and threatening Gal, his wife and his two friends. Finally, Don tries to kill Gal, so the four of them gang up and kill Don.

Gal decides to take part in the robbery after all, since Teddy will get suspicious if neither he nor Don shows up. Teddy is suspicious, however, and after the robbery, he takes Gal to the home of the corrupt fag (White) bank manager. Teddy kills the bank manager and tells Gal to get lost. The end.

There were no negroes in this film, which was a pleasant surprise. Now, I know that there are negroes in England (though most of England's minority problems seem to be with "Pakis"), but there are none in Sexy Beast. The only racial message seemed to be "White people are a bunch of criminals and/or fags." I wondered why this movie is even being shown in the United States -- it's not that good. In fact, I would recommend that you simply rent Snatch instead of watching Sexy Beast. Consider this: four of the five trailers shown with the movie were exclusively negroid. The upcoming movies, they tell us while we wait to see Sexy Beast, are:

1) Two Can Play That Game, a negro romantic comedy, in which one fat negress comments to the waitress with a tray of hors d'oeuvres, "That's White people food; we need sumpin' wif meat in it!" Can you remember the last time a White person on the large or small screen said anything like "That's black people food! We need something that's not marinated in chitlins!"

2) Training Day, starring negro Denzel Washington as a street-smart cop who has been pushed over the edge. Do you suppose it's because he's been racially profiled or oppressed in some way? Do you further suppose that there will be some White police Captain/drug dealer/fundamentalist Christian who behaves in a manner even more abhorrent? We'll see. I have this eerie feeling that the character "Roselli" (played by Jew Harris Yulin) will be turn out to be a bad guy, much worse than Denzel the hero.

3) Ali, the biopic of negro boxer Cassius Clay, as portrayed by chimp Will Smith. He's oppressed, he overcomes, he's the greatest, bla bla bla.

4) From Hell, about the Whitechapel murders. This one has no negroes in the trailer, but it is directed by the negro Hughes brothers. If I were a bettin' man, I would wager that they figure out a way to sneak a negro or two into Victorian England, to illustrate once again just how evil White Europeans are by showing them oppressing the noble apes. I would also wager that there are at least a couple of Jews pulling the strings on every one of these movies.

5) Lord of the Rings. I'm pretty sure there were no negroes in the book but I won't be a bit surprised to see one thrown into the movie.

So, why else might Sexy Beast be put in American theatres? Well, it was directed by young Jew hopeful Jonathan Glazer, and was nominated for the 2001 Alexander Korda Award for Best British Picture. Alexander Korda was also a Jew director, whose real name was Sandor Laszlo Kellner. His brother, Zoltan Korda, was also a director (and also a Jew, oddly enough).

There are a LOT of Jews making movies all over the world, and just as Roberto Begnini (not a Jew) made his award-winning anti-German epic, so can we expect to see the trailer for the following film within the next two years:

NARRATOR: In a world where evil has prevailed...

HITLER: Ich bin ein Berliner! Vee hate Jews for no goot ree-zun. Vee vill kill every vun of zem! Zen vee vill komm after zee Americans! Zeeg Heil!


HITLER: Komm! Let us now eat babies and make lampshades und vallets from zee Jews' leathery hides!

EVIL GERMANS: Grrreat idea, mein Führer!

NARRATOR: One man finds the courage to stand up!

HERO: I tell you, the Jews are not evil! They simply wish to live their lives and practice their faith! Hitler is mad! Mad with power! He will destroy us all!

EVIL GERMANS: Blasphemy! Burn him!

NOBLE NEGRO: Run, suh! They don't know ah can reads and writes...they just thinks ah is a dumb slave. They won't thinks to axe me where you is.

HERO: I'll never forget you, Rastus. You have saved more lives today than you'll ever know.

NARRATOR: From the award-winning director of Sexy Beast comes the epic saga of a world gone mad.

EVIL GERMANS: We must cook zee Jews for our beloved fatherland...into zee oven, Jew! Vee hate you!

JEW: Why...why must there be so much hatred?

NARRATOR: Get ready to hate White people all over again.

HERO: Take this, Fritz! (Drops bomb from airplane)

EVIL GERMANS: Aieeee! (Explosion)

NOBLE NEGRO: Ah always said you was da bomb, suh! (laughter, applause)

NARRATOR: "Death to Germans...oh, and Arabs," a Hymie J. Finklestein production, in association with Percy Q. Tid films.

You get the idea. Join the National Alliance.


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