Dees Does Europe

by Angry White Female

Well, well, well. . . Alleged child molester (ref and one-time Klan defender Morris Dees may be running low on shekels. It appears that of late, he is planning on expanding his funding base while accusing Pan-Aryans of doing the same. We all knew that American neo-commies would eventually link up with the far left in Europe, but I am sad to report that their hate-web today is stronger than that of an expectant brown recluse.

     European nationalists under siege

Dees' Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) puts out a quarterly Intelligence Report (, which profiles potential witches (Pro-Whites and those of any color who oppose Zionism) they wish to burn at the stake. In the latest report, Israeli-American co-conspirator Mark Potok raises the fear that Europe may not accept becoming a non-White continent. He laments that unlike America, Europe has not always been a multi-racial region and that troubles him. He says Germany still considers those of German blood to be Germans and bases its citizenship requirements on that, but the Jewish Potok does not mention that Israeli citizenship is based on blood. Most of the articles in the Fall issue deal with the ties European-Americans have developed with their European brothers. But Potok collaborates closely with the Anti-Defamation League, a global Zionist organization which, among other things, sends spies into police departments (as in San Francisco) to steal confidential files for Israel.

One of the SPLC articles deals with the American Friends of the British National Party. To tell that story requires a bit of background.

Within the last week, the British communist left (which is in collaboration with SPLC) assassinated the character of BNP Chairman Nick Griffin's elderly father. Griffin Sr. was an activist with the Tories for 53 -- count them -- 53 years. Based on disinformation from the mainstream communist publication Searchlight, the man was purged from the party ranks and denounced as a "BNP infiltrator." Why? Because his son is Chairman of the British National Party (BNP) and his wife once ran against a Tory on the BNP ticket. The BNP opposes immigration and feels Britain should not allow Asians to set up "no-go" areas and attack old men and gang rape British teenaged girls walking around in Britain.

One UK Independent article about a non-political picnic BNP members had mentioned that Griffin raises "chickens, goats, sheep and 4 children" on his farm. Imagine that -- the mainstream media classifies Griffin's small children as farm animals! Anti-Nazi League (read: communist) members attempted to get onto the grounds of his property and attack members, with small children present. Why? Because the BNP had a family day and offered European cultural activities, such as folk plays. Any European cultural event is now considered a Nuremberg rally by the hysterical British left. Their aim is to force White men to conform -- or else their family members will be threatened with violence. This is a common activity of the Anti-Nazi League, known as by its acronym, 'ANAL.'

Despite the fact BNP members are not Nazis, the muckraking press went along and bashed them anyway, since vocal opposition to anti-White crime is considered "inciting racial hatred" in Britain. But it's OK to attack your host country and the people who live in it. No criticism was given to the communist thugs who tried to get past the Welsh police to attack folks at Griffin's BNP picnic. Weeks before, no one bothered to condemn the hundreds of Asian, Marxist and Muslim rioters who had been firebombing British establishments while yelling anti-White slurs at innocent patrons. No one bothered to condemn the rioters for throwing Molotov cocktails at law enforcement officers or attacking White homeowners. For the rioters, only justification was offered: "There were two guys who called me a Paki invader and this is why we are firebombing your business." But a hail of condemnation greeted a few White resistors who tossed a brick at a non-White's home in the midst of all this. Suddenly, a the BNP and all pro-Whites were scapegoated for the behavior of the 'minorities.'

Well, sometime during this witch hunt, the SPLC took notice and started exchanging notes with the communist/anarchist left.

     Illegal Aryan?

Now we travel across the sea and track SPLC's involvement. Enter American Friends of the BNP, headed by British-American (or green card holder) Mark Cotterill. They raise funds in the U.S. for the BNP, the same way the ADL (not registered as a foreign agent) raises funds for Israel. But Potok, Dees and the SPLC don't think that heterosexual White Christian men should be allowed to do this. Hence, they contacted the Attorney General (and pseudo-conservative) John Ashcroft to ask him to find a way to jail Cotterill and/or deport him based on an old law designed to prevent Germans from sending money home during the war. Cotterill says he tried to register with the feds (twice) as a foreign agent, but they said that wasn't necessary for his group. One would be tempted to say he lied to cover his tracks, but his honorable word and the fact that his fund-raising activities were extremely public crushes this malicious allegation. So on that basis, he stands accused by the witch hunters at SPLC of illegal fund-raising.

Not coincidentally, Nick Griffin Jr., back in Wales, is being attacked for 1) receiving funds from the American Friends of the BNP and 2) taking his family on vacation to Southern France "using BNP funds." One question: Why is Griffin's salary considered "BNP funds?"

Needless to say, the White inquisition is in full swing. The Tory party is being asked to purge all "racists" (i.e. pro-Brits, anti-immigration people) from its ranks. National Front members are being arrested while on bus transport to rallies for which they have permits. They call it "conspiracy to disturb the peace." And the media is gleefully hailing the Cotterill affair as the end of the BNP. But under their hypocritical gloating is a trembling fear that Tory Party members are defecting by the hundreds to the BNP, and after the way Griffin Sr. was treated, it would not surprise me.

     Purging Pan-Aryanism

Why is the SPLC now focusing on U.K. race politics? In America, their scare tactics and warnings of Nazis hiding under people's beds are wearing thin in light of the facts about who is most commonly attacked on the interracial front. Also, SPLC has been getting a lot of criticism from liberal papers over its motivations, namely greed. The LOLs are figuring out that when Mo Dees sues some 3 member skinhead "organization" for money, he ends up with a couple million in his own account (via predatory fund-raising tactics) and the victims get the the 5th wheel the skinheads lived in.

His game is becoming ever more public, and his dishonesty and uneven application of civil rights laws was even featured in a segment on the FOX national news program. He declined to be interviewed. In fact, the criticism of his group was much tamer than what he's used to doling out. To learn more about Dees' more unscrupulous activities, go to Deeswatch, the Website I linked to on the top of this page. It contains a wealth of articles from mainstream papers about the activities of SPLC and even deposition excerpts from Dees' ex wife alleging some pretty perverted things, such as three-ways and child molestation. There are also statements from black victims who felt financially betrayed by Dees. It seems their victimization was used to raise funds for Dees' coffers, while they ended up with chump change. There is also info about how he used perjury and jury tampering as an "anti-racist" lawyer.

     Europe's Untapped Reservoir of White Guilt

In any event, Morris Dees will follow the money trail and begin picking the pockets of White liberals in Europe under the guise of purging "Pan-Aryanism." He should pay attention to our global Pan-Aryan network, because we WILL use it to expose him to our European brothers and sisters for the fraud he is. In truth, after visiting Deeswatch and the SPLC Website, wouldn't YOU move on to the more fertile fields of Europe? He has already raped the minds and pillaged through the wallets of White America. He needs to expand the funding base; that is Mo Dees' specialty -- fund-raising via muckraking.

Europe is only 5-7% non-White, and the resistance to things like anti-White gang rape, attacking old men in 'no-go' zones, burning cars, firebombing pubs and attacking police in gangs of 300 with Molotov cocktails -- is growing. The link I provided to SPLC's Fall issue of the Intelligence Report illustrates rather clearly that they intend to link up with other left-wing extremists in Europe to expand their web of hatred against all things European. And in Europe, White guilt, from the Jewish 'Holocaust' to colonialism and ancient slavery, is pounded into the heads of pre-schoolers. Girls are taught that if they don't mate with blacks, they are "racists" and this will lead to terrorism and White supremacy. If they avoid crime-ridden black, brown or yellow neighborhoods, they are "stereotyping" minorities. They are told that animal rights is cool, but don't oppose Kosher slaughter or you are a neo-Nazi. They are taught that opposing the ritual slaughter of sheep at Ramadan is 'veiled racism.'

Yes, Europe is the perfect habitat for the predatory SPLC, which decries the fact that the American 1st amendment also applies to the WhiteWing. In Europe, only the left has the right to hate speech. Overall, the European press are more willing to print Marxist conspiracy theories and accept loosely defined connections between groups not associated with one another. Slander and libel laws are easier to get around and they can pretty much say anything they want and not be held accountable if the victims hold politically incorrect views and have limited incomes.

So even if you don't agree with pro-White policies or even the neo-Nazi sentiment of some of their targets, realize that after they are eradicated, you are next. Yes, gun enthusiast, pro-lifer, moderate nationalist, feminist, animal rights campaigner and environmentalist. All of those causes conflict with the cultural vulturism of the White-hating 'immigrants' and the Marxists who skillfully wield them as a weapon against western culture and our traditional values. You may think "those extremists deserve it," but one day you may see your name sandwiched in between that of Buford Furrow and Earnst Zündel. Many already have. That is modus operandi of the SPLC. Last year, they actually managed to influence the FBI to publicly profile Odinism, a tiny indigenous Northern religion, as a terrorist cult. This led to some states banning their Gothis (priests) from counseling inmates. Why? Because about a decade ago, a man who hails Odin killed a Jewish talk show host. The F.B.I. Meggidio (Hebrew for Armageddon) report coincided with the alleged millennium. Never mind the Odinist millennium won't be here for a few more decades. The FBI (influenced by SPLC, ADL, etc..) floated out a bunch of bold-faced lies about Odinism, claiming they separate the 'two' worlds into light people and dark people. There are more than two worlds in Odinism, and nothing in it is racist, period. Racists can be of any religion. But the SPLC and their minions do not do any kind of in-depth researching. They see pro-European, and expel poison from their pens because they HATE us. It's easier to genetically exterminate a race who knows not who they are or whence they came.

     The Pan-Aryanist White-Winger

I wasn't born this way, I was made this way by people like Morris Dees who told me nationalism was evil. Now he tells me internationalism is bad for White folks. I was made this way by 'civil rights' groups who refused to list anti-White racists on their hit list and who ignore race murders such as the crime against little Kevin Shifflet in Alexandria, Virginia, last year, among other heinous hate crimes against my folk. I was made this way by roving groups of 'minority' thugs who saw fit to call me 'gringo' outside of my own residence and follow me around threatening to gang rape me in my own community. I was made this way by the authorities, who routinely deny my people equal protection under the Constitution my personal ancestors died to secure for me. I never ever thought those rights would be obscured by those I used to want to share my freedom with. I never thought in my formerly liberal head that I would be ethnically cleansed from my city of birth based on my Whiteness. I never thought I would be attacked for asking newcomers to learn English, or that our children would be forced to learn the language of the invaders.

That is the problem. Too few of us THINK before we speak or act. We watch television and mimic what we hear and see. Our kids walk around with bones in their noses and dye their hair purple because they have been denied their cultural folkways and force-fed the cultures of people whose folkways have laid waste to the nations from which they fled. I am asking White-Wingers worldwide to reject this invasion of our lands and preserve those things that have made our nations the greatest on earth and our people the most successful. Especially in Europe, the land where we evolved and certainly the one place on earth we should be able to call our home. Everyone needs a homeland, and we are the only peoples being asked to give it up. Don't do it, your children will curse you for it.


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