by Mark Rivers

About three years ago, I made a reference to The Scarlet Letter in front of a teenaged White girl. She didn't get the reference because, and I quote, "I never saw that movie." I never saw that movie either, but I did read the book.

Maybe that girl will see the movie someday, and learn about the evils of being a puritanical White oppressor. Or, if she prefers to see a more recent movie based on a classic work of literature, she can check out O, by Jew Timothy Blake Nelson and an assortment of other Jews.

In O, teenagers at a Southern prep school worship a negro named Odin (you know, like the Norse god). Odin, to whom they affectionately refer as "O," is the star of the basketball team. He is also knocking boots with the lovely shiksa daughter of the school's dean. The shiksa is played by Julia Stiles, whom you will find described on pages 163 and 164 of your manual.

The negro isn't some light-skinned mulatto with Aryan features; he is black as the ace of spades, and has a face-shape similar to the mannequins in the Cro-Magnon exhibit at your local museum. The basketball coach (Martin Sheen) loves O more than his own son, Hugo (Josh Hartnett, who fought the "Nazis" at "Pearl Harbor"). Hugo is so White, and so evil, that he decides to topple O from his lofty position. His plan is to trick O into thinking that the shiksa is cheating on him.

Hugo gets his dumb, pudgy White friend, Roger, who is in love with the shiksa, to assist him. Also helping out (though they are merely pawns manipulated by the evil White guy) are the shiksa's homely White roommate and another White basketball player. The negro, having been driven to an emotional extreme by the Hugo the evil White guy, rapes his shiksa girlfriend, but she says it's okay. Then he strangles her, but it's okay, because the devil -- I mean White guy -- made him do it.

In the end, the poor, struggling negro is driven to drugs, murder and suicide, and the evil White scum goes to jail. The negro makes an impassioned speech right before he shoots himself. He tells everyone present to make sure and tell everyone whose fault this all was. Tell them, he says, that it is all the fault of the oppressive, White, prep school muhfugga. Oh, boo hoo, we're so sorry. You're right, we're all just a bunch of racists. We'll try and do better, monkey.

The bird analogy is laid on pretty thick. We are shown a cluster of lily-White doves cooing and preening, contrasted with the lonely black Hawk, who soars above all of them, to the roar of the adoring fans. Although he is outnumbered, Odin "the Hawk" is higher, better, stronger and faster than all the rest. The coach even mentions that poor, lonely Odin is the only negro student in the school, which doesn't quite explain how there were so many negroes at the basketball game in clothes with that school's colors and logos. Maybe they're just so filled with admiration for Odin, they put aside their embittered hatred for their White oppressors and show up to cheer on their "brutha."

I'm sure there are people who know Othello better than I do, who can point out the discrepancies between Shakespeare's version and O. I'll leave that to the Shakespeare experts. What concerns me most is how the average teenaged ignoramus is going to react to this Save the Last Dance sequel.

Teenagers haven't read Othello, because they've all been too busy learning about the "Holocaust" or some such lie. They are all too busy watching MTV and mourning for Aiaghilyalyalhhalyayyaaayyaa. They are all too busy smoking pot, looking at Internet porn and trying to save up enough money from their part-time job at the fast-food place to buy a new FUBU outfit. They are all too busy being hypnotized by the Jews.

Dr. Pierce already talked about this movie anyway, in the ADV broadcast of July 14, 2001. You can check it out at www.natvan.com or www.natall.com . There's not much more I can say about it. I know a lot of folks were waiting for me, the "racist movie critic," to react to this movie, the Jews' most blatant attempt in recent memory to "kill Whitey" on the big screen, but all I can say is this:

No matter how many of you read this review, no matter how many of you gnash your teeth and furrow your brow when you see a blue-gummed ape tongue-kissing a White girl, no matter how much your blood boils when you see a tv show about a negro cop/lawyer/neurosurgeon who fights the White oppressors, no matter how much subdued grumbling you do to your spouse, your co-workers, yourself...nothing is going to change until you make it change.

The Jews are going to continue to make movies until they are stopped. The Jews are going to continue to slaughter Arabs, and the U.S. government is going to continue its unconditional support for Israel. The negroes will continue robbing, raping and killing Whites all across the country, every day until they are stopped. We have the power to stop them, but we don't, because we are too afraid of being called "racists," or of starting another "Holocaust."

This is exactly why Europeans in Europe and Southern Africa are being slaughtered today. We are in for the same treatment when we become the minority. The Jews are hurrying things along by making movies like Save the Last Dance, Crazy/Beautiful, Finding Forrester and O, just to name a few. They will keep doing it until we are gone. The whole world will be made up of jittery, chattering monkey people and their spawn. The Jews will be at the top, celebrating their victory.

Don't let them get away with it. Join the National Alliance.




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