MTV's War on the White Race

by Alex Linder

        The White man as hate criminal

On January 10, 2001, MTV launched an 18-hour assault on the Evil White Male featuring some of the most offensive anti-White propaganda the channel of ceaseless lies has ever aired.

Interrupting its usual round-the-clock agitprop in favor of mixed-race sex couplings set to Monkey Nation hip-hop, the Jew-owned channel premiered a movie about the martyred, HIV-positive queer cruiser Matt Shepard, followed by a brief and carefully controlled "discussion" of hate crimes.

Then, in an unprecedented move costing it an estimated $2 million in ad money (more than made up for by free publicity, one suspects), it went off the air for most of a day, and ran in place of its usual teen fodder celebrity recitations of "hate crimes," to the general end of boosting public recognition of this cooked-up and politically useful phenomenon, and to the specific end of getting kids to pressure their elders into enacting the incremental legislation now floating in Congress that would add homosexuals and disabled people to the ranks of minorities already enjoying special protection under federal law.

Flushed with its success in helping pass so-called Motor Voter legislation last decade, (i.e., facilitating vote fraud) its ability to get even "conservative" Presidential contenders to swing by and bop to its asinine beat, MTV clearly sees in "hate crimes" a fresh avenue for the same tired anti-White America agitprop campaign it perpetually prosecutes.

MTV's Hate Whitey Day consisted of a three-hour loop repeated several times. Made up of segments of six to eight "hate" crimes punctuated by public service announcements informing you where to call to lend your shoulder to the push, the loop featured MTV VJs and celebrities such as Everclear's Art Alexakis reading off paragraph descriptions of "hate" crimes that have taken place in the United States in the last few years. Your intrepid reporter noted the particulars of 200 of these crimes, enough to certify the tendentious nature of this political crusade masquerading as tender solicitude for victims and their civil rights.

As anyone who has watched more than ten minutes of MTV would expect, the real focus of the campaign was not to denounce hate crimes but to portray the White male as uniquely vicious and dangerous, so that legislation against his interests would seem justified, indeed urgently needed. In other words, MTV's show against hate crimes WAS A HATE CRIME ITSELF. After all, as MTV repetitively intoned, Hate Crimes Start With Discrimination. What could better qualify as a hate crime than discriminating in the selection of evidence to portray a race as something it isn't: uniquely hateful and criminal? MTV's show was a hate crime committed against an entire race...

        Parallels with AIDS "education" in the eighties...

Anyone who remembers the AIDS public-education campaigns of the eighties will be familiar with the techniques used here. In the AIDS campaign the goal was twofold and contradictory. Public preachers told us:

1) AIDS IS EASY TO GET. The public was ceaselessly lectured that "anyone can get AIDS," not just queers. The goal of this tack was to boost federal funding for research.

But at the same time the same people droned to us that:

2) AIDS IS HARD TO GET. So we shouldn't discriminate against queers who might handle our food or use our restrooms. The goal was to stifle natural repugnance and quell any budding anti-queer discrimination on the part of normal, healthy people.

Thus in a campaign ostensibly aimed at telling us how to avoid AIDS, any mention of the actual vectors of transmission (to use a euphemism the propagandists themselves might have employed) was carefully avoided. Rather, the public was lectured in the thousands of ways you can't get AIDS (off a doorknob, toilet seat, typewriter key).

One quite literally never encountered a straightforward ad: AIDS is spread by buttfucking queers and needle-sharing junkies and those who mix blood or come with them. Everything was done to make the normal White heterosexual feel guilty and responsible, and to twist his mind against the reality of the situation, which was and is and will be that if you stick to non-junkie heterosexual White girls, you have virtually nothing to worry about -- except one of the myriad other STDs now common because of the promiscuity encouraged by channels such as MTV.

Exactly the same lying techniques are used in the anti-"hate" crimes campaign, and to exactly the same end: to make the White and especially the White male feel guilty for things that have nothing to do with him, and to encourage him to sign away more rights and privileges to the minority haters and media Ehrenburgs.

The MTV Jews construct a funhouse of biased stats, quick cuts and hyper-emotionalism. The naive and well-intentioned White viewer, assuming the same good intentions in others, quickly gets lost in the flurry of lies and false images. The MTV manipulators coolly and professionally stoke Black rage and encourage white passivity and guilt. They create an anti-world that is so far from street reality as to be ludicrous, but that plays successfully in the young minds they seek to brainwash because that audience never hears a different message. Public school, government and (M)TV interlock and reinforce the same lies, and kids don't know any better unless they have exceptional parents. The misrepresentation of reality carried out by Sumner Redstone's minions is a grave-serious hate crime itself, and one day he or his successors will swing for it. Hymie's hypocritical charade will one day be his death warrant. The day approaches when his poisonous purple tongue will loll out of the other side of his lying mouth.

        Getting down to the facts...

The facts about interracial crime, of which "hate" crime is an insignificant subset, are at once known, skewed and hidden.

The main fact you need to know is that there are under 10,000 so-called hate crimes a year, less than half of which are violent. But there are 1.7 million interracial crimes each year -- more than ninety percent of which are black on White.

The only reason we are discussing such a tiny subset of crimes is that Jews, who control the media and can make their lies stick, find it politically useful. Their agitprop artists created the very category and concept of hate crimes; their TV stations broadcast the brainwashing until it sinks in; and their lobbyists will pester the Congress until the mere existence of White males is criminalized. Jews are like that. To them, Whites and White males are by their very nature and existence hate criminals. As Jewess Susan Sontag said, speaking for all Jews, "The White race is the cancer of human history." Jews truly believe this. They are our enemy. We Whites are just too naive and gullible and decent and unassuming to realize it.

As I write, black savages have gone on White-attacking sprees at Mardi Gras celebrations in Philadelphia and Seattle. Both have been covered up by the Jewish media, which consistently point the finger away from the black man when apportioning blame. Drunken revelers, weak cops, The Beast -- anything will be blamed except black criminals. Were it not for Jewish-inspired "civil rights" laws, niggers who punched blonde White girls in the head would be cowering in their ghettos afraid of being lynched. Now these savages are out among us, terrorizing us, and we are afraid to fight back out of our cowardice and fear of committing a hate crime by defending ourselves.

Such is the world Hymie has led us to.

And if the criminals aren't blacks, they are Asians or Mexicans -- street scum that wouldn't be here if the Jew hadn't destroyed our racial homogeneity through the 1965 Immigration Act. Before that act, America was 90% white, and civilized. After that act, America is barely seventy percent white, and the number is dropping rapidly. Before that act, there were more Americans of Swiss ancestry than Mexican. Today one in ten -- nine? -- Americans is a Mexican.

All this disintegration, this crime, this misery, can be laid at the feet of the Jew. He encouraged The Act knowing full well the results, and he glories in what he has achieved: the destruction of cohesive, civilized WHITE America. Shows like MTV's Hate Whitey Day are one of myriad ways he pulls the wool over your eyes, White man, while laughing in your face. He doesn't think you have the guts or brains to call him on it. And don't expect any help from the conservatives. The conservatives are Christian cowards, constrained by their paychecks to toe the Semites' line. White nationalism is where we must turn to find the only genuine opposition to the Jew controlling our schools, media and government....

Now back to the crime data.

The data come from the corrupt Department of Justice, whose FBI collects statistical information from counties all over the United States. Before digging into it directly, let's just observe that the data show that interracial crime is hugely and disproportionately committed by minorities, and that these same go out of their way to attack White victims.

For example, a White man is fifty-six times as likely to be attacked by a black man as the reverse.

Fifty-six times.

That is what FBI data forwarded from the counties show. And rest assured, the actual picture is even worse, because the FBI discriminates -- commits a hate crime in the same way MTV does -- in categorizing the data.

The FBI years ago eliminated the Hispanic offender category. So that crimes committed by the brown invaders are lumped into the White perpetrator file. That's right: the government that takes your tax money at gunpoint makes sure that you and your fellow Whites receive full credit for violent "hate" crimes committed by Hispanics.

Whites are blamed for crimes that Mexicans commit, by federal decree.

Are we living under a hate government? Is the FBI a hate group? It would appear so....

In the ultimate absurdity, if a brown commits a hate crime against a White, the statistics reflect it as a White-on-White hate crime. There are hundreds of these White-on-White cases annually.

Let's cut to the chase with an easy-reference guide to interracial crime, data taken from The Color of Crime, a special report prepared by Jared Taylor's outfit, American Renaissance:

* 1,700,000 interracial crimes are committed each year

* 90% of interracial crimes are black on White

* blacks commit interracial crime at 56x the rate of Whites: 10 per 100k vs 560 per 100k

* 94% of multiple-offender interracial crimes were black on White -- nig packs

* about 500,000 of these in average year

* robbery was motive in less than 1/3 (nigs beat Whites for fun)

* 1990 Hate Crimes Statistics Act compels FBI to collect data on acts motivated in whole or part by bias.

* Most counties (83%) supply info, although not legally required to

* 1997 report showed under 10,000 "hate" crimes

* 7,000 were ethnic/racial bias

* less than half were violent (graffiti, cross burnings, etc.)

* blacks are twice as likely to commit a hate crime as Whites

* blacks are 2.2x as likely to commit a violent hate crime as whites

* niggers are 38x likelier to rape White women than Whites are to rape blacks

* 30,000 White women were raped by niggers (1994)

* 5,400 blacks were raped by Whites (how many of these Whites were Mexicans?)

* 56% of black violent crime is committed against Whites

* 2.6% of White violent crime is against blacks

After reviewing these data, ask yourself who are the real haters: The Whites who suffer from nigger depredations? Or the niggers who have laws and admissions and employment policies twisted in their favor? The answer is neither. The nigger's just doing what comes naturally, proving Jefferson's words about the "indelible lines of distinction" nature has drawn between jungle blacks and civilized Whites, and bearing out his truth that the "two races, equally free, cannot live in the same government." No, the real hater is neither race. The real hater is the Jew who bans these facts from the television and public sheets, confines them to corners of the Internet -- and even there works night and day to get them filtered, censored, banned and ultimately criminalized. The MTV Jew who replaces the truth with his lies is the hater. The Jew is your enemy, White man. As is MTV, which is owned and run by Jews.

        MTV: Bias within bias, distortion within distortion...

If Jews producing MTV were honest men they would set hate crimes in the context of the broader picture, as I have. They would explain, rather than inflame. But of course they don't do this: the very categorization of certain politically useful crimes as "hate" (by their Jewish brethren at ADL) bespeaks their devious intention. The MTV Jews are playing politics. They don't care a whit about crime.

Even within their bogus category of "hate crimes" they can't play it straight. As even the biased FBI stats show, blacks are more than two times as likely to commit hate crimes as Whites. Simple honesty would dictate that that ratio be preserved in the selection of "hate crimes" MTV chose to air. Instead, MTV chose to portray Whites as roughly twenty times likelier to perpetrate hate crimes than to be the victims of them. This is what we at VNN mean when we say that Jews are liars, and liars bent on White genocide. For all the whining these Jews do about Hitler, his claims against them were far more factually grounded than Jews' claims against Whites when it comes to "hate" crimes.

Here is a breakdown of 200 of the crimes that were selected and broadcast by MTV, representing perhaps 2/3 of the total number aired in the three-hour loop. Unlike MTV, you can take my word that I am in no way misrepresenting the 200 they broadcast during roughly the 2 hours that I could stand to listen to their self-righteous misrepresentation.

MTV's 200 "Hate" Crimes (taken in consecutive chunk off MTV's 3-hour loop)

75 White-on-black

40 White-on-gay

20 White-on-Jew
17 White-on-Mexican
15 White-on-Asian

5 White-on-minority(unspecified)
5 White-on-transgendered
5 White-on-female
1 White-on-Arab

7 black-on-White
1 Mexican-on-White

1 Mexican-on-Black
1 Mexican-on-Asian
1 Asian-on-Mexican

6 variegated (White-on-White-thought-black, White-on-mixed-couple, etc.)

The crimes were selected in line with MTV's political bias to paint the picture the Jewish ideologues want the viewer to see: White males are uniquely violent and dangerous, and minorities everywhere, and White women too, must be on guard against them. There's also the subtler point being pushed by the Jewish liars that minorities almost never commit "hate" crimes against one another, the implication being that they are natural allies trying to tough it out under the reign of horror that is traditional White America. Both of these are damned lies, and known to be such by the Jewish producers.

If Blacks are two times as likely to commit hate crimes against Whites as the reverse, then why do the Jews show them suffering 75 attacks for every 7 they visit? The data say Whites are 56x likelier to be victims of violent attacks by blacks than blacks by Whites, but the MTV Jews show blacks as ten times likelier to be victims of hate crimes. What is it with Jews and lying? Are Jews constitutionally unable to speak the truth, or is there simply no percentage in it? The answer, of course, is that it's not in Jews' interests to speak the truth, so they deliberately choose to lie. And since they control the media, nobody can get a word in edgewise to contradict them. Except online organs such as Vanguard News Network -- the very type of organ they are using hate-crimes agitprop like this to outlaw. Exactly the same Jews who produce the lies for MTV we've documented here are lobbying Congress to pass "hate speech" laws that would prevent sites like VNN from pointing out their lies. Free speech is not in the Jewish interest. Anything opposed to their agenda they call "hate" and pressure politicians into banning. And they find open ears among liberals and conservatives alike.

        First Amendment: It isn't good for the Jews, so it must go...

The show had two aims. The less signficant was to get feebs and queers onto the endangered species list. You can't do or say anything about them unless they directly threaten your life. The sinister, deeper motive was to ease the way for rescinding the First Amendment by erasing the traditional distinction between thoughts and speech and actions. The traditional White idea is that a man may believe and speak what he likes, but must be accountable for his actions. The Jews are currently trying to break down that distinction, pushing the line that thoughts and actions are the same. As one idiot intoned, hate speech equals hate crime. As another example, you will often see pro-White leaflet distribution referred to in the controlled media as an "act of violence."

That's a big theme pushed by the Jews these days: that there is no difference between beliefs and actions. Traditionally you could only be held responsible for acts you committed. Jews want to criminalize speech and thoughts as well as actions. If you hold racist beliefs, you are a criminal. If you speak racist thoughts, you are a criminal. If you think racist thoughts, you are a criminal. You have committed thoughtcrime. You have committed speech crime. Your beliefs have created a hostile environment. You are guilty. You don't love Big Brother.

Many Republicans buy into this stuff. Mark Foley, a Rep. from Florida, practically fell over himself in an MTV interview nodding about the Huge and Pressing need for "comprehensive federal hate crimes legislation." In a truly disgusting display of Semitical Correctness, the Irish lickspittle shook his head in a horrible see-through How-long-Lord way that, "I just pray my colleagues can wake up to the fact that these things exist in America." Then, responding to a Darcy Olsen from Cato who made, feebly, a few of the distinctions here, he quickly turned Hard Case, Standing Up for the Cause: "Don't give me that babble" (about the difference between actions and thoughts). Hate crimes have a chilling effect on entire communties, he said, reciting what he'd no doubt picked up off some ADL issue brief. 'Thoughts and actions are synonymous. If you think hatefulness and you act hateful, then you will be punished.' Punished for what you think and say: It's the new American way. The Jewish way. Like they say in the movie credits, America, a Jewish production. We either accede in the Jewish destruction of our race and people and ways, or we find ourselves criminals, targets of every possible legal and social sanction, legitimated by the Judenpresse.

So there you have it, White man. Jews take the tiniest fraction of violent crime, lie it up into a Huge National Problem Requiring Emergency Measures that correspond exactly to the Jewish political agenda: destroying the First Amendment as a barrier to the imposition of the New World Order in which all the world is reordered by Jewish technocrats and the White race miscegenates out of existence. Any means by which the White man would stave off this genocide, whether word or weapon, must be criminalized. Save you speak, think, believe and act the way Jews instruct, you are beyond the pale legally, socially and in every other way. You are open to every form of physical, social and legal assault. This is exactly what's going on, White man. This is undeniably the future the Jew has prepared for you. And this is why I tell you that all that is necessary for Jews to triumph is for White men to do nothing.

What are you doing, White man?


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