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Hobnobbing Yids

As you work two jobs, America's Jewish masters hobnob, cavort, raise cocktail glasses. "Spotted at the New York premiere of Tom Hanks's and Steven Spielberg's HBO miniseries Band of Brothers on September 6 at the Council on Foreign Relations were: a reporter for the New York Times, Ralph Blumenthal, talking with the director of the Department of City Planning, Joseph Rose; the chairman of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, Mort Zuckerman, talking with HBO chief executive officer Jeffrey Bewkes; and AOL-Time Warner chief Steven Case." The wildest-eyed "anti-Semitic conspiracy theory" pales before the actual guest list at a mere cocktail party, doesn't it? By the way, "The miniseries is scheduled to conclude on November 4, with the final episode portraying the capture of Hitler's Bavarian fortress 'Eagle's Nest.'" Throw your TV out the window, White man.

Yawp About Town

As the dust settles, New York's main resource, various literary Jews, unhurt by debris, unscorched by jet fuel, call out for Chinese, sit down to type up their thoughts on 911. One Aharon Appelfeld says, "a Holocaust survivor came over to my table and enumerated the dangers ahead of us. During the war, he had been in three death camps. [Only three? -- Ed.] 'Why do the Jews arouse such hatred?' he asked." It's a mystery to us here at VNN. Could it have anything to do with Jews like Susan "the white race is the cancer of human history" Sontag? Here, she deigns to speak to mere mortals such as ourselves. "The disconnect between last Tuesday's monstrous dose of reality and the self-righteous drivel and outright deceptions being peddled by public figures and TV commentators is startling, depressing. The voices licensed to follow the event seem to have joined together in a campaign to infantilize the public. Where is the acknowledgment that this was not a 'cowardly' attack on 'civilization' or 'liberty' or 'humanity' or 'the free world' but an attack on the world's self-proclaimed superpower, undertaken as a consequence of specific American alliances and actions?" Israel! Is she going to say something about Israel? Ha. "How many citizens are aware of the ongoing American bombing of Iraq?" And furthermore, Sontag lectures, index finger wagging, "If the word 'cowardly' is to be used, it might be more aptly applied to those who kill from beyond the range of retaliation, high in the sky, than to those willing to die themselves in order to kill others." Oh. Like Israelis rocketing Palestinians from attack helicopters? Jews. Ya gotta love 'em!

Flying the Friendly Skies

Worried about suspicious-looking Middle Eastern men in airports? They're the security guards. All the workers at the security checkpoint were minorities who spoke little English...I was greeted by a phalanx of Argenbright security guards. Actually, it was three Middle-Eastern boys in ill-fitting uniforms who all wore sheepish expressions and shuffled their feet, as if they didn't know what they were supposed to be doing. This is our capital's line of defense against kamikaze terrorists. Here pilot doubts theory of terrorist attack. Was Sears Tower a target?

History: Agreed-Upon Lies

Why did Steven Spielberg shoot his half-mad "Holocaust" propaganda piece, Schindler's List, in black-and-white? So that its images would become interchangeable with historical photographs. Here, proof that it worked. "Scholarly" paper intermingling Shakespeare with Spielberg, philosophy with props, reality with sick Jewish fantasy -- as though the subject were real, legitimate. Oy!

Media: Foreign Coverage Has Dipped 3/4 Last 20 Years

The thinking will be done for you. All you really care about's what Tom Kidman and Nicole Cruz are up to, right, White man?

House Niggers Big on Reparations

What do you think, Kingfish?

Movie Review: How Green Was My Valley (1941)

If what's available for several dollars at local theaters has you choosing between bad, worse, and worst, go to a public library (free) or a video rental (cheap) and take out something that will lift your morale rather than depress R. Belser

Bush Family Entangled with Bin Laden via Oil Biz

Papa (and Dubya by extension) are thick as thieves with the bin Laden family, and in fact the entire murky, murderous world of multi-national oil companies is one in which the Bush family is deeply involved. That was well known during the Gulf 'War,' when the press knew very well that 'saving democracy' in Kuwait was pure b.s. -- but looked the other way, as it's done before and has been doing ever since.

FBI Probing Internet Instant Messaging Advance Warning of WTC Attack

And whom did company execs call first? Israel's security services. People are beginning to put this together with the other little odd bits about 911 -- such as the convenient absence of Israelis from their WTC offices on the big day, and the five Israelis stopped near the WTC after the attack for 'acting suspiciously.' If you put your ear to the ground, you may catch the sound of some furious scrambling to tie up loose ends. . .

California Gov Says 2nd Amendment Rights Don't Exist

California Governor Gray Davis says there is no individual right to keep and bear arms and has given us an official statement to that effect. The title link page includes a petition for you to speak out against this would-be tyrant.

Clinton on Verge of Disbarrment

He's fighting it, of course....Disbarring Clinton is like sentencing a murderer -- which Clinton probably is, and not just for his actions in Iraq and Serbia -- to community service, but the outfit that persevered to bring him to even this small justice deserves credit.

Rodney "Why-Can't-We-All-Jiss-Git-Along" King Busted Again

This time, it's for exposing himself, among other charges.... Surely by now he's been busted enough times to be incarcerated as a habitual felon?

Hitler's Address to the Legion Kondor in the Berlin Luftgarden, 6 June 1939

The Condor Legion was sent by Hitler to help Franco reclaim Spain for the Spanish....translated by Allen Knechtmann

Hail to Columbus -- The First Immigrant

All hail the "Father of Diversity" Victor Gerhard

Think of the Children!

No. Think of OUR Derek Powling

Cropdusting and Biochemical Warfare: Fact and Fiction

Don't believe the agitprop; killing a major city with plane-dispensed chemicals isn't going to Arch Stanton

Movie Review: Billy Jack (1971)

The anti-White, pro-rabble attitudes featured in Billy Jack are still going strong J. R. Colson

Instant Messages to Israel Warned of Attack 2 Hours Beforehand

Officials at instant-messaging firm Odigo confirmed today that two employees received text messages warning of an attack on the World Trade Center two hours before terrorists crashed planes into the New York landmarks. What does it mean? Probably -- at the very least -- that certain intelligence services had pre-knowledge of the attack. This may be one of those stories that just vanishes down the memory hole....

Propasphere Calling Asians in US 'Whites'

The motivations vary, and are conscious and unconscious -- but all are essentially anti-White: to hide the fact that many universities are now overrun with Orientals; to obscure the fact that, in White societies, Asians can perform and blacks cannot.

Bush Said to Be Courting Islamic Support and Backing Away from Israel

We'd like to think this is happening and that it isn't just a matter of Dubya seeking not to alienate millions of Islamics by throwing them a bone by wrist slapping Sharon.

Soros Makes Financial Killing from 911

...thereby upholding a Jewish tradition of many centuries' standing. Just another way in which the 911 attacks were 'good for Jews.'

Free Speech Gasping Its Last in U.K.

[Home Secretary] David Blunkett plans to make incitement to religious hatred an offence in an attempt to curb both Muslim fanatics and white racists. The UK already has a law which outlaws inciting racial 'hatred,' which is proving to be one of the most elastic and obligingly supple terms the Propasphere has ever used, while being freighted with overtones of evil and violence.

Jew Straw Says Fighters for Net Freedom Are Hurting Anti-Terror Fight

That's an argument which we'll see more and more often in the latest bid of the NWO/ZOG to get control of the Internet.

U.K. Pushing National I.D. Cards

You will not hear any government emphasising these aspects. Instead, the new ID systems are benignly promoted as "citizen cards" that guarantee entitlement to benefits and services....Five years ago, the Government quietly buried proposals for ID cards when it discovered that they would cost billions of pounds more than expected, would do little to prevent crime, and might become wildly unpopular.... If an ID card was unworkable five years ago, why would it work now? The short answer is that it would not - unless the biometric were added and the whole system verified through a national database. That is not a card: it is a national surveillance infrastructure....Expect to see the national I.D. card pushed here in the US as well.

US Youth Lukewarm about Fighting 'America's New War'

To want to fight, you have to have passionate beliefs or feelings. Who could possibly get worked up over the mushy egalitarian/universaalist 'values' being invoked by our 'leaders'? And who will fight for a country which has lost its identity?

Dispossession of White Farmers in Zimby Continues Apace

Will the last one to leave please turn out the lights?

Penis in a Bottle

Authorities do not know whether the body part came from an adult or juvenile, or whether it had been taken from a cadaver or a living person. We await the solution of this mystery with interest....

Protests in Washington

Patriotic Jews resent these new protesters...

Möbus and German "Democracy"

Democratic freedom of speech: say whatever pleases the ruling minority. The Federal Republic of Germany equals any Third World Dictatorship: you can get along with the powers-that-be when you stick to their party line. Step over this line, and you'll instantly realize there are no "democratic liberties" for you.

Bin Laden Points to Jews


Buchanan on Israel-Firsters

Either Bush takes on Israel's entire list of enemies, longer than Mike Tyson's rap sheet, or the "neocons" -- that's the polite word for Jews, with the odd Bennett frontman -- will quit supporting him. The Jew is your enemy, White man. He wants your son to die for Israel.

Vegan Nuts Demeat Baby to Death

Another Darwin success story... Sorry, kid, sometimes the dice just don't come up.

Jamaican HIV-Infected Rapist Gets Life Sentence

Actually, this serial rapist, who seems to have targetted Whites, received five life sentences -- probably an attempt to make an otherwise inevitable early parole impossible. Meanwhile, the hunt is on for another Negro, this one a Somali who stabbed a 62-year-old Englishman to death in what police admit was a totally unprovoked attack. England is inundated with non-White predators like these, while its NWO/ZOG puppet government pushes for more of the same. In the UK and on the European continent, all of the ingredients for civil war are beginning to simmer. Eventually they will reach the boiling point. Pro-Whites in the US have much more in common with European nationalsts than they do with their own lemming 'fellow Americans.'

The Propasphere: How They Do It

How the media and 'civil rights' organizations work as a tag teem to create the illusion of a wave of so-called 'hate-crimes' against 'minorities,' when the reality is 180° out of phase with their distortions....

Zimbabwe Monkeys Continue White Farmland Grab

These blacks are the natural fellow-countrymen of the Cincinnati 'groids and the Seatle rioters. They think and act alike; they are the same breed, in exactly the same sense that fox and Bedlington terriers are akin to each other in every way that matters, and different from German shepherds. Whites in the US have common racial and cultural bonds with the dispossessed White farmers in Zimbabwe and virtually no bonds with the ever-increasing number of non-Whites in North America. No one can predict when the point will be reached when this realization can no longer be avoided; our enemies are hoping to delay that moment as long as possible, until it is too late for Whites to act upon it.

Did WTC Collapse Get a Little 'Help' from Explosives Planted Inside?

Good chance of it, thinks tech expert often called upon for forensic assitance in bomb cases; his help wasn't requested this time.

Read It and Weep

....the latest Propasphere polls, that is....With categories such as "% who cried after event," you'd better have a puke pail handy.

Colin Powell a Black "Son of a Bitch," Says

Despite his well-publicized facility with Yiddish and his care to stress his empathy with the People of the Holohoax, Powell's racial bonus points don't cut the mustard now that he's shown himself insufficiently zealous in going after Hymie's enemies.

Bin Laden Denies Responsibility for 911 Attacks

Since the fedgov has refused to present any evidence that bin Laden was behind the attacks, and since there are some peculiar anomalies about the attacks -- as there were with Oklahoma City and other major political events which have the feel of being stage managed -- it makes sense to keep an open mind about who did it, who knew about it, and when they knew it.

We Predicted This. . .

The Propasphere's media arm has begun its guilt-by-association game of associating pro-Whites with the Islamic 'terrorists.' The gist of the message that the media have been tasked with getting across is: Israel's enemies are our enemies and our enemies are Israel's enemies...Another link that the fedgov arm of the Propasphere is straining to make plausible is one between the bogey man, 'evil' drugs (We've been spraying toxic herbicides in Equador -- and strong-arming the eradication of cocoa crops in Bolivia, using the same logic that would ban guns to stop crime) and 'terror networks,' -- a sure-fire combination of sky-is-falling crises which should make the public swallow the necessity of the most drastic 'counter-measures.' The media's role is to soften up the public for the Big Brother arm of the Propasphere, which is working feverishly to get enabling legislation passed before the media-induced witlessness of the public fades.... Meanwhile, Bill Maher of ABC's Politically Incorrect got a little bit too politically incorrect -- i.e., honest -- and his show is faced with cancellation.

Click Here!

Hackers Terrorists?

On potential anti-terrorism laws...

Jews, with Support of Christian Dupes, Lay Cornerstones to Third Temple

There's a slight problem, though: the Dome of the Rock, the second most sacred site to Moslems, may "have to be destroyed" so that this symbol of the triumph of the Jewish Occupation of Palestine can be built.

California Man Arrested for Having Terrorist Tattoo

From the description, this guy was sporting a large portrait of Osama bin Laden on his chest, but Orange County cops reassure residents: "We believe it is important for people in Orange County to feel safe. . . . At the same time, we should not lull ourselves into a false sense of security," he said. "We should be aware that there may be issues and incidents that need to be fully investigated."....In other words, a certain background level of fear is to be encouraged, and we expect that all sorts of 'tip' lines will be set up so that 'suspicious activity' on the part of neighbors, etc., can be reported anonymously.

Israelis Stage Palestinian Children Celebrating 911

A team sent by the Israel Defense Ministry to film Palestinian children rejoicing in East Jerusalem staged the event that was later circulated in the US and around the world. A member of the team approached the Juhaina Sweets Shop and gave the owner 200 shekels and asked him to distrïbute the sweets to the children, according to the owner of the shop....Veteran Israeli political analyst Meron Benvenisti, a former deputy mayor of Jerusalem, noted in Ha'aretz (Thursday Sept. 13): "A team from the Spokesman's Office of the Israel Defense Forces was sent to film the scenes of joy and candy being handed out in East Jerusalem "for public relations purposes" Benvenisti wrote. If this story has been moved, look for issue of 14 Sept 2001 of the Jerusalem Post , on the front page of Volume VIII, no. 397.

Serbs Relying on Italian Army to Save Historic Churches from KLA

That's the same KLA -- 'Kosovo Liberation Army' -- which received heavy NWO/NATO backing as a cat's paw to destroy the Serbian ethnostate. It's part of NWO doctrine -- and that means US policy -- that ethnically based states must be destroyed. Nations which can't be suborned by means of globalist-consumerist 'values' are brought to their knees by carpet-bombing and the unleashing of minority thugs.

Hitler's Wilhelmshaven Speech, 1 April 1939

Instead of listening to what's lied about Hitler, listen to the man himself and draw your own judgments.....translated by Allen Knechtmann

Divided We Stand, But Not All of Us Are Sitting Anymore

Changes are brewing in America, and now is the time to spread the message to independent-minded Whites that there is another Derek Powling

As Always, Carol Cuts to the Chase

I can hear that garlic breath Sharon detailing how he intends to shake down the fat, foolish, but useful goy, telling his cronies, "Americans, they don't want to pay, but they WILL pay!! When we are through, they will spend whatever it takes. They will beg us to receive their airdrops of cash, spread across three time zones, that they may be home for the season premiere of the Simpsons."

Movie Review: The Glass House

Not a lot of strong racial messages, not a lot of negroes...just a movie with some overacting, bad writing and a barely-concealable Swedish accent.... by Mark Rivers

U.S. Army: No Clue and Everywhere

"Operating" in more than 50 countries! So we need an office of "Homeland" security. Some good crit of the typing Jew globokops. The old gay lady chips in here. Has she written one word about Wichita? Read FBI investigations posted in pdf on this page, thanks to Freedom of Information Act, which apparently lacks a provision preventing excessive blacking out. Nothing on the Jewish hate group ADL.

Reed on Where We Go Now

Fred plays dumb, but Fred's smart... Quit trying to country-boy us, Reed, and speak straight. Drop the dime on the Jews. You know they're the major obstacle, whether it's immigration or pending World War III. Here D.C. suffers...

Pierce in NYT

The queer Jews pit his "hate" against what they hope you'll take as the proper American reaction. Here poll claims Texans willing to give up their freedom for government " security."

Niggers Go Ape in Over-the-Rhine

Curfew declared after nigs riot upon learning that officer was acquitted of shooting of Timmy Tux. More on the scrubs here. Here's a man who knows his niggers: "Brace yourself," he said. "They may be calm now," Mr. Edwards said of the young people who mill on the Vine Street corners and flip through the CD racks at his store. "But I'm with these knuckleheads every day and once they get some alcohol and weed in them, it could start all over again." Here's your one-stop shop for local Cin race coverage.


Officer blames Mossad and renegade USAF officers. Watch this country threaten to split as pressure increases. Asked why Israel would benefit, Gul replied, "Israel knows it has a short shelf-life before it is overwhelmed by demographics (and it) has now handed the (Bush administration) the opportunity it has been waiting for to consolidate America's imperial grip on the Gulf and acquire control of the Caspian basin by extending its military presence in Central Asia." Why is America hated? Why isn't America run by Americans? How patriotic will Americans be when their sons, shipped to Afghanistan to fight for Israel, start coming home in body bags? No American blood for Israel. End aid to Israel now.

Goebbels Staged in Switzerland

A satire based on his work has Hymie up in arms.

Repositioning the 'Holocaust' for Maximum Strategic Advantage

101 uses for a dead Jew... "Holocaust" "survivors" -- baked fresh daily!, as we like to say. Here Jews fret over how to position themselves to take advantage of WTC attack.

Australia Passes Tough Refugee Laws

Will they be enforced? Note the boo-hoo picture.

On the Internet, The Walls Are Closing In

Online White genocide's well underway as Jews pressure everyone from software designers to search engines to ISPs to remove/ban/eliminate our content.... by Victor Gerhard

Ashcroft Seeks Sweeping Powers

He uses the argument that the U.S. will "remain vulnerable to attack" unless the fedgov gets full-bore snooping powers. Of course, it'll be vulnerable to attack even if it does get them....anyone who thought Ashcroft was going to be a 'Conservative' in the older meaning of the word should have gotten the message after he announced his firm determination to ramp up the War on Drugs, a statist's wet dream for crushing liberty.

Taliban Won't Hand Over Bin Laden and Prepares for War

Meanwhile, the U.S. has refused -- on grounds of 'national security' -- to tell the American public what evidence it has of his involvement. Of course, our 'ally' (read: controller) 'Israel' has set the characteristically Chosenite precedent of simply kidnapping those it can't persuade other countries to extradite (e.g. Eichmann) and using its fail-safe, cover-all-sins Holohoax as justification. The Taliban has millions of potential allies, including Indonesian Moslems.

Israeli Rabbi Gives Blessing to Murder of Palestinians

Chief Rabbi Lau quoted the prophets, ancient sages and numerous Biblical passages to justify murder because he said that Israel is in some kind of "War of Commandment" mandated by God himself. He further stated that the killers of Palestinians who are engaged in the war are exempt from the "Ten Commandments". Chief Rabbi Lau is a principal religious leader of all Jews around the world. The religious ruling by the rabbi is one of the most unusual in modern times....maybe so -- but it's no surprise to those familiar with what Judaism's beloved Talmud has to say about non-Jews, whose legal status according to Jewish law is that of beasts -- and once you've seen what Hymie does to poor dumb animals according to Jewish law, you begin to understand just how profound his hatred for the goyim really is. It's a hatred whose deepest roots are nourished in the soil of envy; perhaps that's why the Jewish spin-doctor/s who probably came up with the absurd line that the 911 attacks were motivated by 'envy' found that idea convincing enough to palm off on the boobs.

La Voz de Aztlan Threatened by MALDEF

Wondering what in hell MALDEF is? It's the Mexican-American Legal Defense and Education Fund, and is the Hispanic version of the Jew-created/Jew-manipulated NAACP. We don't want millions of Mexicans in the country, but we recognize courage when we see it -- open opposition to Jewish control is so rare, and the beaners at La Voz have gotten their first taste of retribution for their honesty via cyber attack. We applaud La Voz's posting of the 'infamous' Protocols of the Elders of Zion. We recommend copying this and other verboten works from the Internet while it's still possible (see our lead article). La Voz has also posted a deliciously naughty limmerick.

Hottentots Ape Hymie, Demand Billions for Genocide

Like ape, like apelet...

More on ID Cards in Britain

Easy! Cheap! So many benefits await!

Jew Ellison Wants National ID

Jews are incompatible with civilized freedom. More here on Ellison. Any war expands state power. Here on card debate in Britain. More U.S. arguments over government-enabling here. Here it's Limbaugh, sucking poop for the yids...

How Jews Feel About 'Undocumented Workers' Israel

They're just fine if they're brown and in the United States...

Bush Buys Friends in Middle East

We pay Israel because Jews control the press and through that, politics. We pay Egypt to be Israel's friend. Now Bushy II, This time it's dyslexic wants to pay off Syria and Iran to join our Up With People brigade preparing to perform in Afghanistan. Good background on bin Laden here. Anti-war rally in D.C. "Holocaust" survivors, baked fresh daily... One-third of New Yorkers polled support concentration camps for Americans. Finkelstein estimated the same percentage of New York Jews consider themselves "Holocaust" survivors. Jew after Jew pushes us deeper and deeper into the Israeli abyss. Jew after Jew after Jew...

Anti-Invasion Broadcaster Fired

Here a song for our times. Did hijackers have inside help? Boxcutters may have been planted by cleaners or caterers. War plan analysis here.

Sleeping with the Enemy

It's over, she says. Our fate is tied to the foul Jews... Here Jew Kristol and others attack Powell for not being bellicose enough when it comes to defending Israel's interests. Here Limbaugh supports Jew Kristol. More Ward here. Comments from the open-borders warmongers at WSJ. Reaction at Berkeley. The Jews have stirred forces that work against them, at least part of the time... Jews: Both sides of the issue at once. Forth, back! Yids bang the war-drum as they tug at your sleeve begging for "restraint." Always, Whites are ushered safely away from Jews as the real cause. "Both terrorism and its root causes" which he identifies as poverty and injustice "must be addressed," said some rabbi or other.

Hymie on Both Sides, as Always

Here we see Jews in their classic position -- firmly on both sides of the issue at once. "Americans will need to take the mundane security steps that Israel has had for years, such as frequent checks for identification, and bag and purse searches." Giving up your privacy and freedom so that America can continue to support some alien tribe in a far-away desert? "Mundane," unremarkable, no cause to be ruffled... But wait! "The United States' policy toward immigrants will make the security procedures more complex than Israel's methods." Who worked for 100 years to dismantle American immigration law? Jews! They work you back and forth like this until you're hitting them, screaming at them to stop it -- and then they act surprised.

Anti-German Propaganda

Common before Hitler....

Argentina Jewish Center Bombing Trial Begins

Doubtful evidence...

Soros: Jewish Patriot

As Jews manipulate American public opinion to war against Jewry's enemies, they also manipulate the stock market. Here mega-international-"Open Society" Jew George Soros -- quite possibly more dangerous than Osama Bin Laden -- wipes out small American investors. Thanks, Jews.

Afro-Carib Noglet Torso Pollutes British River

Helpful photo, guys... God only knows who offed the noggie so nastily; what a disgusting and unnecessary thing to have nogs in one's country. Here British buy up all the gas masks they can find. Here Jew Hoogstratten up on murder charges. This is the scum who supported Mugabe.

Raising White Children

Page one of latest AmRen cover story in pdf... Here on early puberty and racial differences.

Media Hate

Funny site... Freeper satire here. Did anyone else have a religious experience last night when Bush gave that awesome speech to Congress last night? I saw the image of Jesus in the coffee stain on Sean Hannity's tie when they giving Bush the praise he was justly due. I had two orgasms during the speech, and my husband usually complains about how frigid I am. Go Dubya!!!

Jews Mulct Each Other

Swindling in the synagogue: Jews have to buy tickets to attend their own service. Profitable, it's!

Bin Laden

On him and one of his sons... Here the one woman who voted against the presidential-omnipotence act.

Taki on Why?

Reasonable, calm explanation, unlike the perfervid yids, so eager to see your son die for their nation, White man. Here on Afghanistan. More here. Here Francis blames open borders crowd without naming the Jews driving it. Here a letter to Vdare. There are two different kinds of Americans. I understand that now. There are the Americans who built and created this country, who created this civilized and tolerant society, and then there are the new immigrants who actually are only here for financial purposes and have no loyalty to this country. Here on the place of the terrorist in fiction. Dostoyevsky shows that "every successful terrorist movement combined those bitten by an idea -- the true believers -- with the total cynics who used those true believers to simply destroy." Here Jew Safire on the terminology used to describe the bomb attack.

Sharon Called "Cancer" of Middle East

Here on bin Laden supporter in Silicon Valley. Here interesting details from a manual for Muslim operatives. Here on terrorist insider trading. Antiwar says it warned us... But Pierce came closer than anybody. As fools drape themselves in the flag, and get away with the most un-American claptrap imaginable, real patriots are pilloried as subversives ­ and the Pentagon suggests that the use of nuclear weapons against an invisible enemy is not an unreasonable proposition. Note this successful intimidation. More here on the use of tactical nukes. Here a cartoon. Here a letter from Israel. Can America win convenational land war in Afghanistan? Why bother? That's what nerve gas/nukes are for. "Hate" typeface?

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