Another Victory for NA with 12/15/01 March on Israeli Embassy

by Victor Gerhard

A wild, bizarre and confrontational demonstration occurred this past Saturday as White Solidarity saved the day for pro-White, anti-Israeli demonstrators. The National Alliance and its allies again ventured into the heart of enemy territory with a successful rally in front of the Israeli Embassy in Washington, D.C., on December 15th. About 65 people gathered to protest Israeli and Jewish causation of the September 11th incident, the ongoing attacks in Afghanistan and Palestine, and the police-state crackdown in America.

National Alliance Deputy Membership Coordinator Billy Roper led the demonstrators from a D.C. parking garage to the Embassy just before the scheduled 12:00 start time. Even more police officers than the last march were present, perhaps over 50, some in Darth Vader-style crowd-control garb complete with jumbo batons, many on motorcycles with sidecars, along with numerous squad cars, bike patrols and constantly circling police vans.

The change in atmosphere from the previous month's march was palpable and the two blocks between the Embassy and the parking garage were swarming with police and counter-demonstrators. Tensions were high as the Alliance marched out into a sunny fall day. This was to be a far more dramatic confrontation than the overwhelming show of Alliance strength that categorized the November march.

Jewish attack and disruption tactics...

The Jewish leaders of the counter-demonstrators apparently had carefully studied the coverage from the previous demonstration on November 10th and were determined to learn from their mistakes. While the Alliance was punctual as always, the counter-demonstrators (the CDs) were in place for the demonstration by at least 11:15. The CDs mustered a far greater number of people this time, if you consider blacks, mongrels and White race-traitors to be people. Clearly they had trolled the local dorms with promises of loose shoes, tight something, and a warm place to do something else. The same wide assortment of Jews was present, including several rat-faced, Peter Lorre-type specimens heretofore not seen in public outside of the late-night Nazi classic The Eternal Jew. Reflecting the average Jewish physique and mentality this created a swarm of 5' 3", 100-pound insect-like beings.

The CDs numbered at their height about 115 persons and acted far more confident with the increase in numbers. Of this number, however, only about 40 proved to be enthusiastic counter-demonstration participants. The leader of this group, maneuvering stealthily behind the crowd, was apparently a gaunt, gray-haired Jew spotted at the last demonstration - probably some society-wrecking expert brought in from South Africa. Many other CDs seemed to be merely observing the spectacle, while a great number were strung out all the way down Van Ness Street, where they remained before, during and after the demonstration in preparation for trouble-making as the Alliance marched to and from the Embassy along the other side of Van Ness. This total of 115 was about one-tenth of one percent of the D.C. college population. Some of these stalwart leftists came as far as four blocks from their dorms. The Alliance again had members traveling from West Virginia, New Jersey, Maryland and other states.

Meanwhile, back at the parking garage the Alliance demonstrators were taking group photos to record for history the faces of those who were again putting themselves on the line for their race. When that was dispensed with they formed up in the classic two-across formation, lifted signs and marched out of the garage into a police escort.

Many of the mask-wearing, backpack-equipped androgynous munchkins were waiting behind cars and trees to harass the Alliance as it marched to the embassy. In a pattern that was to be repeated the entire afternoon the CDs were like a pack of jackals, never facing the demonstrators head on, and running when the numbers were not at least 5 to 1 in their favor, but doing everything possible to cause trouble and incite an incident. Much of what they did and got away with without any police response will sound unbelievable but just ask anyone who was there. Every effort was made by them to cause disruption and chaos and create a photo opportunity for their controlled media to re-process for the masses. They did all they could to derail and stop the Alliance demonstration. They were not non-violent; they were as violent as they possibly could be under the circumstances.

First, balloons filled with urine were thrown across the street, with the throwers attempting to target Billy Roper in particular. Counter-demonstrators darted across the streets whenever the police left a space and hurled items or attempted to lure Alliance members into a counter-attack, which would of course lead to immediate arrests of Alliance members. Several masked troublemakers hid back behind trees and threw rocks and glass bottles. When these people were pointed out to the police, the cops merely went over and stood in front of the throwers for a moment. This was a confrontation in which the Alliance and the CDs knew that the only arrests would be of Alliance members and the Jews were free to commit any act short of murder.

Skinheads to the rescue...

The Jews must have felt fully prepared to halt the Alliance demonstration. Their midget thugs were in place and they could count on the police to look the other way. However, there was one factor they hadn't counted on, which turned the tables and led to another clear victory for the Alliance. While fewer Alliance members were present for this demonstration, probably about 25, their ranks were augmented by a complement of 40 Skinheads, complete with shaved heads, boots, tattoos and muscles. This included members of the Baltimore-based Eastern Hammerskins and some independent Skins. The CDs had been prepared to try and cut off and surround a small group of demonstrators, but with the Skinheads distributed along the march line, every charge of jackals ran into at least three or four Skins who turned and prepared for battle while the CDs stumbled into themselves trying to escape. Finally they contented themselves with throwing items from across the street and yelling threats from behind police lines. They yelled about the many things thirty or forty of them would do if only that one policeman wasn't there to hold them back.

This Jewish attack method was in keeping with their long military tradition. They were following in the footsteps of those brave defenders of Masada who, when surrounded by Roman Legions, drew lots to see which one of their own would slit the throats of the 900 Jews present, including women and children. That certainly taught the Romans a lesson. All we Whites have in our history are incidents like the battles of Thermopylae and the Alamo, where Whites fought to the death and took thousands of enemies with them. Imagine the emotions of the Israeli Army recruits when they are flown to that historic shrine at the end of basic training. Oh Yahweh, they must think, let me be the one chosen to slit the throat of the last Jew. Call me a Jew-lover, but I sometimes have that same thought.

Among the sidewalk screamers were two or three negresses decked out in what they apparently consider to be traditional African dress; bright-colored cloth twisted around them, gold jewelry, and piled-high hair wrapped up like Kwanzaa presents. All that was missing from this typical tribal array was a goat, eight screaming UNICEF recipients including one-year-old girls with rape-trauma, a cow-dung hut and AIDS lesions. (Q: What's the most advanced thing in an African village? A: The current stage of VD infection.) However, based on the witty repartee coming from these African Queens, the requisite IQ of 70 was present.

Demonstration begins...

Upon successfully reaching the demonstration area the Alliance proved itself even more organized than last time. Bullhorns, signs and video cameras were ready. One member had a water supply and paper cups. Prepared chants had been printed up and distributed to members beforehand. Roper and several other members made final preparations, and the demonstration went into action.

The recent activities of JDL leader Irv Rubin became the butt of many new chants:

Rubin and the JDL
Terrorists from Israel

Irv Rubin, You Made The List
Another Jewish Terrorist

Osama...Osama...Osama Bin Rubin!

However, by far the most popular chant was one apparently made up on the spot:

Roses are red, Violets are blue, for every dead Arab, another dead Jew!

The last three words were screamed particularly loud.

The Alliance chants continued, calling for an end to the war, an end to murders of Palestinians, an end to U.S. aid to Israel, and for free speech in Europe. The CDs countered with cries of "Nazis get out"; "Kill the Nazis"; "Stop Nazi Scum" - truly an intellectual exchange.

Next came Alliance chants about the U.S.S. Liberty, Ariel Sharon's quote about Jews controlling America, and about the lack of diversity in Israel. The devastating reply by the CDs was to call the demonstrators liars. Of course, most of the Jews' efforts were to divert the issue from Israel and to attempt to rally their multi-racial playthings by calling the Alliance haters and KKK. Without the support and cover offered by blacks, Hispanics, Asians, homos and all their other pets, the Jews' agenda would be far too exposed.

Some enlightening CD signs said "Stop Hate," and "All You Need Is Love." One particularly humorous sign said "Anti-Semitism Does Not Equal Pro-Arab." Jews arrogantly never cease to decide what it is other races want and feel. A Jew made that sign, not an Arab. Probably many Arabs think quite the opposite. Of course, what do I know - I only read what Arabs say in their non-Jew-controlled publications.

The cause of the Palestinians was brought up many times by reporters interviewing Billy Roper. We have definitely found a soft spot in Jewish propaganda. Reporters again and again asked how and why the Alliance could support a Palestinian State. It seemed impossible for them to believe that what we want is an all-White nation, not Arab slaves. One reporter asked Roper what he would say to those people who claim the Alliance is only using Palestinians for its own ends. Roper replied, What would you say to people who claim the Jews are only using blacks, Hispanics and other groups for the Jews' own ends? - end of inquiry; game, set, match to Roper.

Flag destroyed, CDs begin to self-destruct...

Again, the high point of the demonstration was the raising of a full-size Israeli flag for the CDs to see, where upon it was ripped to pieces with many members pantomiming blowing their noses or shining their shoes with the remnants. One grizzled reporter was desperately trying to stop laughing at the display. As usual the flag destruction was met with disbelief and silence on the part of the CDs.

Finally the CDs resorted to beating a drum and doing a rap-style chant about power to the people that made no sense but, very significantly, rhymed and had a beat you could dance to. That quickly caught the attention of the other minorities. In fact, the chant took on a life of its own, as the African Queens swayed and bopped, the chanters clapped and jived, and the drums throbbed. It proved too much for several of the black brothers present -- in a flash, 300 years of Western Civilization came off like a prom dress. The dancing, throbbing and chanting transported them back to the Dark Continent, and they instinctively reverted to their old ways. Suddenly they had a fire going and when a local missionary jogged past they grabbed him and began roasting him on a spit. His screams and the smell of his burning polyester warm-ups attracted the attention of the Jews. However, as they say, biology is destiny. Without a conscious thought the Jews answered the call of the blood, themselves reverting to their ancient traditions. The blacks were grabbed, shackled and a lively slave auction was started using an upside-down garbage can as an auction block. Luckily, before the police could intervene, Fred Streed, the National Alliance overseer, managed to buy 3 prime bucks for a song. They were trussed up and place in the back of Fred's pickup truck for transport to the National Headquarters. Next year's cotton crop should be spectacular.

The greater variety of dark faces caused further embarrassment for the Jews when D.C. Municipal Transport kept stopping in front of their rally, convinced it was a new city bus stop. At one point a driver experienced at dealing with mentally impaired D.C. residents actually got off the bus and started to push the counter-demonstrators on. He left in a huff when the Jews stopped their puppets from boarding, reminding them of the ice cream waiting for them back at the dorms.

At about 1:00 the CDs had an inexplicable sudden loss of participants. As the same thing happened at the November 10th demonstration this prompted an investigation. Finally, Billy Roper revealed his long-secret demonstration strategy. Every Saturday at 1:00 is MTV's broadcast of "Booty Call." It never fails, come 1:00 demonstrators start edging away and running for the TV back at the Ujamma dorm.

The CDs tried a couple chants stating that "Nazis Must Get Out Now." The demonstrators waited expectantly but the CDs made no move to leave the protection of their barriers.

This led to another high point - the Skinheads gathered at the end of the demonstration area facing the CDs and did their own chant: "Stamp out commie reds; who's gonna do it -- Skinheads!" At the word 'Skinheads,' forty hands snapped out a Nazi salute. The Jews across the street suddenly were doing Marty Feldman imitations. You could almost hear them think, those people are the real thing, and if it wasn't for the cops those boots would be cracking our skulls. Silence reigned.

Finally the Alliance wrapped up the demonstration. The march back to the parking garage began. This again triggered the jackal impulse in the Jews, suddenly brave again as they ran safely on the other side of the street. As the Alliance reached the far corner of Van Ness and Constitution, the CDs made a move to cut off part of the line. There was a melee with CDs, demonstrators and cops all involved. The CDs were beaten back, and the Alliance marchers made it to the parking-garage entrance unscathed.

The CDs backed up and ran down Connecticut Avenue and as the last demonstrators started into the garage about 30 CDs made one last attempt to jump some isolated Alliance Members. Out of nowhere appeared about seven Skinheads, fists ready. The Jews stopped so suddenly skid marks were left on the grass. The Jews pulled back and waited expectantly for the M1 tanks, Apache helicopters and Army snipers to massacre the unarmed opposition. Then the Jews were swept with a wave of embarrassment - they forgot they were not on the West Bank and that such military assistance in America is still a few years off.

The Alliance members left the parking garage by several different exits and despite attempt by the CDs to harass them there were no problems.

Reagan National Airport...

The afternoon's activities were not over.

About 20 demonstrators departed for Regan Airport to hand out leaflets. No sooner had these members entered the Airport than Police set upon them. They were questioned and followed. Some members went back to the parking lot and began putting literature under car wipers. Very quickly the police swarmed over them all. The cops took and held onto licenses, and demanded that they be allowed to search members' cars. When some members refused the police were furious. K-9 dog units were brought out to search for drug scents but found nothing. One member was told that because he had some signs from the demonstration in his car he could be held liable for a thousand-dollar fine for each sign. All members were stopped, detained, questioned and harassed with no explanation. The police let them go after telling them they must leave Virginia immediately and never come back to the airport without a ticket. A few weeks before at this same airport PETA demonstrators handed out literature without any problems.

The aftermath...

Demonstrators then congregated at a local restaurant. Comparing experiences it was clear that not only has America been completely taken over by Jewish interests, no opposition to those interests is allowed. Demonstrators are attacked right in front of police, literature distribution leads to detention or arrest, even writing about the new police-state gets one's name on a national list of people to be watched. When every form of non-violent opposition is deprived us, that will leave only one thing, won't it?

As members sat and talked, suddenly the TV was showing the coverage of their demonstration. Many watched happily. That thirty seconds was the reward for 65 people who faced scorn, assault and arrest. Many had also paid a high price in time and money. Without people like these our movement would be almost invisible. But in fact national TV coverage and articles in the Washington Post and USA Today followed the local TV coverage. Some coverage linked the demonstration with the mysterious appearance of a Fokker Eindecker E111 over D.C., towing a sign that said "Erika is Cool."

This was the fourth D.C. demonstration in six months for the Alliance. All were successful. More such demonstrations are in the works. However, with the utterly devious Jewish tactics experienced we must again be prepared for physical attacks; as Irv Rubin shows, no act is beneath this race; - this race without honor or any sense of fair play, this race for which there is only one principle -- "What is good for the Jews?" -- the rest of the world be damned.

Finally, one wonders when this race will ever have a demonstration, in the minority, in one of our strongholds. With 65 people we went into the center of one of their capitol cities. If any of you little ferrets want to have a get-together without any cops present, just name the time and place. We won't hold our breath. You despicable animals, is there any group of people on earth that doesn't despise you, now or in the past 10,000 years? We can take all the abuse you can dish out, because we know we are going to win in the end, and revenge will be sweet.


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