Sobibor West

by Carol Ward

Readers ask me why I haven't been commenting on the news. Well, it's because I'm in pretty much the same mood as I was in late September. On 9/11, I was sitting in a small boarding house in Durbuy, Belgium, staring at the TV, and saying to myself - "Those fucking Jews -- Those disgusting Jews. THIS time they really did it."

Actually, I wasn't alone. Every guest in the house was gathered around the TV to watch the events unfold. I was surprised by the consensus actually - agreement that perhaps our Israeli "allies" were responsible for the loss of life that day. The Euros I met were especially distrustful of the monster Israelis and the Jewish-American politics that keep them in business.

But the last straw for me was December 13. The president of the Jewish Defense League was arrested in Los Angeles with explosives and a plan to assassinate an American congressman, yet this huge story was treated as a one-day event in the L.A. Times and a running headline below the Fox News Network.

Well, guys, that means the game is over. Set and match - fucking Jews.

In American Sobibor, the news that the JDL planned to blow up a mosque and assassinate a California congressman is a non-event. There is no commentary beyond the initial story. No hand wringing and punditry on the "implications of this kind of terrorism by our staunchest ally". Nope. Jews don't report on the evil of Jews. And Jews control the reports.

What we saw instead, that day, was our President in front of an Israeli flag, telling the world we are aligned with Israel, their leaders and their tactics. American Jews are running America, and they own our government top to bottom.

The nationalist, militant, eugenics-based Israel and her relatives in America operate an international machine of terror more deadly, more nefarious, and more encompassing than anything Hitler ever imagined.

Sharon levels Palestinian villages. And in Sobibor West, Gloria Allred sues on behalf of blacks that don't like the color of the angels on Christmas trees. Local dentists collude with councilmen to destroy what's left of Christmas in our schools. Jews pose as regular Americans when they are, in fact, our deadliest foes. Jewish writers control the content of our entertainment, crafting only positive images of the takeover.

There is really nothing left to say. Ordinary Americans are excluded from the discussion. Even communications on the Internet are endangered. We hang on to our ability to reach out to like-minded patriots by a thread.

The draconian new tactics at the Free Republic - America's "premiere" conservative website - are a case in point. Those of us who have been tracking the Jewish takeover of the GOP and the conservative movement have also been tracking the internet technologies used to crush dissent and eliminate speech inconsistent with the overall goals of Sobibor West.

If you remember, the popular conservative website was marked for takeover a few years ago because it received so much daily traffic from conservatives who questioned the American government, and the cover-up of the crimes of Bill Clinton. Since that power shift at Free Republic, old members have been routinely banned from participating if they question the new kosher keepers at the site. Jews man the boards 24/7 for the express purpose of tracking anti-Israeli or anti-Jewish sentiments. With each upgrade of the system, the thought police are better able to eliminate unauthorized speech by individual post. Each new member is tracked and monitored. At the slightest indication that the new freeper is anti-Israel, or if they question the tactics at the site, their accounts are yanked, and their ISP address is noted. The new improved system provides for no dissent on the subject of American Jews, Israel or the establishment of Sobibor West.

Although there are discussions that question Jewish influence, only established members can participate. No newbies can join, or their accounts are closed. Old timers know they are marked men and women if they persist in talking about the lockdown in America, so most just ignore threads on the "problem of Jews" and stay out of the line of fire.

Actually the Free Republic is a microcosm of America at the moment. Everyone is just keeping quiet -- holding tight to their given prosperities. Public denunciation of the Jewish takeover is a professional death sentence, so most prefer to remain quiet. We are a defeated people, even in our victory over the bugi-man Bin Laden. Jews control the immigration debate; so White Americans and Muslims are destined for economic extinction in America. As prosperity is increasingly determined by demographics, Jews as "whites" will control a disproportionate share, with useful minorities sharing the remainders. White gentiles will be marginalized unless they are useful goyim.

So this Christmas, my thoughts are with Palestinians. - with Muslims.

May God bless you in your work. You know best the evil that has consumed my country and your own. You are the last line of defense between free men and the evil of the Talmud. There is no one more dangerous than he who has nothing left to lose. And Palestinians have nothing left to lose.

So -- Bless you Palestine. May God bless you and your struggle against the greatest evil the planet has ever known. And forgive me my casual condemnations when I've visited Muslim countries. Muslims are the light, the future, and the last hope for the world. We may not agree on much else - but we do agree on this --

Evil thy name is Jew. There is nothing much left to say. Don't look to Carolontheweb for much commentary in the coming weeks. I'm sick to death of readers who are too timid to speak of the subject to anyone but me. I'm sick to death of secret discussion groups by terrified academics who portend the end of America at the hands of Jews, but fear for their livelihoods should they speak of it openly. I am now reduced to scorn for the Americans of Sobibor West. Their homes and cars are festooned with flags, yet they huddle in their homes like frightened grass-eaters as Jews destroy the last of our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Prediction: [I'm getting pretty good at this, actually] Next stop Terror in the Heartland. Should doofus dubya persist in a quick, narrow victory, we'll probably find a floater named Mohammed in a Des Moines reservoir, with a pouchful of ebola and a "Death To Israel" t-shirt. Then the round-ups will begin in earnest, even as the Jews at the ACLU bankrupt the government with lawsuits for Muslim internees. Hey, they work every end of every system.

Evil thy name is Jew - the verb. And God is dead in any world where they are allowed to live.


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