Are We Bombing the Wrong Country?

by Victor Wolzek

In response to some of my recent articles in which I've said, as an anti-Israel statement, "We're bombing the wrong country," I've received some criticism. The general line was: "I wouldn't say we're bombing the wrong country, I'd say we're not bombing enough countries. Victor, you're preaching to the choir about the Zionist entity. I agree with you. But to say we're wasting our time in Afghanistan is preposterous."

Preposterous? Maybe. Let's examine some issues and find out.

First, Afghanistan is only an issue because we helped establish and continue to support Israel. This has been frequently discussed by various critics, and was admitted by all of my critics. The pro-Israel consensus, however, totally derails from my train of thought, and goes something like this: even if support of Israel lit the fuse, the wick is now burning on its own, free of the Israel issue, and we must therefore focus our energy on the bomb itself (Mideast hostility) rather than the cause of its ignition (Israel).

In its own way that makes sense. In another way, it's total horseshit, just more B.S. to defend America's anti-American, pro-Zionist status quo.

Pretending that Israel wasn't the ultimate cause while hammering away at the immediate enemy is not a thoughtful, strategic solution. While "thought" typically goes by the boards when Israeli interests are involved, let's pretend we're not rabid Zionists or sycophantic politicians and actually think for a minute. Maintaining allegiance to Israel while we carpet bomb Afghanistan is creating the enemies we will next "have to fight." Their mere objection to our willingness to heed Israel's demented bidding will, by default, make them "terrorists" according to Bush's "you're either with us or with the terrorists" position. In this sense, the list of "terrorist" countries requiring air-delivered re-education is a self-generating list, one that would not grow if -- and here is my proposed addendum to the "consensus" sketched above -- we simultaneously bombed the hell out of Afghanistan and Israel.

When critics say we're not bombing enough countries, I fear they're on board with the Zionists, who are basically maneuvering to use the U.S. military as a giant napalm fire hose to spray all surrounding areas clean: Iran, Iraq, etc... Basically everyone but themselves, the Chosen few.

According to this wrong-headed enthusiasm, everyone in the Mideast is a "terrorist threat" except Israel, the one nation we know absolutely for sure has nuclear and biochemical weapons and has performed horrific acts of terrorism against many countries, including the United States!

Aligning ourselves with Israeli terrorists against all of their enemies (who are becoming our enemies only by association) is not in America's interest in any way.

In fact, if there were but a single nation in the world the U.S. could eliminate in the sole interest of protecting American citizens against every variety of terror -- foreign and domestic; financial and cultural -- it would be Israel. Hands down. There is not a single nation in the world that poses a more substantial holistic threat to American safety, freedom, and culture.

How many U.S.S. Libertys or Jonathan Pollards or Irv Rubins or mysteriously and, so the media say, "unimportantly" empty Israeli offices in the WTC buildings will it take to see that? How tight must the grip of nefarious Israel-first organizations like the ADL, the JDL, the AIPAC, and the American Jewish Professionals for Fairness, etc., get before Israel's intent to crush and strangle any gentiles who stand in their way becomes obvious? As if the Jews' single-handed turn of the third-world spigot in U.S. immigration policy in 1965 weren't enough to warrant permanent expulsion (if not then, certainly now!)

Israel is not a democracy in any sense that Americans would recognize. It's as nationalistic and militant and eugenics-based as Nazi Germany (which might be fine if it didn't simultaneously create and leverage the cinematic "wickedness" of Nazism to justify its own Zionazi tyranny). Israel is not our ally; we are useful to it at best. Every opportunity it has had to harm us to its own benefit, it has taken.

As Justin Raimondo said recently, Arabs may hate us, but at least they admit it. The Israelis, on the other hand, hate our guts and yet acts as if they are our dutiful servants, the "only democracy" in the Mideast. Netanyahu has the brazen balls, the shameless chutzpuh, to tell Americans in all forms of "American" media that Israel is hated because of its allegiance to America, "not the other way around"! A microcosmic example of the macrocosmic relationship -- he lies to our faces and then bilks us for billions in financial and military support.

That's been the story from the beginning. They smile at us while they attack our navy in international waters and try to blame it on Egypt! They steal our national secrets and when caught claim it isn't "really" treason because the traitor had a "dual allegiance" to Israel and the U.S.! They flood clean, safe white neighborhoods and schools with violent, sexually deviant and drug-addled blacks, Mexicans, and every variety of savage third-worlder in the name of a "diversity" they outlaw in their own "homeland." They know U.S. planes will be hijacked and crashed and allow it to happen to advance their agenda against the Palestinians! Israelis in the WTC buildings are warned hours in advance via Odigo instant messages and silently exit the buildings, leaving worthless gentile cattle (Talmudic language, not mine) behind to die anonymously, crushed and buried in a tangle of monstrous wreckage. A jacked-up gentile death-rate may be bad for Americans, but it's good for the Jews!

Merely to discuss other Mideast countries is to miss the forest for various, momentarily interesting but ultimately irrelevant, trees. All other Mideast "problems" are but decoys for the issue of Israel. They're red herrings. And for the most part they work. We sit around discussing the relative dangers of Iraq instead of saying all that needs to be said: U.S. out of Israel! Too simple? No. It's just that simple.

The news bears out the truth of this position every day. For every dubious "translation" of Osama videotapes from Afghanistan, dozens of Israelis are being picked up and held in America, flunking very real FBI and CIA lie-detector tests.

The government and the media are desperate not to report this stuff, but there's only so much they can outright bury without a total loss of credibility. Their reports are chocked full of semitically correct doubt-builders, all designed to create the illusion of "critique" and "balanced" reporting. It's almost humorous to imagine how distraught the U.S. government must be that the Israelis are putting it in this position. "If only the Israelis had been true allies," they must be saying to themselves. "We could proceed with the war and consistently lie that it's for a just cause." Now, however, because the Israelis were not true allies, because they were fucking us the whole time, the U.S. must hush it up, lie inconsistently, or come up with some bizarre, grand new lie to justify a continued alliance with the world's most notorious and proven terrorists. Chances are the government, no matter how foolish it is made to look, will not take my advice and drop the next batch of "Daisy Cutters" in the middle of Tel Aviv.

So you know: I do not so much doubt Osama knew about the attacks. (Though when's the last time you even heard him mentioned in the news?) Even if he did not plan the attacks himself, he probably -- as the news kept saying when they needed to personify their amorphous enemy, "terror" -- had "foreknowledge" of the attacks, at the very least. But it is also becoming increasingly clear and difficult to deny that Israel -- our supposed ally -- had "foreknowledge" too! Not Iran, not Iraq, ISRAEL. We know why Osama didn't tell us. Why didn't Israel?

If the giant U.S. fire hose is gonna be pointed anywhere beyond Afghanistan it ought to be pointed straight at Israel. And it ought to be pointed there soon, before our failure to point it there causes another country to take up arms against us.

In accordance with the critics, I considered changing my mantra to: we are defending the wrong country (i.e., Israel instead of America). But then I thought better of it. Despite my inclination to be diplomatic, it's clear to me that my old mantra still holds true: we are bombing the wrong country.

Claiming that we are wasting time with Afghanistan instead of focusing on the Israeli threat is not "preposterous" at all. The group of terrorists we're now calling "Afghanistan" killed, what, maybe 3,000+ Americans in how many years of "hatred"? Loss of any good Americans for the benefit of Israel is a loss we ought not suffer. But from any objective standard Afghanistan is not a major threat to us. Good Americans are far more likely to get raped, robbed or stabbed by young black males or the Mexicans illegally pouring into their states due to Jew-fostered open immigration and liberal welfare policies than anthraxed by Arab terrorists. As has been recently shown, good Americans are probably just as likely to be blown up by a self-righteous, highly funded, and scrupulously organized Jew groups like the JDL than by fundamentalist Muslims -- and that's when the Jews are formally our allies! Undoubtedly they'd commit merciless acts of terror against us if we pulled support for Israel. However, this Jewish threat in no way justifies continuing support for Israel, as some may argue. Rather, it underscores the need to stamp out the Jewish threat immediately. And permanently.

Put air marshals on our planes, seal shut Jew-opened immigration policy, keep an eye on Mideast military-industrial development (like we do on Iraq's), cut off all aid to Israel, ban the various Jewish lobbies in the United States, pass laws making Jewish crimes against gentiles "hate crimes" to discourage resistance by wannabee Sharon and Rubin-types, and we'd be fine. Use the money and military arms currently flushed into Israel on U.S. border patrol and a handful of other non-civil-liberty-encroaching protective measures. Once -- and only once -- these broad measures were in place, would it be reasonable to turn to the details of extinguishing the unnamed, lower-profile terrorism plaguing urban America.

There you have it: a highly effective, affordable, pro-American agenda that truly defangs international terrorism and lays the groundwork for eliminating all forms of domestic terrorism threatening the lives of citizens and the traditional culture of George Washington's United States.

Compared to this agenda, bombing Afghanistan while continuing to support the Israeli Occupation is, in fact, preposterous.


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