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Jews Make Everything Worse

That's not exactly how Weiss sees it, but he does acknowledge they've had a considerable impact: There is hardly an area of public life on which Jews have not had a profound impact in the last generation, as discrimination against them ended and as they gained power. The civil rights movement reflects Jewish values of justice. Feminism is a reflection of liberal Jewish matriarchal values (note the Jewish groups that are talking about Roe v. Wade in opposing John Ashcroft for Attorney General). Ever-more-powerful Jews in the media have ushered in the information age. Psychologically attuned Jews and Hollywood Jews changed the language of popular cultureSeinfeld, Weinstein. And the new emphasis on educational achievement throughout our society reflects the Jewish love of learning.

NPD Berlin Rally Photos

From the recent march against the smearing of the Wehrmacht by Jewish liars... Sehr interessant... Slow load, but worth waiting. How long before we Americans can match this display? European prisoner list here.

What Did the Jews Know?

It's becoming clearer daily that there are hundreds of Israelis at work spying on us; that they can track and eavesdrop on virtually anyone; and that the media aren't interested in pursuing the story. All four parts of the Fox investigation can be found here. Of course, this reporting should spark a national debate over Israel and our policy toward it, but that's not likely. The zionists, jew and Christian toady alike, are turning their heads, trying to pretend it isn't happening. More about the Jews' spy network here. Note the passive, bloodless headline on the piece. Not: "Hundreds of Israeli spies at large in U.S.," or "Israelis Tapping Phone of President, Cabinet on Down," but "U.S. Police and Intelligence Hit by Spy Network." Gee...just who was doing that spying? Note what the text says: In the wake of the Sept. 11 terrorist attack, the FBI has stumbled on the largest espionage ring ever discovered inside the United States. The U.S. Justice Department is now holding nearly 100 Israeli citizens with direct ties to foreign military, criminal and intelligence services. Here the pernicious yids destroy Palestinian media center. Jewish hate is an ugly, omnipresent thing. Here Germany urges U.S. to cut off aid to Hate Jews. Here kikes bemoan assassination not being the solution to all their problems.

"That shitty little country Israel..."

Israel threatens world peace, says French diplomat privately. More here. The world speaks as one: Jews are evil. The answer to the Jewish Problem? Mais oui: No Jews. Just Right.

NA in the News...

Detailed Pravda report on the 12/15 rally. JTA story here. And here's the Washington Post's report. Note that it mentions balloons filled with yellow liquid, as opposed to urine. Here on literature distribution at an "anti-hate" forum in Framingham, Mass. Note the tight links between professional jewish hate groups and Department of Justice "human relations" people, both of which spread hatred of Whites on the White taxpayer's dime. Sleek, arrogant, gorged-tick Jews making their living spreading hatred of you. It's time for a revolution. Here an NA billboard is quickly removed. See, our army is over in Afghanistan bombing poor people, or protecting freedom, while we here at home are invaded by Mexico and can't put up billboards protesting the fact. Just how we 'Merkins are.

South Africa: Special Tribunal

The new South Africa. "'Just Jon' Qwelane, a Radio 702 talk show host, was found guilty by a special tribunal of making a racial slur against Colin Powell by calling the U.S. Secretary of State a 'house n--ger' on the air," says NewsMax. VNN can fill that in for you; they mean "nigger." How long before we have Special Tribunals here, where your fate will be in the hands of something named Ratha Mokgoatlheng? The remark "placed black people in a category inferior to that of other sections of the South African community," and everyone knows that isn't true. The AIDS, the excrement in public parks, the carjackings, and the gang rape of infants are all the fault of Martians.


Good Buchanan interview with Pravda...

Jewish Rats Fleeing Argentina

Thanks, yids. Another country messed up by jews, who then decamp between days... The country is falling apart. More here.

Don't Believe What You Read

A patient-rights site, with stories...

White-Hot Stupidity

Here, a heartwarming tale of Christmas among the affluent Smitherses, who can afford the luxury of being completely insane -- as poor Whites suffer from layoffs, downsizings. "The large creche on their front lawn reflects the family inside, with a white mom and dad, and a black infant in the manger." Some people collect babies of different colors as though they were Precious Moments figurines, new fish for the aquarium. "Aren't they cu-ute?" Indeed, "there must be something in the water in Libertyville. Melissa and Dennis Jensen live just a few blocks from the Kiernans...they...share their Christmas tree, decorated with the pictures of 'waiting children' Ethiopia, China, India, Viet Nam and Haiti." Of course, goyim change the diapers, fix the bottles, do the "heavy lifting," while Jews urge them on, profit, write a book! A book to sell! "In 'Inside Transracial Adoption,' author Gail Steinberg emphasizes that adoption "is not charity work -- it's family building.'" It's nation-destroying. If it's Good For Jews, it's guaranteed to be Bad For Whites. No Jews. Just Right. Look after your own, White man.

Monkey Mayhem at "Dignity Village"

Couldn'ta seen that one coming... Here judge says beloved monkey Mumia doesn't have to go to the great zoological park in the sky.

St. Pete's Cop Ends Up Fired for "Orangutan" Remark

Niggers may act like 'tangs all the live-long day, but remark on it and you're history. This is the "freedom" our army is "protecting" by murdering Afghanis. While Mexicans invade and jews drink out of our treasury trough and tap all our phones. What if America were run by Americans? Well guess what, reader. It won't be unless you join us, the National Alliance, in taking action. Can we count on you at the next Israeli embassy rally?

Jews, a Diseased Criminal Race

Ashkenazis are practically clones.

Apparently jewhoo has a competitor... Did you know God himself was a Jew? But of course!

Media: Geraldo, Jewish Liar

The spic-flavored yahoodi fabricates a report. That's ok Hay-Raldo, you fibbing Midler-diddler, we never believed you anyway. Where's 'Raldo? Not where he says he is! One jew, three lies...

"Are the Suburbs Bad for Jews?"

(go to 12/17/01 column) "Good for Jews?" is all Jews care about. They cannot be loyal to any nation but Israel by definition. Yet another reason they must exit the White West.

Fed Gov Expands Public Education Invasion

The Jew-led left fought for the better part of a century to get the feds involved in local education. Why? Makes it easier to enforce single national standard -- and guess who's choosing the standard? Very similar to immigration: jews fought until they got the 1965 immigration act dewhitener and nation-destroyer; they fought for federal funding of local education, finally succeeded under LBJ. Public schools are found in every Congressional district, making them natural repeater-amplifiers for jew-set propaganda: fags and race mixing are good; South and conservatism, traditionalism are bad. Parents are evil; jew-controlled fedgov will dictate your child's opinions.

Movie Review: 'Lord of the Rings'

"I found myself moved to tears in many places. Not just because of sad events in the story, but because this movie is such a magnificent epitome of the greatness of our race and civilization that it underscores all that we have lost." The Cat Lady

NA Demonstration Photos

See the embassy, cops, counter-demonstrators, skinheads, Roper interview, and Victor Gerhard

Another Victory for NA with 12/15/01 March on Israeli Embassy

Taking it to the Jews in the heart of jew-dom...A first-hand report on the recent National Alliance demonstration in Washington, Victor Gerhard

Calling All Angels

Once you've witnessed first hand the consummate evil of Zion, your life's direction is Carol Ward

Suicide Epidemic in Japan

Here, a mirror in which to view ourselves -- inasmuch as Japan copycopycopied White Western industrial society, and is now suffering the same decline, being put out of work by globalists and scads of cheaper-working Orientals. "[A] spot long popular with suicidal Japanese is the Chuo Line in central Tokyo...196 people jumped from platforms into the paths of oncoming trains...last year." Corpses dangle from trees, bones and scattered pills from overdoses litter the forests at the foot of Mt. Fuji. If this is the response to difficulties in a monocultural nation-state like Japan, free of endless racial conflict, what does the future portend for America, undergoing the same economic upheaval with our population doubling and redoubling as wave after Jew-pushed wave of Mexicans, other dirt break upon our shores? Japanese kill themselves, we tend to kill each other. "Road rage," the death of civility are just the beginning...


One man's variegated experiences of a disintegrating nation, a view from near the bottom, presented on a tremendously long web page, a scroll ten miles long, difficult to load on a dial-up connection. Mr. Dungan's still confused enough to have named his son "Che," and to think that the disproportionate number of blacks in jail are "political prisoners" who committed "crimes of conscience" -- but who could blame him after a lifetime of blaring, incessant Jewish propaganda? After all, we grew up in front of the same loudspeaker, and we say there's hope for someone who realizes that "Liberal or conservative, Republican or Democrat should not be the issue...let's stop defining ourselves in terms of parties and go back to thinking of ourselves like George Washington wanted us to think of ourselves - as a people." As a RACE. The Founding Fathers weren't talking about a stifling rat-cage stuffed with Mexicans, Filipinos, and Sudanese when they said "America." "Only then will there be sufficient power to confront multinational conglomerates and regain control over our lives." The "disaffected" here at VNN couldn't agree more, Fred. Sei gesund!

Paul Craig Roberts, Reasonable Racist

Here, PCR speaks in favor of the racial nation-state. "The basis for successful political life is a common language, history and culture, which create 'a people' sufficiently cohesive for democracy or self-rule to arrive at compromises that reconcile conflicts." That's what we say here at VNN. We're racists too -- even "anti-Semites," as we'll do what Paul won't; criticize the Jews who are behind the "massive Third World immigration into European nation-states" that he decries. No Jews. Just Right. Try a cup today!

Jewish Chaos = Jewish Profit

Here, Semitic WorldNetDeli slices slick kosher-"conservative" salami, shoves the sheeny slabs at us, shouts "You vant mustard?" "Unafraid to take on the most controversial issues of the day," this Jew Feder, aproned for action, alert behind the counter, hairy hand outstretched for his $9.95. "Feder tackles homosexuality, the New Age movement, abortion, pornography, feminism and a host of other" problems which his race has inflicted upon us. See the scam, smell the swindle? Jews set up, Jews knock down. Jews set up, Jews knock down. How the mockie-money flows, swirls! Pastrami and profit all around the table, here -- and a pickle! It's Good For Jews! (munching sounds)

Yidlets Miss Movie -- World Ends

Not as bad as getting your genitals sniped off by an Israeli sharpshooter, is it? Here, "threats" cancel Paris movie outing for little earlockers. Bwaaaa-haaa, sniffle. We wonder if those two Palestinian kids murdered by a "terrorist-hunting" helicopter gunship on a busy street ever saw "Harry Potter." How about the five blown up by a Jewish booby trap they kicked on their way to school? How about...never mind.

Dershowitz En Deshabille; Disgusting

Things You Wish You Didn't Know; "Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz admitted Saturday that he enjoys getting naked at a clothing optional beach on Martha's Vineyard." Even more horrible, "[He] defended his sandy frolics by claiming that Eleanor Roosevelt used to do the same thing." Excuse us for a moment.

NA in Massachusetts

Here, the cookie-cutter-exact-same story, over and over again. "Police said about 30 anti-Semitic leaflets authored by the National Alliance, a white supremacist neo-Nazi group, were distributed in [Sharon, Mass.]. The leaflets, placed in large zip lock bags with pebbles inside to weigh them down, were found on lawns." How many pebbles? What color? Let's ask "Robert Leikind, regional director of the Anti-Defamation League in Boston." So who else?

Tongue Piercing Led to Brain Abscess

Or was it the other way around? We at VNN always did find wiggers peculiar. Hey, wow, a brain abscess, dude! Like, def, you know? Way cool. Really.

Sobibor West

Sobering thoughts on judeo-power and the forces and 'fraidy-cats arrayed against Carol Ward

Are We Bombing the Wrong Country?

Israel is not our ally; we are useful to it at best. Every opportunity it has had to harm us to its own benefit, it has taken. Victor Wolzek

Dr. Pierce: "The Club"

On the New World Order and the men destroying the White West...

Opposed Ideologies

A brief synopsis of seven racially destructive ideologies -- egalitarianism, feminism, individualism, humanism, materialism, Christianity, and New Ageism....from National Alliance Handbook

Noglets Batten and Fatten in Racist Amerika

U.S. breeds nig, Mex blimps from too much McD's, tv idleness. In other countries, poor people are thin, wiry from hard physical work, not much food. What an awful place this is, hm? Fat, stupid and dung-colored is no way to go through life, son... Winona Horowitz busted for stealing. Thieving is as jewish as changing names. Or lying.

Johnny Walker Wigger

No kidding.

Amdocs, and the Jewish Spies Among Us

"Is it good for Jews?" is all Jews care about. Adding to the suspicions is the fact that in Israel, Comverse works closely with the Israeli government, and under special programs, gets reimbursed for up to 50 percent of its research and development costs by the Israeli Ministry of Industry and Trade. But investigators within the DEA, INS and FBI have all told Fox News that to pursue or even suggest Israeli spying through Comverse is considered career suicide. There is no way to do business with Jews. We simply must recognize them as the enemy, and kick them all out of the country. NO JEWS. JUST RIGHT.

Voz Comments on Bin Laden

Irving comments on Rubin bust. Sic semper golubs. Here on online censorship. Here on hate profiteers.

ADL "Applauds" Rubin Bust

Silly Irv: Don't you know you're supposed to bribe before you bomb?

Chimp Mugsy Says Go Blow to Farm Opponents

...Sanctions or no sanctions, we will not desist from the process of giving the people their land back,'' he told some 7,000 supporters on the second day of his ruling party's annual convention. The monkey has also forced Whites to turn in British passports or lose British citizenship. How many of the remaining Whites will end up in the stomach of nigger animals?

Evil White People

Chief calls ape exhibiting SNB 'orangutan.' "My description was the resistance, not the individual at all," Vines said. "The person was resisting in the manner of a fierceness that I've seen orangutans react." It's one thing for niggers to rob and rape, it's another thing for Whites to describe them so doing. That's the real crime. Nigger orangutans are the symptom, Jews the disease. Nebraska education endangered by zealous hiring of unqualified dirts. Kentucky militia leader bust here.

Oy! We're Just Here to Sell Toys!

More innocent jews, adrift in a sea of anti-Semitism. When will it end, O lord? Here Marc Rich rears his head again, forced to turn over papers. Here on CNN working with IDF to cover up murder. Pal lives aren't worth a damn in American eyes, whereas jewish lives must be fawned over. ONE STANDARD FOR JEWS, ANOTHER STANDARD FOR THE REST OF US.

News You Can Use: Ultrasound Harms Many Babies

Can lead to brain damage....

On Leafletting

Milwaukee decision allows it...

Raimondo Says Israelis "Probably" Knew About 9/11

In time, every honest man comes to the same conclusion: Jews are evil, and must be destroyed before they destroy us. Title link, our favorite pooftertarian blasts co-fag Sullivan as a "bloated bag of wind, begging to be punctured." We don't make these things up, folks, we just report them. Puncture, Justy, puncture! Ugh...there's an mpeg we don't want to download! Belmondo then goes on to self-pat for being the only guy in the world to suspect the Israelis, although only about 2,000 people on the racist right forwarded emails saying the same thing. Raimondo makes many of the same arguments we do, but only his enemies are worthy of his respect, so he prefers to imagine that he stands alone in criticizing Israel. Not hardly, bud. Well, no matter. What does matter is that we all stand and sing together: "No Jews. Just Right." Israel is our enemy. Could her actions make it any clearer? A "sprawling" spy effort inside the United States? Hundreds of billions in aid that nobody gets a chance to oppose? Traitors like John Pollard the hebes shamelessly pule for release of? In what way is Israel not an enemy? When it sells our technology to China? When it sells our secrets and agent-lists to Russia? Just what has Israel ever done -- EVER -- that would make us think it a friend? Nothing. That's the answer: NOTHING. ISRAEL IS OUR ENEMY. All Raimondo is doing is repeating the emails that quickly circulate the racist and revisionist right, and then acting like he's some kind of hero. He imagines that the folks who gin up all the stuff he prints can be ignored, while he collects the honors as the only "respectable" journalist to mention them. That's funny. Justin, you're a moron. Everybody knows that there's more to the laughing-kikes video story than the feds revealed. Almost nobody I'm in contact with didn't immediately suspect the Mossad at least knew about WTC. But your childish faith that the Izzies couldn't get away with bombing the WTC -- EVEN IF THAT FACT WERE MADE PUBLIC -- is anti-historical, as you ought to know. It's well proven -- it was even back then -- that FDR knew about Pearl Harbor, and sixty years later, nobody cares. Just as nobody cared then. There's some kind of defect in the average American's psyche that militates emotionally against thinking, and I'm not sure anything can be done to overcome it. The powers that be crank the starter, and this laborious chain of events sets in motion where the flag, hand over heart, noble veterans, mom and apple pie, Support Our Troops, "America's New War," all kick into play. As I've said, the average American would rather die than think, and I mean that literally. If you don't think the calculating yids know all this, you're as dumb as you are butt-piratical. But...the big picture is that your reporting is good, so keep it up. You are heading the right way. Avoid green asshole and you'll be around for decades to come.

Lefties Whine About NA Rallies

Call for presence on the 15th. Here news on Metzger. Here Bill White on Zionist media censorship, including info on NA members laughably busted for stickering. According to a Pravda contact in the FBI's Hate Crimes unit, the federal government urged city prosecutor's to make an example of the two National Alliance youths. Each one was arrested and charged with a variety of nonsensical crimes -- "destruction of institutionalized property", "desecration of a veteranized object" and "ethnic intimidation" -- all felonies carrying cumulatively a minimum five years in prison. The one youth, Smith, was originally jailed on a $15,000 bond despite having never had a criminal record. The other, who had a prior conviction for a petty assault, was jailed on a $10,000 bond. The bonds were paid that night and the two were released. But the case got stickier when they showed up for arraignment. An excellent article, indeed -- in Pravda, of all places. You could never read such a thing in an American paper. Think about that for a moment. We've come a long ways, and it ain't uphill.

German Teachers Busted for Comparing WTC, Dresden

Auf Deutsch... Here on William Joyce, compared to John Walker. Joyce was an American who moved back to Ireland, made anti-British broadcasts from Germany during WWII, got hanged for it. Note what Taki says -- he's always been one to praise German manners and valour: First and foremost, Joyce was an Irishman, and Ireland was neutral during the war. In fact, had I been Irish and of age, I would have fought with Division Charlemagne, a sort of German Foreign Legion comprised of those opposed to communism. ... Perfidious Albion hanged Lord Haw-Haw on the basis that he had a British passport, ergo he was a traitor. Now thats a hell of a stretch, even for the hypocritical English. Taki also goes on to blast the perfidious yids, puling from the safety of their roach motel in hebeland that br'er pollard ought be freed. Yes, gassed into the clouds with the rest of the carbon-dioxide molecules. Typical Rockwell cowardice, here -- calls Izzy spies "foreign" spies, makes our list of con-libt cowards, first addition in a while.

Vdare Almost Attacks the Jews, Does Criticize Them

All that is necessary for Jews to fail is for White men to do something. It's coming, Hyman. Can you feel it? Better check your Mars tickets, make sure you're bags are packed. This time the expulsion's planetary. At the bottom of all Jewish claims is racist, ethnocentric jewish interest: "Is it good for Jews?" Jews by virtue of their very race cannot be Americans at all, let alone good Americans. It is time for honest White men to step forward and declare that only by ridding America of the Jewish pest can she be saved for White civilization. The Jew is your enemy, White man. Vdare can't say it that openly yet, they think, but in their hearts, they know it's true. Let this slogan be our watchword: No Jews. Just Right.

Official Complaint Against JDL Terrorists

Jewish Defense League "violent, subversive organization," says government. Hell, Jews are a "violent, subversive organization." Anyway, here are the court papers on Rubin and Krugel. (PDF files, need widely available Acrobat reader.) Here yid Rubin says perish the thought he's a terrorist. More on that disgusting kike Rubin here. They whine, and whine, and whine for homeland, and when they get it will they go -- no! Of course not. Slim pickins among the swindlers, they need to creep among honest folk to practice their sleight of mouth. According to Greg Raven of the Institute for Historical Review, his Southern-California group was "a target of systematic JDL violence and harassment during the early 1980's. The attacks included a drive-by shooting, three fire-bombings, vandalizing of employee vehicles, demonstrations outside the IHR office and numerous telephone threats. This campaign culminated in a devastating arson attack." Raven related that "two days later, JDL leader Rubin showed up at the site of the gutted IHR offices publicly to praise the fire-bombing. The JDL, he declared, 'wholeheartedly applauds the recent devastation.'" No one was ever arrested for the arson. Raven declared that Rubin is part of the "Zionist terror-network." This terrorist kike should be returned to Yahweh forthwith.

Mein Kampf Published in Bulgaria

"The book...has been the subject of a major advertising campaign since it came out last week, although it's unclear by whom. Hundreds of posters showing a glaring Hitler in full uniform festoon downtown walls." Better than the billboards showing people urinating we've seen used to promote Hollywitz' latest movie...better by a long, long way. Nicht wahr?... White man: would your country be less dangerous, crime-, jew-, and nigger-infested if Hitler were in charge than it is today under Hym-ler? Would Hitler be preaching obvious bullshit about the virtues of diversity and multiculturalism? So what was so bad about Hitler again?

Don't Turn Your Back on a Turban

We've heard fags gushing over "lovely Arab boys." Here, none other than Queer Jihad, a "resource" for same. Wonder why the average White American seems ill-tempered, ready to run over you in his SUV? It's because we, as a society, have been pushed well past the limits of what we can be expected to "tolerate" -- and this is an excellent example.

Two-Faced Jews

Here, a Jew who no doubt considers himself "good-hearted," out for a morning walk, looking through the barbed wire -- OK if it's kosher wire -- at last night's crop of Palestinian arrestees. His kind, humanitarian conclusions? "Even if 99.99 percent of the illegal Palestinian laborers want nothing but to earn some money to feed their families, they should be kept out of Israel." This, as Jews tear down immigration barriers to flood America with Mexicans, other dirt. Here, ACLU, other Jew lawyers work pro bono, for free, to protect, help dangerous illegals in your country, White man. ONE STANDARD FOR JEWS, ANOTHER STANDARD FOR EVERYBODY ELSE.

More Culture Than You Can Stand

Jew writing for Jewish publication reviews book by Jew, about Jews, published by Jews. "Diversity" for you, monomania for Yids. Here, more healthy, uplifting Jewish "literature," a "book is about a boy named Gyuri, who as a toddler is abandoned by his parents to his paternal grandfather, a psychotic, ranting mystic, intent on redeeming himself by raising a child perfectly devoted to the Torah. He lives with Gyuri in a tent, dresses him in a loincloth and a prayer shawl, and burns the boy's toys. They pass their days in nonstop prayer...Gyuri's terrifying world, devoid of love, toys or other comforts, is confined to a courtyard near a cemetery...Gyuri is later returned to his angry, miserly father and shallow, hysterical mother. His father, known as a spiritual leader in the community but given to violent outbursts at home, likes to sit at the dinner table tallying up the cost of every morsel, grilling his wife on how much she spent at the grocer. Gyuri's mother is obsessed with material things and scrimps and cheats to buy finery for herself." _Oy!_ Such a nauseous bedtime story. Avram! Don't be reading him that _dreck_! Cry all night, he'll.

Odinist Responds to Vicious Flemmio Attack

Too funny. Would we be wrong in saying that the willingness of Christian bigwigs to call out and denounce Odinists is a sign of their cowardice, given their blanket refusal to issue word one of criticism of the Jews who have demolished Christianity in the public square? Why, bless my soul, I believe we wouldn't! You're a chickenshit, Flemming: you know that Jews, not Odinists are the problem, but like all your buddy eunucons, you're good for nothing but punching out the barmaid. Get some balls, jerk. You wonder why Western Civ is going down the crapper? You're the one flushing it! It's not like there are scads of men out there with your intellect and position who could speak up. Blame yourself, butthead. YOU are the problem. There's a time for war, and a time for peace, according to your jew-written Holy Book. Well, which time do you think this fits under? Now get busy. If there is anything more disgusting than watching a eunucon vent on those to his right, I haven't come across it. Loose your cloaca on Hymie, you disgusting lizards -- he's the source of our problems, not some Odinists out in a field.

Explaining It All

Michael Bradley's attempt...

Media: Goldberg Book

Ponte... Oy! Jews create bias! Jews enforce bias! Jews sue for bias! Jews reveal bias! Jews create new bias!... All the angles, covered, they're; "good for jews," it's. Still: what he calls "the most important story you never saw on TV," Goldberg notes how evidence that daycare damages both the physical and mental health of children gets discredited or suppressed by journalistic bias usually by female reporters who see this as implicit criticism of working mothers and therefore an attack upon themselves. Note that in all this revealing of bias, the word 'Jew' appeareth not; not once. Ignore the man behind that screen! Here Jew-felcher Farah says Big Media's "imploding" because of milquetoast O'Reilly. Listen to Farahwitz pump his WND, heroic site, bringing truth and justice to the world. Pull up your tights, buddy, you're as Semitically lockstep as the big four you criticize. Finally, after being shamed by one of our readers, WND has posted a small link to the article about the yid spies collared recently. WND is another non-toxic, kid-safe, jew-pumping bilgesite, and its editor ought to quit smoking the cedars of lebanon. Jews' Own WorldNetDaily, step right up, getcher independent, 100% kosher-certified news articles. All the tub 'n' Jeezuz thumping morons do. Real, decent, honorable, sandwich-eating White men read VNN. Here Pudge Goldberg attacks libertarianism in general, and Reason in specific. What did Bushy know, and when?

And What Is Their Work of Art? - A Fart!

Brown-Derbyshire on Tate prizewinner and what ought be done the moogs what enjoy his "works," fools who put the "eeew" in "ouvre." What is the Latin word for worship of shit? Nevermind. Let us content ourselves with dubbing them the turdolaters, their passion turdolatry. That is enough, and shall suffice.

NRO on Baudrillard on Jews' War

What soft, poltroonish things, jew keyboard artists are. Here Francis on treason.

Sailer on Twin Studies, Pioneer Fund and Its Enemies

Jews have always hated genuine learning; their pretension to being the "people of the book" is laughable -- traditional jewish religion holds that anything not found in the same books that say "the best of the gentiles should be killed" should be spurned. This is an excellent article with links to many others that will give you a good basic background in the eugenics debate as it has played out the last hundred years: basically it's a struggle between honest scientists and jews, although of course Sailer and Vdare won't put it that way.

The Murder of the Nation-State

[Jew] Jack Straw wrote in The Independent on Nov. 22 that in a world where states and the interests of their citizens are so obviously interdependent, we need to rethink our attitudes to concepts like independence and sovereignty. Does Straw feel that way about his nation, the Jews? Of course not. ONE STANDARD FOR JEWS, ANOTHER STANDARD FOR THE REST OF US. The Jews and the race-traitor internationalists are murdering the White race, step by step, year by year.

Why Japan Attacked

Pearl Harbor...

DNA Sequencer Found Dead

Odd story; who knows what it means, possibly nothing... Here a murder by an all-too-typical ugly, stupid piece of shit who shouldn't be in a White country. Get back in the sewer, Mexican turds. The Mexxon Valdez has 100 million barrels of sewage-humans, just waiting to dump on us, the minute we relax our guard. Instead of killing innocents in Afghanistan, our army should be stomping the ant-piss out of Mexico, and then on the second day, summarily burning the place to the ground. Here basketball coach, the apparently Jewish Dan Issel, is suspended for accurately describing a Mexican. VNN confesses to a certain ambivalence on this one.

Movie Review: 'Ocean's Eleven' (2001)

Jew Jerry Weintraub has produced a movie about a fully integrated team of super-crook anti-heroes, starring everybody's favorite goyische actors, and a gaggle of non-Whites thrown in to make them look Mark Rivers

It's Kwanzaa Time Again!

Just glanced up at our Televitz to see an obese Negro woman strapped up in ridiculous robes and headdress; VNN is delighted to note the arrival of Kwanzaa, which is Swahili for "The Time Of Broken Bottles." Hie yourselves to the vacant lot and gather 'round the steel drum of burning refuse, everyone, it's time to celebrate the "Nguzo Saba," or "seven principles!" There's Umoja (unity), "waiting for our welfare check," Kujichagulia (self-determination), "waiting for my welfare check," Ujima (collective work and responsibility), "walking in a group to the currency exchange to cash our welfare checks," Ujamaa (cooperative economics), "pooling welfare checks," Nia (purpose), "spending the welfare check," Kuumba (creativity), "forging a welfare check," and Imani (faith), that "the welfare check will come every month." Here, from our friends at CTPTWC, the lowdown on demented nigger criminal "Maulani" Ron Karenga, who founded this ancient observance in 1966. That takes care of _that_ nonsense for another year. 'Bye, nigs, and remember to shoot each other carefully this holiday season.

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Those Darn Israelis!

We're nuts to let a single one into the country. Israel's every action proves it is our enemy. Here you can read Ostrovsky on how the dirty yids actually operate. Counterpunch interviews Finkelstein here. Like his close friend and mentor Noam Chomsky, Norman Finkelstein is not one to mince his words. In his eyes the mainstream Jewish organisations are 'hucksters', 'gangsters' and 'crooks'; Elie Wiesel (celebrity Holocaust survivor) is the 'resident clown' for the Holocaust 'circus'; reparations claims against Germany for Nazi era slave laborers are 'blackmail'; and he infamously dismissed Professor Goldhagen's critically acclaimed Holocaust bestseller 'Hitler's Willing Executioners' as the 'pornography of violence'. Don't miss this. Is there anything taught as true in Israel that isn't an out-and-out lie? Apparently not. Lying, as swindling, is first nature to God's Choicest Morsels.

Race Is Not Hard-Wired Say "Scientists"

A monkey could devise a better test than these clowns.

Flying Post-9/11

Repetitive searches by careless, disrespectful, obese and ungroomed nogs: "enhanced security," it' Derek Powling

Movie Review: 'Alien Resurrection'

Watch this films as a grand metaphor from the end of the 20th Century, and enjoy soldiers fighting righteously for their race against internal treachery and horrific Narziss

Movie Review: 'Planet of the Apes' (2001)

A strange film, at a strange time, with strange Narziss


Tikkun olam -- re-making other people's world, unbidden. Here, Yids demand a Social Responsibility Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, to be enforced by Social Responsibility Grand Juries, who will examine Ethical Impact Reports to be prepared by "relevant community organizations around the world who wish to present their case about the social responsibility of the corporation." Which organizations could possibly be more "relevant" than Jewish ones, hm? What better way to prove one's corporate "social responsibility" than by "donating" millions and millions and millions of dollars to Jews? If you don't buy "protection," you lose your corporate charter, and then the Grand Jury "could hear testimony from other for-profit or non-profit groups that could propose how they might run the same corporation with more socially responsible policies." We wonder who that could be. "The SRGJ would then decide to...award the corporate charter to another group, [our emphasis] AND WITH IT THE ASSETS OF THE CORPORATION IN QUESTION." Yids don't just pretend to sprain their ankle and yell "lawyer," they think big when it comes to shakedowns. What a vast -- nay, monumental -- swindle! Judaism isn't a religion, it's an enormous crime syndicate. "Israel against the nations!" Do you understand why we say No Jews. Just Right?

60+ Caught Kikes Reveal Izzy Knew About 911

We pay them hundreds of billions of dollars -- 100,000,000,000 x (X) -- and this is what we get in return: Jewish loyalty... It has been clear for decades that Israel spies on us around the clock, and that every jew is a traitor, awaits only the call, helping Israel to our plans, technology and money whenever the mother ship so requests. If American foreign policy were run by Americans, Israel would be next on our bombing list, because Israel is America's enemy. The conservative waterbugs who are even now tapping out their sordid apologias for the morning edition don't have the guts, balls, spleen to admit it. Servile curs, created he them. Just as VNN predicted, the kikes knew what was up all along: There is no indication the Israelis were involved in the Sept. 11 attacks, but investigators suspect that they may have gathered intelligence about the attacks in advance and not shared it. Kikes are only and always out for themselves. They have made this clear over and over: "Good for Jews" is all that matters. It's the basis of their "religion." The kikes sat on information about the Marine barracks bombing, according to Ostrovsky; and now we learn they sat on information about 9/11. The Jew is your enemy, White man. Any sane country -- any country controlled by its citizens rather than ZOG -- would immediately suspend aid to Israel and deport all Jews, whether Israelis or colonists, to the Atlantic. But watch and see what happens. Watch the cons clock in with their apologias before tomorrow's headlines. Watch Suckpoop Joe, if he can get his tongue far enough out of Israel's ass, start crying about our friends and valiant allies who would never, never, never do anything to hurt us. Listen to domestic retriever Limbaugh talk about all the pressure the valiant Yahoodis are under, Oy! the pain of being a yid when nobody loves you, they all want to gas you. Watch the shtetlerama they put on to cover up this one. Watch the jewish peddler as he pulls bits of colored thread and george will out of his bag: Oy! It's opinions you want. Here's a pretty joe farah, Oy! Let your daughter play with it! Veriest wisdom, it spouts! Bits of rank beef and Cal Thomas! Vat? You no like? Try some dirty buttons, oy! I mean Georgeh Boos, listen to it talk, hah? What could be sweeter? No, no -- just turn the crank on its back, will run for hours. Vat a kantry!... Better a brown shirt than a brown nose, you conservative traitors. Real Americans, not pay-triots, sing it with me now: No Jews. Just Right. The Jew is your enemy, White man. How much clearer does he have to make it?

Kike Terrorist Rubin Busted for Bomb Plot

Kikes can't win arguments. All they can do is bomb and censor and smear. That's why we say Jews are cowards and terrorists. There hasn't been a single head of Israel that wasn't an out-and-out crook, thug and murderer. Is it any surprise the low-level yahoodis are the same way? Judaism = Racism + Thuggee + Swindling. Jews are a racial crime syndicate. "Good for Jews" is their only policy. If you're a Romanian tot, they'll filch your spleen, stitch it into their greedy, greasy gut; if you're a Ukrainian teen, they'll slave you for sex; if you're an American, they'll steal hundreds of billions from you and murder your countrymen and spy on you continually and blow up your churches. There is only one policy toward Jews that is proven to work: Death to the Jews. It's them or us. "Even the best of the gentiles should be killed," say the Jews. "The white race is the cancer of human history," say the Jews. We say in return: The only good jew is Danglestein. Freeper comments here, enjoy the jewish hate-group agents trying to squelch the story about their brother agents in Mexico. "Militant" is Semitically Correct newspaperspeak for Jewish terrorist, by the way.

Jews Blowing Up Left and Right

They got their state through terror, and it's dying the same way. How does it feel, kikes?

Go Greyhound -- And Leave the Smuggling to Us

Here, Golden State Transportation in one big shitload of trouble. "A large part of the company's business appeared to be smuggling illegal aliens from U.S.-Mexican border areas, where they had been brought across by Mexican syndicates, to major cities in the United States." Here, the corporate connections. "Greyhound Lines, Inc. (Greyhound), a motor carrier of passengers, Sistema Internacional de Transporte de Autobuses, Inc. (SITA), a wholly owned, non-carrier subsidiary of Greyhound, SITA also controls...Gonzalez, Inc., d/b/a Golden State Transportation Company (Gonzalez) (MC-173837)." The UPI reporter couldn't take 90 seconds to spot this. Aren't you glad there's VNN?

Your Government -- Certifiably Insane

How the U.N. and fedgov endanger us all. "To help fight nuclear terrorism, Energy Secretary Spencer Abraham last month pledged $1.2 million in additional funds to a United Nations agency that sponsors foreign nationals -- including some from Arab terrorist states -- to tour U.S. nuclear reactors. The tours are part of a little-known federal course that trains foreign nationals in security techniques used at U.S. nuclear sites." This, while fat, stupid niggers confiscate your nail clippers.

Fighting Fire with Marshmallows

Here, Buchanan's latest "hard-hitting," harmless book. Another useless Judeo-Christian compilation of well-known facts -- "The West is dying. Collapsing birth rates in Europe and the U.S., coupled with population explosions in Asia, Africa and Latin America, are set to cause cataclysmic shifts in world power, as unchecked immigration swamps and polarizes every Western society and nation." -- that will completely avoid the Mosaic root cause of many of these problems. No Jews. Just Right. Anything else is soft, non-toxic, beanbag pretend-politics, a waste of money, effort...and precious time.

Tempest In The Common Room

Here, the problem with Judeo-Christians. College prof in hot water after "four Muslim students charged that Hearlson had called them 'Nazis,' 'terrorists' and 'murderers.'" Hearlson "became a born-again Christian in 1990...Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior. I teach traditional values." Traditional Jewish values, that instant, conditioned, thoughtless spit of "NAZI!" If inconsistent, Hearlson is at least a good little dog, always watchful of the best interests of his Jewish master. "Last year, after some Muslim students passed out 'Anti-Zionist Week' fliers that featured a swastika and barbed wire superimposed on the Star of David, Hearlson [had] a heated exchange with...Muslim students, campus security was called." Consider this, o Holy Land Tour Guide; in a cohesive White nation-state, those ragheads you despise wouldn't be here in the first place. Will you get down to cases and take to task those Jews who tore up our immigration laws and permitted them in? Not a chance. Americans -- they'd rather die than think.

Demographics Spell Doom for Israel

Demographic bomb bodes well for the region, not so well for Hymie.

Latest ADL Sampler...

The hate kikes dig up every tiny newsletter from here to the Antilles. This is what your aid to Israel, our valiant friend and ally, buys you, White man: sheeny spies. Like the several dozen kike kriminals the government just rounded up. Jewish genius lies in the way they've made this a business, a livelihood. LOOKING OUT FOR THEIR RACIAL INTERESTS IS A FULL-TIME, PAYING JOB FOR TENS OF THOUSANDS OF SLEEK, WELL-FED JEWS IN SHINY OFFICE BUILDINGS, ALL INTERCONNECTED IN A VAST NETWORK THAT RAISES AT LEAST $2,000,000,000 PER YEAR, ALL BY ITSELF -- before the other $10,000,000,000 they extort directly from the taxpayers for Israel, before the zillions they gather from their business domination. If we do it, we're "sick loners with a post office box." Only shiny buildings we've got are full of Ralston Deffenbaugh's Lutherans, importing Sudanese.

Mein Kampf and Jew Reisman

Mein Kampf? Hate literature, it's! says Yid CEO of Canada's Chapters and Indigo bookstores. In a shocking development, "the move was applauded by the Canadian Jewish Congress." Here, more on Heather Reisman, the Jewish Fireball. And here, from a publication appropriately called ROB Magazine, an uncharming tale of the stratospheric heights of Canadian Jewish swindling, cigar-fondling, having-suits-made financial manipulation, the elite circles in which our beloved Reisman moves. It's Good For Jews, right to the last drop.

The Constitution Hoax

It can't save us, even if we understand Victor Gerhard

Boolie-Koons Killing Keystone Kontinent

African government can't help by handing out condoms, pamphlets; it has AIDS too. "The rampaging HIV/AIDS in Bauchi [Nigeria] is forcing the state government to part with N620,000 monthly to care for its infected civil servants." Here mindless, grinning nigs chop at own important bridge. "If the vandalisation is not checked the bridge may collapse...would not affect only the people of the South East but the nation as a whole." Here government by primates. "Fracas, gun battle in Osun House of the House resumed sitting yesterday, one of the faction [sic] stormed the House with hired thugs who wielded cutlasses, guns, cudgels, charms and other dangerous weapons." Think you had a bad rush hour? "Thousands of commuters, including workers and students, were stranded yesterday in Lagos as most commercial vehicles stayed away from the roads to escape the current state-wide police check for vehicle particulars...some of the drivers were operating stolen vehicles without licences...abandoned their vehicles...policemen...resorted to shooting in the air." All this from two minutes with a Nigerian paper. Proof once more that "the two races, equally free, cannot live in the same government."

NWO Moves Ahead with Europe-Wide Arrest Warrants

Countries steadily negotiate away sovereignty. "If a European Union country wanted a suspect arrested, it would simply make the request -- and the police force in the country where the suspect was living would hand the person over." NWO merely a "conspiracy theory," you see. Yids love this idea; type the word "Jew" in Keokuk, Iowa -- and find yourself shackled, with a black bag tied over your head, on the next flight to Tel Aviv. It's coming, White man.

Embryonic New World Order

Small-town White Americans imbued with globalist ideas. ""Be proud to be Rotarians, because we're right there, right in the vanguard of the U.N.," said an official who predicts that "Within 10 years time, you're going to see the beginnings of an embryonic world order." NWO merely a "conspiracy theory," you see. What can the U.S. do? Pay, pay, pay. "The U.S. needs to get in sync with the U.N., and an important step toward that is for the U.S. to pay the more than $2 billion [$2,000,000,000] it owes in past dues to the U.N., Widmer said. "What will be most significant is non-governmental organizations focusing on world problems." We know who earns their living forming, interconnecting, one powerful group after another, don't we? NWO -- It's Good For Jews!

Jews Want Your Gun

Here Jews and their white Smitherses agitate for "gun control." "Nan Aron, president of the Washington-based Alliance for Justice, Rep. Henry Waxman, D-Calif., and Rep. Carolyn McCarthy, D-N.Y., held a news conference Thursday to draw attention to gun-makers' marketing efforts." "Alliance For Justice" -- the real story here is that every day, you encounter another loud Jew running another important-sounding organization you never heard of, with a shining office building in D.C., cars, phones, copiers, desks filled with busy workers. "A national association of environmental, civil rights, mental health, women's, children's and consumer advocacy organizations. Since its inception in 1979, the Alliance has worked to advance the cause of justice for all Americans, strengthen the public interest community's ability to influence public policy, and foster the next generation of advocates." _Tikkun olam_ -- re-making your world for you, as though you had asked! There are only a few million Jews here, but there seem to be an unlimited number of these pressure groups, groups of groups piled atop each other, and an unlimited amount of money to operate them. These are the "NGOs," the non-governmental organizations, that the United Nations officially recognizes, works into its plans for the New World Order. Jews make a living taking your freedom, destroying your nation. It's what they're good at. It's why we say "No Jews. Just Right."

FBI: Wholly Owned Subsidiary of Jewish Hate Group ADL

"The ADL is not as principled as their publications would lead you to think. They're very much into real politics," said Wilcox, who founded one of the world's largest collections of research documents on extremist political groups at the University of Kansas. "They're not going to quibble about the niceties of civil liberties, procedural things or issues of presumed innocence or anything like that. To them everything is survival," explained Wilcox. "So don't imagine for a minute that the ADL holds to any particular high standard of morality or practice in this thing. It is absolutely pragmatic," he added. Honest White men seeking law licenses or gun permits are denied them by Jew-bought pols and police chiefs, while the ADL -- convicted of running a private spy network with illegally bought information -- trades information and leadership with top domestic cops and rakes in millions indoctrinating locals and their schoolkids. Just good business for bad jews. "Good for Jews"? Then bad for you, White man.

Jewish Ritual Murder: New Book Available

VNN's erstwhile webmaster has translated THE book on Jewish Ritual Murder, published by Hellmut Schramm, Ph.D., in Germany back in 1943. Long described as age-old anti-Semitic canard by the same jews who lie about everything else, there is in fact a good deal of evidence that Jews sometimes are guilty of the horrendous practice. Buy it, read it, decide for yourself.

Wiesenthal Corporation Facing Slowdown

The Simon Wiesenthal Hate Factory has a problem; it's running out of "Nazis" to pursue. The old cocker himself , 94 now, says "it is too late to bring them to justice." Cruel, ridiculous scenes still ensue, though -- "Lithuania also put alleged Nazi Aleksandras Lileikis on trial in 1998. He showed up in court once, but began gasping and was rushed away in an ambulance. His trial was repeatedly delayed on health grounds until he died last year at the age of 93." Others at the factory see their lucrative jobs threatened. "Ephraim Zuroff, a head of the Nazi-hunting body...said he believes it is important to keep up the pursuit." The pursuit of funding, he means. It's a living. It's Good For Jews!

Man Speaks Against Jews, Forced Out

He mentioned Israel! "'The most vile anti-Semitic canards that have been invoked against Jews throughout the ages,' said Ira Forman, director of the National Jewish Democratic Council!'" What were the forbidden J-words that cost a congressional aide his job? "What is...disturbing to me is that many of these pro-Israeli lawmakers sit on the House International Relations Committee despite the obvious conflict of interest that their emotional attachments to Israel cause...The Israeli occupation of all territories must end, including Congress." Shmuel can't stand the truth. He scuttles away from it like a cockroach from a flashlight beam. VNN = flashlight. Run, you dirty _yidn_!

Racist Jews Discourage Race-Mixing

Not with my daughter, you don't. Here, "a seismic shift in Jewish communal spending and energy toward efforts aimed at discouraging interfaith [i.e., interracial] marriage." No "diversity, ""multiculturalism" here! ONE STANDARD FOR JEWS, ANOTHER STANDARD FOR EVERYBODY ELSE!

Our Enemy Typified

Here, clinging, nasal-whining, insufferable Jew Fein, waving hand for attention, niggles, picks over America in middle of horrible crisis. Sets your house on fire, then complains about the smoke. "What of this nation's record in Central and South America? What of our non-record in Africa? What of our domestic failures with regard to health care and public education? And what of the president's and the attorney general's current arrogant disregard for civil liberties?" He is, however, pleased by the recent attacks. "We now live, one hopes, with a more lively sense of our own vulnerability." _Lively_? This pathological theme runs through much Jewish post-9/11 writing, the idea that "if Jews suffer, all must suffer." No Jews. Just Right. We keep coming back to that, don't we? Catchy, it's.

Truth Will Out

Here we see the basic Jewish premise, smack dab in the middle of an otherwise uninteresting holiday reminiscence. "For as Judah Maccabee saved Jewish society from assimilation into ancient Greek life, our society is struggling to rededicate our own world, to rebuild, to rekindle our hope and to pave a brighter path toward our future." THEIR society, THEIR future, THEIR world -- not yours, White man. No "diversity" here, just a stone wall. "Israel against the nations!" Any questions?

Yids Distort Arab Press

Here, Jews filter Arab media. "They are selective and act as propagandists for their political point of view, which is the extreme-right of Likud," said Vincent Cannistraro, former head of the CIA's counterintelligence's unit. "They simply don't present the whole picture." Thus, the Jew, the eternal _middleman_, _handling_ the product as it passes from one to the's a living!

Jews Cover Own Behinds

"Many synagogues have already hired armed guards and employed individuals to check the identification of each person who enters the building. In an attempt to respond to congregants who now consider these measures a new baseline, other synagogues -- in an attempt to keep up with the synagogue next door -- feel compelled to provide even more security, going as far as installing hand or eye scanners." No guns for you, though, White man -- and insane Lutherans importing diseased Somali "herdboys" into your churches, as though they were exotic house pets. ONE STANDARD FOR JEWS, ANOTHER STANDARD FOR EVERYBODY ELSE!

Malays Lead by Example

23 million little brown Malaysians with quirts can enforce their borders better than a H-bomb-waving "multicultural" U.S. ten times their size. Why? No Yids to tear up the immigration laws. "Only some dozens of expatriate (mostly American) Jews working in the fields of business or education live in the larger cities of Kuala Lumpur and Penang," says this report. No Jews. Just Right. The whole world knows it.

Jews Howl for Genocide

"The white race is the cancer of human history," claims Jew Susan Sontag. Here, another Yiddish oncologist, one Nadav Shragai, urging that the Arab-tumor be excised from Israel's comely corpus. "The war is against an enemy whose natural environment is itself the uncontrolled malignancy." Gosh, that's what we always thought about wandering peddler-sheister Jews, the sick metastasis of their "diaspora," the sniffling, breast-beating, eternally fund-raising "exile" of a race which has a perfectly good "homeland" to go to but refuses to pack, make reservations, call a cab. Why can't the World's Smartest People make their own way?

Is a War of Civilizations Ahead?

Good Buchanan (he of the Negro running mate) piece, as far as it goes -- which is never far enough. "Three heroes saved the West. In 732, at Poitiers, Charles Martel, the Hammer of the Franks, stopped Islam's invasion in France. In 1571, the Christian fleets of Don Juan of Austria, an illegitimate son of Charles V, destroyed the Mohammedan armada in an epic battle immortalized in Chesterton's 'The Ballad of Lepanto.' And Polish Catholic King John Sobieski stopped the Turks at Vienna on a date that ought to be famous in history, September 11, 1683." Now, Pat, unfold for us the saga of Yitzchok of Lublin who, although equipped with only a rudimentary leathern cash box, trotted assiduously along in the wake of every great army, _selling_ it bits of thread, watered wine, and spoiled, reeking beef, bravely rifling the pockets of the fallen. Explain to us how this mercantile courage, this advantage-seeking above all else, no matter how dark the night or how long the way, qualifies Izzy to append himself -- unbidden -- to us, to stand with the White West under the proud "Judeo-Christian" banner. Feh.

Going to Great Lengths for Sex

While Jew-compromised, Oprah-softened, crybaby White men in their baggy pants and silly little rounded, two-tone, "I am harmless" baseball hats attend encounter groups, learn to be "sensitive," juggle wrench, mop, diaper pail in attempt to be momdadcounselorinvestorsuperman all at once, Hollywood pushes sex with primitive niggers, dirts to White women. "In the 1998 movie 'How Stella Got Her Groove Back,' the heroine...sees a TV commercial promoting travel to Jamaica. It features a phalanx of handsome young Jamaican men...'Call 1-800-JAMAICA. We'll be waiting for you.' After the release...there was 'a very obvious influx of middle-aged, middle-class women from North America" in Jamaica for sex.'" Also remarkable, "the attractiveness to tourist women of Ecuadorean men from the Otavalo Valley, about 65 miles north of Quito. It's interesting that those favored by tourist women have long braids." VNN wonders what exotic viruses, thrilling bacteria they harbor along with the bone through the nose, wooden plug in lip...

Say Jew, Say Traitor

Here, today's uplifting parable from Jews, who, as "the vessel of the world's redemption," provide a "moral compass," a "light unto the nations!" "Nearly 50 years after convicted Soviet spy Ethel Rosenberg was executed, her brother has admitted that he lied under oath to save himself. He says he is unconcerned that his perjury may have sent his sister and her husband to the electric chair. 'As a spy who turned his family in ... I don't care,' David Greenglass says in a television interview to be broadcast Wednesday. 'I sleep very well...My wife says, 'Look, we're still alive.'" Jews Must Live! By the way, while others worked to end the war, what was Greenglass doing? "Using atomic implosion technology to make artificial diamonds!" Valuable, they're; sell them, I can. Jews Must Live! We keep coming back to that, don't we?

Jews Destroy White America, Act Surprised

_Chutzpah_, Jewish brazenness, is difficult for Whites to grasp. Here, a classic example. After a century-long attack, unraveling America's social fabric with their corrosive, aracial "individualism," their "multiculturalism," their "diversity," backed up by a flood of non-White immigration, Jews act surprised at the result! They look around wide-eyed as though they've never seen such a thing, and affect to be "stunned," pretend-gasping and taking shocked little steps backwards. "An Israeli educator has come to live in this country...She is stunned by the difference between the Israeli school system...and the American system...that the near-total absence of 'the group' as a relevant educational goal in America. From assemblies to course content, from homeroom activities to recess, the Israeli system is 'about' social solidarity. The American system, of course, is about the individual." Translation -- Jews have destroyed America as a racially cohesive nation-state, while maintaining Israel as such for themselves. Any questions? ONE STANDARD FOR JEWS, ANOTHER STANDARD FOR EVERYBODY ELSE.

Touchy-Feely Anthrax

Have you noticed how Afghanistan has become a "women's rights" issue? How the World Trade Center attacks have been boiled down to a matter of "airline security?" This is called _reductio ad absurdum_, reducing the important to the ridiculous. Every issue is treated this way by the Judeo-government-media apparatus, forced into the shape of something else. This serves to avoid any discussion of Jews, Israel, and their role in our problems -- while our $10,000,000,000 per year continues to flow smoothly, quietly to Tel Aviv. Here, feds admit that your mail could kill you...but, by the time they're done, the very real danger becomes A. a minority issue, affecting only "people with compromised immune systems [i.e., queers with AIDS] and the elderly" -- and B. a blame-the-victim psychological problem, a mere mental quirk involving the "feelings" of the mail recipient, who might "feel more comfortable having someone else open their mail, washing their hands after opening letters or taking other protective steps." Not dangerous, this anthrax, just "scary." Thus, a bizarre sort of government-by-Oprah, which holds you at gunpoint and bellows that "We don't have all of the answers and people would like to have some reassurance that we know exactly what's going on and we don't." Rest assured, though, that you'll lose your rights and be metal-detectored and camera-watched and interrogated and monitored and silenced while they figure it out. That's "doable." While you open your bags and "assume the position," dangerous aliens -- Arab "flight school students," Israeli "movers," and Mexican cooks with hepatitis and 11 kids -- will continue to flood across our borders, snickering at us. After all, "our strength and our progress lie in our diversity." Right?

Jews Admit West Doesn't Need Israel

Here, one Saul Singer, in the Jerusalem Post. "At the end of the long list of Islamist "grievances" against the West, there is one mega-grievance: the existence of the West. If Israel disappeared, the US withdrew all its troops from the region, and all Arab regimes were replaced by Taliban clones, the conflict with the West would not end - it would just be getting rolling." Great. No need for Israel, then. We can save $10,000,000,000 per year. As the president would say, "Let's roll!" END AID TO ISRAEL NOW. Hooh-ah!

Jews Shift Lies on a Dime

My, how Jews hate quiet, peace, normalcy. "Until last September 11, America seemed like an innocent, oblivious Disneyland to security-obsessed Israelis." "We hardly even notice the armed guards who now patrol our favorite coffee shops," pout Yids, not seeing why everyone, everywhere, shouldn't be in constant danger like they are. The terrorist attacks are all _our_ fault, emphasize Yids. "To many Israelis, liberal rights discussions are a luxury - a luxury that Americans abused, with disastrous results." But wait -- we hear nothing _but_ "liberal rights discussions" from Jews! Isn't it _Jews_ who consistently back "diversity," "multiculturalism," "civil rights?" Isn't it _Jews_ who, at this very moment, are filling our airwaves with documentaries about Islam, insisting that we be nice to Moslems, that we "not single people out?" Now, get this -- "In Israel, racial profiling has always been an accepted, and even explicit, part of our security drill. We never call it racial profiling...but we all know that the 'personal interview' at the airport isn't about our suitcases at all. It's about us - who we are, and to whom and what we belong." And THAT, ladies and gentlemen, is called RACISM. All together, now -- ONE STANDARD FOR JEWS, ANOTHER STANDARD FOR EVERYBODY ELSE!

South Africa: More on De Klerk's Ex-Wife's Murder

And here.

The Invasion: Brawl in So Cal

Between Mexcrement and humans. Orange County police agencies, including Anaheim's, decided last month to begin accepting ID cards issued by Mexican consulates to Mexican nationals living in this country. LAT version here. More here on invasion in other parts of U.S.

The Regime

What would happen if Washington were wiped out? Besides rejoicing throughout the land? Where is Bertollini?

Double Standards

How the fedgov screws White institutions... Here on anti-Christmas hate in Massachusetts.

Not Enough Yids?

No, still too many...a Muslim mother in Gaza has 7.5 children, on average, while the West Bank figure is 5 (compared to the Jewish mother's average 2.8)...

The Jews' War: Claimed Sons Will Kill bin Laden on TV

"That will be the signal for a new wave of terror. The targets this time would be the Capitol building in Washington, Big Ben in London and the Eiffel Tower in Paris." A blast in Northern Israel, near U.S. official. Fisk on his beating.

Chimp Top-Cop Gets Primo Zimb Farm

Nigger justice. Chimps are too dumb to grow dirt.

Control Technology

Brain-waves lie-detector...

Media: "Coloring the News"

New book on media bias claims libs are damaged by lib bias.

Jewish Doll

Yid-toys: "Lindsey Bergman, the newest American Girl ($84)...the first-ever American Girl doll that is identifiably Jewish." Does it whine, spend, come with a Lindsey's Nose Job ($5500) accessory kit? Also "GI Joe-style action figures of the Maccabees and the Greco-Syrian soldiers." What, no heroic Israeli troops, no realistic houses to bulldoze, plastic Arabs to shoot, little roadblocks to set up on the floor around the Chanukah bush? Some assembly required.

Anti-Gunner Bellesiles Out-and-Out Liar

"An award-winning book that was hailed by gun control advocates when it was released last year was based on distorted interpretations of historical records and cited evidence that, in some cases, may have been completely fabricated."

Media: "Horseman without a Horse"

Arabs run 30-part dramatization of Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.

Anti-Semitism Roundup, 2001

Interesting. Jews pass laws criminalizing criticism of their group, fine anybody with the guts to speak out, then use those out-speakings as the basis for promoting fear and raising funds among their own, and ratcheting up the legal suppression of their enemies the next year. Thus does yiddism make its way through the centuries. No Jews. Just Right. Title link is to AS in France, to give you an example of AS in one country. Rest of report here. Here a rabbi calls "radical" Islam nazism.

The Jews' War

How many Whites have died for Israel so far? Nobody really knows. Scores of US soldiers wounded in Afghanistan have been arriving at the Khanabad air base in southern Uzbekistan - far more than official reports suggest Should your son die for Israel, White man? Here on a lower-level Jewish war to keep poinsettias out of St. Paul. Note that the article doesn't actually name the folks demanding the flowers be kept out of city hall. One of the neat things about being jewish is the ability to whine behind a squid-screen squirted by the Judenpresse. More Christians are disliking jews, for good reason.

Vermin Create Virus

Oy! God's gift to the world, jews are. Special, sensitive people, given to fruitful introspection when not helping out at the soup kitchen. Got jews -- got problems. No Jews. Just Right. Here on Pa Sheinbein, another good Jew, helping his spawn flee to Israel after murdering an American. Loyalty to America? From a jew? Bwahaha! "Good for jews" is all they care about. Is it "good for Jews" is the only question jews ask. The Jew is your enemy, White man. Was Mossad behind WTC?

TV Uber Alles, Says Fred

No way to control its effects, nor, apparently, its controllers. Doesn't matter the tongue, it speaks the same moral and political language from Mexico to Russia. Here Fisk is attacked by Afghanis. Feebs limit public info. Insane Whites convert to Jews. Here on prisons, niggers, and prison rape. With a name like Perry Farrell, it's got to be Jewish. Here St. Paul schools stop supporting scouts. Do you think they've dropped support for sodomites?

Mein Kampf Online

Don't let kikes make up your mind. Read and think for yourself.

Britain: Anti-White Apartheid Developing Rapidly

Nogs and brownwogs get all the benefits, Whites get no-go zones, Judenpresse covers it all up. All that is necessary for jews to fail is for White men to do something. On "anti-terror" bill here. Nogs invade Ireland. Possible ebola outbreak on the Nog Continent.

Ford Book Reaction

NYT reaction to Neil Baldwin's new book "Conspiracy" about Henry Ford.

Niggers Are Crazy Because of "Racism"

Hey! That witch stole my penis! Plenty of people with super-70 IQs believe in witches. Of course, the other, unmentioned edge cuts against the liberal dogma of integration. If niggers go nuts around Whites, why are the libs so intent on mixed nuts? Just follow the rule that whatever Whites do is wrong, and you'll have the hermeneutics you need to read the Judenpresse. The only good Jew is Danglestein.

U.S. Considers Sanctioning Monkey Mugabe

Can't wait to hear what the House she-babboons have to say about this one. All remaining non-Jew Zimbabwe Whites should be invited to move to the United States. That's under 70,000; i.e., a few days' worth of Mexcrement.

Zimdebeests Peel Lips at U.S. Sanctions Threat

Unhappy hooters.

NYT Article on Kirk Lyons and Sons of Confederate Veterans

Claims the group is split over his views... Here the U.S. Civil Rights Commission refuses to seat Bush appointee. The nig bitch Berry running it is famous for her ejaculation that civil rights laws weren't intended for White men and don't apply to them. Dumb nigger, you aren't supposed to say it, winced the jews.

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