Open Letter to Arlington, Massachusetts

by Grant Bruer

Dear White Citizen,

The other day I was made aware of an ugly incident that occurred in your city. I feel that the crime and the subsequent apologia for its perpetrator are illustrative of the biggest problem that we face as a people. I am referring to the vicious sex crime committed by a nigger immigrant from the Sudan. This young nigger buck, Daniel Majouk Kachoul, grabbed hold of a young lady who could have been our daughter, wife or sister. He put his mockery-of-the-divine, pseudo-human face right up to hers and grunted, "You're beautiful. I love you." This beast then decided to express his "love" with a live cigarette. He burned her hand because it brought him great pleasure to see her writhe in pain. He proceeded to "amuse" himself by penetrating her with his simian digits. Only the quick response of a neighbor who was alerted by her screams of horror saved her from further torture. Thank goodness there still are White men who will answer the call of the blood. It needs to be said: A White "man" who will not protect the females of his kind is -- in no way that matters -- a real man. I hail the unnamed Aryan who spared this woman further abuse at the hands of something no sane society would allow freedom of movement within its borders.

As hideous as this incident was, it is NOT the real story here. You know as well as I do that Africans are far more violent and sexually aggressive than White men are. You may pretend not to know this, but most of you "vote with your feet." You don't really want to live in a neighborhood that has been "enriched" by the likes of Mr. Kachoul. You love your children far too much to send them to public schools overrun by blacks and browns. So the real news here is not the fact that yet another nigger male behaved as nigger males are wired to behave. No, what is truly noteworthy is the reaction of certain people in your community. I am speaking specifically of a representative of St. Paul's Lutheran Church. A Ms. Susan Henry presumes to speak for the congregation, and since no one has had the moral fiber to speak out against her, one must assume that she does indeed reflect the mentality that generally prevails in today's tax-exempt judeo-Christian churches.

Kachoul was one of 3,800 young nigger males brought to your state from the Sudan. He was one of the so-called "Lost Boys of the Sudan." Your local media made much of these cruds and their "assimilation" into your communities. One of the things that struck me as a I read of this adventure in self-loathing political correctness was the fact that no Sudanese females were "sponsored." There seems to have been an attitude of "nigger girls need not apply." Who are these bucks supposed to "pair off" with? It couldn't be that the race-traitor scum-froths of St. Paul's have your daughters slated to fill this role, could it? What do you think?

Well anyway, after this filthy animal was arraigned the other day, Ms. Henry felt the need to show the true extent of her negrophila. She revealed that her church would stand by Kachoul "regardless of the Court's findings." In an effort to share just how far the process of denaturation had progressed within her trendy little sponge of a brain, she added that this glorified ape is "part of our family." You see, her sympathy is entirely with the "poor unfortunate" who violated the White woman. She is too "decent" to give a single remote damn about the victim of this entirely unprovoked assault. She knows that it would be "racist" to suggest that maybe it isn't a good idea to flood your communities with members of an inferior people that represent, at best, an intermediate type of "human." She represents the "enemy within the gates" -- a standing menace to a future for White children.

I know that many of you would prefer to "just get along." It would be your preference to continue to play a game of "Let's pretend that there will always be a place to run in America." I am here to tell you that this isn't so. Perhaps you can live your life out in denial, moving from place to place while lying to yourself about your reasons, BUT your grandchildren will not be so lucky. If we continue to grope for excuses to justify our cowardly flight from duty, we (the biological collective 'we') are not long for this earth. Do me a favor and take a good, long, look at the faces of your loved ones and ask yourself this: "If they aren't worth fighting for, then what in the hell is?"

The jury is in demographically, people. All things have to do is stay the SAME as they are now, and in relatively short order America will look and feel like Brazil. Those who tell you that this is a "good thing" are NOT in error. They are either liars with agendas, or they are for all practical purposes, insane. They DO NOT represent any legitimate point of view, and as I said earlier, YOU know that I am correct in EVERYTHING that I have written. That is what makes me so angry sometimes. The refusal of so many of our people to simply tell the TRUTH. We know that the Corporate media is manipulating us with images of the world that are as little in keeping with reality as is humanly possible. We KNOW that our country is being destroyed and that not only aren't we to resist, but we are to behave as drooling drones and throw DIE-versity celebrations in Town Square!

Honesty begins within. Stop mouthing the lies told to you by Corporate America. Ask yourself, "Are the Kachouls of this world part of MY family?" Think how you would feel if it were a woman that you loved who was burnt and raped by this "Lost Boy." Do you feel that fire in your belly? That's the call of the blood. Give it full rein and embrace your sanity.


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