Ocean's Eleven (2001)

by Mark Rivers

Steven Soderbergh, the director of "Ocean's Eleven," is not a Jew, according to my research. However, executive producer Jerry Weintraub is. The ethnic backgrounds and beliefs of the other producers and writers are uncertain, but it's clear that they are in step with the current Semitic program. "Ocean's Eleven," like its 1960 counterpart, is an opportunity to throw several A-list stars together in the hopes that it will attract viewers from every walk of life. So far, it has worked; the movie has drawn in over 40 million dollars as of this writing, and it is expected to more than cover its production costs.

In "Ocean's Eleven," ex-con Danny Ocean (George Clooney) puts together a team of crooks with varying talents. There is a British demolitions expert (negro Don Cheadle), a wisecracking insider (negro Bernie Mac), a financial supporter (Jew Elliot Gould), a veteran impersonator (Jew Carl Reiner), a Chinese acrobat (Bling Bling Dung Poo), a couple of pretty boys (Brad Pitt and Matt Damon), a video hound (PJ Edward Jemison) and two Mormon idiots (Casey Affleck and half-Jew Scott Caan). Ocean's intent is to rob 150 million dollars from the casino safe of Terry Benedict (Cuban Andy Garcia) and steal back his wife, Tess (Julia Roberts).

The most anti-White moment of the movie is in the scene in which Damon, posing as a representative of the Nevada Gaming Commission, has Benedict and the negro card dealer (Mac) in an interrogation room. The negro accuses Damon of racism, and makes a leap at him. Damon ducks and cowers at the negro's approach, apologizing profusely for any racist remarks. The negro keeps muttering "Cracker," while the lemmings in the audience chuckle, and the negroes behind me guffaw with gusto.

Other than that, "Ocean's Eleven" is just a lackluster and unimaginitive heist movie, coming on the heels of three other heist movies, "Heist," "The Score" and "Sexy Beast" (all of which you can find reviewed here on VNN). Don't bother with "Ocean's Eleven."

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